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Why? Whats wrong?


be glad you dont have SPS



I still work as a sort of maintenance janitor under the umbrella of the best or nothing company for hilarious little money and can go there drunk and buttretarded as ever




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Not cool thats how my mom died


what does avid win?

unlimited cocks?


It hasn't been officially confirmed so I don't believe it but they're definitely a beautiful couple.


I win just fucking life tbh


Shitcoon hogwash


I want you to die of cancer in real life




Love the name, fam!


Hello Smiley why are you forcing these people to put up with your rapes


Do you know that I can leak


Everything and yous are all in jail


You and your cousin are rekt essentially


If i say anything

I own you, and your souls are gone


Wow. That's some schizo word salad rambling, fren!


Yes, skizo word salad rambling mate just all it is


Why are you repeating shit? Are you a parrot?



Assburgers? Autism? Echo-keel-iah?


Dont know


Wow im pretty bored right now


I do. You're retarded.


Why are you so abrasive?


Why are you so retarded?


I'm not


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Im so depressed


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I realised that that perfect sex i envision will last only a few moments and I should not ponder a lifetimes moments in the meantime


I must be strong, I have found the cope




No thanks to you lot eh


Guys I want to die


Guys I don't have any hope left, I have officially lost all motivation to care or try, I am just going to live out my final days just calmly waiting for my death

I don't know if it can be any other way but it doesn't matter now anyway


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See you later everyone



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I hope not but I don't know if my life is meant for happiness, all I experience is torture


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Tfw even people on 4chon banners laugh at me


I want a gf, but at the same time I really dislike prolonged company and can't imagine a life where I can't spend multiple days alone.


I want to kill myself every day


I would do something more badass if I felt like I had nothing to lose.


Just keep eating frozen pizza in your mom's basement and leave everyone alone. Thanks.


Fuck off glownigger


I want to die


Literally me

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