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blog thread
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>when he says he supports blm


My number 07380894715 hit me up if you want to chat


I want to get laid


Please send pussies to me I leave door open yes?


Where to talk at then i don't really want to shout


Fantastic english.


Buy a Fleshlight.


Do not interact with 4chonners. Keep it strictly to this board and nothing more. They're terrible people who will fuck your shit up, give you unsolicited advice, dox you, bully you, make your life hell, ect. You all have been warned.


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No u. Ur butter


Someone knock at my door 😉 I'm open all night 😇





I didn't hear anything 🤨



You're gay.


I ain't clickin that.


this one's energetic


I'm not


I shook a magic 8ball and it said- you're gay.


I bought some new jeans the other a true carrot fit, very nice cut, they will look great with the black captoe boots i have, they came stitch rolled at the hem which i cut, they're nice and soft like a brushed cotton twill, they have a reasonable crotch and they taper very nicely with a good structured stack that goes all the way to past the knee, they have a pleat in the waist which will help with sitting down comfort, the pockets are side slit pockets, not the traditional top in pockets you'd get with traditional denim pants, paid tenner for them from tkmaxx


Suck my cock dude


Avid needs to suck your cock.


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I just remembered that I'm here FOREVER!




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That was me, avid


The electric went out still waiting on it coming back it's like that one episode of rosanne when they have the thunderstorm


I liked rosanne. Pure h'white show with 0% niggers.


It's full of jews though. When I was young two word summed up that show in my mind: 'boring' and 'fat'.


You mean H'white people?


Family friendly show for all ages, no cussing, no smut, no niggers...

Relax degenerate. Your porn isn't going anywhere. Yikes.


Roseanne is literally Jewish



>Roseanne is literally Jewish
Looks h'white to me. They didn't go to synagogue and kiss mezuzahs before entering each room on the show, so...


>Roseanne is literally Jewish
Looks h'white to me. They didn't go to synagogue and kiss mezuzahs before entering each room on the show, so...

>Im talking strictly about the characters on the show and not the actual people, retards.


her character is canonically half jewish


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Two seconds to edit a post and delete. Gay.


I have never followed the backstory and lore of the show.


File: 1684308242582.png (158.52 KB, 530x384, Screenshot_6.png)

Heh 1% just like about how nigger I am, if you divide it by 1/3


blerg update i am chill playing skyrim, bought it the other day, only played it for 5 minutes previously l, good game so far, just learning the basics


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lol nature


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That motherfucker looks like chang-stretch-armstrong.


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I just remembered that I'm here, forever.



Cia glow niggers.

Apparently saying the word nigger is considered "racebating".


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