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File: 1674444676859.jpg (177.8 KB, 1040x780, meal.jpg)




are you cooking shit?


File: 1674453425209.jpg (211.1 KB, 1040x780, meal 2.jpg)


>eating shit
Are you German?


Just love me steamers. The fresher the better.


Theres already a cooking/food thread


File: 1674486305464.png (1.22 MB, 1440x430, Screenshot_20230123-090413.png)


File: 1674486563179.png (968.15 KB, 549x873, Screenshot_20230123-090846.png)


shit isn't food


You are gay






File: 1674505323006.gif (1.44 MB, 292x292, 1674344137523137.gif)

..so (you) think dwarf is an undercover cop?


Imagine the smell.




Narcsperg dwarfcancer


If she's an undercover cop...why couldn't she get through to the Canadian border?
Checkm8 retard!


eating shit is very gay


dogs eat feces


you are not a dog, you are a fag


I am not a dog and I am not a fag.


It must smell fantastic.


You are both


File: 1674582863636.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1456, Screenshot_20230124-115347.png)

I am not a dog and I am not a fag.


Mmmmmmmm I have been thinking about the steamer again.


Must be smelling good today.


die of AIDS, fag


Why are you so angry all of the time?


cuz this board is full of AIDSfag nigger dgns that must be purged on the DOTR


Just stop coming here if you dont like it so much


A simple solution.


I'm here to keep tabs on you fucks


If someone is clinic a pervert, there's literally no one home. No personality. You can talk to them all day, & they will just keep talking.

You might think "someone who eats shit must be fucked up" - yeah, sure... But they might just be a boring twisted fuck who eats shit & there's no "story" there.

True perverts are very strange ppl...





Looks delicious.

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