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are you cooking shit?


File: 1674453425209.jpg 211.1 KB, 1040x780, meal 2.jpg


>eating shit
Are you German?


Just love me steamers. The fresher the better.


Theres already a cooking/food thread


File: 1674486305464.png 1.22 MB, 1440x430, Screenshot_20230123-090413.png


File: 1674486563179.png 968.15 KB, 549x873, Screenshot_20230123-090846.png


shit isn't food


You are gay






File: 1674505323006.gif 1.44 MB, 292x292, 1674344137523137.gif

..so (you) think dwarf is an undercover cop?


Imagine the smell.




Narcsperg dwarfcancer


If she's an undercover cop...why couldn't she get through to the Canadian border?
Checkm8 retard!


eating shit is very gay


dogs eat feces


you are not a dog, you are a fag


I am not a dog and I am not a fag.


It must smell fantastic.


You are both


File: 1674582863636.png 1.73 MB, 1440x1456, Screenshot_20230124-115347.png

I am not a dog and I am not a fag.


Mmmmmmmm I have been thinking about the steamer again.


Must be smelling good today.


die of AIDS, fag


Why are you so angry all of the time?


cuz this board is full of AIDSfag nigger dgns that must be purged on the DOTR


Just stop coming here if you dont like it so much


A simple solution.


I'm here to keep tabs on you fucks


If someone is clinic a pervert, there's literally no one home. No personality. You can talk to them all day, & they will just keep talking.

You might think "someone who eats shit must be fucked up" - yeah, sure... But they might just be a boring twisted fuck who eats shit & there's no "story" there.

True perverts are very strange ppl...





Looks delicious.


Fuck off small cranium meth addict lmao


the JIDF will be pleased by these responses


File: 1675369975365.jpg 28.45 KB, 600x375, 1675234054393768.jpg

>how dare they have a differing opinion
>th-they m-must be jidf

Stupid small headed bastard roman meth cunt, looking forward to your inevitable death smiley 👍🙂




I dont know


Smiley isn't roman.



no, you retard, I work for the JIDF

I'm here to report every post back to them


I hope so


Gay af


they told me you will be spared



Ecks dee dee dee dee


File: 1675533821824.gif 351.08 KB, 473x355, hot.bath.gif


Have you smelt it today?


Deiner asst smulch ist shitsen




File: 1675723890480.jpg 129.05 KB, 1300x1065, dog-shit-islolated-white-ba….jpg



hey op are you from cleveland?


*cums violently*


b e a u t I f u l


Me after vag00 face farts me


Is that redx's social life?


You must be a man of exquisite taste in Queefs


Needs more pan.



Shit in it!


Can I have a bite?


Le corpro face


Do you want a bite of the steamer?


Everyone does.



Take in a deep breath and smell the hot steamer!


Been thinking about the steamer again.






File: 1676584243079.jpg 17.77 KB, 221x301, Official_portrait_of_Barack….jpg

I am thinking about eating shit is that what everyone else is secretly saying


Song I hear when the steamer smell hits me


A 6 volume 19thC masterpiece European novel that begins w smelling the steamer


What a handsome man!! I’d die for a single lick of his willie 😋😋😍


File: 1676607119615.jpg 31.11 KB, 618x328, meme-taliban-women-2-618x32….jpg

Women are happier in check.

Feminism is only enabled by the Jews, who bind men, disallowing them to put women in check.

Women do not know what they want until they get it, and it has to be forced on them.

The story of the Taliban retaking their country is a story of hope. It should give us all hope.

The Taliban never surrendered, they fought for 20 years, and they won. They got the society they wanted, which is a good society, free of Jewmerican influence.

There is another way.

We just have to work for it.



File: 1676607694009.jpg 166.33 KB, 1319x742, Alessandra-Mussolini.jpg

Mussolini’s Granddaughter All of a Sudden Starts Doing Gender Ideology

Trust no bitch.

Not even the ones with the blood of your heroes flowing through their veins. These hoes ain’t loyal.

>She once denounced gay adoption and said it was better to be a fascist than “a faggot”, but Alessandra Mussolini is now happy to admit she got it all wrong.

>As Giorgia Meloni, the hard-right Italian prime minister, fights for heterosexual family values, the granddaughter of the dictator Benito Mussolini has emerged as a surprising champion of gay rights and gender fluidity. A former right-wing MP, she has amazed the Italian LGBT community by backing gay adoption to the hilt and taking her battle for gender-fluid politics all the way to the EU.

It’s sad. Mussolini was one of the last noble figures of history that had a sort of okay legacy.

We should note that Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter also sold him down the river for the Jews.



How does this shit happen? How do you just flip like that?


they just get tired of resisting


She's just a wolf in sheep's clothing. She probably knows about the 40% and is laughing her ass off.


Why would anyone try to ruin a good steamer thread w stormfaggot autism?

Let us cook, bigot


Yes. This is fucked up. Why won't the glow-niggers let us have our peaceful steamer thread?


Dead meme. Yawn.


"Hey fellow White men! Did you see this? It's about time we quit talking & DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AMIRITE?"


This but unironically.


File: 1676670975588.jpg 21.95 KB, 1200x800, GettyImages-510824555-56a13….jpg


You wish, sweetcheeks.


File: 1676676507625.jpg 328.61 KB, 1200x899, Pig-in-Mud.jpg

Who's a GREEDY little piglet? My goodness, you're a dirty one!


Must.. steam... shit... in... pan!


I cooked up a good steamer. The smell was everywhere



Sunday Steamer was finger lickin' good.



I'll save you a bite next time.


Thanks, fren.



I am brewing a great steamer for tomorrow.


File: 1677191612095.jpg 116.55 KB, 1600x960, me4.jpg

I ate shit twice today, are you brewing shit for the next day?


The bigger the better.

It was delicious.







Steaming shitslurps




Another big one is brewing.


This is h'what dreams are made of!


Are you talking about eating your own shit?


It was beautiful



When you eat the nuts off your shit do you still shit out nuts afterwards?


Have you shit in a pan today?


I have.


How much shit you think peoples eat through farts n'anyway?


File: 1677873094620.jpg 158.53 KB, 862x575, 900ca87c77.jpg

Russia may be weaponising homophobia, but the war has strengthened Ukraine's fight for LGBT rights


What Russia's invasion means for LGBTQI people in Ukraine



Me too.


File: 1677954188010.png 2.01 MB, 983x1107, Screenshot_20230304-122155.png

ggggrandma's light shade?






Want some?




Do you steam?


Nothing like a Sunday Steamer.


Did you enjoy it?


File: 1678715006584.jpg 34.43 KB, 800x450, Me.jpg

Based, I like to sometimes drink shit from a straw plugged into my shit camelback backpack, its a rush to eat shit while on a run or doing chores



File: 1679644284041.jpg 24.29 KB, 850x1511, desktop-wallpaper-discover-….jpg

holy crap lois! it's oabama!


File: 1679657522906.jpeg 7.11 KB, 275x183, images (1).jpeg

That's true it is me.


Oh shit!



I want to die


Steamer bump


I can smell the steam!


File: 1682371821515.jpg 67.67 KB, 1280x720, 1670441871315.jpg

i cant access this site through a native connection in my country it gives a secure connection error and doesnt recognise any verification cert
yet works fine through another country ip
this doesnt make any sense to me

whats going on hpv?


which country? blocked pretty much all non-NATO countries to make it harder for the cp spammer


block the NATO countries too just to be safe


new zealand


ok i unleashed the floodgates, inb4 cp spam every hour


Thinking about steaming my shit again.


I'm still a retarded kid at heart, I ask le AI to create art about brave transwomen rinsing shit stained dildos in kitchen sinks and such




Steam them!


It must be delicious.


Return of the Steamer


God bless the Steamer!


Omg this is unreal


All around me are familiar faeces...


I farted and it smells of shit


All around you is familiar faeces...




File: 1684039922653.jpeg 13.71 KB, 474x266, OIP (2).jpeg

Guys get this, steamed shitsules, packets of shit you steam and eat, would be great I think


Parents Sell My Fart For Money 🥴💸 Sad Story | Toca Life Story | Toca Boca


My Boyfriend Cheated On Me Compilation 😱💔 I Sad Story I Toca Life Story I Toca Boca

i'm guessing preteen girls watch this schizo shit, look at the comments


I miss this shit steamer.



Steam it!


From arse to nose we are known


Imagine steaming when you can airfry


Don't you ever hate on the steamer. I don't ever want to think about airfrying dumplings and yet, here we are. What have you done?


File: 1684704579447.jpg 42.22 KB, 407x612, gettyimages-57421563.jpg

So why do you want to work here?


Backroom-casting-couch looking office-room.


Steaming is superior. Look what it does for shit.


New steamer?


To steam!



Shit steamer?


Steam shitter


Shit steamer!


Stream shit tier


Come back and cook some shit for us.


Q: what kind of pizza pie has candles on top of it?


File: 1687052921942.gif 45.43 KB, 270x204, 1687052752857.gif



OP's steamer?


what physical routine and supplements should i be taking to be the fastest supperrapist, the ultimate predator???


what is the best sleep routine for RAPE???


Bill Cosby pudding pops.


Hello FBI



File: 1687491195035-0.jpg 231.46 KB, 1108x2048, FMsTAKsXoAUNB9B.jpg

File: 1687491195035-1.mp4 1.08 MB, 1060x720, d_r2iv5PLcI55Or-.mp4

Avid you should email her for her services, she's in London

Tell her you want to get disciplined for shitposting on 4chon




Shit steamer?





I m asexual guys it's not a big deal


>My sexuality is that I don't have a sexuality
>Also, I like to constantly say this



Your point being?



Embrace the steamer



File: 1689284313927.webp 26.39 KB, 1000x1400, Billabong-Mens-302-Furnace….webp

I have 2 wetsuits, one for summer one winter

Theres a hole near my dick in the summer one, it keeps expanding, gets riskier to wear it every day


Get ready to steam!


Steaming special!


File: 1693459015666.mp4 2.44 MB, 576x1024, 6842961500349500680.mp4




File: 1693601402140.jpg Spoiler Image, 41.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg

HDV fuck off bumping your shitty threads you sad nontent goblin faggot


tf did I do?

(also damn, despite the flat nose that guy is a pretty good representation of how JUSTED I am by default, good find heh)


Did you forget about the steamer?


Cut it in half


Wrap It Up I'll Take It


alright heh go ahead drive thru


Dinner and breakfast steamer.


There's nothing like walking into the bodega, grabbing a nice steamer, chopping it up with everyone behind the counter + appreciating the dude blasting "Oye Como Va" thru his backpack speaker.

In this small moment, nothing else matters. Today is a good day


Thoroughly reviewing backpages, on about stealing from someone's mom.


Wind it in, bud


Fruity sounds, like coco pebbles for my Beatboxing stream.


Sear it in your face


This is steamer thread, not schizo thread


Every thread is a schizo thread if you try hard enough.


every tattoo represents a cup of ghey yogurt and a million little stabbings


Spread it on a toasted bagel


File: 1696727839188.webp 103.55 KB, 1440x1923, Screenshot_20231004-145651.webp



Kushy Tushy


File: 1697224139518.webp 245.55 KB, 1284x2113, 1697219794634604.webp


File: 1697253396594.webm 3.58 MB, 720x1272, HDV in NYC.webm


File: 1698526559149.jpg 77.37 KB, 1080x810, 1698523064024466.jpg


Is that zucc?


File: 1698526846731.webm 3.82 MB, 720x1280, Hope for HDV.webm


It's Laowhy86. He does a podcast with a South African (white) guy.


Could've been me if I approached that black queen waiting at the bus stop. SAD!


File: 1698543999251.webm 574.82 KB, 480x848, 1698543293612158.webm


Hmm I like very skinny women and this is a bit much, maybe



File: 1699836035084.jpg 46.65 KB, 894x601, 61VcdmN8qbL._AC_UF894,1000_….jpg



File: 1700381508439.jpg 1.88 MB, 3840x2160, 20231006.jpg


Multiple videos of quick 2-4 second videos of boobs lasting over a year uploaded on YouTube. Yet Girls Bravo's second opening doesn't even have a chance for 30 minutes that contains barely a pixelated nipple for less than a second when uploaded in 360p once a year. Fucking rip off.


>$400,000 a Year and 10 Hours A Week At GOOGLE

Software industry seems to be nothing more than overpaid charlatans.


You don't know the half of it. Look into venture capitalism grifting.


Video game industry is also a grift. Modern games like Starfield et al. each require about 150GB of storage yet they're all piles of shit, while a masterpiece like Twilight Princess was able to be crammed into 1.1GB which was still only 75% of the 1.46GB GameCube mini-DVD limit.


Calling tp a masterpiece is stretching it but I broadly agree. The reason is uncompressed textures and audio usually, which is just lazy on the part of the devs.


to integrate tards and human vegetables in the soyciety / make them more equal strap them against their will (if they have any) to ai controlled exoskeletons with voice synthesizers ( Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT(TM) 5 ) and let them loose in malls and office buildings of tech companies

>HELLO. MY. NA*tard screams*IS. *tard screams*OBERT PATTISON.

>Oh hello, Robert, my name is Stacey, nice to meet you! :) Hey everyone, meet our newest colleague, Robert.


it's over


Human vegitables should be made into tasty vegitable soup.


Human steamer


File: 1703721333520.jpg 75 KB, 544x680, KKRajputana's victim.jpg



Did she steam?


File: 1704920121570.webp 40.44 KB, 447x680, spain-down-syndrome.webp

It's child abuse to not abort a down syndrome fetus


Settle down Keegan.


File: 1705074477664.jpg 49.39 KB, 768x1024, 3q52DkcPcpmAj6YQnc2vaD6XBtp….jpg

Spain is simply RETVRNING to it's ancient tradition of having spackers in charge of politics


How did you keep this thread alive for so long ?




literally who


The retard who shits in pans and lives in a toilet.


oscar the grouch?


He's trying to raid the steamer thread with his nonsense.


Happy One Year Steam anniversary!


This site really is this slow lmao
















File: 1708246811381-0.jpg 33.92 KB, 360x270, wbc.jpg

File: 1708246811381-1.jpg 7.86 KB, 225x225, wbc2.jpg






>3 years
>Almost 2M views
How has this survived on youtube?




ban dogisaga






Must've been steaming hot after that run.


women are shit



















Steamin' as ever!




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