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Comfy Vidya thread: Wait Till They Find Out About Engines Edition


Low bit
High bit

Soundtracks welcome
see: https://youtu.be/kOd5_j0OTQo

wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materia in the itt thread thread


so fire emblem's not my kind of game, it's pretty ridiculous that even after multiple attempts it requires a walkthrough to get past one of the earlier levels without anyone dying


how was i supposed to know that the boss insta-kills all knights and the only way to beat the boss is a special item called "Armour Killer" and there's absolutely no other way to kill the boss? any other game with proper game design would at least give you some hint at some point in the level, like a mid-level boss saying "you may have defeated me, but you'll never be able to pierce through the monstrous knight killer with your lowly weapons!"


Fire emblem games are short as fuck so they need fake difficulty to pad it out.


If a game isn't so hard that I feel like punching my balls off out of frustration, then it's not even fun.


I have some handy advice for you to overcome these problems

HDV why do we have no Fire Emblem characters' flags?


Whats a good gameboy advance game i could check out? @anyone


All the castlevanias on GBA are quite different from eachother compared to the DS lineup, but good in their own way.


H'wut, the existing ones below ain't good enough for ya?


Will check out castlevania


Castlevania Circle of the Moon was my first GBA game, it's great imho.

There's also the Golden Sun series and some good ports like Final Fantasy 3(6), Lunar and Breath of Fire heh


File: 1675709114885.mp4 644.99 KB, 1280x720, 81f495883043c4b287882929b0f….mp4

Donkey Kong Land
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
The two metroid games, fusion and the other one I forget the name of
Zelda minish cap
Pheonix Wright

Honestly there's too many great games to even name. It's one of the best consoles in existence.


My memory is failing, dkl was for the gbc lol.


Metroid Zero Mission is what you're thinking of
Minish cap and FFT are based
Phoenix Wright was on DS-it was released as a GBA game in Japan only I think. Ace Attorney is among my favorite series to this day, and I play any new ones that come out from beginning to end asap (the most recent one on the Switch is good but it took me a little longer to get it started for whatever reason).


In fairness, the GBA is 100% backwards compatible with the GB/GB:Color so you have that as an option; there is a Donkey Kong Country port that's native to the GBA itself though heh


File: 1675713400182.jpeg 208.94 KB, 1125x1106, 86B5835F-F6FE-4015-AA37-18….jpeg

Recommend me the best splitscreen coop ps2 games of all time GO


Update: played a couple minutes earlier, the graphics are based but the bats are annoying


Which one?


File: 1675713787131.png 591.43 KB, 842x770, Screenshot_20230206_135315_….png

tfw no zombie apocalypse happening rn


Star wars battlefront 2


I've never played it but "the Adventures of Cookies and Cream" or something like that looked pretty good heh. Not a hell of a lot of genuine co-op games I can think of off the top of my head, admittedly. I'm sure there were plenty but I just don't remember 'em heh


File: 1675723554599.png 569.4 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20230206_224331_….png

Aria of sorrow


Are you sure about that?


There's a multiplayer co-op Castlevania game for PS3 called Harmony of Despair, I wonder if it's active at all still over a decade on (not unheard of). It didn't get glowing reviews but it was fun for a bit heh


It is still up apparently. Might play it on emulator at some point.


TimeSplitters series


I've seen a lot of porn of that game.


Kingdom hearts 2 is coop because you can jerk each other off while watching the cute cutscenes.


Fire Emblem 6,7 and 8 and then if you can like them I can recommend you some of my favourite romhacks
The Megaman Zero series
Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero mission as HDV said
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Dragonball Advanced Adventure

Those are some good ones off the top of my head


Does anyone here have a Steam Deck yet? I'm considering getting one on afterpay so I can emulate Wii and GameCube games on the go


What hell is wrong with you nigga


I wanted to like chain of memories but I kind of hate it.

Going to add dragonball legacy of goku 2. It's a solid game. Was actually my introduction to dbz.


There's nothing more wholesome than cuddling with your bro on the sofa and shipping kingdom hearts 2 characters. Inevitably one gets aroused, so it's only right to help your buddy out.


File: 1675793778536.png 195.43 KB, 341x297, unknown.png


Hey phantasm I haven't posted on 4chon in like 10 years but I remember you, you don't know me cause I'm an anon but I was wondering what other tripfags are still around. Is Lazare still here?


Yes, I’m here


Lazare died iirc


Good riddance.
What about smiley and redguard?


Smiley got laid and smokes meth now
Redguard is somewhere else idk


Lazare definitely dead though, he left here and tripped on 4ch/mu/, butthurt was had by the other posters there and shit, there was a pic i posted on .net of him in hospital but good luck finding it


I have a pic of him backed up on my external, let me see if I can find it.


File: 1675810820694.jpg 6.41 KB, 255x191, top kike.jpg

I have another one of him somewhere


File: 1675810937026-0.png 53.47 KB, 232x174, 1422185874678-2.png

File: 1675810937026-1.png 19.27 KB, 157x110, 1422185677064-3.png

File: 1675810937026-2.jpg 70.45 KB, 1160x197, 1422185874678-1.jpg


File: 1675820135589-0.jpg 14.2 KB, 720x386, FB_IMG_1675811643916.jpg

File: 1675820135589-1.jpg 55.31 KB, 1080x1351, FB_IMG_1675811630708.jpg

It's not about being nice to tr*ns people. It's about going on a power trip against you.


I'm not buying the faggot and nigger infested shitskin pandering game either way. If all the NPCs were only white, maybe, but there are way too many brown "people" in the game. I'm sure as fuck not falling for the tranny psyop angle.


Makes no sense considering the lore either; there are 11 wizarding schools, their population is so small it verges on inbred in some family lines. So why would the wizarding population of Britain have brown people everywhere when there are like 1 million wizards in the whole world?


Well from what I understand, the game is set in like 1890, so yeah, there wouldn't have been hardly any niggers in Britain at the time, and faggotry certainly wouldn't have been out in the open at all.


I know, but the funny thing is I'm talking even in addition to that; Rowling has said that in current year the wizard population is that small. So it would be even less diverse than ours in the current year let alone in the 1800s. If anything wizards would be less tolerant of homosexuality because they had to outbreed to keep up their numbers.

My loretism gets so rustled with this shit because the usual suspects want current year political sensibilities even when it makes no sense in the fictional confines of their universe. The most ridiculous example are the Westerners who wanted Fire Emblem three houses to have more homosexual inclusion.

To put it in context, in that world, inheritance of nobles is passed down via crests or magical powers and they can skip sons/daughters but are genetic. Such a society would be even less tolerant of homosexuality than our contemporaneous mediaeval society because they would keep breeding and keep wanting children until one of them got a crest.


There hasn't been a game true to reality made since Kingdom Come Deliverance, though The Witcher 3 was remarkably white and spectacularly unpozzed, only having a gay hunter, a crossdressing elf and few shitskin NPCs added in a DLC. The base game is 100% white unless you count 1 brown succubus.


>If anything wizards would be less tolerant of homosexuality because they had to outbreed to keep up their numbers.
they can probably use magic to make butt babies


Magic can't create enduring life, it's one of the aspects of Gamp's law. It's an implied plot point; magic can't make new life or raise people from the dead except with the resurrection stone and the philosopher's stone and through the blood magic Voldemort does in book four which is implied to be very fucked up and has a cost. You can't conjure people up, you can only conjure up animals and plants and they don't last long. If you try conjure up food it won't make you full. Yes, I was that spastic nerdy kid that read HP like ten times.



You know way too much hp lore lol


He copied and pasted it from a wiki. He put the sauce at the bottom of his post.


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


Slytherin TURK.


File: 1675946245697-0.jpg 100.02 KB, 1080x396, Screenshot_2023-02-09-23-36….jpg

The most based house tbh
Chads like me always get Slytherin


i like hogsharts. not great but it's ok. i probably won't play through it more than once. all the shoehorning makes me laugh, like the dumb tranny barmaid in hogsmeade. and then the bitch who shows you merlin trials is a fat old dyke. also there is a steve urkel nigga with a treasure hunt (robbery) quest for you. i like flying on the broomstick. i also like the exploring and collectathon and action combat for babies edition aspects a little bit.


Were you known for anything anon? I remember apart from myself, Phantasm and Locknar (who still posts here as well), there was another /fit/ guy who was anon who I photoshopped into Bane at one point. I wonder what that n*gga is up to these days. Apart from us Based Bestonian is still around-but like me he doesn't have the time or inclination to make hundreds of retarded images anymore.

TimeSplitters is very good, it's made by the same people who did Goldeneye and it's a very refined interpretation of that original formula.

I have a Steam Deck, after over a decade of not really playing games at all I'm really enjoying going through some of my backlog with it (thus far that's Ori and the Blind Forest and Hat in Time specifically; I also beat Death's Door on it which I highly recommend-really fun game). I personally think it's pretty good but it has some issues that still need working out.

It seems like it'd be very good to emulate with but it's not something I engage in as much anymore so I couldn't say.


Don't let me and my Hufflepuff bros catch you after potions class, nerd.



it's over for voice actors


Who's it not over for at this point?


I got Hufflepuff too lol. Hufflepuff are the feds of Harry Potter. We run this shit niggers.


While the other houses fuck around with each other or waste time on lame ass riddles, we're here taming monsters, moving mountains, and digging oceans. We are GODS.


I was thinking about this earlier. For things like art AI still has some barriers, but for voice acting AI is already more practical than hiring someone for the most common use-cases.



File: 1676058283997.webm 3.18 MB, 640x360, 80298c44b88244d32e9df9b451….webm


File: 1676386663160.jpeg 293.27 KB, 1125x935, B332406B-07B0-4238-B216-68….jpeg



elden ring more like elden memory of something that's lame and gay rofl lol lmao #gottem


But is it good?


Looks pretty high-budget, but I don't see the hype.


File: 1676489516373.jpg 91.34 KB, 768x960, 1676484760398065.jpg


File: 1676496928071.jpg 95.46 KB, 601x720, 1676473286491052.jpg



File: 1676496942227.png 535.89 KB, 671x671, 1676475176842473.png


File: 1676498688542.png 1.01 MB, 1440x808, Screenshot_20230215-160409.png



File: 1676501289917.jpg 327.97 KB, 1430x1954, 1676485071175881.jpg


File: 1676505509375.jpg 632.16 KB, 1080x1849, 3ee28f0c45d218837ae36366641….jpg

i hope you bigots are happy >>:((((((


Brianna ghey lol


is the pussy still tight tho?


i would buy more copies if i could believe that was true.


You're poor though



Requesting more good GBA games plox


Requesting more good ps2 local co-op games pl0x I appreciate the recommendations so far



Somehow I almost forgot about one of my favorite games on the system: Sigma Star Saga

It's a scrolling shooter with an (admittedly somewhat clumsy) Zelda-style component. I enjoyed it quite a bit and it feels like it doesn't get too much attention. It's not perfect but it's not super long and is well worth playing overall imho. We already got some of the more well known stuff out of the way so I think I can endorse this easy enough.


File: 1676734109967-0.png 69.18 KB, 726x831, theshining.png

File: 1676734109967-1.png 51.75 KB, 822x708, rika.png

I like talking about old vidya with ChatGPT




Wud 90s anime animation quality and style be lowed in an anime nationalist soyciety?


File: 1676778015160.jpg 118.6 KB, 681x383, Cowboy-Bebop-2.jpg

‘Cowboy Bebop’ Creator Couldn’t Bear Watching The Netflix Adaptation Of His Work

Shinichiro Watanabe couldn’t make it past the opening scene of the Netflix live-action adaptation of his anime classic, Cowboy Bebop.

In talking with Forbes, Watanabe said Netflix sent him “a video to review and check.” But he couldn’t bear to see more than a few minutes of it.

“It started with a scene in a casino, which made it very tough for me to continue,” Watanabe said. “I stopped there, and so only saw that opening scene. It was clearly not Cowboy Bebop, and I realized at that point that if I wasn’t involved, it would not be Cowboy Bebop. I felt that maybe I should have done this. Although the value of the original anime is somehow far higher now.”

Netflix brought Watanabe into the project as a consultant. But Watanabe claimed in a 2019 interview that any comments he made on the manuscript were likely not heeded.

“I have no choice but to pray and hope that it will turn out good,” he added at the time.

Netflix’s live-action adaptation was not well-received by fans, and received a lukewarm critical reception. It was canceled before a second season.



File: 1676778721487.mp4 4.61 MB, 854x480, oz96m70u7tia1.mp4

Nu Berserk chapter cumming out dis week /v/ros


Seriously, the live action was so unbearably bad.



the controls are awful but this has way more charm than modern games like (((elden ring)))

sry for the thumbnail


File: 1676840956689.png 1.72 MB, 1440x2069, Screenshot_20230219-150816~….png



ya thats how i find ur prospective bf


File: 1676842234297.gif 2.34 MB, 498x372, ezgif-3-6afefc378f.gif


I want based chon opinions tho not soy google ones


File: 1676866185352.webm 250.1 KB, 540x540, 1676863745383900.webm



File: 1677043304334.jpg 53.79 KB, 586x720, image.jpg

>watch one Asmongold video by accident
>entire youtube frontpage covered in Asmongold videos


Just a bunch of trannies butt-hurt about people playing muh JK Rawlawlin's IP.


I quite liked this.




mai waif


File: 1677114402084.jpg 498.64 KB, 1920x1080, a3972d0wjyaa1.jpg

wen de FAWK is Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Return of Rome cumming out? my dad said he wants to play it, he was a fan of caesar III


File: 1677264745573.webm 2.93 MB, 648x576, phagtasm vs hdv.webm


I'd like to see these guys get a sitcom where they're roommates


Those are not fully grown men, right?


...I just mean that they h'look berry SMOL!


Me on the left


H'what is that inspector gadget arm band thing?







File: 1677291343104.jpg 114.15 KB, 1196x898, FnruFDJWIAAd0R_.jpg


File: 1677300866222.webm 860.68 KB, 320x568, 1676970414823302.webm


This is the /v/ thread dickhead, nobody gives a single one about how many pictures you save and post


New TF2 comp premiership qualifiers


File: 1677556307834.jpg 414.2 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_2023-02-28-14-39….jpg

This is genuinely a predatory business model. I should not be expected to pay $60 for Pokémon you should've put in originally; I can understand paying 20 or 30 for the extra story but don't cut features from the game and then repackage them back to me.

This company is the Activision/EA of Nintendo. Fix the glitches and add level scaling and I'll consider it. And the fanboys who were literally just last week saying Dexit was a good thing love react and kiss Gamefreak/TPC's ass and praise it like they wanted dexit to be reversed the whole time.




Foky needs to die in his mom's basement with frozen pizza in his mouth FASTER!

>That's how he'll be found dead. Everyone knows it


Pip boy from fallout 3 heh.


FoKy should bleed out into the rich soil of the Ukraine after being castrated by a Chechen.


File: 1677585372283.jpg 489.93 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-02-28-22-54….jpg

HDV if you put windows on this thing can you switch to the steam OS at any time after?


you can dual boot like any other pc. but why would you want to install windows on it? do you not have a laptop?


Not sure how that'd work. I don't have much intention of using it other than as a simple Linux desktop for image viewing on my tv and for my games heh.


Because then you can pirate and play games like a switch


File: 1677644235259.jpg 146.8 KB, 720x375, Lutris-Gaming-Management-Pl….jpg

You can pirate, install and play Windows games on SteamOS (Linux) using Lutris (which comes with and uses WINE, a Windows compatibility layer software) too. No terminal / command-line stuff necessary unless it's not a ProtonDB verified game and/or a WineHQ AppDB Platinum-rated game.

It makes little sense to use Windows on the Steam Deck because its UI isn't designed optimally for the Steam Deck controller. And if you dual-booted you'd just be wasting a ton of space for OS files on your Steam Deck's relatively small storage for no real benefit.

Watch the first 1:34 of this vid on how to install Lutris on SteamOS:

You'll want to create a folder called Games in your Home folder which is where you'll install your Windows games with Lutris.

Watch the first 5:10 of this vid on how to install a Windows game via setup file (he uses a pirated copy of God of War 2018 in this example):
Skip to 10:25 to see him running the game. Don't bother with the rest of the video because Lutris's included older versions of Wine and DXVK are good enough (see proof at 12:30), you only might need to update them for the newest/upcoming games to fix glitches or for performance optimizations (Steam client's "Proton" layer updates these two things to the latest automatically, with Lutris you have to manually download and update these two things which isn't hard at all unless you're a tech illiterate normie because you just download a couple zip folders and extract them each to a couple directories as shown in the video, and you'd probably only do this maybe like once a year).

If you do ever want to use a newer Wine or DXVK on Lutris you can download the zipped folders from here by clicking the Releases link on the right side, and listen to the instructions in the vid above.

Make sure to read also these, it recaps mostly the above in written form, but also explains something called "winetricks" which you may need to know about for certain games and how to tell Lutris which "winetricks" libraries to use:

If your game isn't running or has some serious glitches on Lutris and isn't a ProtonDB verified game, you search the game on https://appdb.winehq.org/ and read users' latest test results so you know which winetricks libraries to use.
For example if you just read for this game Magic: The Gathering Online https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=32007 this guy says he got it working by enabling the three winetricks libraries d3dx9_36, corefonts and dontnet46, and by enabling a few other override options in winetricks.

Winetricks is basically like a "hack" supplement for Wine where it includes proprietary libraries that Wine itself does not yet emulate 100% accurately. The reason you have to manually set up winetricks for these edge cases instead of it being a thing that automatically detects and sets itself up is for legal reasons, technically they're not really supposed to bundle and distribute these libraries.

This might seem a lot at first but this all takes maybe less than a minute extra of your time (excluding the updating Wine or DXVK part) than if you were to install the same game on Windows once you know these steps after doing it with a few games. And you wouldn't take up the minimum 32GB required for a Windows 10 LTSC partition.

>b-but I want to run a video game emulator!

Every emulator worth using has a native Linux version. E.g. here's the top result I get by googling download cemu on steam deck


Thank you for this; can I would like to run Dolphin on it too.
None of this phases me, I have been into the homebrew scene on various consoles since like 2005.



Small correction about those 2 compatibility layers, it's actually 3 layers not 2 you can update every once in a while:

Proton-ge-custom and Wine-ge-custom are mutually exclusive, you choose between them from the drop-down list in Lutris game configuration. Supposedly proton-ge-custom may have better compatibility with Steam games and wine-ge-custom for everything else. Try both anyway if one doesn't work with your game. Also can try switching off DXVK, it will use WineD3D instead. DXVK is said to be more performant than WineD3D, so use it by default. Some DirectX9 games may not work on DXVK but will work with WineD3D. DXVK also does not support older pre-DirectX9 games, will need to switch it off to use WineD3D for DirectX 1~8 games. But don't worry about any of this stuff yet, just use whatever comes with by default with Lutris, only try adding these 2 things (in addition to what's included with Lutris) and updating DXVK when you start to have issues with newer games.


File: 1677705076976.png 869.9 KB, 932x1058, Screenshot_20230227_110903_….png

Whats some good GBA fight games?


File: 1677711842008.png 159.25 KB, 640x825, 1677696145597317.png

rip avid


Street Fighter Alpha I guess. I was a fan of Battle Arena Toshinden on the GB but it's pretty much an objectively bad game heh


Will check those out cheers


File: 1677972817219.jpg 192.61 KB, 1277x656, 1677967969982644.jpg

Nu berserk chapter delayed till at least March 24 soyboys



File: 1678142548841.png 521.57 KB, 1029x1048, 770009A7-09FB-414F-9ADE-66C….png

>best girl
>best actress


God I need a Luna Lovegood gf.


File: 1678290632558.mp4 782.67 KB, 500x480, phagtasm's fetish.mp4


File: 1678302203231.jpg 111.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg

Any comfy RPG's for the xbox 360 I should check out? Burnt out on Fallout 3, might get Fable 2


>dat hermoine
<dat throbby




City run by OpenAI GPT-5


Sino-NATO confederacy run by OpenAI GPT-6


Neo-Catholic fundamentalists rebelling against OpenAI GPT-6-run colonies


File: 1679399468338.png 83.06 KB, 1080x412, Screenshot_20230321_115004_….png


File: 1679445576510.jpg 190.38 KB, 1074x2048, FB_IMG_1679445336277.jpg

=Would scalpers be accepted in your video game playing society?==


Any good lets plays or some shit?



been playing battlefield bad company 2's campaign






File: 1679972248668.jpg 73.77 KB, 666x523, crescent-shield.jpg

the original muslim version of zelda is so much better, i still have the cartridge

Muslim Fire Temple Music


File: 1679988864376.jpg 162.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg

DAE play


Tekken 6 ultra hard bots are ruthless, my thumbs hurt after the 2nd fight


File: 1680035906830.webm 1.55 MB, 406x720, 1679897076423291.webm


that's conceptually pretty cool


Cringe that japs censored this treasure



I would have sex with this woman


That's beautiful.


>City in the Sky BGM

OoT = MM > TP > WW > LttP > MC > LoZ > AoL

haven't played the newer games or the GBC/DS games and have no interest in doing so but i'm willing to bet they're all worse than the above. even AoL is the worst above, it still has more charm than the nu games


you can sit in the watching chair if she consents


Heard from several people that Dragon's Dogma is really good despite how generic it kind of looks. Might be worth trying


Why 360? Even in it's day I ended up selling it, because I could play everything I wanted on PC.





File: 1680180048892.png 1.43 MB, 632x1888, Shez vs Alear.png

Finished Fire Emblem Engage last week.
Back to Three Hopes now, and holy shit the writing is so much better. I forgot how much better it than the tropey shitfest that was Engage. Classic high fantasy vs low fantasy.


Have a (you).


File: 1680199088413.jpg 73.11 KB, 680x340, pokemon.jpg

Teen Pokémon player booted from tournament after laughing at pronoun question



>One Pokémon tournament judge claimed Makani Tran's laugh made them 'feel unsafe and uncomfortable'

>According to Tran’s account on social media, he appeared to have made the judge of the sixth round uncomfortable after giving an awkward laugh upon being asked his pronouns.

>"On our way over to the stream area the judge asked us for our preferred pronouns. I said ‘Um he or him or uh’ and I paused trying to think of the third pronoun (the third pronoun being his). As I just stood there looking stupid trying to think of the third pronoun I felt embarrassed because I was failing to think of a simple word. Due to the nerves and me being embarrassed I let out a little laugh just a normal nervous laugh. My response together ended up being ‘Um he or him or uhhhh haha his,’" Tran recounted.


File: 1680201656392.png 31.13 KB, 730x537, 1680199703742.png






File: 1680664595056.jpg 98.85 KB, 1440x777, 1269.jpg

it's weird how prudish amerilards are prudish about sexuality in video games yet the average amerilard woman loses her virginity at 16 and has a double-digit body count by her mid-20s


Sexual 'liberation' is a form of control and ritualised mental illness/grooming. Of course they wouldn't want average or under males having access to sexuality; their liberation is there to control you.


Pretty comfy.


It's not weird. Extreme sexual repression makes sex seem like a holy grail to Americans. The revolve thier lives around it because its so forbidden and put on the highest possible pedestal. If sex were treated like no big deal people would care less about it.


Degenerate scum




Get a ps vita for 50 bucks and enjoy that cfw pleasure, all games prior are free you just have to buy the hardware and can piss off to a forest field farm or monastery


That sounds shit, dont suggest anything to me again


File: 1680933204523.jpeg 64.4 KB, 1080x720, received_761545258831676.jpeg

What's next for the NCU?





I literally have this song on my phone. I just play it on repeat sometimes




File: 1681193581859.jpg 98.94 KB, 650x596, 338032393_949244702901328_2….jpg

Thank you to that anon that posted the links for the Steam Deck; I got Yakuza 0 running well.
I'm gonna try Mankind Divided next.


I hope you enjoy yakuza 0. It's a masterpiece of a game.


OoT is heckin' comfy.

>mfw i actually prefer the censored version


File: 1681224115428.png 12.67 KB, 268x340, winetricks.png

these guys say for DE:MD you need d3dcompiler_47 in winetricks, make sure dxvk is switched on, and to use wine-ge-custom instead of proton-ge-custom if you pirated the GoG version instead of the steam version


File: 1681281943768.jpg 2.67 MB, 4000x2992, IMG_20230412_164106.jpg

They must've updated the latest Proton-GE to include it or I fixed the prefix well or something, because it seems like it's working well. I should get winetricks working anyways regardless


There are some good games around but I'm too busy to play them:

- Atomic Heart (maybe
- Smallland
- Ravenbound
- Big Ambitions (looks really good)


o then dont bother, those tests were written 2 yrs ago, i guess theyre progressing quicker now w/ compatibility fixes, its better to use the latest proton or wine if they alrdy fix the problem b4 resorting to winetricks


On that note, I am at my absolute wit's end trying to tweak Hogwarts Legacy to run. Apparently people have gotten it to run by tweaking something called grub in the terminal
do I really have to resort to that? I've got the EMPRESS crack going (in Minecraft). Isn't there something simpler I can do?


yes you have to. from what i understand the EMPRESS crack is using CPU instructions that work in windows but are disabled in linux by default as a security measure since linux is fundamentally a server OS so they're hypercautious. there is no harm in disabling it, you're not running a military satellite or bank server, however there is a remote chance you'll be in a pickle if you don't have a USB wired keyboard and a way to hook up the keyboard (e.g. steam deck docking station, usb-c hub, usb-c to usb-a (male to female) adapter) in case something went wrong with grub (the bootloader) because you can't use your on-screen keyboard there. i'd take the chance anyway, worst case is you won't be able to use your steam deck for a week until this thing arrives https://www.amazon.com.au/Iesooy-Aluminum-Docking-Charging-Accessories/dp/B0BNWXNMDY/ or whatever else and some cheap USB keyboard

if you buy a usb-c hub instead, be certain it won't brick your (((steam deck))), apparently it's a common issue

1. open terminal
2. create backup of your grub config file:
sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bak
3. open the grub config file with kwrite (i think that's the default GUI text editor in steamOS)
sudo kwrite /etc/default/grub
4. go to the line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, and add "clearcpuid=514" inside the existing string (set of characters enclosed by quotes), e.g.
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="niggerboy faggot=69 lickmyarse=420"
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="clearcpuid=514 niggerboy faggot=69 lickmyarse=420"
5. make sure GRUB_TIMEOUT=0 (if there's still a 10 second boot menu delay let me know, some distros are stupid about this)
6. save the file and exit kwrite
7. update grub:
sudo update-grub
8. while you're in terminal, you should also reduce your linux "swappiness". i reduce it to 1 on every linux system i install (whether PCs or servers) because it's insanely retarded that it's not set to that by default, they have it set to 60. this means linux already starts thrashing your SSD/HDD for virtual memory when RAM is at 40% usage instead of 99% and so it unnecessarily wears out your SSD quicker and adds I/O latency (it's faster to write data to RAM than to SSD). it made sense in 1998 but not in 2023.
9. check your current "swappiness" (it will probably return 60)
sudo sysctl vm.swappiness
10. set your "swappiness" to 1 by creating the file with kwrite in the path /etc/sysctl.d/99-swappiness.conf:
sudo kwrite /etc/sysctl.d/99-swappiness.conf
11. add this line to this file in kwrite, then save and exit:
vm.swappiness = 1
12. reboot your steam deck

from what i read you will need vcrun2019 and vcrun6sp6 as winetricks libraries for this game

don't forget to try it with the latest proton-ge-custom
download and open GE-Proton7-55.tar.gz, then GE-Proton7-55.tar, extract the folder GE-Proton7-55 to /home/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/, and you'll use /home/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/GE-Proton7-55/files/bin/wine64 as your "Custom Wine executable" as shown in that previous youtube video
don't bother updating DXVK, it only supports DX9-11 games, Hogwarts Legacy is a DX12 game, only VKD3D will be relevant, you can follow that video's instructions for updating DXVK but do it for VKD3D instead, not sure if lutris already comes with v2.8 of VKD3D since the latest release was from december 2022:
extract the folder into /home/.local/share/lutris/runtime/vkd3d/
i think you're supposed to switch off "Disable Lutris Runtime" (to enable it, i hate double-negatives, fucking linux people and their lack of understanding basic UX) in Systems options tab so it uses the newer custom VKD3D or DXVK if you've set it

if all else fails you can try (((steam))) + protontricks to try and install it as a non-steam game managed by the (((steam))) client:


File: 1681433498926.jpg 444.75 KB, 954x961, P22678-Brian-Cox.jpg

WhT is this robot language shit are you guys javing sex through coding words or something


You'll get used to it.


File: 1681481108940.jpg 297.79 KB, 1986x1456, Reddit Behind the Scenes.jpg

>my swappiness was at 100
No wonder this thing crashes when you start five processes at once


Started initial process 214 from gamemoderun /home/deck/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/data/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-GE-Proton7-43-x86_64/bin/wine /home/deck/Games/Hogwarts Legacy/Phoenix/Binaries/Win64/HogwartsLegacy.exe
Start monitoring process.
fsync: up and running.
wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely
Monitored process exited.
Initial process has exited (return code: 13568)
Exit with return code 13568


File: 1681482776820.jpg 329.94 KB, 980x700, Remember when life was like….jpg

Sorry, I copied that log over from the deck, I am so confused, I followed everything like you said and changed grub config, and added the Vdist runtimes to to winetricks and it gave me back

Started initial process 214 from gamemoderun /home/deck/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/data/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-GE-Proton7-43-x86_64/bin/wine /home/deck/Games/Hogwarts Legacy/Phoenix/Binaries/Win64/HogwartsLegacy.exe
Start monitoring process.
fsync: up and running.
wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely
Monitored process exited.
Initial process has exited (return code: 13568)
Exit with return code 13568

And I have no idea what that means.


Keep this to your private gay mod email exchanges


Ban me from this shithole codeword circlejerk for fuck sake its fucking pathetic


>pedo paul and smilekike had the secks!!!


Imagine a gang of just shit tier nerds trying to make you their friend when all they do is consume drugs and be evil all day, bullying, degeneracy, and the debate pyramid, fucking gay as all fuck, a truly romanic display




maybe i'm misunderstanding how lutris works (i never used it and dont have a non-virtual-machine linux PC atm w/ a GPU to test it), but according to that log it says you're still using the executable [...]/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-GE-Proton7-43-x86_64/bin/wine (which is fine for most games) to launch hogwarts legacy when i think it's better to use [...]/lutris/runners/wine/GE-Proton7-55/files/bin/wine64 that you downloaded. both are their latest (the latter happens to have a higher number versioning scheme) but people claim the latter tends to be a little more up-to-date in compatibility fixes specifically for the newest "steam games" (i'm assuming hogwarts legacy even if it's pirated/cracked is still considered a "steam game").

the game might still run fine without doing this, but i would try and see if you can change that first (to get lutris to use the wine64 executable from GE-Proton7-55 instead of the wine executable from lutris-GE-Proton7-43-x86_64) before fixing the 13568 error. click configure for hogwarts, go to runner options tab, make sure show advanced options is ticked, set wine version to custom, for custom wine executable click browse and navigate to the wine64 executable located in the [...]/lutris/runners/wine/GE-Proton7-55/files/bin/wine64 path and select it. if it doesn't change, maybe you're supposed to switch off "Disable Lutris Runtime" too in system options tab based on what that video said, although i think he said it's only if you updated your VKD3D or DXVK, i'm not sure.

as for the 13568 error, try the prefix Bratkartov posted and see if you make any progress
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine winetricks --force vcrun2019

you should however increase the swap size (aka virtual memory in windows) to 8GB (assuming you still have enough space on your SSD or eMMC), because the steam deck default of 1GB is too low especially for some modern poorly-optimized AAA console ports as they will go beyond your 16GB RAM at certain times (due to memory leaks, sloppiness, etc.) and will crash if your swap also gets filled up. windows tends to have a virtual memory size (aka pagefile size) of like 6-8GB or more depending on total RAM installed, so AAA game devs when porting and testing on their windows machines expect this much virtual memory to be available.

1. open terminal
2. to see current total swap size, type in:
free -h
3. disable read-only file protection of your filesystem:
sudo steamos-readonly disable
4. navigate to /home directory in terminal:
cd /home
5. turn off swap:
sudo swapoff -a
6. resize previous swapfile with larger one:
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile bs=1G count=8
7. format swapfile:
sudo mkswap swapfile
8. activate swapfile:
sudo swapon swapfile
9: verify total swap size is now 8GB:
free -h
source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/waiujt/how_to_increase_the_swap_on_the_deck/
this guy claims increasing swap size fixed a crashing issue with Total War WarHammer III
and this guy for Red Dead Redemption 2
this guy for New World
this guy for Satisfactory and Fallout 76

forgot to mention, verify in terminal your swappiness is set to 1 if you haven't already done so previously: sudo sysctl vm.swappiness

to show that i'm not crazy for reducing swappiness to 1, this guy says reducing it from 100 to 1 reduced crashes in some games:
and someone did a steam deck benchmark showing reducing swappiness to 1 and increasing swap size increased minimum FPS (1% and 0.1% low FPS) a little bit

and i'm not the only one saying such a high swappiness for the steam deck is bad in general

you can tell valve rushed this product, at least on the OS side of things


Any gba RPG games worth looking at?


Golden Sun
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Tactics Ogre


Several of the SNES Final Fantasy games are on GBA and they're great heh. Also the Golden Sun series as Phlimphlasm mentioned is good as well. Not sure about Chain of Memories though, it's like a card game or something, isn't it? (uh...gay?)


I remember playing the hell out of Golden Sun. I also remember being a stupid kid and was impressed with some other kid overleveling to mid 40s when I was like low-mid 30s and beat the last boss on first try. Also found all the djinni on both games without a guide. Haven't played the DS one. Final Fantasy 4 for GBA is also good. The postgame dungeon has a lot of nice gameplay and story content. All the specific character floors play uniquely. Been thinking about getting the 3D version and After Years on Steam.


I borrowed Chain and thought it sucked balls, but I hate KH in general.


File: 1681646381548.jpeg 6.48 KB, 184x273, images (1).jpeg

Good recs will definitely check out the final fantasy ones, tactics ogre sounds interesting too


File: 1681923917938.png 69.29 KB, 1336x661, Untitled.png

Reading old comments on mod pages, because I have an issue that can no longer easily be found on a search engine. I miss when the epitome of internet cringe was Chuck Norris jokes.


File: 1681924658999.png 61.05 KB, 1341x640, Untitled.png

Gaym0rdude is still at it, and the 2010 audience digs it.


File: 1681928918184.png 66.92 KB, 1132x579, Untitled.png

I have a vague idea of what the issue is and might have to screw around with the script to fix this 13 year old niche problem if I care enough.


Reading through this thread reminded me about how a lot of old modders used to be really nice and helpful until the KIKES at Bethesda made the creation club, and caused a huge fallout due to KIKE modders, who took down their mods from public places like Nexus in order to cash in. This guy in question, Xilver, actually patched ads in the free version of his mod. Fortunately, Oblivion is too old for that shit.


the only difference between corporations and gangs is that the latter rewards loyalty


Update for codebro: I've given up, I tried literally everything and all of that. Short of downloading a different torrent of the game nothing worked, and I followed the shit step by step.
I'm just either gonna redownload a better torrent, play it in July on the bing bing wahoo, or be a buyfag one paycheck


>Phantasm makes like high six figures a year and still refuses to pay $3 for an indie game made by a small studio, to the point he will spend countless hours of his free time trying to fiddle with different programs and operating systems

The audactity is pretty based if nothing else, I guess.


If it's an indie gaym I might consider paying for it, but it's hard to justify burning your money. Paying for a game is basically charity in my eyes. Think about this business model: They already did the work, there's no physical asset involved, and they expect me to pay for it?


I just don't get the cost benefit analysis in his case moreso than anything. Nigga used hours of his free time unsuccessfully trying to get it to work when 1 hour of his work time would have basically paid for the game outright. RIch ass nigga smdh


File: 1682028067809.jpg 2.42 MB, 4000x2992, IMG_20230418_220729.jpg

It's a hobby of mine; I grew up lower middle class so I like doing it cos I could never afford video games and it's fun to try solve the problem and learn about why these things don't work. I've done it with every console I have

Also this >>52394

But also this >>52408 is the reason I just bought RDR2 when it was on sale.


oh no you dont we're not done yet phaggot

1. open terminal, paste in
/home/deck/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/data/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-GE-Proton7-43-x86_64/bin/wine '/home/deck/Games/Hogwarts Legacy/Phoenix/Binaries/Win64/HogwartsLegacy.exe'
2. allow it to attempt to run, then copy the resulting log from the terminal and paste here (Edit -> Select All -> Copy). also if by any chance it pops up any window during the process asking you if you want to install a library it recommends, click install


I respect it tbh. Piracy is a moral obligation.


File: 1682201340988.gif 2.22 MB, 498x498, comfy-pepe.gif

who comf-v here


I've gotten a 512 GB microSD off Amazon (for those of you playing at home, this is the one smiley paid like 500 bucks for several years ago when he was broke already, big brain financial decision making) and I shall resume when it arrives in a couple days.


Keep the chOn posted fam-a-lamb!


is it by any chance a non-brand-one 512MB that chinks have modified firmware of to say 512GB and it writes same 512MB over in a loop


No it's a Samsung EVO one off of Amazon; the ones you're talking about tend to be on eBay. Smiley got his for that much several years ago because he couldn't be bothered to wait until they went down in price inevitably.


File: 1682220486692.webp 69.74 KB, 1440x1361, Screenshot_20230422-222738.webp

Say no more. LMAO! I know exactly everything you mean and are saying!





Looks shit


File: 1682261548608.png 62.59 KB, 1056x367, Screenshot_20230423_155206_….png


From the sound of it I was hoping it was going to be a tactical squad shooter like SWAT.


Dwarf's game


Dwarf's game cont.


File: 1682327748555.jpg 2.8 MB, 2992x4000, IMG_20230424_191433.jpg

It's my Friday, let's dance.


File: 1682406354716.jpg 39.45 KB, 300x300, Jazz-cover.jpg

>Battletoads got a witty self referential nostalgic sequel about its heyday in the 90s being over that did mixed
>Bubsy got a witty self referential nostalgic sequel about its heyday in the 90s being over that did mixed
>Duke Nukem got a witty self referential nostalgic sequel about its heyday in the 90s being over that did mixed
>Conker got a witty self referential nostalgic sequel of sorts about its heyday in the 90s being over that did mixed
>Doom got a witty self referential nostalgic sequel about its heyday in the 90s being over that did better
When is it going to be my boy's turn?


File: 1682459839123.gif 401.21 KB, 500x693, b91e70505938e503423429aef36….gif


>The Lost Art of DVD Menus


File: 1682516300237.jpeg 148.4 KB, 1920x982, received_187063317536771.jpeg

Codebro, I actually got it working.
Fuck the EMPRESS crack.


I spoke too soon, I can run it on lutris but it crashes on gaming mode on steam and I have no idea why, what the actual fuck


crashing is most likely a hogwarts issue since craploads of other people on windows with legit steam purchases with more powerful hardware than yours are experiencing crashes too. try turning all graphics settings to lowest (except resolution keep it at 1280x800) and some ppl (on windows) are saying switching off random toggles like "full-screen optimizations" reduced crashes, etc. if it doesnt fix then wait a month or more for a new patch assuming you found the latest pirated version on 1337x.to. this is nothing unusual for AAA games in the first several months, you have to understand that these games are rushed out asap and made by job-hopping "talents" in their early 20s who have no experience in debugging and writing useful error tests and dont give a shit to or were conmanded by their faggot superiors not to for typical bs reasons (theres a reason it just crashes to desktop instead of giving at least some error like "VRAM allocation failed for entity TR_ROOM_19" as a properly coded game should, and it's not hard to do)


File: 1682523295581.jpg 2.68 MB, 4000x2992, IMG_20230427_013244.jpg

It runs great on lutris but doesn't even get past the opening splash screen on gaming mode (not even the actual game) before it just crashes after a black and returns to gaming mode. I was kinda hoping not to use a keyboard and mouse lol, that was kinda the whole point of this particular wizard game
Whereas in lutris it runs, you create the character, he walks around, etc etc; it's playable.


File: 1682523849862.jpg 2.81 MB, 4000x2992, IMG_20230427_014226.jpg

Making the resolution 1200x800 and unchecking 'set resolution to internal and external display' has gotten it running without crashing.

This game is very shittily optimised lol


o so u bought the game? and u already tried verifying game file integrity? https://support.team17.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360002423258-How-to-verify-your-game-files-on-Steam


File: 1682526477159.jpg 18.37 KB, 1024x576, proton-experimental.jpg

if its working fine on lutris but not on steam maybe it's using an outdated proton/wine, make sure force steam play compatibility tool is checked, and set it to a newer version, see pic


No, that's actually the DODI repack, I finally got it working and saved 80 bucks in Minecraft, which is quite based.

Why is it that sometimes I can force compatibility and check the box and other times it doesn't let you? Cos I was gonna put it as proton experimental first before setting the res at 1200x800 but then it just started working.


no idea. steam is proprietary software that updates frequently and i haven't used steam for several years (to limit my gaming and hide from my highschool friends) so i don't know its quirks

are you adding lutris shortcuts into steam? apparently that's what you're supposed to do to copy over games from lutris into steam to be able to run them in gaming mode, according to the latter part of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVuabEckMMA


you need to be aware that SteamOS is unique in that every time you update the OS to a new version it will wipe anything you changed or installed in the filesystem (excluding the /home directory). i don't think it'll modify grub though because that's at the boot sector of the SSD/eMMC which is not the same partition as the linux filesystem so i don't think you'll have to disable that CPU security thing again. any programs you installed from Discover like Lutris will not get wiped because they are installed in your /home/deck/.var/app directory.

so as a workaround you will want to create and run this post-update script (which does all the stuff in above posts) after each time you update SteamOS
1. open terminal
2. kwrite /home/deck/post-update-script.sh
3. copy and paste, then save:

echo "Disabling read-only state of SteamOS file system..."
sudo steamos-readonly disable

echo "Setting swappiness to 1..."
sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=1
sudo sh -c "echo 'vm.swappiness=1' > /etc/sysctl.d/99-swappiness.conf"

echo "Setting swap size to 8GB..."
sudo swapoff -a
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/swapfile bs=1G count=8
sudo mkswap /home/swapfile
sudo swapon /home/swapfile

then if you want to run it after updating SteamOS just type either
sudo bash /home/deck/post-update-script.sh

sudo sh /home/deck/post-update-script.sh

whichever is easier to remember. i would make a text file in that same directory (kwrite /home/deck/how_to_run_scripts.txt) reminding you how to run this bash script if you think you'll forget in the future after this thread dies


For the record, you can (frickin' finally) go "invisible" on Steam now, allowing you to be logged in but without your highschool friends knowing heh

I'm not sure when that was put in place but I don't think it was more than a couple years. Amazing how it wasn't an option before recently.


The invisible feature has been there for several years, anon.


Yeah, I mean I said as much. The thing is though it should have been like a year 2 feature not a year 20 or whatever heh. Maybe anon has been away from it long enough that they didn't see it


Wtf, that's actual bullshit. Starting to think Loonixfags aren't all they're cracked up to be.


File: 1682640766406.jpg 548.79 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-04-28-10-05….jpg

Nah log in playing Katawa Shoujo at 5 am as a power move.

Pic related is l*terally me rn


you'll get over it sweatie it's just one line you have to type after each time you update SteamOS


i uplsralled fart in chir on sat on


File: 1682689221471.webp 50.41 KB, 1018x740, Screenshot_20230428_144000….webp


File: 1682689379128.jpeg 152.58 KB, 786x849, 3954288-man-slip-on-ice-an….jpeg



File: 1682900772355.mp4 683.83 KB, 640x602, linux.mp4


The lads told me acohohol is a good cope for everything so


Drank my dick dumb in the past 72 hours


This is as sad and ignorant as when niggers make memes about White people.


you should make a meme about sucking my dick to prove you aren't gay


Lmao so true oomfie


Almost accurate


What are some comfy video game letsplays? preferably no commentary but I will watch if they're not cringe




i don't understand the appeal of realism in video games. like why not just go outside?


in this synthetic artificial reality scene with realistic patches of grass they can now insert authentic cinematic european settler cast in the new-found america of british-english speaking blacks and arabs and wise yellow asians with a butch dyke strong-leader in cargo-pants carrying historically authentic steampunk fully automatic revolver-musket with pink and blue neon light emitting explosive shells (hold down shooty button to supercharge) for the next installment of hoower dooder 4 fungus pungus to carry the message opposing concepts of the "traditional" family, kids being raised by their family and the private property ownership and private travel, they will also travel in time to help vladimir lenin, guarding his armored train against attacks of timetraveling zombie nazi spider-people with red eyes and SS helmets or something


File: 1683237404966.jpg 112.76 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-p….jpg

going to drink coffee now niggers


this game is verysuperbad not only because it's honestly a gimmicky bland shooter but because human traffikers/slave-owners and drug dealers and mafia in general especially when brown are good underprivileged people hitting upwards towards the capitalistic(?) injustice and exploitation
the twitter is not entirely comfortable with it
the company has already posted an apology
the window has shifted it's a big oof and yikes when you can shoot sadistic gangs of criminals domestically as a cop
sadistic gangs of criminals literary owned by amerikike, slavshit kike, arab and southernshitamerican oligarchs are le good and they need understanding funkopops jinkies i hope my laptop doesnt get stolen


mods be aware 4chon.me/mod now redirects to 4chon.me/mod.php for convenience


Linux has a lot of design cruft being a clone of Bell Laboratories' Unix, a multi-user terminal OS designed for the DEC PDP-11, a 1970 "minicomputer" (which was a marketing term for a slightly smaller mainframe) that cost back then $150k in today's dollars, as well as a relatively decentralized (fragmented in practice) userspace developer ecosystem which is why you have so many different terminals, window managers, text editors, distros, etc. many of which lack the same polish particularly in terms of UX as proprietary Windows and MacOS counterparts. So today you get to pick your poison between a fragmented mainframe OS (Linux) and a corporate-controlled proprietary OS (Windows, MacOS, iOS), or somewhere in between (Android).


File: 1683564766118.png 246.25 KB, 400x566, smolsquidsquid.png



BSD seems to offer the best of both worlds.


File: 1683570981226.jpg 52.29 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg

no ur rong



Nu Avid vid


That ain't me chief


Found assassins creed 2 the other week, been trying to play it a couple times but I think the week is making me OCD to the point where I can't even play 15 minutes


File: 1683749102651.jpg 83.63 KB, 855x1024, 1683707931113297m.jpg

Forgot to post this pic


File: 1683749529423.png 170.99 KB, 796x367, 16837491946410126 (1).png


That's a very cute idea for a drawing.


File: 1683756567363.jpeg 502.64 KB, 1125x1062, EDCBF072-78C4-48EE-944D-64….jpeg

It'd have been more relatable if the guy went back to a small, dimly lit apartment alone with nondescript foreign language conversations seeping through the weathered paint chips in the drywall along with the intermittent humming and pounding of various power tools instead of some big ass house with a wife waiting for him in it. Come on Nintendo, show us how we really are. Show us what it really means to be a Gamer



File: 1683770049105.jpg 96.06 KB, 1280x720, n64-controller.jpg

what were they thinking?


File: 1683778842906.jpg 34.26 KB, 500x489, 1683776828668784.jpg


File: 1683790627203.jpg 94.25 KB, 1200x630, teeth-main.jpg

Come howme
Stick me bloody telly on
Switch up me Nintendow
Make myself a cappa
Bladdy fuckn me zelde person is shoyte should av startd tha new save


File: 1683817758990.jpg 333.37 KB, 649x1771, average nintendrone.jpg


File: 1683827207523.jpg 195.82 KB, 895x862, average switch owner.jpg


I think it's targeting Gen X more than us. It's pretty impressive how Nintendo is able to successfully court non-gaymers into buying games actually. Just look at the wii and NES classic. Nintendo must have a genius marketing team, because they can read the market like a book. They're always finding new ways to get people to buy their products, even though most of their ideas seem dumb and gimmicky.


It makes sense for different control schemes. What I like about the N64 controller is using the Z button is like firing a gun, and I thought that was really cool playing Goldeneye as a kid. The quality of those controllers is complete shit though. I doubt you can find a used controller without broken buttons or stick-drift.


Goldeneye is one of the best games to ever exist.


Not really, but local multiplayer is way better than gay-ass online gayming. I can't imagine getting 3 people to my house these days.


You might not have minded as a kid, but Goldeneye is a super clunky games. I played it a few years ago and everything makes the game drop frames like crazy. The game freezes when any explosive goes off. It's rough. I do like some of the design decisions of older FPS games over new shooters though, like needing to find health packs and being able to carry as many weapons as you want.


Goldeneye is still fun but you have to have a very open mind about it. It's much different from post-CoD shooters


Trying to actually hit anything using goldeneye aiming is a painful experience.

It's one of those games that didn't age well at all.


I'd say post Halo. Halo really defined modern shooters, especially console ones. If you compare halo to goldeneye you'll immediately see why the game was such a massive hit.


Thinking back I liked Goldeneye a lot as a kid, but games like Turok 2 and Duke Nukem have aged substantially better, so what made Golden eye stand out? For one thing it had nice levels and a lot of options to keep games fresh. Another thing is the jank kind of worked in it's favor and created opportunities for a lot of stupid situations, like crouching down and slapping someone to death by staying in their blind spot.


True, I almost said Halo first, I guess I brought up CoD instead because of the "aim" mechanic but honestly just the twin stick input was the biggest revolution easily-Medal of Honor had something in-between (twin stick input with held position aiming) but never came close to Halo's popularity.


Because rare made it and they were considered a golden goose prior to microsoft destroying them.


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