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Into a mental health crisis, financial depression and an ageing population that will be dying painfully and slowly because no one will be able to provide for them at replacement level.
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I am actually a man just like avid. I enjoy pretending that I am a white woman.


That's me. Larping as that white woman in my mind.


So hot.


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White women are nigger whores.


I am every white woman.


pls chang


you look really gay right now


I despise white women


File: 1680604555197.webm (3.72 MB, 720x404, autistic woman questions ….webm)


I despise ryan goslings acting


But you like white whores fucking niggers.


What an extrapolation


File: 1683509732709-0.webm (1.67 MB, 576x1024, 1683496545802395.webm)

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breaking bad is metaphor for colonial white guilt, jews are in charge of the "transformation" and that is a good thing!


"george carlin is such a funny-man!" - you, circa 2007
"george carlin is kind of, based still, i have forgotten most of his bits though" - you, circa 2015


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White women fuck dogs.


File: 1684815961544.jpg (58.47 KB, 630x534, durag-anglin-young.jpg)


The modern “working couple” is such an absolute disaster.

I will rarely give women any credit at all, in any context whatsoever, so this is big: yes, it is too much to expect a woman to work full time and then do all of the household chores on top of that. Yes, if both husband and wife are working full-time jobs, it is a reasonable request that the husband do some of the household chores.

The problem here is that you are extrapolating that logically from a violation of first principles. The woman should not be working, certainly not full-time. It’s dumb and retarded, and has benefited literally no one in any way at all.

Women have to be treated like little children. That is literally true. They have to be scolded and shamed when they do something wrong, and they have to be praised and rewarded when they do something right. This is also the same thing as training a dog – however, a dog eventually gets “trained” and understands the deal between dog and master, whereas a woman is simply too stupid to ever get to that point of understanding.


I once calculated that Common Filth watches about 20-30 hours of gay porn a week to "study degeneracy" based on his admitted, now deleted videos of him watching 3-4 hours a day for research. I wonder what's become of him.


>The problem here is that you are extrapolating that logically from a violation of first principles. The woman should not be working, certainly not full-time. It’s dumb and retarded, and has benefited literally no one in any way at all.
Andrew, if you didn't live in Thailand, a third world country, you would know that in the Western world it is genuinely currently impossible to work full time with one spouse and afford an average mortgage.


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Lmao. I believe it.


My age turned from 18 to 24 so I must've been on dating apps for 6 years. I have like 300 Tinder matches and haven't met up with a single one. I'm mid 30s


I have 3 matches on shitnder one of them messaged me I messaged her back and she hasn't messaged me back 😔


I need to embrace the slampigs


I retract this statement


I don't even know what a slampig is


File: 1685144235869.jpg (138.46 KB, 600x800, EFdULm1.jpg)


That's a morbidly obese biological man LARPing as a woman.


File: 1685144708864.webp (33.69 KB, 957x965, Screenshot_20230527_00450….webp)

Dogi is based and has a good sanging voice


File: 1685469364436.jpg (148.13 KB, 1242x2208, 1685430705186108.jpg)

Regardless of the stupidity of the male marrying a roastie in the modern age, I always found it silly how the man is supposed to magically be able to guess which wedding ring she wants to wear. The bitch is right, just let her pick the damn thing if you want her to actually wear it, don't be offended that they're picky and materalistic as that's how their brains have evolved, and according to the stats there's a 50% chance she's going to divorce you and a 70% chance she's going to cheat on you anyway if you're in a non-Sharia country so there's no point in overthinking about her suddenly using this as an excuse to complain that "you don't understand me! waah wah! If you really cared about me you would know my style!", just tell the slut to leave then and get raped by a pack of feral niggers and beaners maybe they would know her style better


File: 1685470421483.png (272.58 KB, 627x963, 168547034363578834.png)


File: 1685474576949.gif (1.92 MB, 232x294, 1535514233490.gif)

Amen brother.
BTW I would invade this butthole


curse of the chicken-legs


Based dogi poster


Seething feminist whore getting her wall reckoning.


I 😘 loved hitting the wall. Seethe. 🥰


Not sure about her emotions but she definitely looks like she got some fried chicken from that place


File: 1685977956279.jpg (505.63 KB, 1054x1760, 1685974691453726.jpg)


Heh I shouldn't be enjoying this schadenfreude
Link reddit post


When I used tinder last I had my age range set 18-22 heh

My wife got a black silicone ring from Walmart


>My wife got a black silicone ring from Walmart
I understand not shelling out big bucks for a ring, but that's another level of cheap.


This. At least get a used silver ring from ebay or something.


Wtf is dtr? Down to rape?

Lol at roastie geting roasted tho.


Day (of) The Rope, the day when a hoe decides she wants to rope you into her baggage-filled life after a one-night stand


I think a plain iron ring would be kinda cool


I think it means "dating to relationship". It's obviously when a foid secures a man


yuo securd DUBZ


only real people use copper rings


File: 1686150503437.jpg (367.98 KB, 1066x1904, childfree-elder-care.jpg)


So she half-realizes shes fucked

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