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Into a mental health crisis, financial depression and an ageing population that will be dying painfully and slowly because no one will be able to provide for them at replacement level.
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youre a sperg thats why you dont emote


>oy! moy arse!


File: 1690679071975.webp (51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_23351….webp)

>picture of gay man slapping another gay man


Im identifying as a man and Im not spoiled at all and put up with alot you cunt
Instead of hitting women you push them, wow youre such a nice guy, do you want a medal? Wow joking about beating up women, haha youre so funny, im sure that attracts them. Whinemen, is that your pick up line? Hilarious.
The more you type the more you expose yourself as an asshole. Shut up and fuck off you abusive charlatan manlet ugly balding incel prick


Stop fighting you two, we're all frens here


Terry Davis was right


if you don't like gay porn you don't belong here


you sound insecure


i said that at work and so i got fired


File: 1690739235070.webp (51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_23351….webp)

That's disgusting, you are a deranged faggot


start an onlyfans

oh mr boner... pls let me lick you


File: 1690750014330.webp (51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_23351….webp)

You are a faggot, you should be set on fire


File: 1690752207212.webp (133.15 KB, 1376x2539, 1690643680471.webp)


I'm already burning with desire for your hot boner


File: 1690761087955.gif (399.75 KB, 400x371, ezgif-5-2c0f54bbd0.gif)


paris would be perfect if she had a big fat cock


File: 1690764111779.gif (480.96 KB, 245x285, ezgif-5-87f5722d8f.gif)


Good morn8ng,

Women are scum.


File: 1695828596902.jpeg (4.44 KB, 188x268, download (3).jpeg)

>cant get laid
>chooses to hate and blame women rather than sort themselves out and go out to meet women



File: 1695831557976.jpg (31.89 KB, 387x480, 50c.jpg)

>don't insult our white princesses!!!!!
Being a nazi incel simp is perhaps the highest form of cuckoldry.


you are a gay faggot


>ur gay!!!!
Seethe, virgin.


ok i will


y'all should stop talking about women and have some gay anal sex


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File: 1697989614248-0.jpg (44.98 KB, 508x700, F81LaU8WIAAhlcD.jpg)

File: 1697989614248-1.jpg (240.01 KB, 970x1902, F81LaU9XwAApS-4.jpg)

>"This is the heartbreaking reality they are selling to many women"


File: 1698029300243.jpeg (153.84 KB, 1125x353, C5B27AA0-12A1-4796-9E38-D….jpeg)


File: 1698029854740.jpg (12.72 KB, 209x98, ghandimeme.JPG)

the amount of braindead ass mfs coming from this next generation is gonna be soooo bad when they gotta get real jobs and use their fucking brains for once these mfs have nothing but input to their brain no output NOTHING is coming out of that head that will benefit anyone fuck bro im high asl these kids piss me off




Some truth sure, but a lot of bullshit and it contradicts itself at times.

-"Women don't care about money because they have jobs now"/money and status don't matter. Money and status do matter and they matter a lot; attractive men who can't provide get dumped for an attractive man who can, sooner or later-even well before they hit the wall. Women don't want to date men who are seen as less than them based on how much Jew fiat they make. This is known.

-Just because women will laugh at a retarded joke an attractive man makes doesn't mean that an ugly fuck's "good joke" will be perceived negatively. What?

-Saying grooming doesn't matter but then it helps if you're already attractive is a contradiction.

-"Gym is seen as compensating" says who? If women are saying it we've already established their dishonesty when it comes to these matters; another anon posted survey data suggesting that men's opinions of other men matter more than women's, in fact.

"Gym won't make you aesthetic with a bad frame" *posts guy who isn't in shape at all*. Frame matters (as absent as it was from his earlier "attractiveness hierarchy") but it's better to be in shape with a bad frame than out of shape with one. If not to secure a date than you should just do it for yourself. Feels good, man.

There was some other stuff I thought was off but I forget heh.

Not sure why I watched this whole thing and commented on it even like this given my own problems but whatever. What does an incel's time matter anyway heh. True or not, I feel like proliferation of this stuff is part of a widespread demoralization campaign trying to get men to stop trying. I have my own reasons for giving up, but many men are not so hopeless as all that and don't deserve to be convinced they are by some youtube/twitter faggots tbqph


>True or not, I feel like proliferation of this stuff is part of a widespread demoralization campaign trying to get men to stop trying.
Probably yes. The guys who bitch about women the most are always the ones secretly trying to chat them up in DMs.


The money thing is most accurate. If she makes a shitload, she will always want someone who makes more of a shitload than you do.


This guy's grammar and (though to a lesser extent) pronunciation make me cringe so hard. It seems to be a class thing mostly when people mix up their plurals and singulars. But he comes off as dumb.

It's interesting that this blackpill doomer stuff is getting out there so well but maybe it was a long time coming, tinder was 2017


File: 1698202211854.webp (155.27 KB, 1500x1125, bitch.webp)

she got what she fucking deserves.


Under Sharia law or pre-Enlightenment Christcuckoldry this creature would be a wife and mother subordinate to her husband. Under modern secular soyciety this creature is a shell of a woman, the main factor to the below-replacement birth rates.


>Women don't want to date men who are seen as less than them based on how much Jew fiat they make. This is known.
Even if it's a majority I doubt it's a strong majority because this wasn't my experience, or all the men in my family (e.g. brother, dad, uncles) as they make less than their wives and haven't gotten divorced (knock on wood). But maybe this is an American and third-world thing, we have healthcare, paid leave, etc. unlike you guys.


based moochers


File: 1698336304611.jpg (292.89 KB, 1028x910, 1698331732424939.jpg)

Even the billionaires are dealing with hoeflation


this is just jews handing money back and forth like usual


The secret esoteric truth nobody tells you: if you want a GF just do drugs. Women practically whore themselves out for weed. It's that easy. In retrospect this is how everyone I know got a GF, no exceptions. It's too bad for me that I really hate weed. Slavs and Asians have it easy, because everyone still drinks in the east. Other drugs probably work too, but it's a lot harder to casually ask about.


True tbh.


File: 1698363453708.mp4 (8.05 MB, 360x416, Retard Flag Guy with his n….mp4)


Male is 7/10 retarded for harassing a female that obviously doesn't want to talk

Female is 6/10 retarded for failing to simply tell him she's not interested and disgracing herself with this long video


Maybe she was nervous being alone in the store and didn't want to piss off the guy who she has no idea if he's mentally deranged or not. A man's punch is 2.5x stronger than a woman's on average.


That's true. Must be difficult dealing with ogres twice one's size


I agree with this except that it wasn't REALLY harassment or harassing because she didn't say explicitly that she didn't want to talk, though it was obvious to me within the first 30 sec. At that point I would've either left or plowed, though his game is garbage because he's asking a bunch of yes-no questions which are value-taking, instead of assumption stacking which gives some value and provides the woman with bait to respond with.


e.g. "you must study at x tech school/you must do tech" (because it looks like a gaming/tech store)
or something heavier/funny like "you must be becoming a video game designer" etc etc...
or some comment about what he's buying e.g. "I like x thing because x reason"

If she bites you can continue talking, you establish familiarity. Idk where to go from there though, I've been talking like this with at least 4-5 different cashiers but haven't asked them out. I just treat it like a very low effort approach. She obviously has some pressure to be nice so I wouldn't push it too hard. I just treat it as an opportunity to develop my small talk and assumption stacking skills etc etc.

No my crush was SMILING and BLUSHING! I've thought about asking her out but idk where to because the supermarket has nothing around except some restaraunts, though one just opened up which has alcohol/cocktails. She told me she was 17 but that was about 9 months ago now or something. Shes hot but vaxxed so I wouldn't wife her.


I'm 5'10" 3/4


You are replying to what is probably a markov bot, that the faggot mod does nothing about. I'm starting to have my suspicious that he's responsible for it.


File: 1698708330252.jpg (135.1 KB, 840x1200, 1698700659173750.jpg)

Women often say one thing but do another. Many of them are as trustworthy as the US government or the Israeli military. For example when they say something like "I'm not dating anyone who earns less than XYZ!", they view it as some kind of bargaining tactic, just like when job descriptions have unrealistic requirements and the (((employers))) may eventually settle for candidates who meet like 30%.

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