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Into a mental health crisis, financial depression and an ageing population that will be dying painfully and slowly because no one will be able to provide for them at replacement level.


They aren't going to reach the adult-diaper stage of life. Big whoop.


>he thinks shit will collapse when we're 80 cos of this


>we're paving the way
This stupid whore has no idea what she's actually a part of.



They will and they will be abused alone by by their state pension subsidized nurses & caretakers Rajeesh, Abdul and Mgabe.


The idea of all the alive chonners @80-something yrs old frens-H'warms my heart.


Hedonistic degenerates won't get old. They'll try to take a selfie at a retarded spot- die- darwin type style and so on.


>Hedonistic degenerates won't get old.
Sure they will. Instead of investing in a family or property and doing body breaking physical work they invest in fairly good quality food, health insurance and small luxuries from Amazon to limit the stress in life. They will live a relatively long time, alone.


File: 1677112412335.webm 2.62 MB, 450x800, It's her turn, chud.webm


the wealthy ones will live a long time, the poorer ones not so much


imagine being the burned-out in his 30s unwashed smelling like cigarettes "social media marketing agency" guy in cargo shorts hiring 3 young girls to "come over to an airbnb for filming. yes, tomorrow at 9". so i axe a questin, what's the audience of this and what is the grift? basics of business & Node.js® JavaScript Coding Boot-camps for 20y year olds who struggle at da hi-school/collig?


rong as always


"her" twitter posts with book covers lean on targetting the male alt-lite-rite simp types (jordan peterson lmao). perfect strategy. probably was a "child starlet" on some slavic website in 2000s before this gig. i'm sure all information about her online is accurate.


gawd i loathe cucknadians
read the reddit comments
they all want to put small business owners and freelancers in jail because at least one customer may or may not have "dirty money". if your money doesn't cum entirely from wageslaving at a horrible corporation then your income isn't legitimate in their eyes. these kikenadians operate under a vindictive "if my life sucks yours should suck too"
cucknadian population itself might actually be WORSE than the bureaucratic cucknadian government and law enforcement because the former doesn't appear to believe in innocent until proven guilty and due process at all


File: 1677178321007.jpg 59.67 KB, 680x528, Fpp4vydWYAE1B17.jpg

United States readies an additional $10 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine, says Yellen.


File: 1677179765914.jpg 220.32 KB, 828x858, 1677173819564012.jpg


File: 1677179799190.jpg 215.05 KB, 1080x1387, FpmH1YCWcAEMh0C.jpg


File: 1677288545076-0.jpg 293.75 KB, 1178x1803, FooM8oRWIAAznkh.jpg

File: 1677288545076-1.jpg 118.78 KB, 1200x1017, dwarf's logic.jpg


File: 1677288781578-0.jpg 158.59 KB, 749x1200, FoOj-sGXoAEMg4G.jpg

File: 1677288781578-1.jpg 46.58 KB, 480x666, FonyBfbXsBU3Z2R.jpg

File: 1677288781578-2.jpg 129.63 KB, 955x1200, FodisAxXEAY4pPu.jpg


File: 1677295320447-0.jpg 44.06 KB, 750x849, FmDQTmhWYA4BFt5.jpg

File: 1677295320447-1.jpg 153.16 KB, 1242x1492, FlPHmn5XgAEyP_f.jpg

File: 1677295320447-2.jpg 42.89 KB, 800x960, FlLlkdAXoAEI1-g.jpg

File: 1677295320447-3.jpg 155.77 KB, 1242x1101, FlQ0C3uWIAMDWF1.jpg


Did you read the article? Canada is based. Money laundering is based.


I hate women unironically.

... LOL...


Okay. I got to admit, the second one is funny.


... not all women tho.


Theoretically but I haven't met a good one yet.


Your grandma, your mother, your aunt, ect


They have all done some pretty unacceptable things with little guilt tbh. Sometimes women are compared to children, and I find that in the case of morality they are similar. Children can be kind, but they also do weird and petty things for reasons that only makes sense to them. I think this is generally a more accurate assessment than the belief that they're all machiavellian narcissists. The silver lining COPE I can give here is that since women love to tell stories and exaggerate, these roasties are probably full of shit.


File: 1677428129284.jpg 160.29 KB, 954x1210, f21.jpg

Surely there must be some woman/women you actually like/love in your life. Idk.


my maternal grams are the only people i ever loved


Yes, but that doesn't make them 'good' by what I assume to be the standard of most men(Most men probably aren't considered 'up-to-standard' either, but I digress).


>i liked grandma so, wtf i love the gynocratic world order now


You need to get a swift kick in your mangina!




File: 1677627896365.jpg 676.94 KB, 2636x1305, american women.jpg


glad I use android heh


Nu HDVideo

>Study says women are now only selecting the top 1% of men


>study shows women do what they've always done


File: 1677904617245.jpg 289.61 KB, 954x1210, 1677428129285.jpg


File: 1678032353412.webm 2.94 MB, 460x812, 1677976892605.webm

how they deal with the 30 million excess males in (((china))) from mass aborting daughters






Nu Phagtasm vid soyboys since he's too humble to post it here

"I'm DESPERATE For A Husband!" | When Modern Women Hit The Wall HARD And Get Desperate


lmao @ the dunk on dwarf @ 6:25


File: 1678240055446.png 1.75 MB, 1440x1828, Screenshot_20230307-194642.png

Dwarf has a vibrator. She doesn't want/need and most definitely is not desperate for a husband. Get over yourself.



File: 1678240223041.png 140.97 KB, 345x562, img_5054.png

Dwarf doesn't own any cats ATM and will never ever in the future own ANY cats. Fuck off.


Pathetic. I had actual sex about 12 hours ago while you're just masturbating like a stupid cuck.


Enjoy your AIDs!


Did you fuck Freya in a dumpster again, smiley?!


I am not atm but (you) wish.


File: 1678249165833.gif 524.31 KB, 300x300, ezgif-3-b3c5d92e51.gif

How romantic.

>How does dwarf cope?

Smiley fucking his 55yr old methwhore woman named freya in dumpsters.





File: 1678291894470.jpeg 313.05 KB, 2100x1574, 1BC5A053-D6B7-4909-8498-E3….jpeg

How are you celebrating international woman’s day, 4chon?


File: 1678292957523.png 157.14 KB, 392x392, 167829280727364276.png

...by celebrating- IN MY MIND

-smiley and Freya-the-55yr-old meth-whore's deep love- imagining them hitting a shared crackpipe and fucking in dumpsters after hitting the pipe a few times.





By taking a trip to Kazakhstan


File: 1678295074313.gif 1.82 MB, 400x223, 6ec9f90c-6c4f-4201-9273-db5….gif



>dwarf shaves her pussy


File: 1678297725919.jpeg 17.1 KB, 480x437, download.jpeg

Proof or gtfo.

...also nice b8 m8.

(you) don't know anything about her privates tbqh.


File: 1678297905496.png 1.21 MB, 1067x600, facts_feature.png

Dwarf is a trap and smiley is a closeted homosexual!

>rumor has it that (s)he's packing a large cock & is keeping it like blare white and bailey Jay


File: 1678298128497.gif 1.41 MB, 328x395, ezgif-3-e59be0aa58.gif


File: 1679423322606.jpg 3.98 MB, 6000x6735, 1603906316230.jpg

Found nu matches for HDV


File: 1679423991061.png 1.29 MB, 1305x2329, Screenshot_20230321-133922.png


File: 1679424775103.png 1.23 MB, 1440x1639, Screenshot_20230321-135235.png


File: 1679425149307.jpg 34.29 KB, 480x480, 1679401687989859.jpg



They look nice. Love that cotton candy or bubblegum flavour. Artificial but nice



Damn, I don't seem to have the picture of the cotton candy head curry-nigger who bullied Steadman anymore.


Wasn't Stedman going to do some dumb shit in Minecraft or something? Did 4chon stop him?


Not as far as I know.


Hm. I'm pretty sure the friendship of 4chon stopped him from doing dumb shit in Minecraft.


File: 1679460306679.png 1.12 MB, 1440x1184, Screenshot_20230321-234029.png


File: 1679460546327.png 381.09 KB, 1440x2665, Screenshot_20230321-234615~….png


File: 1679460644854.png 299.71 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230321-235020.png



this is important (i am mental nigger)


File: 1679488080688.mp4 8.34 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (1) (1).mp4


Based mental niggerer






File: 1679518503329.gif 2.42 MB, 498x241, get.gif


R.I.P to all the hamsters liberalfeline killed and ate on his hamster farm in australia.


They were guinea pigs, also real


we're the first generation of 30-somethings not building traditional families; there is no blueprint for us. we're building the wall.


File: 1679522168246.png 2.05 MB, 1440x2449, Screenshot_20230322-165334~….png



Epic troll retard






why would I choose either? they both already have dicks in their mouths


Cartoons are real. I agree. Anime is pure unlike that smut.


File: 1679805110483.jpg 169.04 KB, 600x720, female-surgeons.jpg


Women preferred 2:1 over men for STEM faculty positions, study finds

>For decades, sexism in higher education has been blamed for blocking women from landing academic positions in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.

>But a new study by Cornell psychologists suggests that era has ended, finding in experiments with professors from 371 colleges and universities across the United States that science and engineering faculty preferred women two-to-one over identically qualified male candidates for assistant professor positions.


Outside of nursing, there's a single roastie teaching anything STEM related at the college I go to. She's an old sheboon who teaches C++ and I thought she ran the class pretty well actually.


I did a science degree and there were only a couple female profs as well. Foids just aren't interested in science and trying to force them into it for diversity quotas doesn't work.


I hate white women





Fuck Whyte Wymyn


I really hate women


is that why you lick nigger erections?


Me? I'm not a white woman lol.


Jk. I am a white woman and I own a big dog.


Why do needle dick nazis get so mad when white whores are called out?


I personally love getting called out. Nigger erections. Yes pls.


>nazi is seething
White whores really are worthless though


I am a white whore but other white whore are worthless. Not me, though.


>he's still doing it
Don't have a heart attack, little nazi cuck, your white whores have more nigger cum for you.


Men have heart attacks over me. I love nazi cucks and nigger bulls.


blade runner poster has homosexual fantasies about ryan gosling that make avid's fanfics look heterosexual


I am actually a man just like avid. I enjoy pretending that I am a white woman.


That's me. Larping as that white woman in my mind.


So hot.


File: 1680119997147.png 832.88 KB, 800x529, malema-3-800x529.png

White women are nigger whores.


I am every white woman.


pls chang


you look really gay right now


I despise white women


File: 1680604555197.webm 3.72 MB, 720x404, autistic woman questions f….webm


I despise ryan goslings acting


But you like white whores fucking niggers.


What an extrapolation


File: 1683509732709-0.webm 1.67 MB, 576x1024, 1683496545802395.webm

File: 1683509732709-1.webm 814.55 KB, 576x926, 1683496881605574.webm




breaking bad is metaphor for colonial white guilt, jews are in charge of the "transformation" and that is a good thing!


"george carlin is such a funny-man!" - you, circa 2007
"george carlin is kind of, based still, i have forgotten most of his bits though" - you, circa 2015


File: 1683736951047.jpg 72.94 KB, 1200x1200, CrERx3KVUAAOOKV.jpg

White women fuck dogs.


File: 1684815961544.jpg 58.47 KB, 630x534, durag-anglin-young.jpg


The modern “working couple” is such an absolute disaster.

I will rarely give women any credit at all, in any context whatsoever, so this is big: yes, it is too much to expect a woman to work full time and then do all of the household chores on top of that. Yes, if both husband and wife are working full-time jobs, it is a reasonable request that the husband do some of the household chores.

The problem here is that you are extrapolating that logically from a violation of first principles. The woman should not be working, certainly not full-time. It’s dumb and retarded, and has benefited literally no one in any way at all.

Women have to be treated like little children. That is literally true. They have to be scolded and shamed when they do something wrong, and they have to be praised and rewarded when they do something right. This is also the same thing as training a dog – however, a dog eventually gets “trained” and understands the deal between dog and master, whereas a woman is simply too stupid to ever get to that point of understanding.


I once calculated that Common Filth watches about 20-30 hours of gay porn a week to "study degeneracy" based on his admitted, now deleted videos of him watching 3-4 hours a day for research. I wonder what's become of him.


>The problem here is that you are extrapolating that logically from a violation of first principles. The woman should not be working, certainly not full-time. It’s dumb and retarded, and has benefited literally no one in any way at all.
Andrew, if you didn't live in Thailand, a third world country, you would know that in the Western world it is genuinely currently impossible to work full time with one spouse and afford an average mortgage.


File: 1685056928290.png 53.8 KB, 891x325, 1685052752212503.png


Lmao. I believe it.


My age turned from 18 to 24 so I must've been on dating apps for 6 years. I have like 300 Tinder matches and haven't met up with a single one. I'm mid 30s


I have 3 matches on shitnder one of them messaged me I messaged her back and she hasn't messaged me back 😔


I need to embrace the slampigs


I retract this statement


I don't even know what a slampig is


File: 1685144235869.jpg 138.46 KB, 600x800, EFdULm1.jpg


That's a morbidly obese biological man LARPing as a woman.


File: 1685144708864.webp 33.69 KB, 957x965, Screenshot_20230527_004502….webp

Dogi is based and has a good sanging voice


File: 1685469364436.jpg 148.13 KB, 1242x2208, 1685430705186108.jpg

Regardless of the stupidity of the male marrying a roastie in the modern age, I always found it silly how the man is supposed to magically be able to guess which wedding ring she wants to wear. The bitch is right, just let her pick the damn thing if you want her to actually wear it, don't be offended that they're picky and materalistic as that's how their brains have evolved, and according to the stats there's a 50% chance she's going to divorce you and a 70% chance she's going to cheat on you anyway if you're in a non-Sharia country so there's no point in overthinking about her suddenly using this as an excuse to complain that "you don't understand me! waah wah! If you really cared about me you would know my style!", just tell the slut to leave then and get raped by a pack of feral niggers and beaners maybe they would know her style better


File: 1685470421483.png 272.58 KB, 627x963, 168547034363578834.png


File: 1685474576949.gif 1.92 MB, 232x294, 1535514233490.gif

Amen brother.
BTW I would invade this butthole


Based dogi poster


Seething feminist whore getting her wall reckoning.


I 😘 loved hitting the wall. Seethe. 🥰


Not sure about her emotions but she definitely looks like she got some fried chicken from that place


File: 1685977956279.jpg 505.63 KB, 1054x1760, 1685974691453726.jpg


Heh I shouldn't be enjoying this schadenfreude
Link reddit post


When I used tinder last I had my age range set 18-22 heh

My wife got a black silicone ring from Walmart


>My wife got a black silicone ring from Walmart
I understand not shelling out big bucks for a ring, but that's another level of cheap.


This. At least get a used silver ring from ebay or something.


Wtf is dtr? Down to rape?

Lol at roastie geting roasted tho.


Day (of) The Rope, the day when a hoe decides she wants to rope you into her baggage-filled life after a one-night stand


I think a plain iron ring would be kinda cool


I think it means "dating to relationship". It's obviously when a foid secures a man


yuo securd DUBZ


only real people use copper rings


File: 1686150503437.jpg 367.98 KB, 1066x1904, childfree-elder-care.jpg


So she half-realizes shes fucked


File: 1686264660553.jpg 142.52 KB, 1566x881, eat shit and die you fuckin….jpg

I hope this stupid whore is raped and beat to death by a pack of niggers in a Medicare nursing home when she is 80.
In that last, dying moment she will admit to herself "the incels were right" before plunging into oblivion.


NELvid's cringe alter ego incelvid


Wasn't me


They don't have to take care of you if you take care of yourself and work out.
They do, however, have to visit you from time to time.


>She hasn't really been useful
That's because she's telling you what you want to hear and not what you should be hearing, because she's a bad clinician and because you're paying her.


File: 1686581542337.jpg 115.99 KB, 718x953, 20230612_091641.jpg


File: 1687467152029.jpg 360.03 KB, 1179x2112, 20230622_155030.jpg

>i regret everything but I'm going to lie and say I don't on social media so I can feel better


Fucking hell that's a very harsh 37 a tell ya wut


37 in dog years


My female cousin is back in town and living with a relative. I think she's about the same age as this lady but she looks a lot younger/has aged more gracefully. You can see the unhappiness of this woman on every wrinkle on her face.


Goblin physiognomy on that blonde
We need a goblin flag


This is what alcohol does to you


Personally don't mind wrinkles, even though she looks older than my mum who's almost 70. For me, she looks fine.

But she's nothing more than one-night stand material:
She's clearly hurting inside, this "I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no man or children" shit is a front when you look at the third and fourth insta posts.



I screenshot so many women who look older than their years, that I find on OLD (OnLine Dating, LOL!).

But to post pics I have to transfer via usb from my phone to my PC, then sort and screenshot them to post (removes exif), its kind of laborious, I'd probably post 3x as many pics if it were quicker. I'm not assed to use cloud or something yet its too risky.


Women have such a strange, powerful ability to cope. They can never imagine themselves to be losers. If they do accept that something ever so slightly has not gone their way (like they haven't had kids by 35+) its either irrelevant or someone else's fault, etc etc. They don't accept that they hit rock bottom like men can and do.

Also Krauser said every real player he's known has had some rock bottom or big fuck up moment in their life, or otherwise some big mental episode. But he's gonna be biased considering who he is and who he hangs out with


You're chris-chan-tier autism levels are through the roof.


Leave him alone, he's way more proactive and probably doesn't even shit his pants on the regular like CWC!


not that i care for your screenshots, but 4chon auto-removes exif


It's not power, women just lie harder. They absolutely know when they've hit rock bottom but they won't admit it, and they won't admit their fault either because women's natural state is pettiness and resentment. They know they are inherently weaker and this gives their personality an eternal resentment.
I mean, I will openly admit I fucked up by not lifting weights in Jr high and highschool, and didn't play football. That doomed me forever. Sure, nigger loving, Jew run, women run society is to blame but I also fucked up. If I was built and ripped by the time I hit 11th grade I definitely could have capitalized on my chances as looks are almost everything. Plus football gets you better socialized so you don't make weird career decisions later on. You get to be popular, etc.


In ancient Egypt 16 women reproduced on average for every 1 man

They're literally just children. Treat them like an 8 year old kid at all times and you'll have far more sex than you can shake a stick at


File: 1687541671156.jpg 65.02 KB, 681x538, 20230623_123353.jpg



File: 1687603398609.png 334.45 KB, 493x591, Screenshot_1.png

Psychiatrist DEBUNKS Gender Ideology Lies with Facts and Logic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Soz I thought this was the tranny thread


Close enough.


Anyway she said sex is not assigned at birth it's "established". I've previously thought a better word is "observed". Pretty similar words really.


I volunteer my semen tbh


Because I bust phat loads



>45 years old

>single for 4 years after divorce
>every video is uncanny, desperate dance shit
>no one bites
>obviously no kids
>face is a civilization of makeup to hide the scars
>probably entering menopause
The Current Year is remorselessly grim.


She is cute, I hope she finds her 'Mr right'


File: 1687808554530.jpeg 15.92 KB, 270x480, Screenshot.jpeg

>obviously no kids
>probably entering menopause
Already has kids so it don't matter to her
>no one bites
She definitely has "bites" but her pump-and-dump rate is probably 100% given A) her baggage, B) ugly bleached hair and a tattoo spotted on her arm (not saying she's ugly but this shit drops her post-nut clarity value), and C) how she's only selecting men with above-average heights, facial bone structures, blemishless faces/eyes/eyelids, thick hair, and/or salaries, as opposed to a pump-and-dump rate of 75% when she was younger and without kids



Simps in the comments, it's oger


>Single mother
Even worse. No way I'm raising another's dude's orgasm.


aging, divorced women are generally a lot less picky despite what they might tell you; in the last 4 years she's probably given enthusiastic bjs to men should wouldn't have shaken hands with at 25


File: 1687818163530.gif 406.92 KB, 332x590, ezgif-4-b8d2070e54.gif


File: 1687818203479.mp4 1.01 MB, 576x1024, download (1).mp4


File: 1687818284128.webp 10.29 KB, 1309x364, Screenshot_20230626-171851.webp

I downloaded that vid for free using https://pastedownload.com/

You're welcome everyone. Feel free to use it. You're all welcome.


I farted and it smells of shit


File: 1687888808434.jpg 49.01 KB, 668x523, 20230627_125806.jpg

It's equity!

Women are the sexual version of niggers, "waaaaa, we wuz oppressed forever because we wuz weak and now that we have the kike system on our side and I'm a golem I get to oppress youuuu!!!!!"


imagine this being your mother


I don't want to imagine that, John Lennon. No thanks.


Lennon beat his wife


I know.




File: 1687911587782-0.webm 3.66 MB, 424x240, roastiefeels1.webm

File: 1687911587782-1.webm 3.81 MB, 424x240, roastiefeels2.webm

File: 1687911587782-2.webm 2.13 MB, 424x240, roastiefeels3.webm



File: 1688317193417.jpg 281.34 KB, 1170x1487, maybe fake.jpg


File: 1689183628529.jpg 255.48 KB, 1307x943, 1689182282427140.jpg


Delusion boomers think beauty lasts forever
And they think they possess something more than mere beauty

The ship has sailed
Should have gotten aboard


File: 1690075818241.jpg 135.34 KB, 720x1280, owned.jpg

I hate women.


I hate you back.


You go gurlfriend
Put him in his place
This site be ruled by qweens now
A hostile takeover
Step aside bois
Ain't nothin' you can do


File: 1690218700206.jpg 192.59 KB, 1080x1438, Lol.jpg



File: 1690219170675.webp 88.3 KB, 1440x934, Screenshot_20230723-200048.webp


>Turned himself in


File: 1690227771574.webp 48.2 KB, 1168x487, Screenshot_20230724-144208.webp

Smiley isn't based. lol.


File: 1690227887309.webp 48.06 KB, 1440x590, Screenshot_20230724-144429.webp


File: 1690290207697.jpeg 3.47 KB, 200x200, f63bf4e1d79f4e48b18aefd382….jpeg

He will 666 eat these words 666


File: 1690315189880.jpg 146.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg


File: 1690315658713.jpg 183.37 KB, 820x730, facial-details.jpg


File: 1690341237162.webp 80.82 KB, 1440x1587, Screenshot_20230725-194720.webp


He's a Pure mathematician doe



fallacious argument doe


File: 1690659364415-0.jpg 188.95 KB, 1179x1644, F2JJuewWsAQh0li.jpg

File: 1690659364415-1.png 279.04 KB, 720x1120, 6xylcamxccxy.png

File: 1690659364415-2.jpg 125.31 KB, 1280x720, 72b2b2433d6.jpg

File: 1690659364415-3.jpg 82.23 KB, 780x439, regretfb.jpg

Why don't they rename them rename whinemen? Men don't have anything equivalent to PMS for example.

Men work longer, women complain more
>Still, the survey shows that women are more “type-A” about it, and they are more likely to complain about the extra hours and feeling burned out. Men, however, were more likely just eat it and shut up, continuing to work after they got home on weeknight and weekends.


File: 1690659450301.webp 87.41 KB, 1440x1134, Screenshot_20230716-160207.webp


File: 1690660730141.png 234.12 KB, 783x307, intimate-partner-violence-f….png

They should legalize marital corporal punishment. It's de facto legal in the Middle East and Africa. Oh you're upset about having a kid (even though you could literally just plan the baby's sleeping schedule so you can still watch Netflix with your husband at night, like any other couple whom I know that have kids)? Oh then I'll give you something to cry about. *smack smack*


File: 1690661150051.webp 146.83 KB, 1439x1772, Screenshot_20230729-150520.webp


These are fake posts created by astroturfing WEF agents doing the bidding of parasitic wormoids from outer space AND another dimension with the intent to depopulate the earth tbh

>please don't have kids nooo just work 10 hours a day for your reptilian overseer for the rest of your life so you can afford a (((vacation))) once every three years instead lol nooo aha

Actually the earth should be depopulated but we all know the propaganda is specifically targeting already comparably under-populated groups because they want low double digit IQ normoid slaves to manipulate without the intellectual capacity to resist their machinations now that those whom'st do don't have the will heh


File: 1690663204610.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

>Why don't they rename them rename whinemen?

The irony of you, the 4chon patron Saint of whining, saying this



>low double digit IQ normoid slaves to manipulate without the intellectual capacity to resist
Leave Dwarf/Dogisaga ALONE!


thats incel talk, i think you might be my ex-husband? cause i hope no woman has the misfortune of ever being around you but we all know that wont ever happen thank dog, your mother should have aborted you, one less abuser from this planet, now fuck off


shut the fuck up you abusive incel manlet ugly prick, no one likes you, you probably have a face even your mother couldn't pretend to like, you need to be isolated from rest of society, why you arent banned yet i dont know. the reason women complained is because you dont know how to satisfy any even after putting up with your uglyness and shortness, you probly curl your fingers and hurt them when fingering and then patheticly jackhammer doggy style only lasting for 1 minute


You are an amorphous zoological cryptid blob, and really a fine example of how spoiled modern women are, considering even you could get a husband.


File: 1690674958059.webp 133.15 KB, 1376x2539, 1690643680471.webp


File: 1690675126648.webp 454.87 KB, 1042x8043, Smiley_is_a_faggot.webp


File: 1690676972299.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

Go listen to shitty black metal fagboy


Blah blah blah there you go again, what's psychotic is that you're whining about shit you'll never be able to change, take your fucking meds holy shit


youre a sperg thats why you dont emote


>oy! moy arse!


File: 1690679071975.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

>picture of gay man slapping another gay man


Im identifying as a man and Im not spoiled at all and put up with alot you cunt
Instead of hitting women you push them, wow youre such a nice guy, do you want a medal? Wow joking about beating up women, haha youre so funny, im sure that attracts them. Whinemen, is that your pick up line? Hilarious.
The more you type the more you expose yourself as an asshole. Shut up and fuck off you abusive charlatan manlet ugly balding incel prick


Stop fighting you two, we're all frens here


Terry Davis was right


if you don't like gay porn you don't belong here


you sound insecure


i said that at work and so i got fired


File: 1690739235070.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

That's disgusting, you are a deranged faggot


start an onlyfans

oh mr boner... pls let me lick you


File: 1690750014330.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

You are a faggot, you should be set on fire


File: 1690752207212.webp 133.15 KB, 1376x2539, 1690643680471.webp


I'm already burning with desire for your hot boner


File: 1690761087955.gif 399.75 KB, 400x371, ezgif-5-2c0f54bbd0.gif


paris would be perfect if she had a big fat cock


File: 1690764111779.gif 480.96 KB, 245x285, ezgif-5-87f5722d8f.gif


Good morn8ng,

Women are scum.


File: 1695828596902.jpeg 4.44 KB, 188x268, download (3).jpeg

>cant get laid
>chooses to hate and blame women rather than sort themselves out and go out to meet women



File: 1695831557976.jpg 31.89 KB, 387x480, 50c.jpg

>don't insult our white princesses!!!!!
Being a nazi incel simp is perhaps the highest form of cuckoldry.


you are a gay faggot


>ur gay!!!!
Seethe, virgin.


ok i will


y'all should stop talking about women and have some gay anal sex


File: 1697939832703.jpg 220.69 KB, 665x861, 1697935973612913.jpg


File: 1697989614248-0.jpg 44.98 KB, 508x700, F81LaU8WIAAhlcD.jpg

File: 1697989614248-1.jpg 240.01 KB, 970x1902, F81LaU9XwAApS-4.jpg

>"This is the heartbreaking reality they are selling to many women"


File: 1698029300243.jpeg 153.84 KB, 1125x353, C5B27AA0-12A1-4796-9E38-D4….jpeg


File: 1698029854740.jpg 12.72 KB, 209x98, ghandimeme.JPG

the amount of braindead ass mfs coming from this next generation is gonna be soooo bad when they gotta get real jobs and use their fucking brains for once these mfs have nothing but input to their brain no output NOTHING is coming out of that head that will benefit anyone fuck bro im high asl these kids piss me off




Some truth sure, but a lot of bullshit and it contradicts itself at times.

-"Women don't care about money because they have jobs now"/money and status don't matter. Money and status do matter and they matter a lot; attractive men who can't provide get dumped for an attractive man who can, sooner or later-even well before they hit the wall. Women don't want to date men who are seen as less than them based on how much Jew fiat they make. This is known.

-Just because women will laugh at a retarded joke an attractive man makes doesn't mean that an ugly fuck's "good joke" will be perceived negatively. What?

-Saying grooming doesn't matter but then it helps if you're already attractive is a contradiction.

-"Gym is seen as compensating" says who? If women are saying it we've already established their dishonesty when it comes to these matters; another anon posted survey data suggesting that men's opinions of other men matter more than women's, in fact.

"Gym won't make you aesthetic with a bad frame" *posts guy who isn't in shape at all*. Frame matters (as absent as it was from his earlier "attractiveness hierarchy") but it's better to be in shape with a bad frame than out of shape with one. If not to secure a date than you should just do it for yourself. Feels good, man.

There was some other stuff I thought was off but I forget heh.

Not sure why I watched this whole thing and commented on it even like this given my own problems but whatever. What does an incel's time matter anyway heh. True or not, I feel like proliferation of this stuff is part of a widespread demoralization campaign trying to get men to stop trying. I have my own reasons for giving up, but many men are not so hopeless as all that and don't deserve to be convinced they are by some youtube/twitter faggots tbqph


>True or not, I feel like proliferation of this stuff is part of a widespread demoralization campaign trying to get men to stop trying.
Probably yes. The guys who bitch about women the most are always the ones secretly trying to chat them up in DMs.


The money thing is most accurate. If she makes a shitload, she will always want someone who makes more of a shitload than you do.


This guy's grammar and (though to a lesser extent) pronunciation make me cringe so hard. It seems to be a class thing mostly when people mix up their plurals and singulars. But he comes off as dumb.

It's interesting that this blackpill doomer stuff is getting out there so well but maybe it was a long time coming, tinder was 2017


File: 1698202211854.webp 155.27 KB, 1500x1125, bitch.webp

she got what she fucking deserves.


Under Sharia law or pre-Enlightenment Christcuckoldry this creature would be a wife and mother subordinate to her husband. Under modern secular soyciety this creature is a shell of a woman, the main factor to the below-replacement birth rates.


>Women don't want to date men who are seen as less than them based on how much Jew fiat they make. This is known.
Even if it's a majority I doubt it's a strong majority because this wasn't my experience, or all the men in my family (e.g. brother, dad, uncles) as they make less than their wives and haven't gotten divorced (knock on wood). But maybe this is an American and third-world thing, we have healthcare, paid leave, etc. unlike you guys.


based moochers


File: 1698336304611.jpg 292.89 KB, 1028x910, 1698331732424939.jpg

Even the billionaires are dealing with hoeflation


this is just jews handing money back and forth like usual


The secret esoteric truth nobody tells you: if you want a GF just do drugs. Women practically whore themselves out for weed. It's that easy. In retrospect this is how everyone I know got a GF, no exceptions. It's too bad for me that I really hate weed. Slavs and Asians have it easy, because everyone still drinks in the east. Other drugs probably work too, but it's a lot harder to casually ask about.


True tbh.


File: 1698363453708.mp4 8.05 MB, 360x416, Retard Flag Guy with his ne….mp4


Male is 7/10 retarded for harassing a female that obviously doesn't want to talk

Female is 6/10 retarded for failing to simply tell him she's not interested and disgracing herself with this long video


Maybe she was nervous being alone in the store and didn't want to piss off the guy who she has no idea if he's mentally deranged or not. A man's punch is 2.5x stronger than a woman's on average.


That's true. Must be difficult dealing with ogres twice one's size


I agree with this except that it wasn't REALLY harassment or harassing because she didn't say explicitly that she didn't want to talk, though it was obvious to me within the first 30 sec. At that point I would've either left or plowed, though his game is garbage because he's asking a bunch of yes-no questions which are value-taking, instead of assumption stacking which gives some value and provides the woman with bait to respond with.


e.g. "you must study at x tech school/you must do tech" (because it looks like a gaming/tech store)
or something heavier/funny like "you must be becoming a video game designer" etc etc...
or some comment about what he's buying e.g. "I like x thing because x reason"

If she bites you can continue talking, you establish familiarity. Idk where to go from there though, I've been talking like this with at least 4-5 different cashiers but haven't asked them out. I just treat it like a very low effort approach. She obviously has some pressure to be nice so I wouldn't push it too hard. I just treat it as an opportunity to develop my small talk and assumption stacking skills etc etc.

No my crush was SMILING and BLUSHING! I've thought about asking her out but idk where to because the supermarket has nothing around except some restaraunts, though one just opened up which has alcohol/cocktails. She told me she was 17 but that was about 9 months ago now or something. Shes hot but vaxxed so I wouldn't wife her.


I'm 5'10" 3/4


File: 1698708330252.jpg 135.1 KB, 840x1200, 1698700659173750.jpg

Women often say one thing but do another. Many of them are as trustworthy as the US government or the Israeli military. For example when they say something like "I'm not dating anyone who earns less than XYZ!", they view it as some kind of bargaining tactic, just like when job descriptions have unrealistic requirements and the (((employers))) may eventually settle for candidates who meet like 30%.


I love it when women (roasties?) get it right.


I hate it when womyn get lip fillers, just like tattoos and fake tits they never ever look good.


File: 1701578475563.jpg 217.37 KB, 1024x768, 1700566819973040.jpg

>Women getting anything right
How much DXM you chug?!


File: 1702580592810.jpg 63.18 KB, 563x680, 1702580236814444.jpg


File: 1702592116299.mp4 4.77 MB, 912x720, women XX demons!!.mp4


I was thinking about this video recently, but I couldn't find it on my drives.


File: 1702599779170.webm 3.01 MB, 576x1024, 1702592551084361.webm


I know that feel bro


File: 1702686116755.webm 1.59 MB, 1280x720, 1702685862644599.webm


File: 1702839169464-0.webp 184.1 KB, 1040x1186, 1702810726832225.webp

File: 1702839169464-1.webp 294.59 KB, 1504x1445, 1702810940192124.webp

File: 1702839169464-2.webm 517.36 KB, 576x1024, 1702810868319667.webm

File: 1702839169464-3.webp 459.77 KB, 3383x1707, 1702811006076637.webp


File: 1702839191031-0.webp 803.68 KB, 1400x2741, 1702811272089161.webp

File: 1702839191031-1.webp 107.9 KB, 671x935, 1702813744957550.webp

File: 1702839191031-2.webm 1018.07 KB, 576x1024, 1702838380151733.webm

File: 1702839191031-3.jpg 96.3 KB, 666x1170, 1702832046161903.jpg


Thank you for the schadenfreude. You'll incels need to start creatively thinking though


Dilate, tranny.


File: 1703168052490.webm 3.94 MB, 360x640, 1700679212625150.webm


File: 1703168220213.webm 2.8 MB, 1440x1080, 1700514215367865.webm


Helicopter ride.



File: 1703206930661.webp 69.92 KB, 1440x1145, Screenshot_20231221-190114.webp


What's that even mean?


Dude said he paid a person $50.00 for a BJ in his house and then deleted the post lol.


Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged.


Red Mage paid a dude to suck his dick? Wow wtf!


and it was retardposter who gave the bj?


We need to ban makeup.


Kys, troon.

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