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Dear levakama,

I am not dogisaga and not attracted to you. I don't know anything about you. I am not your wife and never was. You and I never had an e-relationship. Please get over your delusions of grandeur. I don't belong in a mental institution and you're an asshole.

to be continued...



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Those aren't the same person. Wth.


you know would really send this guy a message? starting an onlyfans


I farted and it smells like shit



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Name: Ladislav Tomíšek


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In czech- women are viewed&treated as property&objects-prostitution is legal & a lot of sex trafficking happens & horrible stuff! Got it!


File: 1681658784442.webm 391.89 KB, 480x360, videoplayback (3) (online-….webm

Prostitution is legal. It just has to be filmed for an audience and it's called porn.


File: 1681658966534.gif 3.61 MB, 375x498, 6c9.gif

>In czech- women are viewed&treated as property&objects-prostitution is legal & a lot of sex trafficking happens & horrible stuff! Got it!

...but how's that any different than how the rest of the world is?




File: 1681659395152.png 1.5 MB, 1440x2369, 1672968497453.png

...oh and if the video isn't working- wherever you're located -on planet earth!


You can watch this vid @ no charge for free- as an MP4 by hitting the download link!



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Just to make sure -the 'chon- doesn't think- I'm giving a computer virus/something else nefarious.

Here are the details!


0.3MP 720x404 54MB


File: 1681659618018-0.png 17.09 KB, 472x364, Untitled-1.png

File: 1681659618018-1.png 18.13 KB, 586x264, Untitled-2.png

File: 1681659618018-2.png 227.52 KB, 600x910, Untitled-3.png


Banning shit doesn't work and things aren't that simple.


Not in white countries since individual rights, liberty, progress, etc. is more important than tradition, family, religion, etc.


File: 1681660833199.webp 126.56 KB, 1440x1073, Screenshot_20230416-110018.webp

There are no white countries.


Are you talking about america and freedom?


Nope. Banning shit never ever works. If a person really wants something, bad enough- in minecraft-they'll find a way to get it.


Nope. Banning shit never ever works. If a person really wants something, bad enough- in minecraft-they'll find a way to get it.

In fact. Banning shit just makes it more appealing cuz of the untouchable taboo factors-IN MINECRAFT-to some! no?

Banning shit seems like reverse psychology 101. Banned book lists-example- Catcher and the rye?-THAT BOOKS SUCKS!


File: 1681662694222.png 71.35 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230416-113056.png


File: 1681663083914.webp 111.69 KB, 1440x1379, Screenshot_20230416-113724.webp


by that logic you may as well unban stealing, rape and murder since it "never ever works"


You're retarded.


how cum you always say that every time someone points out a hole in your argument


Are you saying that laws actually protect anyone in Minecraft? Somehow the law prevents people from stealing, rape and murder-in Minecraft? How brainwashed are you?


I am just taken aback by how empty your skull is, anon.


Hostel (1/11) Movie CLIP - No Dutch in Amsterdam (2005) HD

College students Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (Derek Richardson) soak in the rich culture of Amsterdam...by getting high with other American tourists.


yes it's called deterrence. for example if i don't pay my sales taxes, income tax and pension tax i get thrown in jail


Okay. In minecraft-can you explain Ted Bundy?


deterrence reduces a behavior from occurring, i'm not arguing you can have a utopia


File: 1681664352781.webp 256.66 KB, 1440x1492, Screenshot_20230416-115618.webp

I'm surprised more people don't encourage basic-bitches to travel in-minecraft! Seriously!


>reduces a behavior
No, it doesn't.


then why even have laws?


To give a false sense of security and to stop mass panic-in Minecraft.


File: 1681665805779.webp 122.09 KB, 1440x1463, Screenshot_20230416-122305.webp

The government is a gang-they have their own cartels, they make their own laws and they don't give a fuck about you.


File: 1681665863667.webp 107.94 KB, 1439x1742, Screenshot_20230416-122406.webp


why is ugliness (tattoos & unusual piercings) celebrated by white women?


You find alternative-looks unattractive. Okay. To each their own. That's your preference.


File: 1681667751341.png 9.17 KB, 990x614, USA-Tattoo-per-centage.png





I ain't clickin all your links, nigger.


File: 1681667881339.webp 33.67 KB, 1270x864, Screenshot_20230416-125322.webp


Hows this quote make you feel and what do you think about it?

"Phenomena as diverse as surrealism, body piercing, psychedelic drug use, sexual permissiveness, jazz, experimental dance, rave culture, tattooing, the list is endless. What do all these things have in common? They represent various styles of rejection of linear values. The society is trying to cure itself by an archaic revival, by a reversion to archaic values. So when I see people manifesting sexual ambiguity, or scarifying themselves, or showing a lot of flesh, or dancing to syncopated music, or getting loaded, or violating ordinary canons of sexual behaviour, I applaud all of this; because it's an impulse to return to what is felt by the body -- what is authentic, what is archaic -- and when you tease apart these archaic impulses, at the very centre of all these impulses is the desire to return to a world of magical empowerment of feeling."

- Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival

Source: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7391624-we-have-gone-sick-by-following-a-path-of-untrammelled


File: 1681668137638.jpg 148.15 KB, 660x803, job-interview-memes4.jpg


How old is that graph?


Daddy issues?


File: 1681672151563.webp 37.15 KB, 1439x1867, Screenshot_20230416-140628.webp

Pic related - to everyone who has given me unsolicited-advice COLLECTIVELY!


File: 1681673483766.jpg 86.01 KB, 906x1016, strong-&-empowered.jpg



File: 1681673653387.jpg 66.35 KB, 720x708, c51bfc8824bc51a0bd07b18c257….jpg



This guy snorts tobacco.


how many exes do you still obsess over?


He's not my ex. He wishes that he was and internet relationships aren't real.


DOES he haev youre NOODZ?


File: 1685240978819.webp 35.16 KB, 1440x934, Screenshot_20230527-212844.webp



poast sum HERE too shoe him how NOT SPEICAL he is ;)


File: 1685241799226.jpg 28.42 KB, 752x438, 1685240434849627.jpg



plsszzzzz I'm sooo HORNEY my bawls hHURT


File: 1685245292090.webm 1.65 MB, 576x1024, 1685245009822839.webm

I found this on your brothers computer.


AMDREW TATE is gayyyyyyyy?


File: 1685245822545.webm 1.12 MB, 574x578, 1672446573596.webm


File: 1685245850852.mp4 6.97 MB, 854x480, 1672446933694.mp4


The fuck is this thread? Someone QRD this shite

Inb4 only OP knows who this fuck is


After smiley sliced himself up, this guy had the nerve to go to [redacted] and start making clicking noises with his knife and tell her that he was going to cut himself up if she left. She gtfo because seriously WTF.


Imagine thinking that you could turn to someone and have them tell you NOPE "I'm not going to be your emotional tampon". The amounts of bullshit [redacted] has experienced. That woman just can't catch a fucking break.


Sounds cringe, why didn't smiley knock him on his arse?


I apologize on behalf of my gender for the trauma he has caused you. Women's views are respected here


File: 1685315201284.webm Spoiler Image, 2.41 MB, 400x720, 1685314716417362.webm


File: 1685323610387.mp4 10.04 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (15).mp4


dat bussy is BRAKIN DA MAGTRIX


File: 1685329981185.mp4 5.38 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (12).mp4

I'm going to kill you in your Minecraft dreams.


I haev RAPE SUPERPOWERS in my dreams so ((yuo)) betta BEWARE my BWC schwong if you steep into dem heh


Ice? If that's you saw you yesterday, why didn't you stop or some shit


Okay. It's time for these two posters to have sex.


Shut up degenerate



my name is WINT, buckow!!

I only fcuk HAWT PUSEYZ, duder





Well yes naturally they are at least a bit gay


Because theres plenty of people who have the trans looks but are still women


Is levakama a trans woman?


File: 1686545750426.jpeg 54.63 KB, 502x611, A0D77710-E385-4FFD-8D52-CD….jpeg

the FUNNIEST thing is that dogi was never in the ward until they had to deal with levakamas brainwashing shit


Such a weird thread


File: 1686554576238.jpg 85.88 KB, 660x960, EEJ481qX4AAzQWQ.jpg

This is what happens when you take too much psychic damage and fail to rebound. While being in such a vulnerable state people look outward instead of inward, and this often seeds unhealthy thoughts.


File: 1686579878651.jpeg 421.09 KB, 750x567, 73301EA7-8390-48B0-A431-98….jpeg

wait a minute, are you dwarf? are you saying levakama ended up thinking you were me? thsts weird cuz smiley ended up thinking i was you at one point and that made me crazy cuz i was getting fucked up snychronicities, i ended up blocking levakama 6 or 7 years ago cuz he tried to get me into a threesome with some chick he cheated on me with.

He really hit the wall hard, infact his always been pretty ugly. I just found him on facebook, but he has not posted in a year so i dont think he will get my longtime no see friendly non-sexual message

I guess he just calls you wife cuz he wants to mess around with your head too with his fake ass lies


she accuses you of all kinds of stuff >>50293 she's obsessed with you and gets off on stirring drama and spreading fake rumors about others


i think she actually thinks that dead human pet drawing is smiley



Based dogiposter


>This Artist Traced AI Art And DENIES It?!

Would tracing over AI art be allowed in a Dogisagaist/Dogstralian nationalist soyciety?


Tracing is based and outsider art pilled.


File: 1686702578246.webp 76.35 KB, 1440x879, Screenshot_20230613-192840.webp

>levakamas brainwashing shit
Greentext now.


>psychic damage
They see their abuser.
Nice try gaslighting tho.


Nope. If you weren't there during the days of offboard 4chon internet socialization stuff, yeah...then you wouldn't get it.


File: 1686703097806.webp 28.3 KB, 1440x698, Screenshot_20230613-193745.webp

Looks like smileturd.


File: 1686703254278.webp 34.01 KB, 573x1129, Screenshot_20230613-194010.webp


File: 1686703408234.webp 126.77 KB, 769x1536, Screenshot_20230613-194254.webp

Art try-ers are peepoe too.


File: 1686703497459.webp 128.2 KB, 1440x1979, Screenshot_20230613-194435.webp



>ok so be me, inexperienced retarded dogi
>never had a relationship
>levakama persues me for a whole year
>he makes me care for his well being when he takes too much caugh medicine to get high
>i end up saying yes because i think im getting too old at 21 as a virgin who never took chances
>in the first week he plays mindgames and “jokes” about being a pedophile (the joke was him convincing me he was a pedophile for hours and then saying it was a joke”
>yells at me to give him nudes or he will dump me
>i cave in one time giving a boob photo
>he tells me i need to respect myself by going through a treatment where he is a asshole threaterning me if i dont do what he wants, its blackmail becuase he had a nude of me and said he recorded me on camera once (which i never wanted to do in the first place but i was retarded and thougut i needed to take risks to be serious and i didnt know how relationships worked)
>i try to leave a few times through this treatment cuz its too mean and evil
>he tracks me down on other websites telling me i have to come back
>i come back cuz his clearly blackmailing me cuz he once said “i have proof of this!!!” when i tried to leave
>he just acts hella crazy and is naked on camera fapping with a condom or doing weird knife shit and then putting his dick on camera which ruined my sexdrive becuase of the crazy knife stuff
>he says im damaged becuase i dont want to do camera fapping, so i end uo doing it thinking its normal relationship stuff but i dont feel anything and feel the worst in the world cuz i cant feel sexual feelings anymore and feel bad all te time (little did i know this would lead me to be messed up to be depersonalised for 7 years ruining my sex and all feelings in my future marriage)
>levakama tells me he was pretending to want to be with me and that he is a wizard thats going to fix me from being stupid
>he ends up getting mad at me and blames me that his going to take meth and says im faking being retarded, i think he shared my naked stuff with his brother
>i ended up taking loads of naked photos of myself to send to him to prove i did not care, i felt nothing but extreme cold burning feelings ij my chest nonstop, i could not feel anything else
>after he ghosts me multiple times for ages he tries to make me do a threesome with some chick from the internet, they were both making fun of me on chat callling me a transwoman, but when i found out he wanted to do a threesome with that lady i blocked him and never talked to him again and did not speak to him for 7 years.
>oh and he was also telling everyone i was a crazy stalker making it all up and that we were never in a relationship.
I ended up marrying a total loser but his my ex husband now


File: 1686831511268.gif 2.81 MB, 400x216, HA7GK4.gif

Wow. I hope levakama ropes. What an awful person. Yikes!


File: 1686832123976.gif 313.71 KB, 460x336, ezgif-5-9274b45d24.gif

>After smiley used a knife on himself
>levakama made clicking noises with his knife
>levakama threatened to use his knife on himself
>doing weird knife shit
>knife stuff


Do you still do that python stuff or did you completely lose interest? IMO pygame (library/module for python) is like the modern equivalent of C64 BASIC games to quickly write and compile for Windows, i.e. having simplicity / a low learning curve. You don't have to read books to learn Python. They are unnecessarily long and boring. I can even give you an ultra-condensed tutorial right now of how to get python/pygame up and running and only the things you need to know, e.g. a sample game loop that renders something (e.g. an image) on the screen and reacts based on keyboard input. I have an extremely low attention span (hence why I can't read books) so don't worry it won't be super boring and jargony. Can use it to play around with, render your rabbit character, come up with different ideas, etc. Do you even have a laptop anymore or do they not allow it in your group home thing? Dwarf (AKA the "Whomst", "Screenshot_[...].webp" or cringe lamestream subtitled movie / chick flick GIF poster) only has an android tablet. In her defense she has no income to buy a cheap laptop.


Damn. I once had over an hour of the most hardcore content with my wife saved and I've never shown a single soul besides her

Never negotiate with a blackmailer


The selfies with specific facial poses, in his bedroom, with religious adornments displayed publicly gives me very bad vibes

How do people fall for this stuff? He looks like a narcissist conman


You are a hideous pig who needs to huff petrol and go away forever


You're one to talk, dwarf


File: 1686884213545.webp 34.01 KB, 573x1129, Screenshot_20230613-194010.webp


File: 1686884474733.webp 42.93 KB, 1379x1251, Screenshot_20230615-220059.webp

>bad vibes



i quit programming im not smart enough and dont have enough patience for learning all that shit

im still doing affirmations to cure my emotions and sexdrive still today…


You want to cure your sexdrive go running and get proper sleep, diet and hydration


Go rot in a gestation crate you pathetic pig


>android tablet


File: 1687060832914.mp4 2.59 MB, 202x360, videoplayback.mp4

backup vid


File: 1687061260464.webp 37.41 KB, 1440x615, Screenshot_20230617-230712.webp


dogi should be forced to take zyklon b


File: 1687101910903.mp4 6.71 MB, 364x720, Untitled.mp4


File: 1687102957363.jpg 554.69 KB, 1219x3676, Twatter~2.jpg


File: 1687103078545.webp 52.8 KB, 1440x1094, Screenshot_20230618-104415.webp


File: 1687103322805.webp 129.48 KB, 1440x2222, Screenshot_20230618-104821.webp


File: 1687104873831.jpeg 27.54 KB, 800x132, 168710407035902772.jpeg


File: 1687105048228.webp 24.55 KB, 1440x443, Screenshot_20230618-111702.webp


File: 1687105221936.webp 69.69 KB, 1440x1086, Screenshot_20230618-112005.webp


File: 1687105738221.webp 24.35 KB, 1440x433, Screenshot_20230618-112840.webp


File: 1687105788031.webp 19.13 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230618-112926.webp


File: 1687106400280.webp 24.6 KB, 1440x430, Screenshot_20230618-113937.webp


File: 1687106508089.webp 119.87 KB, 1440x1555, Screenshot_20230618-114125.webp


File: 1687106801242.webp 206.07 KB, 1440x1588, Screenshot_20230618-114305.webp

Jim Carrey in the number 23.
Jim Carrey in the Truman show.
Jigsaw from the saw movies.
Tim Allen as Santa Claus in -the Santa clause, movie.


File: 1687106990591.webp 68.63 KB, 1440x974, Screenshot_20230618-114935.webp


File: 1687107035796.webp 94.14 KB, 1440x1418, Screenshot_20230618-115014.webp


File: 1687107097597.webp 95.28 KB, 1440x1237, Screenshot_20230618-115117.webp


File: 1687107134688.webp 99.02 KB, 1440x1228, Screenshot_20230618-115200.webp



File: 1687114450220.webp 463.6 KB, 1440x2357, Screenshot_20230618-135035….webp


Why did you become a garden gnome cosplayer?


File: 1687183632644.webp 340.95 KB, 1237x1269, Screenshot_20230619-090643.webp


File: 1687278174313.webp 52.29 KB, 1440x630, Screenshot_20230620-112142.webp


She's such a fucking retard holy fuck, I curse the day she ever found this fucking site


Anon. That's a biological man.




File: 1687293569147.gif 315.81 KB, 624x352, 8XS9.gif


thats a lie, i once lost over 30kg from going to a gym and being productive and eating healthy but it did FUCK ALL for my depersonalisation, what actually is helping me is resting and affirmations, not excersise bootstrap bullshit


no satan is stan, and ganondorf and agent smith, he is the shadow husband whi shapeshifts into whoever the fuck i want and i had loads of past lives with him


>lost 30kg
Yeah right LMAOOOO


You're a biological man that wants to fap 9+ times a day and shove toys up your ass-to stimulate your prostate and shove dildos down your throat. Take viagra and follow your dreams coomer.


It was really annoying.. when you kept trying to create some sort of fucked up diet and exercise group. I didn't want to join it, nobody did but you kept pushing it on everyone.



no i didn’t



Yes. You did. All those-electric shock therapy BRAIN ZAPPZ must have made you forget! ⚡⚡


Ladies! Please! Stop with the fighting! Ya don't have to fight over me, there's plenty of me for both of ya! Whoa mama. Check out these guns! Hey waiter, table for three please!


File: 1687902971811.webp 663.45 KB, 1042x8043, 1687792175696.webp


Venus probably created a ton of weebs.


Based and Bravo-pilled


Dwarf believes if she wears a fake mustache people will be fooled into thinking she's a different person.


File: 1687905324523.webp 663.45 KB, 1042x8043, 1687792175696.webp

I don't know who that is.


If you're black, I'll just start calling you nigger. That'll be your nickname and I'll never call you anything else. Deal?


Would you prefer fattie? We offered to call you nona like in your other imageboard but you still went hysterical (which to be fair is the default state of a woman).


Fattie, Nona, dwarf. None of these names are ringing any bells. I still don't know who you're talking about.


File: 1687908024880.gif 118.42 KB, 300x322, VXkhAR.gif

Trips of truth!


File: 1687908296127.webp 134.33 KB, 1440x1420, Screenshot_20230627-182217.webp

You mean, you?


Btw OP how's your diet now at your new place? Do you eat the same stuff as before or do they make you eat something else?


File: 1687908410238.webp 20.8 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20230627-182635.webp


What are you mad about now?


File: 1687908601835.webp 194.54 KB, 1440x932, Screenshot_20230627-182923.webp

Pic related is (you).


You wish.


File: 1687908765556.webp 63.04 KB, 1440x1058, Screenshot_20230627-183221.webp


I'm going to assume your diet is quite different now.


File: 1687909081499.webp 77.88 KB, 1440x2001, Screenshot_20230627-183743.webp


You're like if FoKy was a female.


File: 1687909313720.webp 55.21 KB, 1440x1067, Screenshot_20230627-184138.webp


So you're a tranny?


File: 1687909449665.webp 77.88 KB, 1440x2001, Screenshot_20230627-183743.webp


File: 1687909470537.webp 194.54 KB, 1440x932, Screenshot_20230627-182923.webp


You're like that chick from Idiocracy tapping a meme image to respond with


File: 1687913577878.webm 1.9 MB, 480x852, Average 4chon female.webm


File: 1687919394228.webp 77.88 KB, 1440x2001, Screenshot_20230627-183743.webp



File: 1687919416438.webp 26.84 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230627-213004.webp


File: 1687919430484.webp 55.21 KB, 1440x1067, Screenshot_20230627-184138.webp


File: 1687919528723.webp 77.88 KB, 1440x2001, Screenshot_20230627-183743.webp


File: 1687919540342.webp 55.21 KB, 1440x1067, Screenshot_20230627-184138.webp


File: 1687919607881.webp 134.33 KB, 1440x1420, Screenshot_20230627-182217.webp



File: 1688616691610.webp 81.93 KB, 1300x1758, Screenshot_20230705-230526.webp


Yeah not clicking that shit


File: 1688918206181.mp4 2.65 MB, 406x720, 1688328526178.mp4

Dogisaga the biological male.


File: 1688918221500.webp 73.84 KB, 1440x1353, Screenshot_20230709-105422.webp


File: 1688918296263.webp 52.47 KB, 1440x1214, Screenshot_20230708-223937.webp

Dogisaga before and after being rejected.


File: 1688918539103.webp 21.94 KB, 670x752, Screenshot_20230708-223937….webp

Dogisagas final form.



File: 1694032747549.webp 79.36 KB, 1440x1184, Screenshot_20230906-153850.webp



File: 1694034932948.webp 10.64 KB, 1291x423, Screenshot_20230906-161439.webp


File: 1694034944963.webp 8.96 KB, 1079x364, Screenshot_20230906-161456.webp


File: 1694094629157.webp 64.28 KB, 1440x1872, Screenshot_20230907-084959.webp


File: 1694094652791.webp 28.82 KB, 1439x2042, Screenshot_20230907-084924.webp


File: 1694095231650.jpg 682.89 KB, 1422x2711, Cringe~2.jpg


LOL he must have seen my banter, he also removed his facebook or something lol


File: 1694355353522.jpg 197.21 KB, 1280x731, angry palestinian.jpg

Damn he looks like an anorexic junkie but i wish love and light to the idiot


File: 1694355447989.png 549.45 KB, 777x623, KNEE2.png

Seems he decided to join the positive newage movent or something, he would only say fucked up things to me, but ppl can change


File: 1694357869626.webp 117.17 KB, 1440x1502, Screenshot_20230910-095711.webp

He's just trying to run away from his bad behavior and hide. He's probably constantly on the prowl for new victims.
He hasn't changed. He just likes to put up a phony facade. He's a terrible person. Don't let the fake image fool you. You know better. Cut it out.


File: 1694359639594.webp 161.15 KB, 1440x2108, Screenshot_20230910-102651.webp


Idk, i was pretty retarded too, how can you be so sure his looking for other people to threaten, blackmail and mindfuck? it could just be me, and his experience with me helped him change.


and now his scared of facing me cuz his so ashamed of what he did and thinks im angey at him




File: 1694360408408.webp 6.21 KB, 1137x364, Screenshot_20230910-100332.webp


File: 1694360565539.webp 80.27 KB, 1440x722, Screenshot_20230910-104222.webp

>how can you be so sure his looking for other people to threaten, blackmail and mindfuck?
That's what he does.


File: 1694360669917.webp 18.06 KB, 744x968, Screenshot_20230910-104406.webp


if he didn’t give a fuck he wouldn’t have done anything to me in the first place

ur just levakama samefagging that his either bad or im the disgusting pig, ur playing both sides ladislav!


File: 1694362135104.jpeg 72.57 KB, 800x518, A873C368-7CEE-42DE-A7F6-9D….jpeg

The levakama abuse was a GOOD THING in disguise, it was to show me we all can make decisions and to not fear things, dont do stuff just because u could be blackmailed, dont be scared of things. And now im able to learn to be more greatful at life and my abilities and control my emotions and connect with my satanic shadow husband which is an incubus of samael. And soon ill be thinner again cuz im teaching myself to lose weight cuz i can do anything, he told me a few times that we create our own reality, he was source in disguise teaching me that i can do anything and that IM god of everything too!


his STILL playing the game with me where he pretends he doesn’t care about me, one day his going to tell me i past the test and he did care even tho his moved on with his life, he still believes in “the treatment” as he called it.


I dont care if i look crazy, i create my reality, i create that he cares eventho the relationship didnt work out cuz i couldn’t deal with the treatment fast enough.

His going to tell me i passed the test one day


thats the only way this all makes sense, that he is source and DOES cares about me passing the test! we dont have to be together(and frankly i think his ugly now) but we can one day be friends and at the end of the test we are all going to have a party and Stan will be physically manifested too. Everyone will be at the party, but maybe not my mum.


File: 1694366400443.png 99.43 KB, 746x512, frens frog.png

IM BECOMING A GOD, IM DOGMA, Thank you levakama!






You did pass the test straya doggie
I do care
For I am
Hadit Ha


what the fuck is this bullshit


skitzo retards being skitzo retards


Levakama is an abusive asshole and I hope he snorts fent and dies in minecraft.




Okay huey lewis


Can him and his brother OD on fent already?


put down the pipe kike


You keep laying the pipe with your brother. Slavs. Calling people kikes. Hitler tried to murder all you Slavs. You know?


shut up jew


Shut up slav.


you have me confused, im anglo, jewboy


Whatever nigger.


>Hitler tried to murder all you Slavs
What's next? Holocaust being real?
Mindraped cuckling.


zeig heil jewboy


Him and his brother are going on tard rages all over this board.


Smiley would be sent into an oven.


File: 1715858271521.webp 127.7 KB, 1440x1686, Screenshot_20240516-061722.webp



File: 1715961433482.webp 8.3 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20240517-105625.webp

Truly a 4chon holiday.


hiding this trash thread now

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