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Blog thread


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this isn't the music thread dipshit


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I just got towed because a friend told me I was "totally cool" to park somewhere I apparently wasn't. $325+ whatever other arbitrary fees they decide to charge. I'm already very broke so that's great heh


ban goblinsaga and smiley


Maybe he will cover part of the cost if you ask.


Or try bringing it up first without asking and maybe he will get the hint and offer to help pay himself.


Some friend.


Do (you) and your friend have a kind of MTV JACKASS TV SHOW kind of relationshit or something? What's he going to do next? Put a paper bag of dog shit on your front step, light it on fire, ring your doorbell and run away?


I thought you had like $15k saved up in BAT (Bitch-Ass Token)


File: 1717310921090.webp 619.33 KB, 3864x2576, baby-mess.webp

One thing I dislike about modern h'white parents is the self-feeding trend. In more civilized cultures, the mother is in charge of feeding the baby/toddler. In h'white culture however, the oh-so-enlightened white mother is too lazy to feed her own kids and makes up excuses such as it "helps them broaden their palate and control their appetite", which is backed by zero evidence, but has regardless been parroted repeatedly in the past couple decades.


My niece and nephew make a complete fucking mess all over the table, floor and themselves because their mother refuses to feed them. By the way, the niece is still insanely picky about food, barely eats anything each day, prematurely says she's done/full and demands dessert, so this experiment is complete nonsense. The nephew has a much bigger appetite and is less picky but is still a bit too young to feed himself properly (under 1 yrs old) and demands that my brother spoonfeed him (which he has no problem doing but the wife disapproves of it because "le modern science says so").


...this is a trend?


I don't entertain the idea of selling my meme money unless it does something interesting. It losing 85+% of its value and stagnating between $.20 and $.30 for the past 4 years has been pretty epic ngl


File: 1717313368142.mp4 2.87 MB, 640x480, turn wives against husbands.mp4

Every (((doctor))), (((psychologist))) and all of (((Reddit))) say so. Gullible h'white women blindly believe them. They call it "baby-led weaning." Notably it seems a lot of husbands don't like the mess but they put up with it after some arguing.

Look at the shit they say in the comments:

They use words like "exploration", "development", "vital" and "important" to promote it. Women hear those words feel fuzzy inside. They have blind trust for le soyence. I don't envy my brother at all. What's worse is his wife is a (((pediatrician))) so she'll promote this nonsense to other parents too.


Awesome how child neglect is now encouraged. Gotta prep them to be groomed by older faggots who had been neglected and groomed by older faggots who had been neglected and groomed by older faggots, etc.


It looks gross and therefore people shouldn't do it


File: 1717330696952.jpg 35.26 KB, 500x375, Suspicious pants.jpg

This is again white women misunderstanding studies and the like so they understand different textures, and habituate them. Weaning parrots is the exact same.
You're supposed to encourage your child to eat many different things, a little bit of each. But you can do it neatly. And you're supposed to control their portions. And if they're throwing up, you're definitely doing it wrong.
This has nothing to do with them smearing shit and making a mess.


File: 1717330799376.jpg 107.13 KB, 1048x1863, special animals.jpg

You literally explained why 'cry it out' parents get the rope.
Boomers popularised the 'cry it out' method and it's yet another reason why they're fucking demonic.


>They have blind trust for le soyence
Natural selection. The blind faith gene will be wiped out soon


File: 1717344644385.jpg 98.14 KB, 552x658, you-are-fucking-retarded.jpg

>blind faith gene


File: 1717361756732.mp4 10.79 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.mp4

I'm going to cut off my labia minora with a box cutter in the near future. I don't need to pay a doctor to lazer off my roast beef flaps, when I can do it for free at no cost. All these rich people paying people to gimp them up. They're to pussy to butcher themselves.


Are you having another psychotic episode again? No one cares about your labia except for /pol/ autists.


File: 1717362436973.webp 6.45 KB, 1033x364, Screenshot_20240602-160638.webp

Are you actually retarded or just pretending?


File: 1717364040756.webp 76.89 KB, 1440x718, Screenshot_20240602-163334.webp


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There's something really intimate about this board.


stream it


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You're extremely retarded.


ok im going to stop responding and posting here, enjoy.


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wtf?! now im sad!!!


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File: 1717467731222.webm Spoiler Image, 956.59 KB, 360x640, 1717464265645961.webm


warning: sex webm NSFW


File: 1717468377699.webp 129.66 KB, 1440x1166, Screenshot_20240603-093510….webp


File: 1717469062075.webp 45.64 KB, 1440x1241, Screenshot_20240603-214107.webp


What is the appeal of browsing r9k? It's just a bunch of incels and trannies whining at each other.


File: 1717624285980.webp 115.01 KB, 1440x978, Screenshot_20240605-162613.webp


Also I'm a ... volcel+mentalcell=me

I'm a "volcel: A voluntary celibate. Someone who can get sex but chooses not to." + "Mentalcell: Someone who is stuck inside a mental prison of the mind like a cell, due to mental illness(es) / psychological disorder(s)."


shouldve posted in this one
not worth being that guy due to a sleek new or old ebay $3 charger
this could be u
check ur chargers


also if the chingchong usb lamp with led strip inside you've bought is real nice and bright at max setting thats not necessarily a good thing because the usb connector attached to a fairly thin wire may be hot all the time slowly burning up and plastic inside it over the months turning brown and brittle and probably damaging the charger port as well


>check ur chargers
i mean just find the noname chinkshit ones and throw them all out in the eco consumer electronics landfill, its not worth it


File: 1717625716690.webp 129.39 KB, 1440x2206, Screenshot_20240605-171449.webp

There's a whole bunch of trannies on here. Have (you) ever lurked and looked around at "4chon group"S?!? Filled to the brim with trannies. Jaw dropping. Those people with anime avatars are troons!


I don't use anything besides message boards and I don't use boards that others spam. Just thought it was weird how one of the rare occasions I checked on r9k, I later saw recent OP files from there posted here.


File: 1717635143290.webp 195.54 KB, 1368x1003, Screenshot_20240605-195152.webp

(you) don't have to use any of that shit. You don't know how to lurk?!


For awhile, I was using very few boards due to employment and general lack of interest in them.


File: 1717645795107.webp Spoiler Image, 168.45 KB, 1439x1823, Screenshot_20240605-224809.webp

NSFW pic


File: 1717724931939.webp 247.05 KB, 1439x2279, Screenshot_20240606-204754.webp

Pure comedy gold. You're all welcome.



File: 1718044961048.jpg 1.79 MB, 1761x1920, Northern-Mockingbird.jpg

I don't really mind it, but there is an incel mocking bird who sings outside of my house all night. Apparently that is what they do when they haven't found a mate. There's something poetic about that.


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