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skitz thread part 2
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Shes lived to 28

Meanwhile this guy died at 21/22


update on teeth knocking out? also qrd


File: 1684366942535.jpg (37.33 KB, 720x720, 1684347917744561.jpg)

It was all a bad dream.




That's a relief!


god hates kurds



bomb da kurds




File: 1684466098441.webm (2.52 MB, 608x1080, ai.webm)


File: 1684875447679.jpg (65.36 KB, 900x750, judas-iscariot-1.jpg)

The judas fuck is burning in fucking hell right now

Such is the destination of all degenerates


I know someone IRL who looks like this and he's a fucking cunt


the nigger word


To add
>He's a gossip faggot
>points out all of everyone's flaws to you
>whispers it in your ear like a faggoty ugly fucking snake freak
>tried to convince me to get circumcised
>had a fight with a 5 foot kid, infant TWICE assaulted people smaller than him and bragged/thought he was alpha later
>called a black girl a nigger in front of the whole high school class and bragged about it too
>doesn't even belong in England, isn't fucking from here, should fuck off back to where he BELONGS
>now lives a couple streets over

Mfw a literal judas cunt is near me, I hope he fucking dies of cancer, aids, and being stabbed and ran over.


There's also a manlet trying to fuck with me who looks like cesar, while I resemble christ sometimes, this life I have is fucked, its all jealous little FAGGOTS everywhere I look, I don't even necessarily support Christianity but people are being complete fagloons near me

Even now my gobshite neighbour is flapping on about some pointless NEL shit and I'm going to have to put in beavis and butthead to drown the fuck out


Meant infact


Auto correct. Always fucking up.


Going to listen to DyE - vader



>I strongly dislike most country music. I dislike c…rap music too. I don't like slow romantic songs, or harsh-sounding rock (though I am getting used to some of the latter). "Heavy metal" sounds too harsh to me; anyway, the name is deceptive: the metal in a bronze gamelan set is far heavier.

>The first time I visited Croatia, that country had a major PR campaign about being the place of origin of the necktie. ("Cravate" and "Croat" are related words.) You can imagine my distaste for that campaign — in response, I referred to that country as "Tieland" for a while.



File: 1685205408836.jpg (569.53 KB, 1080x1227, Lmao.jpg)

Have you read scaruffi that autistic bastard makes no sense, types absolute tldr's about albums

This is his top 10



What the piss is this shite?

Context, I tried clicking to open YouTube

This is on top of tekken spam I don't particularly enjoy





Would muscular female legs be allowed in a muscular nationalist soyciety?


r u grils with FAT ASSES!?!? I'mm sooo HORNEEEYYyy


File: 1685246343616.mp4 (4.68 MB, 640x640, 1672445752182.mp4)


tahts a MAN


They are all either 7's or 5's, they expressed MONEY to me asif I don't care about it, gangstalking weirdoz




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File: 1685510600480.jpg (98.27 KB, 796x844, OIG (4).jpg)



Let's get down to brass tax


tax muh bass and 1776 WILL COMENSE AGIAN


File: 1685608478633.mp4 (5.78 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (4).mp4)

I feel like mutilating myself more in Minecraft. Feelin cute might B fun & make me feel & look better in Minecraft. Minecraft is such a great game.







I already want to die because of my own autism, please don't make this worse
I didn't make this post


you don't scare this white boy


Shut the fuck up faggot


Hit the road pigman


Why did you call me a pigman? Is it because I have so much plastic in my feed that I might go sterile?


I smell bacon.


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