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skitz thread part 2


Non stop drug taking, hes dragging them to feel like shit to the point to then 'save'

He needs just true subservience or its death to you slander lies and talking through walls despite having multiple people there


There is a system in place, the potential lawsuit is a good thing to use as a defense against the slander monkeys


File: 1682187068136.webm (3.62 MB, 1280x720, 43686081a.webm)


File: 1682187102506.webm (3.53 MB, 1280x720, 43684131a.webm)


top secret doing literally fuck all enterprise


This thread is shit


it really is lol


Whats that eggy smell now hmm


I literally have to at this point


Then avid said "fuck them they are mid anyway" ahaha




Fight me all of you, you fucking cowarded faggot scum


References in the emptyhero vid btw


File: 1682192624716.webp (342.61 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20230415_223356….webp)

Look at this pathetic little bastard


Also featuring a very tweaked out super cringe tekken appearance as mr$$$ btw




Stop banging on the floor you onion eyed cunt


Even now rachael is stabbing me, i thought perhaps she would be above such activities, I guess not, its sad that you have subverted them so much, but civil justice in this circumstance will not work, if I do commit suicide, yous are all fucked, at least in your guilt and consciences


Its because im more attractive isnt it


Smilecunt fuckeads when they get spun and think what they are doing (nothing much) is the next best big huge thing


When he spins out and thinks the comedown wont hurt him


Im not talking through the fucking walls or floor anymore its PATHETIC


File: 1682193235540.png (3.85 KB, 387x130, download.png)

*sees avid outside*


just hand in all the tech dude, have someone who knows what theyre doing look at it, same with the xbox


Sue them for
>mental anguish


File: 1682193587231.gif (2.57 MB, 480x347, giphy.gif)

Posting in an epic thread


>walk through street
>fuxk things up
Avid is so pivotal in life that the people around will never know his true heart, his true strength, for all they know is the debate pyramid and drugs and treating women like shit


avid is essentially the real life donnie darko


Fag, ddosing me because he is a degenerate faggot


Dead site, must have brought to light the evils they didnt realise


File: 1682200829032.jpg (62.64 KB, 1024x653, 1682175393079039.jpg)

Me on right but replace gang bang with sex before marriage


I want to smoke weed with Ariana Grande, she seems chill and funny


I have discarded all current waifus, I will move on, I feel I have made the most of them already, now they appear to me as nothing but a burden, I shall know in future this finding and I will use it


Putside contact told me loads of shot today about what theyre doing, the lengths of their narcissistic behaviours is staggering, i have never known such an immature group of faggots in my entire life, THIS BEHAVIOUR IS WHY I NIXXED THEM AND HAVE NO NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM


the slandermonkeys feed off of other peoples lives, because their own are so boring


its ironic, they are shit and they know it, so to highlight someone elses either problems or mistakes makes them think they are above that person, its simple psychology



Wow im missing out on pure DEGENERACY accept my disgust and ill desire to communiate, culthole fuckrats


I do like things, I just dont want to really share around prole fucking cunts thats all


Next door neighbours are ddosing my IP and laughing about it, I can hear them, its annoying as fuck


I wonder if I should just snitch


Theyre just adding to it, there hasnt been any noise from me, its ironic that they cause their own treatment and its all my fault somehow is a scapegoat because theyre so bored as times they resort to an eastenders style gang talk showdown, and they belittle me and say I should be dead, behind walls, always, never to my face, infact in person my effect has them clamouring for air (i like to think this)

so then it stands at this point of those people next door and upstairs trying to get me to kill myself

They dont know im like actually connected aswell, I struggle to hold back the hate and they constantly and consistently try to bring it out of me, simply because theyre eastender brained and they think reality is something else

they dont and will never understand the torment and psychological torture, i could make a bag suing these jackfucks i swear


They just think its all about them, that every word I say is directed that them, if I werent so attractive this all wouldnt be happening

The laugh I hear from them fills me with rage, I can hear them, I just hate them, i hate that sperg cunt and I hate anyone licking his taint telling him hes great

Fuck that system, its gross, gay, cringe and beta


They can read this now and they cant type anything toward me as they are cowards

I cant believe I, someone deemed so shit, can have such an effect on people


I swear this is cringe as fuck, in leaving the flat, if the cunt who doesnt stop laughing wants to fight i will fight him


File: 1682457560284-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 922x846, 2-Figure1-1.png)

File: 1682457560284-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 922x928, 3-Figure2-1.png)

Woops I dropped my medical pictures



File: 1682543691583.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.51 KB, 290x174, download.jpeg)


Retarded fuxkhead neighbours wont shut the fuck up




shithousin now that i got so muxh evidence


AutoNEL i think they are on, at least when they think of me, if I gave a fuck about loosh I'd be rich as fuck nigger


What gets me is that they talk in such a tone all of the time, a kind of insipid discussing/planning tone, all of the time, I took pictures of paul and I also have license plates, addresses and im more than willing to pull the plug and have them shopped for drugs


Scammerpayback logged my phone too, pedo paul denino is a weak posturing dipshit who loses fights and sucks mens cocks, he needs a dress to complete his look, it would certainly match his behaviour


the betacucks are fucking with my software now


I wonder how much I could sue for


File: 1682550298946.webm (2.37 MB, 480x852, 1682472347340402.webm)


File: 1682558412310-0.jpg (149.96 KB, 576x1024, 7167767560203603243_snapsho….jpg)

File: 1682558412310-1.jpg (170.75 KB, 576x1024, 7143036949954121002_snapsho….jpg)

File: 1682558412310-2.jpg (171.37 KB, 576x1024, 7125153476874833198_snapsho….jpg)

File: 1682558412310-3.jpg (140.03 KB, 576x1024, 7131012638540107054_snapsho….jpg)


Theres already a milf thread RETARD



"This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy"


I have pages, of laments, let me share a couple


File: 1682792653019-0.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20230429_192343_….png)

File: 1682792653020-1.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20230429_192334_….png)

File: 1682792653020-2.png (1.46 MB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20230429_192325_….png)

File: 1682792653020-3.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20230429_192316_….png)


And no i wont delete these


Im fine i mean its skitzo or whatever but im fine, i just want to get on with my life idk




My 'neighbours' react to the stuff IRL that im typing on the screen of my phone


Your handwriting is shit. Wtf are you trying to say schizo?


Eh? Its not skizo shit though


This one talking now copied my entire persona in high school and has been passing it off as his own ever since, I remember the day it happened, I turned quiet and he loud, as a result, he now thinks to an extent that he is the real me, its rather a clusterfuck of nothing in reality but I cant help but think of a crippling loneliness that one would endure having not knowing who they are


The constant threats by the way are never to my face, they are ALWAYS behind walls, behind friends, behind drugs, in reality, I see these people for who they really are and it hurts and scares them, I haunt them for entirely the moments they experience me, watch as one shifts and another changes, perpetually, i have so much planned for myself in these coming months, I will improve my state and I will overcome what more my vessel has for me


The voices wont stop




you failed


Say hi to aleks for me lmao you poor faggots even if lay drunk on the street I'm blessed minding you mongs irl



Shut up goober


Stephen is a faggot


Listen to what? I cant hear your individual words, its just mumbly shouting


File: 1682854974171.webp (60.56 KB, 1049x1286, Screenshot_20230430_124241….webp)

I have a discord if you want to talk to me in detail hit me up




I dont want to talk I want to fuck, i cannot change this, just leave me alone please.


File: 1682855057566.jpeg (5.84 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpeg)


I cannot deny my primal urges, please dont do this to me, if you have to be driven away then so be it


File: 1682855392958.webp (23.39 KB, 796x1013, Screenshot_20230430_124917….webp)

Inshallah, fuck this judeo culshit matrix anyway, full of soyarms and depravity


>then forced to sign shit over


>He stayed back
>she was at door
>"just going to have a little last chat"
>injects with some muscle relaxant
>the guy you guys recognised and talked to had aids
>he was hired to be there at a couple days prior

You didnt know though so i guess its my fault again


Its not her fault she didnt know


File: 1682855793441.webp (342.61 KB, 1079x1074, 1682192624716.webp)


With the radio on and the curtains drawn


thankyou so much [missing] for this, truly we have been waiting for the opportunity to have this kind of evidence, truly thankyou


>reading the book of revelation in 2023
How can you witness the 2017 opening ceremony of Gotthardt tunnel and not be glad for having no second tunic


File: 1682856147735.gif (1.12 MB, 320x240, i4swj1.gif)


Because reasons


File: 1682856190585.webp (342.61 KB, 1079x1074, 1682192624716.webp)

Look at this smiley


omg avid killed kenny


I get that people in power larp as teutonic priests ancient Egyptians or whatever suits their needs to justify blood on their hands but being a complete human failure with burning hatred for faith is just to alien for me to understand


File: 1682856418025.gif (485.87 KB, 420x315, giphy.gif)


File: 1682856444625.webp (342.61 KB, 1079x1074, 1682192624716.webp)

Look at this


>complete human failure

Well I dont know if I wasnt being listened to and watched I may not be so incensed all of the time, I mean you zealot scum watch me masturbate and comment on it, youre hardly a poster child of purity


Boils down to the Lord seperating goats and sheeps I guess, there is nothing to be done with people that were born sadistic tyrans, all the knowledge you can accumulate could not change the course of mankind innit


>Dying in the name of Jesus Christ the only thing you really Excell and prosper
Ha, maybe I was right all along, winning by losing made the emperors fume 2000 years ago and you don't have to do shit but be yourself lol


My whole wealth (about threefiddy in useless trash and 2k yurodollar on my bank account) will be donated to a homeless bum in my local train station so he can drink the better booze for a couple weeks


It's either anal sexmagic America or kulak Chino sending babka to food bank wtf is this world even but a test


Do i have upstairs neighbours, kinds sounds like there someone there


File: 1682867448663.webp (342.61 KB, 1079x1074, 1682192624716.webp)

Do not bump off


Dubs of misspelling someones
You are a religious faggot who is as far removed from the J dog as can be 👍 the very fact you have to concubine in wasted potential day in and day out proves how disloyal you are in your personalities
>maybe hes right
Good point hayley, but basically youre on the wrong side of the fence
Sex can be used to brainwash I have learned

Guys if this is to see who the most second coming like is i think thats a load of fucking bullshit nonsense haha!

Fucking christcucks man


>some brute monster rapes women and tortures people


Sent details to the CIA lol


File: 1683034101979.jpg (583.77 KB, 1080x967, Screenshot_20230502_142741_….jpg)

Taken 6 hacklords sighting


>yOuRe lItErAlLy ObSeSsEd!!


Dressed up clean with mammy and daddy's money


File: 1683154469645.jpg (Spoiler Image, 551.07 KB, 1365x2597, 20230503_234824.jpg)

What is this skin situation on my dick 4chon, why does it go zig zig at the end?? Is this normal? And most importantly does this look like scar tissue? Please serious answers beware this is a spoilered picture of my dick thank you


I'm referring to the zig zag at the end, it looks like scar tissue, I pull it taught and there is a small strong red line about half a mm thick and about 1/4 inch long, I'd get a picture but it's awkward I need to operate the phone two handed


I ask this specifically because of the zig zag shape at the end



They are willing to play the Romans now god, they watch and they live of the practices, they don't know who or what they are and they live viciously on their own concocted ideas of others, despite themselves being of sin


File: 1683236994318.jpeg (17.34 KB, 300x300, R.jpeg)





>gatekeeping your own pussy hairs

Like batch nigger there's 500000000 women in the world


NELbours going off rn, annoying cunts


Every time I make a post on this website my neighbours start laughing, every time

What's weird is that it sounds like Taylor swift and ariana grande


I really don't know what this town is about anymore, it's all fucking takeaways and pubs, like what the fuck and I supposed to fucking do bike 4 miles THEN swim

Sure there's the river but that's a fucking cesspit of branches


They're quiet now how odd


Check your wall for holes.




The wall.


Already have


Holes for all occasions


Hello yes this is post

I am currently available

And looking

My door is unchained as it were

Looking forward to chilling out and talking and doing other stuff


Please someone comfort me


Guys I feel dizzy and bad and can't breathe I think someone is cursing me


What does this mean?


File: 1683311922777.jpeg (34.74 KB, 474x401, download (2).jpeg)

Buttock and sucking cock


Staind my pants fuck it

Want to get fucked and fuck


Everybody take a deep few breaths


Avid is having a meltdown.



Poo and shit and piss


Redx are you stalking me and are above me in the flat or not? Please don't be a that in your reply just a yes or no will do


I'm avid btw


redx killed himself a few days ago, if you've seen him it was a ghost


>redx isn't real he can't hurt you
<meanwhile, redx in your ceiling


Redx is a jew nonce


I'm wondering if what the voices say is true


I wonder if it is all a trap


And I don't know of the resolution to find out if what I think I'm hearing is real or not


Just ask Sam Hyde. You'll be good.


hows his reality tv show going? is it still boring?


Sam Hyde is never boring. HOW DARE YOU!


imagein beinn and unglued nigget


The post that split the boxers




Someone mind filling me in on what is going on


get off his dick, queermo


Sam Hyde is an unfunny retard



Sam, avid here, you're a retard, you're not getting this phone, you're not getting this xbox, people will be informed, you're an idiot because you tried to keep it all secret and it all fucked up, you're not even worth saving because you promote an anarchist type outlook, I really hope some valuev cunt takes you down to the grave, you pustulant brute of the interest of yore being that, just some spotted bastard who makes shit jokes and treats people like shit


You guys are being recorded by the somethings lol, check your ears and asses for worms


Screaming screaming time


Masons know is all I'm saying, tipped off through the leak in the cult


That entire loft space above you all


shit thread


Runs the length of the flats, people are able to pass in and out of each others flats


The MP is being informed of these behaviours BTW, I know where he lives, I could always do that today




Hand-wash person tries to jealous kill someone to open them to sin and hell and drugs and degeneration yet has a 777 license plate


The Neighbours are having a screaming match right now as it seems


gay woodchuck redacted hangout


File: 1683484528037.jpg (68.01 KB, 1080x412, Screenshot_20230507_193438_….jpg)

Oh wibblesticks


woah now, dude, not cool


can try downloading and installing the apk directly

https://m.apkpure.com/instagram-lite/com.instagram.lite/download (make sure you have an adblocker when visiting, e.g. brave, or firefox w/ ublock extension)


Will try





Hayley williams


Avid has cancer replace him with someone more romantic >>52591


What is this?


Drama tab for twitch


It's me avid


Watch out dwarf, men are 2.62 times stronger than you

>But even with roughly uniform levels of fitness, the males' average power during a punching motion was 162% greater than females', with the least-powerful man still stronger than the most powerful woman.


File: 1684001835610.webp (92.05 KB, 1440x1046, Screenshot_20230513-131639.webp)


Slashed with knife hello scientology


Someone came in my flat and did sordid things while I was away, or probably even present at some points

Satan is a cruel thing when it infects people like this

I have no desire to know of these behaviours, it is not a concern of mine that I have to uphold

Guys what the fuck?


Guys leave my flat alone please, it doesn't need semen stains on its toilet bowl


Or it was toothpaste and I'm a retard


I saw what I thought was an SCP earlier, eating some leccy from the light outside my place


The bench at the field was I supposed to stop? Because it looked suspicious to me ngl




I can hear distraught tones of voices around me but I don't know what they are saying


It's raining outside


Please leave India alone


Leave them all alone please


Let them all go please


I was in an empty elevator and could hear a phantom baby crying.


fuck india


Are you talking about street shitters?



Why the fuck did you do this redx?
you filthy fucking piece of shit, you lobotomised [redacted] because you are a [redacted] [redacted] freak

I fucking hate you you stuck up little cunt, I shouldve [redacted] your fucking [redacted] out when I saw you the other day, you fucking putrid thing, grooming my friends and then sticking them with blackmail? I hope someone approaches me with a fucking thing to say about it I swear to god, I can't police because they will hide and say I'm a skitzo and I can brute force the bastards because protection

Next time though, next fucking time I see you you cunt watch what happens


Made her drive around past my flat too, I went outside to get her but she was gone


The fucking pigs won't believe me though




File: 1684166713508.webp (342.61 KB, 1079x1074, 1682867448663.webp)

Picture doctored to fuck now


What an ugly fuck


This is smiley and those are the corpses of my parents behind him, you can make out his mask and my mother's face, also my father next to her

Smiley pull up NOW


he won't because he's scared


Reported him to the cia(o) anyway



Pulled funding to fuck

Can't associate with this obviousness




Contacting Norway and Israel rn





Not really I am a retarded fuck


Leave smiley alone


I will I am sorry smiley I hope you are doing well mate, Canada looks good been watching a streamer from there by the name mcfrosty


Smiley doesn't want to be left alone or else he'd drop off the face of the internet and nobody would ever hear from him again.


Apologizing to smiley, why?


File: 1684185673678.jpg (174.49 KB, 1242x1156, teacher.jpg)

When I was little my father told me a weird story to make me dislike coke. It didn't work and I still drink coke to this day, but I still find the story intriguing.
Basically, there was a guy who wanted to create a new drink. He ate 'marmelada' (a sort of Portuguese quince jam) and shit it out, and mixed the shit with other things to produce the drink. He had two of his friends try this drink out before starting to sell it, and both found it repulsive. One commented 'cocó' ('poop' in Portuguese) about it, and the other commented 'caca' (equivalent term). The guy used those two comments as inspiration for the drink's name, mixing 'cocó' and 'caca' into 'Coca', and then adding 'Cola' ('glue' in Portuguese) to the name since glue apparently was one of the ingredients, thus becoming 'Coca-Cola' (alternative name for Coke). Then, to mask the horrendousness of the drink and to make it sweet, he added sugar to the ingredients list. And he started selling it.
That's the story. It's really bizarre, isn't it? Do you like it?


Here I'll apologize to smiley.

Smiley, I'm so sorry that you're an awful human being and for ever having met you-even if it was only online and for anyone else who's had the misfortune of meeting you. You're a terrible unbelievable asshole and I hope you die in minecraft soon. Your life was a mistake.


Leave smiley alone


Smiley should leave everyone alone.



Smileys a good person, you're just mad he ditched you


Everybody be quiet I need to think for a minute please


>ditched you
Smiley is an abusive prick and any sane person who doesn't wish to be treated like garbage, leaves him in the dust. It's called having self esteem, self respect and self love.



File: 1684213695625.jpg (117.32 KB, 718x851, 1684193482486520.jpg)


File: 1684214456073.png (1.43 MB, 1078x1069, 1684209201590409.png)


File: 1684269147482.jpg (133.03 KB, 900x750, 16207256009349.jpg)

it's been about 17 hours since my last coffee (which i'm quitting) and now i'm starting to feel the migraine


File: 1684269811028.png (2.54 MB, 1000x1350, 1684262888230446.png)

Slowly cut down. Don't go cold turkey.


What's the point of quitting coffee if it's cool&cute&comfy and has a good taste&smell and gives you energy&headache-prevention?


File: 1684278728837.jpg (34.33 KB, 700x525, coffee.jpg)

i relapsed to my drug addiction, the pain was bad enough i couldn't concentrate on my work. made a cup of coffee. will try taper it off over time by limiting to 1 small cup per day, then half of that per day for a few days, etc.



File: 1684283462485.jpg (91.02 KB, 960x862, 1684256226827892.jpg)

That's the way to do it. Best of luck. Keep the chon posted.


File: 1684329068424.mp4 (1.24 MB, 576x1024, 9qjwth7BkYlT58I3.mp4)


File: 1684347815176.webm (391.31 KB, 406x720, 1684341221934677.webm)


File: 1684351828672.webp (22.82 KB, 620x349, e1c09d5238fa7021b74ce0c5c0….webp)

Shes lived to 28

Meanwhile this guy died at 21/22


update on teeth knocking out? also qrd


File: 1684366942535.jpg (37.33 KB, 720x720, 1684347917744561.jpg)

It was all a bad dream.




That's a relief!


god hates kurds



bomb da kurds




File: 1684466098441.webm (2.52 MB, 608x1080, ai.webm)


File: 1684875447679.jpg (65.36 KB, 900x750, judas-iscariot-1.jpg)

The judas fuck is burning in fucking hell right now

Such is the destination of all degenerates


I know someone IRL who looks like this and he's a fucking cunt


the nigger word


To add
>He's a gossip faggot
>points out all of everyone's flaws to you
>whispers it in your ear like a faggoty ugly fucking snake freak
>tried to convince me to get circumcised
>had a fight with a 5 foot kid, infant TWICE assaulted people smaller than him and bragged/thought he was alpha later
>called a black girl a nigger in front of the whole high school class and bragged about it too
>doesn't even belong in England, isn't fucking from here, should fuck off back to where he BELONGS
>now lives a couple streets over

Mfw a literal judas cunt is near me, I hope he fucking dies of cancer, aids, and being stabbed and ran over.


There's also a manlet trying to fuck with me who looks like cesar, while I resemble christ sometimes, this life I have is fucked, its all jealous little FAGGOTS everywhere I look, I don't even necessarily support Christianity but people are being complete fagloons near me

Even now my gobshite neighbour is flapping on about some pointless NEL shit and I'm going to have to put in beavis and butthead to drown the fuck out


Meant infact


Auto correct. Always fucking up.


Going to listen to DyE - vader



>I strongly dislike most country music. I dislike c…rap music too. I don't like slow romantic songs, or harsh-sounding rock (though I am getting used to some of the latter). "Heavy metal" sounds too harsh to me; anyway, the name is deceptive: the metal in a bronze gamelan set is far heavier.

>The first time I visited Croatia, that country had a major PR campaign about being the place of origin of the necktie. ("Cravate" and "Croat" are related words.) You can imagine my distaste for that campaign — in response, I referred to that country as "Tieland" for a while.



File: 1685205408836.jpg (569.53 KB, 1080x1227, Lmao.jpg)

Have you read scaruffi that autistic bastard makes no sense, types absolute tldr's about albums

This is his top 10



What the piss is this shite?

Context, I tried clicking to open YouTube

This is on top of tekken spam I don't particularly enjoy





Would muscular female legs be allowed in a muscular nationalist soyciety?


r u grils with FAT ASSES!?!? I'mm sooo HORNEEEYYyy


File: 1685246343616.mp4 (4.68 MB, 640x640, 1672445752182.mp4)


tahts a MAN


They are all either 7's or 5's, they expressed MONEY to me asif I don't care about it, gangstalking weirdoz




File: 1685305457794.jpg (34.88 KB, 415x375, 1685280509925097.jpg)


File: 1685310473255.webp (360.66 KB, 1600x1035, image.webp)



File: 1685510600480.jpg (98.27 KB, 796x844, OIG (4).jpg)



Let's get down to brass tax


tax muh bass and 1776 WILL COMENSE AGIAN


File: 1685608478633.mp4 (5.78 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (4).mp4)

I feel like mutilating myself more in Minecraft. Feelin cute might B fun & make me feel & look better in Minecraft. Minecraft is such a great game.







I already want to die because of my own autism, please don't make this worse
I didn't make this post


you don't scare this white boy


Shut the fuck up faggot


Hit the road pigman


Why did you call me a pigman? Is it because I have so much plastic in my feed that I might go sterile?


I smell bacon.


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