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This is the real comfy vidya thread


Low bit
High bit

Soundtracks welcome
see: https://youtu.be/kOd5_j0OTQo

wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materia ITT
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This is something that has affected way more than just the game industry, and I really hate it as someone who dabbles in a lot of different subjects. You are going to be pigeon-holed into an over-specialized roll no matter what, and "selling yourself as a generalist" just means you're likely to have an unreasonable workload thrown at you, which is probably why nobody does it.


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The Coffin of Andy and Leyley is some good edgy fun. It's still early release on Steam but if you're into strong family values and healthy eating habits, it's definitely a game to play.


How Games Used to Look: Why Retro Gaming on a CRT Looks WAY Different

Spoiler: It's not just scanlines


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Playing this. Wanted to try "interactive drama" and so far its kinda fun. Only thing annoying is that it doesn't work with my smartphone remote app so I cant play it using my smartphone as a mouse...


>Only thing annoying is that it doesn't work with my smartphone remote app so I cant play it using my smartphone as a mouse...
Why would you want to? That sounds awful.


He has a retard flag for a reason


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Reminder that there is a huge back catalog of games that we can play and we aren't stuck with modern shit. Rance 7 is an example of a strategy game that transcends it's era. There is no better strategy game that exists when every facet of the game is considered


4th pic is just lazy. It's not even a labyrinth, its just copy pasted assets with no signs to distinguish where anything is


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I have a two-monitor setup, one for my desk where I do my regular browsing/writing/pc work etc, with a mouse/keyboard

~ and the other faces my bed and is on a monitor arm and can be extended so that it comes close to me and is easy to watch films on.

Its somewhat (the bedroom layout is different) like if this guy turned one of his monitors 180 and watched stuff on his bed, though I don't have to turn my head or anything, the monitor directly faces the bed.

The Dark Picture Anthology stuff seem to be like a cross between a film and a video game. Though it seems like 3/4 film. Practically interactive films aside from a bit of walking, so far. I think it would actually be too slow for me to bother playing on my desk... I mean its like 90% just watching the story play out.

Also dl-d The Quarry which I was waiting a while for to get cracked, it has a cute girl in it.

These games seem quite fun so far

I needed to play it with my smartphone as a remote because I'm lying on my bed


Absolutely based


Based Nintendo putting an end to Melee tournaments.


Whats based sir?


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Based jerker-offer kek


File: 1698414840182.gif 1.41 MB, 387x245, 169841433553358279.gif



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This was fun. Guy on the left looks like he has downs and the professor nigger on the right kept running away it was funny


What're you playin' rn, fellas?


Grinding out my germans to peak mid aesthetics on War Thunder.
Had a very boring back and forth in chat trying to get some disingenuous kike to admit what he was, who kept denying jews did baby dick blood drinking rituals and projecting it onto (specifically Engyptian) Shia muslims instead.
It'll be nice if I log in tomorrow and I'm not reported 6 million times and banned for antisemitism lol.


holy based


rachet and clank 3 heh


Thought about emulating the original the other day. Had a demo for it on the ps2 back back then, but never played the full game


File: 1699718326778.jpg 329.64 KB, 1056x2374, 1699714907570606.jpg


I am once again playing Skyrim and I'm attempting to increase the difficulty by giving all the enemies random weapons, spells, perks, potions, and poisons. It works well enough, but Skyrim has an annoying quirk that the other games don't have. I originally intended to give them random equipment too, and while they will automatically use a better weapon, they will not equip better armor in almost any circumstance, not even accessories. They will only wear equipment based on what the game designates to be their "outfit". Making and assigning new outfits is easy enough, but it's significantly more time-consuming and not worth it.


Maybe you could spoof equipment the game will recognize as npc-appropriate drip but boost the stats to be similar to higher end stuff somehow.


File: 1699721889103.png 202.2 KB, 643x900, Untitled.png

Japs make a lot of coomer games though. The difference is they're not marketed to a mainstream audience. It's pretty off-putting tbh. Even most mod sites will allow nude content, but they won't allow sex mods. Only sites dedicated to it like loverslab have that. Just look at this cope. A lot of eroge has good gameplay and plot. The worst part about living in CY+8 is you can't even call a spade a spade.


It's easier to boost their stats with constant-effect spells or perks that aren't reliant on equipment. I also would have liked the novelty of every NPC having a unique mishmash of equipment. It's still possible to do, but it has to be done as a set. Meaning you can't just add a ring to their outfit for example, you'd need to create an outfit with the ring included, or else they would be naked with only a ring equipped. You would need to do this for every set in the game, including all the stuff I modded in. I think I'll just add a few every so often.


I've been playing trails of cold steel lately. It was daunting to begin but has been nothing but a pleasure once I got into it. It reminds me a lot of other games like persona 5 but something drew me to it more. I think in p5 I was really annoyed by hoe there were so many time related choices one had to make and no way to know which were worth it


Do it. It's a great game.

Ratchet 1 and 2 run on actual ps2 hardware with freemcboot as well which I feel is preferable to emulation. Ratchet 3 does not for some strange reason. It refuses to load on my ps2 so I have to emulate it.


Coomer games are BASED and I enjoy them.


File: 1699763688249.jpg 77.94 KB, 960x960, smilelaugh - Copy.jpg

Ratchet and Clank is for 10yo boys lel. Theres a 2021 game on PC and I tried it but its so puerile


Purile is good. It's fun, simple, and unpretentious.


Do you pretend they are not coomer games though?


No. Even if it has interesting gameplay, which some of them do (warlock and boobs and CoC are genuinely fun rpgs for example), the purpose of the game is to provide cooming material and the plot and gameplay mostly exist to get you immersed in the fantasy a bit more.






File: 1699845466873.mp4 1.05 MB, 408x720, U5A67SVWWf_k3fqn.mp4


File: 1700041997935.webp 874.54 KB, 3840x2160, BRSykxZAAT0OuPrG5nJz19fg.webp

I've played through this game once, just finished it. It's good but kind of slow. It might be really fun to play with friends or a gf. Its quicker and better than Little Hope. I'm more interested in what the devs will come up with next. The style or genre of game it is is very cool. But it really needs more QOL.



Portal ported to N64


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to be a real man

you need to learn trades, become good at plumbing, electrical work, tilework, plaster, kitchen and bathroom installation

so you have a sliver chance to enter in some weeb's / redditer's / pet uncle's / plant uncle's apartment pod looking more like a set for a retroomer's youtube video / altar made of shit toys and computers, look around and say something along the lines

>huh, cool toys and tose computors man, ur boy must really like them, he must think you're the best dad in the world when he comes back from the school, and his friends here. my kids are my world man, love them little rascals, 3 and 5, running around, shit's though honestly, but working hard so i could afford to give them this much before they grow up, time moves fast man

just to DEHUMANIZE AND TORMENT them and make them feel inadequate and awkward


(when it's obvious it's only for their own self-gratification)


That's a pretty specific kind of butthurt you got there. They were right to shame you for your toy room.




File: 1700350784099.mp4 2.45 MB, 640x360, female intelligence.mp4


File: 1700410981821.webp 9.03 KB, 1137x486, Screenshot_3.webp

This nigga was running thru the woods in his undies


File: 1700411208532.webp 133.27 KB, 1520x1950, TheQuarry_InfoBox_CloseUp_….webp

Emma best girl




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