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Got a cheap shortwave radio and all I've found so far is christcuckery, conspiracy shows, and stuff in Spanish.
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The muh grain thing almost makes me think this movie was funded by Big Grain


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>Penrith local John Savill said he talked to Mr Tuaopepe was using the same style of stand-up paddle board he was.

>'He had his three kids, I think they were all around 10 years old, a year or two either side of that,' Mr Savill told the Daily Telegraph.

>All four family members were sitting on the paddle board when they fell off into the water.

>'None of them could swim and the kids started panicking and pushing him under,' Mr Savill said




The way its so calm and serene after they go under echoes the classic Jaws scene so well at 2:20. They almost do it better, with the birds chirping and the feeling you get that life goes on


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What youtube videos can I watch in bed that aren't made by tranny-enablers?


Canned fish reviews with Matthew Carlson


3 indians sinking in a pond like turds down a toilet bowl.
A display of karma for street shitting if there ever was one.


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Torrenting seems to be dying quicker than I'm happy about


Direct download is popular now because nobody wants to deal with private tracker spergs.


Not bad.


>Direct download

Sounds suss


File: 1703822680144.jpg 123.13 KB, 1500x1002, Turmeric.jpg

I don't get how this is supposed to reduce inflammation if it only works when you take it for weeks.


>take it for weeks
Yeah. That's kinda how some medicines works, anon.


If I had a Twitter I could've made a big bold prediction that a nonWhite person would die in the new beach. And then said I called it


I've finally checked off most of my film backlog, for the ones I actually wanted to see anyway. Thank god. Might watch Anatomy of a Fall though


You know who else are cucks? People who buy (((American))) cars. They're intentionally designed not to last yet you still buy them despite Japanese being proven over and over again to be more reliable on average.


File: 1704061902530.jpeg 51.39 KB, 720x678, IMG_2544.jpeg

I've barely stepped foot in my apartment in months. I come here to shower and shave and do some other stuff like exercise, but I usually end up sleeping on my parents' couch most days of the week. Whenever I stay too long at my own apartment I get overwhelmed by its emptiness, which is really my own emptiness being reflected back at me, and drift off to sleep on my shitty Ikea futon having not even replaced the fitted sheet on my bed since washing it in September or so. Despite that, I know I can never go back to living with my parents formally, nor would I want to. Instead, I spend $1,000 a month on this furnished storage unit just to maintain the illusion for myself and others that I haven't completely lost my goddamn mind.


>Despite that, I know I can never go back to living with my parents formally, nor would I want to.
Why though? I miss living in my mom's garage so much, it's unreal. Truly peak days. If you're able to save a lot of money living with your parents, there's so many opportunities to start making real money and none of them involve crypto scams either.


Y-you okay bro? There's nothing wrong with living at your parents place. Only white people think there is.


>I know I can never go back to living with my parents formally, nor would I want to.

>maintain the illusion that I haven't lost my mind


I'm sure if his parents have been okay with him living there almost 40 years they're going to continue to be okay with it.


They are fine with it. He lives on their couch and they haven't kicked him out.


If fucking only, honestly if I had any space or privacy living here like that I'd have never even considered leaving, the problem is the layout of the house means there's basically no daylight between us; I'm always in earshot and they know it and for lack of a better term exploit it. I do have a room with a door but from where the living room is I can basically hear their normal speaking voices, they're both extroverts and are also pretty much retarded in a boomerly way so they're always checking in on me ("did you hear [x]?") and trying to ask me to google shit for them or whatever lmfao. It's maddening but I can't be mad at them for it either, know what I mean?

They're also not independent, my dad had a neck surgery because of having a hard job in a warehouse, he moves pretty slowly and with difficulty so it's rightly hard for me to say no to him when it comes to helping out with basic shit, and my mom is not only essentially agoraphobic but also legally blind so she can't go shopping or do much of anything on her own either.

>why do I live here then

My dog lives here, and admittedly the lack of unhinged double digit IQ boomer antics makes my personal life seem even more vacant. I need it (my apartment) though, at least it feels like it. I need to know that I can just bail from here at any time. I need to be able to host parties on great occasion and have people over, which is something I can't do at my folks' house. Still, I feel privileged to have a mostly good relationship with my parents which a lot of people sadly don't.


I have a garage because my dad was blue collar. Its still there but I haven't really done anything with it.


File: 1704123447762.jpg 590.68 KB, 700x982, 1704025265379482.jpg

Stop wasting money on an empty apartment. Save that $1000 dollars of rent every month, then buy a van and have that as a free, always available living unit

Half a year of saved rent should get you a nice van. Then you can literally just sleep behind your work if you feel like it, and you'll be saving far more money that you can put towards improving your life in other aspects

Imagine instead that you purchased 50 acres of land that you make a monthly payment of $500 towards instead of some garbage apartment owned by a kike


File: 1704127280593.jpg 38.57 KB, 600x600, 61WbWaR5N1L._AC_UL600_SR600….jpg

$1000 dollars every month is a lot.


Or an RV even.


Any vehicle that's obviously for human habitation will attract cops and karens like a lightning rod. In 2021 at the end of my rentoid phase I bought a schoolbus to live in and not 24 hours passed before HOA contacted my landlord, telling him to remove it immediately. I had to talk to the HOA karens and convince them to give me 30 days

All of that pain (and far more) could have been avoided if I just had a work van with a fake computer repair company logo on the side

Anyone who lives in a vehicle needs to stealthmaxx


I romanticized the idea of living in a van for a long time. I did a lot of research and yeah an RV or other conspicuous vehicle isn't the right play unfortunately. I dislike paying rent on a fundamental level. Even home ownership is just another form of renter class given how exorbitant property taxes are. I just want to be left alone to draw anime boobs and shitpost without having to be worried about paying some jewish guy heh


There's a dude on /pol/ that lives in a van that looks very similar to the working vans at BestBuy. He just parks next to their fleet of vans and plugs an extension cable into their building. He's been getting free electricity for years

No rent, barely any bills at all. Free to go wherever, whenever


4chon goal:
live in a van down by the river


Living in a vehicle is far less romantic than you make it out to be. It's fucking cold and you'll constantly be harrassed by the police.

Let him have his apartment. 1000 bucks isn't shit anymore. Money has no value post covid.


Unfortunately we live in a society built around rent. Simply buying a cheap van isn't a great solution because that panopticon society is going to constantly fight against you. You can go out to where there's less people but it poses it's own challenges, and you'll still have karens snitching on you from time to time.

Living in a vehicle is being "homeless" and there's a massive stigma around that. It places you in an untouchable class and every single normie becomes your enemy.


I bet a 1000 dollars feels like a lot of money to him, when it costs him days and weeks of his lifeblood to earn


creampie'ing in a based thread


If it did, he wouldn't spend it on an apartment he feels uncomfortable stepping foot in.


It's over a third of my wage so it certainly does, but in the end it's a necessary thing when I do need it. If I lived in the south a van would have been a more attractive and plausible option but the harsh winters here in the midwest would make such a lifestyle difficult. This is all a "me" problem, I should be fine living alone, but my parents' infirmities coupled with my responsibilities to my dog make it a more difficult situation than it should be is all. Ultimately I'm pretty spoiled and privileged for lack of a better term-even just in having family I don't mind spending time with-so even complaining about it is kind of gay of me but w/e heh.


Why not rent a dog friendly place?


My apartment (which is a block away from my folks' house) is dog friendly, the problem is access to a yard is a huge quality of life thing for a dog so there's no way.


Makes sense.



You should get a mini dog for your apartment.


At one point I was thinking of getting a rat or something, no way I could take care of two dogs at the same time. It would be nice to have some kind of incentive to spend more time in my apartment and for it to feel more active in some way, but I feel like I've got enough on my plate. I just need to get used to it, I spent way more time in there my first year without a problem so there's no real reason I can't get out of this slump again heh


This is why pets are a mistake. For some reason WH*TEOIDS have this problem where they'll get a dog without any consideration for what they're going to do if they want to move or go on vacation, or thinking about how often they need to clean up after them and take them out, and then they end up paying exorbitant veterinary fees for when the dumb ass dog gets sick or injured.


I like my dog tho, he a good boy he dindu nuffin'.


Animals are based. Your brownness is showing.


Companion animals as surrogate children is a whiteoid thing, and it neuters the primal drive to reproduce. Porn replaces lust and pets replace family. Together they complete the perfect circle of the ideal shabbos goy. Yin and yang


White people have lived among animals for tens of thousands of years at least. Only niggers are so mentally stunted as to be incapable of bonding with another species.

Peddle your poison elsewhere KIKE!


tbh a woman I know who's maybe just a few years older than me (who sold us the dog) has a lot of dogs of her own as well as three biological children from the same father who's still present. Very based and tradpilled family. I know where you're coming from-for real-but Faillenials using animals to cope for their globalist anti-natalism subconscious programming isn't the animals' fault imho tbh, it's still the big nosed globalists to blame in the end heh


Niggers mad white women would rather fuck dogs than them lmao


File: 1704248128657.jpg 2.72 MB, 2250x3000, il_fullxfull.5140873376_t9s….jpg

I didn't know what that would mean. is there a problem officer?

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