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Got a cheap shortwave radio and all I've found so far is christcuckery, conspiracy shows, and stuff in Spanish.


Consider the following
>I farted
>it smell of shit


Just deleted all the porn from my computer. It was tough, because there's a lot of stuff I'm sure I won't ever find again, but it's for the best.


>Got a cheap shortwave radio and all I've found so far is christcuckery, conspiracy shows, and stuff in Spanish.





There are a lot of jokes in the Simpsons that I would have never fully understood as a child. Shortwave allegedly has more diverse content though. My radio might be too shitty to pick up other broadcasts most of the time.


I was a huge Beavis and Butt-Head fan as a child. I didn't understand a majority of what they were talking about. I didn't know what scoring was. Things hit different when you get older. I am still a Beavis and Butt-Head fan btw.


I couldn't get into that show. I saw the episode where they beat that frog to death and that was it for me. Daria was the better show, imo.


File: 1684634159923.jpg (24.97 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

That was hilarious. I was a child and knew it wasn't real. Where's your head at?


File: 1684634690261.png (606.21 KB, 2048x1536, 3a35a5c4a384325926f0450e62….png)

In the cool zone.


Beavis and Butthead is just a part of who I am. Get over it.


File: 1684637377970.jpg (30.91 KB, 451x343, Daria_scientific_stuff.jpg)

Where do you think daria came from?


File: 1684637433209.jpg (132.78 KB, 1500x1100, 1C6964032-111028-ent-daria….jpg)


File: 1684637444617.jpg (44.08 KB, 1000x726, MV5BNjlhMjVkNzEtNmYwOC00Yj….jpg)



I'm aware of that, as was King of the Hill. It's why I brought it up. That doesn't make it any less better.


File: 1684641124880.webp (140.75 KB, 1440x1573, Screenshot_20230520-22513….webp)

I don't know if we can be friends anymore.


File: 1684811158462.jpg (117.33 KB, 720x960, IMG_0339.JPG)

Would rainbows out the window be allowed in a rainbow nationalist soyciety?


Gays ruined rainbows.


there will be no windows in the fag nationalist society


I stumbled onto Alex Jones broadcasting on shortwave. I had no idea. As of a few minutes ago he was shilling iodine.


Rainbows are shit anyway


Leprechauns no longer leave pots of gold at the end of rainbows, because homos were buttfucking in front of them. It's over.


File: 1685039115379.webp (85.46 KB, 1084x727, Screenshot_20230525-13242….webp)



File: 1685039164794.webp (68.5 KB, 1440x1349, Screenshot_20230525-13252….webp)


W T F ?


File: 1685040651396.webp (95.04 KB, 1307x1717, Screenshot_20230525-13500….webp)


I fort and it stank


>YouTube’s Science Spam Crisis


File: 1685136843965.webp (26.01 KB, 900x483, Man-with-binoculars-RESIZ….webp)

Fucking quads of realness


thankYOU dubsy brotha!!!


It's crazy to think that there are a lot of people on this planet as retarded as foky. Probably pajeets and other third worlders mostly who obsess over every soyence scam.


Pajeets are relatively harmless and treat every website like a dating app but foky is thirsty for blood and does stuff like dox people, start shit, create unnecessary drama and stress.


Foky has never doxxed anyone


foky still checks >>14776 every once in a while, you can leave him a nice message there


Pajeets terrorize the internet and senile boomers.


File: 1685216155729.mp4 (3.23 MB, 576x1024, stop scrolling.mp4)




I got a BOANER frum dis lmoa


File: 1685248107732.webm (1.68 MB, 720x1080, chink-morpheus.webm)


File: 1685419079295.jpg (269.56 KB, 1241x1241, 1685411934576504.jpg)

jesus no wonder i hated school
self-righteous teachers were the worst




File: 1686091211325.jpg (108.62 KB, 600x731, jbp-white-paki.jpg)


Thinking about kill myself and how best to do it




Lying on the couch watching bargain hunt, want some smoke, no way of getting any, got fuck all food besides chips and noodles and a bit Cereal til I get shopping tomorrow

Woke up again sweating like a mad cunt last night. Pure pisstake


Shootout with the police after killing a politician.


I second this in Minecraft.


Dwarf finally found a committed boyfriend and no longer wishes to shitpost here.


is it avid?



I am being stalked



Would Sinix's vocal fry be allowed in an estrogen nationalist soyciety?



For the first time in my life I buy store-bought juice and it's been fermenting. I didn't notice at first, so I drank some of it. It's probably fine, but if I die from some exotic Mexican bacteria, avenge my death please.


>avenge my death
If you die those oranges are getting got yaherd 👍


Had a fucking shite day today, felt like shit, low energy despite eating, mind was racing with no real way of stopping it, nearly got hit by a car because I was biking too fast, I hope tomorrow is better, what's really fucked me up is that I got a good 10 hours of sleep last night, I have no idea why I felt this way today, might be the dopamine levels being generally lower due to not smoking weed anymore, might also be my fucking impacted wisdom tooth that traps food and stinks too, might be some bacterial shit going on there

I feel fine now though, had a bath just before, going to look up some modded fallout 3 no commentary let's plays, got to be up relatively early tomorrow for a stop smoking meeting, hopefully they give me loads of free patches and whatever because fuck paying the prices nowadays for all of that stuff.


All I did today was climb trees and get high
Also chicken business



Upstairs neighbours are arguing up a storm rn


are they still arguing?


After 3 months I hope not.


i am watching an egirl pour milk on herself


Been playing more vidya lately. Dunno why I ever stopped. Homeworld Deserts of Kharak is bretty gud gaem.


There was a blog thread on the 1st or 2nd page



I fell for the meme and bought hard Mtn Dew along with other degenerate delicacies.


Based and booba pilled


Now thats a cute girl. 2 and 3 months


File: 1699010478307.jpg (203.23 KB, 828x885, 1698982980758080.jpg)

She looks like my cashier oneitis


Welsh R-selected rat phenotype


I wonder if red mage is a homeless bum living in the gutter right now.


it's OVER for adultcels


Probably. He hasn't posted in awhile.






Alroite I'll use this one as the other thread is at 300p

I really like these kinds of vids, rustic village cooking, share if you find any good ones.


File: 1699739451104.jpg (198.17 KB, 713x839, 1699728508197417.jpg)




File: 1699743217689.jpg (172.41 KB, 1102x1164, average australian tinder ….jpg)


I'm proud of him


>m8 u got loicense for that lower class knucklehead hardcore homosexual beh8vior


I once again am butthurt about my physics class. This faggot expects me to draw a bunch of pictures and make diagrams, when literally all I need to do for a problem is add the accelerations together and multiple the mass in order to get the force for example. Everything needs to take 10 years of convoluted set-up to solve problems that are actually very simple if you were to strip away all the bullshit.


Complain again and get your head crushed between her thighs stormweenie


G-D, I wish.


This Leb is funny. Almost walking into the staff only part of a shop like he owns the joint


File: 1699934462541.mp4 (2.99 MB, 720x1280, yyyoungggggg_7282233920387….mp4)


Literally looks retarded


I'm enjoying cleaning


I'd go down on her syndrome if you know what I mean


Aubrey is incredibly cute now, so cute when girls can speak relatively well around 2 1/2


I want to become skilled with wild birds like her



Is 95% RAM usage too much? I think something is eating up my RAM but idk what I did. I actually just cleaned the dust from my case and performance seems worse I had some glitching/artifacting


Have you tried looking in task manager?


How much memory do you have? I have 24GB of RAM, and even if I have my browser and a gaym open it usually doesn't even approach 6GB, but I can see how that might be an issue for older laptops and the like now. 8GB is probably the bare minimum you should have to run modern bloatware at this time.
>I actually just cleaned the dust from my case and performance seems worse I had some glitching/artifacting
Could be a billion things. What hardware do you have? Something like this could be your GPU or a failing HDD.


Thats hwhat I'm checking it with

16gb. I think my gpu is failing but idk, maybe I popped something out but I kinda doubt it, but I'll reseat the gpu.


No you silly goose, 95% unexpected RAM usage is almost certainly a memory leak from a program or a driver, has nothing to do with your hardware. If you're certain you've checked task manager and made sure to enable show all processes from all users and there's no program taking several GB of RAM, then it's a memory leak from a driver. Update your GPU, LAN. WiFi and chipset drivers.

To narrow down which driver it might be, download and use PoolMonX


Oh I forgot to mention it's when I'm gaming... Just using Firefox and qBittorent its at 50%, for the moment anyway. Idk let me see if it resolves itself. Actually wait a second I updated my gpu driver recently, maybe it was that. I can't actually remember if it started before or after I updated.


Pinot grigio tastes like piss, but that doesn't stop me from drinking it.




File: 1700739921849.png (14.35 KB, 394x220, Screenshot_1.png)

Just bought a new dongle, from bluetooth 4.0 to 5.0 or something, installed new driver and it seems to work fine but wondering why it says the drivers from 2006


it's probly a mostly meaningless number where the date starting with 21/06/2006 indicates it's a Vista+ platform driver and not <=XP driver

that's how microsoft prevented people from bricking their installs by installing non-functioning XP drivers


zoomers being alienated seeing 10-15 years older people talking and writing and reasoning about things in full sentences is just weird. not my problem.


i "like" to imagine that younger generation has so much phone screen babysitting and doomscrolling brainrot that speaking and writing in sentences has become alien to them, seen a bit of that irl.

in other hand, it gives millenials some job security.

in other hand it accelerates meme of government equating everyone a retard and instantiating a rations-based "economy".


File: 1700797994350.jpg (34.24 KB, 1024x682, 72718582.jpg)

Disgraced priest Alex Crow, 30, marries 18-year-old he ‘groomed’ before pair ran off to Italy


>The disgraced Alabama priest who ran off to Italy with an 18-year-old woman over the summer is now married to the teenager — as an archbishop revealed Wednesday that the Vatican will likely move to officially oust him from the priesthood.

>Alex Crow, a 30-year-old Catholic priest, married the young woman who was a 2023 high school graduate, according to a marriage certificate filed in Mobile County Monday. She only turned 18 back in June, the document states.

>The teenager attended McGill-Toolen Catholic High, where Crow occasionally visited theology classes, according to reports. The pair’s affair became evident when authorities caught wind of a love letter she received from Crow on Valentine’s Day while she was still a student. Crow and the woman went to Europe over the summer before returning back to the US earlier this month, AL.com reported.

>Crow, already suspended, has likely given his last sermon, Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi signaled this week.

This man married an 18-year-old. What's your excuse?


I hate women.


>This man married an 18-year-old. What's your excuse?
I don't want an old hag



I have an uncle who married a 18 year old when he was 57 and he got her pregnant with one of my cousins. He's autistic but oh well. He's in his 80s now and she's still with him.


I hope that'll be me.


Matt Walsh Reviews A Woke Children's Book (C is for Consent)

Predictably lots of butthurt women and male feminists in the comments section

Women will have countless one-night stands with guys whom they don't remember the names of, but god forbid if she gets a kiss from her dad she'll classify it as "abuse"

If you raise and treat a son well (including in early adulthood, like the multimillionaire and Asian families do, unlike white trash) he will most likely remain grateful, provided he wasn't brainwashed by liberalism at school or on Discord telling him to deFOO politically incorrect family members. Daughters on the other hand biologically lack the neurological mechanism for loyalty. It's like the different between cats and dogs. Unlike a dog, a cat doesn't give a shit about you no matter how well you treat it. There is nothing "wrong" or "evil" with the cat, these animals are fit for different purposes, e.g. a herding dog will learn and listen to your orders for herding, a cat will roam wherever it wants and can catch rats and other pests. Same goes for sons and daughters, they are fit for different purposes and have different biological incentives. Or more generally, male humans and female humans are different, and any attempt to have a legal and social system that proselytizes "equality" between these two differently-programmed animals will have disastrous consequences (see birth rates). Because this was instinctually understood by humans before being "civilized" by European and American empires imposing their Enlightenment/liberal legal systems, this is why dowry, which implies the selling of your daughter for the purpose of arranging a marriage which is usually between two families in the same tribe that know each other (which then implies her raising a family, not having one-night stands with strangers and having "careers"), used to be the norm in most of the world.


incoherent schizobabble rambling


4chon-produced reality TV show of Avid, Foky and Dwarf sharing a 2-bedroom apartment when?


Pretty good analysis. I have/had a particular cousin who came over and whenever I walked into the kitchen (out from my room/cave) where she would be sitting with family, I noticed she would never turn and look at me and I found it to be incredibly rude. It was nothing to do with me it was just how she was. I was taught, or I just LEARNED from practice, that when you go to someones house you should make an effort to acknowledge them as you're a guest and you're intruding somewhat so you should be particularly gracious towards them, though obviously it goes both ways. I still have to tell this rude biatch off next time I see her. Shyness isn't an excuse either.


>I still have to tell this rude biatch off next time I see her.
What would that achieve?


She needs to learn some manners


File: 1700915606415.webp (26.71 KB, 1536x1024, 2023-high-school-graduate….webp)

He's quite gl and he even has a charismatic look about him, so it's no surprise he bagged a young girl. Guessing she was hot too but it doesn't reveal her name, which is a bit strange really because she's 18. He would do really well with cold approach. I hope they have a nice big healthy happy family


File: 1700936352289.png (484.62 KB, 666x666, 1644635903469.png)

Look at the first couple rows then scroll down



Same species as dogisaga?


File: 1700964538351.mp4 (2.81 MB, 576x1024, 7295676946267016483.mp4)


I'm sick of information being so hard to come by these days, and needing to go to some faggot discord or forum to figure something out. Has anyone heard of a god damn wiki? Is it too hard to copy-paste a changelog onto a text document, instead of expecting people to read it in some gay, little, discord club, which isn't even indexed on any search engine? These subhumans just want to covet control of their niche. Their pathetic calling in life is to be a petty gate-keeper.


Idk what you're referring to about finding information hard to come by

Discord does really seem super gay and shit from what I've tried of it. I'm using Telegram to check on protests, political stuff (the NSN in Australia) and occasionally people post degenerate content i.e. porn there


These wikis and things exist but because search engines are useless now nobody can find them. It's more convenient to use platforms like discord than hunt for a website that isn't seo'ed well.


>Idk what you're referring to about finding information hard to come by
What I mean is if you're trying to figure something out and it's more complicated than the most super obvious, mainstream, retard-tier questions, you can't find information about it anywhere. Presently for me it has to do with modding, but the problem extends far beyond that.
Yes search engines are shit, but it's still not reasonable to only have your documentation available on discord. They are already hosting files on places like github or itch.io. How about including a readme that isn't just credits and a discord link? This would have been unthinkable a few years ago.


>including a readme that isn't just credits and a discord link

i would avoid running on my computer any crap that only has discord links in it

sounds like some Xxxunder8ge-l33t-hx0rxxX / pajeet / grifter-tranny-groomer-cult-leader-sociopath shit


File: 1701178866169-0.png (118.03 KB, 555x614, Screenshot_4.png)

File: 1701178866169-1.png (245.75 KB, 459x448, Screenshot_5.png)

File: 1701178866169-2.png (93.18 KB, 621x205, Screenshot_3.png)

File: 1701178866169-3.jpg (54.03 KB, 600x300, USyd demographics.jpg)

A decade ago I was very mad at the degenerate state of our universities, but these days its become so boring its not even worth attacking, in any way if at all. Its the equivalent of a junkie troon; it will kill itself in time. I think its easy to forget how damning it is for something to become boring.


File: 1701179251966-0.jpg (4.78 KB, 243x207, images.jpg)

>Asian "celebrity chef"
>Gay popsci author. Aussie version of that American guy with the big jaw who looks kind of like Abraham Lincoln
>Fat "funny" woman, no doubt the heckin' goofy kind
>Gay bald boring no-name indiepop
>Sustainability baloney


I guess the food trucks would be the only draw, for a hit of some heckin' good ethnic food (hmm)

There are even less hot girls on campus, it seemed, last time I went


File: 1701254681569.jpg (128.64 KB, 1290x1511, media_F-z50LVWsAAghx6.jpg)

I am old.


Sorry but I don't date old guys off or on base.

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