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Got a cheap shortwave radio and all I've found so far is christcuckery, conspiracy shows, and stuff in Spanish.


Consider the following
>I farted
>it smell of shit


Just deleted all the porn from my computer. It was tough, because there's a lot of stuff I'm sure I won't ever find again, but it's for the best.


>Got a cheap shortwave radio and all I've found so far is christcuckery, conspiracy shows, and stuff in Spanish.





There are a lot of jokes in the Simpsons that I would have never fully understood as a child. Shortwave allegedly has more diverse content though. My radio might be too shitty to pick up other broadcasts most of the time.


I was a huge Beavis and Butt-Head fan as a child. I didn't understand a majority of what they were talking about. I didn't know what scoring was. Things hit different when you get older. I am still a Beavis and Butt-Head fan btw.


I couldn't get into that show. I saw the episode where they beat that frog to death and that was it for me. Daria was the better show, imo.


File: 1684634159923.jpg 24.97 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg

That was hilarious. I was a child and knew it wasn't real. Where's your head at?


File: 1684634690261.png 606.21 KB, 2048x1536, 3a35a5c4a384325926f0450e62a….png

In the cool zone.


Beavis and Butthead is just a part of who I am. Get over it.


File: 1684637377970.jpg 30.91 KB, 451x343, Daria_scientific_stuff.jpg

Where do you think daria came from?


File: 1684637433209.jpg 132.78 KB, 1500x1100, 1C6964032-111028-ent-daria-….jpg


File: 1684637444617.jpg 44.08 KB, 1000x726, MV5BNjlhMjVkNzEtNmYwOC00YjM….jpg



I'm aware of that, as was King of the Hill. It's why I brought it up. That doesn't make it any less better.


File: 1684641124880.webp 140.75 KB, 1440x1573, Screenshot_20230520-225132.webp

I don't know if we can be friends anymore.


File: 1684811158462.jpg 117.33 KB, 720x960, IMG_0339.JPG

Would rainbows out the window be allowed in a rainbow nationalist soyciety?


Gays ruined rainbows.


there will be no windows in the fag nationalist society


I stumbled onto Alex Jones broadcasting on shortwave. I had no idea. As of a few minutes ago he was shilling iodine.


Rainbows are shit anyway


Leprechauns no longer leave pots of gold at the end of rainbows, because homos were buttfucking in front of them. It's over.


File: 1685039115379.webp 85.46 KB, 1084x727, Screenshot_20230525-132421.webp



File: 1685039164794.webp 68.5 KB, 1440x1349, Screenshot_20230525-132526.webp


W T F ?


File: 1685040651396.webp 95.04 KB, 1307x1717, Screenshot_20230525-135008.webp


I fort and it stank


>YouTube’s Science Spam Crisis


File: 1685136843965.webp 26.01 KB, 900x483, Man-with-binoculars-RESIZE….webp

Fucking quads of realness


thankYOU dubsy brotha!!!


It's crazy to think that there are a lot of people on this planet as retarded as foky. Probably pajeets and other third worlders mostly who obsess over every soyence scam.


Pajeets are relatively harmless and treat every website like a dating app but foky is thirsty for blood and does stuff like dox people, start shit, create unnecessary drama and stress.


Foky has never doxxed anyone


foky still checks >>14776 every once in a while, you can leave him a nice message there


Pajeets terrorize the internet and senile boomers.


File: 1685216155729.mp4 3.23 MB, 576x1024, stop scrolling.mp4




I got a BOANER frum dis lmoa


File: 1685248107732.webm 1.68 MB, 720x1080, chink-morpheus.webm


File: 1685419079295.jpg 269.56 KB, 1241x1241, 1685411934576504.jpg

jesus no wonder i hated school
self-righteous teachers were the worst




File: 1686091211325.jpg 108.62 KB, 600x731, jbp-white-paki.jpg


Thinking about kill myself and how best to do it




Lying on the couch watching bargain hunt, want some smoke, no way of getting any, got fuck all food besides chips and noodles and a bit Cereal til I get shopping tomorrow

Woke up again sweating like a mad cunt last night. Pure pisstake


Shootout with the police after killing a politician.


I second this in Minecraft.


Dwarf finally found a committed boyfriend and no longer wishes to shitpost here.


is it avid?



I am being stalked



Would Sinix's vocal fry be allowed in an estrogen nationalist soyciety?



For the first time in my life I buy store-bought juice and it's been fermenting. I didn't notice at first, so I drank some of it. It's probably fine, but if I die from some exotic Mexican bacteria, avenge my death please.


>avenge my death
If you die those oranges are getting got yaherd 👍


Had a fucking shite day today, felt like shit, low energy despite eating, mind was racing with no real way of stopping it, nearly got hit by a car because I was biking too fast, I hope tomorrow is better, what's really fucked me up is that I got a good 10 hours of sleep last night, I have no idea why I felt this way today, might be the dopamine levels being generally lower due to not smoking weed anymore, might also be my fucking impacted wisdom tooth that traps food and stinks too, might be some bacterial shit going on there

I feel fine now though, had a bath just before, going to look up some modded fallout 3 no commentary let's plays, got to be up relatively early tomorrow for a stop smoking meeting, hopefully they give me loads of free patches and whatever because fuck paying the prices nowadays for all of that stuff.


All I did today was climb trees and get high
Also chicken business



Upstairs neighbours are arguing up a storm rn


are they still arguing?


After 3 months I hope not.


i am watching an egirl pour milk on herself


Been playing more vidya lately. Dunno why I ever stopped. Homeworld Deserts of Kharak is bretty gud gaem.


There was a blog thread on the 1st or 2nd page



I fell for the meme and bought hard Mtn Dew along with other degenerate delicacies.


Based and booba pilled


Now thats a cute girl. 2 and 3 months


File: 1699010478307.jpg 203.23 KB, 828x885, 1698982980758080.jpg

She looks like my cashier oneitis


Welsh R-selected rat phenotype


I wonder if red mage is a homeless bum living in the gutter right now.


it's OVER for adultcels


Probably. He hasn't posted in awhile.






Alroite I'll use this one as the other thread is at 300p

I really like these kinds of vids, rustic village cooking, share if you find any good ones.


File: 1699739451104.jpg 198.17 KB, 713x839, 1699728508197417.jpg




File: 1699743217689.jpg 172.41 KB, 1102x1164, average australian tinder d….jpg


I'm proud of him


>m8 u got loicense for that lower class knucklehead hardcore homosexual beh8vior


I once again am butthurt about my physics class. This faggot expects me to draw a bunch of pictures and make diagrams, when literally all I need to do for a problem is add the accelerations together and multiple the mass in order to get the force for example. Everything needs to take 10 years of convoluted set-up to solve problems that are actually very simple if you were to strip away all the bullshit.


Complain again and get your head crushed between her thighs stormweenie


G-D, I wish.


This Leb is funny. Almost walking into the staff only part of a shop like he owns the joint


File: 1699934462541.mp4 2.99 MB, 720x1280, yyyoungggggg_72822339203876….mp4


Literally looks retarded


I'm enjoying cleaning


I'd go down on her syndrome if you know what I mean


Aubrey is incredibly cute now, so cute when girls can speak relatively well around 2 1/2


I want to become skilled with wild birds like her



Is 95% RAM usage too much? I think something is eating up my RAM but idk what I did. I actually just cleaned the dust from my case and performance seems worse I had some glitching/artifacting


Have you tried looking in task manager?


How much memory do you have? I have 24GB of RAM, and even if I have my browser and a gaym open it usually doesn't even approach 6GB, but I can see how that might be an issue for older laptops and the like now. 8GB is probably the bare minimum you should have to run modern bloatware at this time.
>I actually just cleaned the dust from my case and performance seems worse I had some glitching/artifacting
Could be a billion things. What hardware do you have? Something like this could be your GPU or a failing HDD.


Thats hwhat I'm checking it with

16gb. I think my gpu is failing but idk, maybe I popped something out but I kinda doubt it, but I'll reseat the gpu.


No you silly goose, 95% unexpected RAM usage is almost certainly a memory leak from a program or a driver, has nothing to do with your hardware. If you're certain you've checked task manager and made sure to enable show all processes from all users and there's no program taking several GB of RAM, then it's a memory leak from a driver. Update your GPU, LAN. WiFi and chipset drivers.

To narrow down which driver it might be, download and use PoolMonX


Oh I forgot to mention it's when I'm gaming... Just using Firefox and qBittorent its at 50%, for the moment anyway. Idk let me see if it resolves itself. Actually wait a second I updated my gpu driver recently, maybe it was that. I can't actually remember if it started before or after I updated.


Pinot grigio tastes like piss, but that doesn't stop me from drinking it.




File: 1700739921849.png 14.35 KB, 394x220, Screenshot_1.png

Just bought a new dongle, from bluetooth 4.0 to 5.0 or something, installed new driver and it seems to work fine but wondering why it says the drivers from 2006


it's probly a mostly meaningless number where the date starting with 21/06/2006 indicates it's a Vista+ platform driver and not <=XP driver

that's how microsoft prevented people from bricking their installs by installing non-functioning XP drivers


zoomers being alienated seeing 10-15 years older people talking and writing and reasoning about things in full sentences is just weird. not my problem.


i "like" to imagine that younger generation has so much phone screen babysitting and doomscrolling brainrot that speaking and writing in sentences has become alien to them, seen a bit of that irl.

in other hand, it gives millenials some job security.

in other hand it accelerates meme of government equating everyone a retard and instantiating a rations-based "economy".


File: 1700797994350.jpg 34.24 KB, 1024x682, 72718582.jpg

Disgraced priest Alex Crow, 30, marries 18-year-old he ‘groomed’ before pair ran off to Italy


>The disgraced Alabama priest who ran off to Italy with an 18-year-old woman over the summer is now married to the teenager — as an archbishop revealed Wednesday that the Vatican will likely move to officially oust him from the priesthood.

>Alex Crow, a 30-year-old Catholic priest, married the young woman who was a 2023 high school graduate, according to a marriage certificate filed in Mobile County Monday. She only turned 18 back in June, the document states.

>The teenager attended McGill-Toolen Catholic High, where Crow occasionally visited theology classes, according to reports. The pair’s affair became evident when authorities caught wind of a love letter she received from Crow on Valentine’s Day while she was still a student. Crow and the woman went to Europe over the summer before returning back to the US earlier this month, AL.com reported.

>Crow, already suspended, has likely given his last sermon, Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi signaled this week.

This man married an 18-year-old. What's your excuse?


I hate women.


>This man married an 18-year-old. What's your excuse?
I don't want an old hag



I have an uncle who married a 18 year old when he was 57 and he got her pregnant with one of my cousins. He's autistic but oh well. He's in his 80s now and she's still with him.


I hope that'll be me.


Matt Walsh Reviews A Woke Children's Book (C is for Consent)

Predictably lots of butthurt women and male feminists in the comments section

Women will have countless one-night stands with guys whom they don't remember the names of, but god forbid if she gets a kiss from her dad she'll classify it as "abuse"

If you raise and treat a son well (including in early adulthood, like the multimillionaire and Asian families do, unlike white trash) he will most likely remain grateful, provided he wasn't brainwashed by liberalism at school or on Discord telling him to deFOO politically incorrect family members. Daughters on the other hand biologically lack the neurological mechanism for loyalty. It's like the different between cats and dogs. Unlike a dog, a cat doesn't give a shit about you no matter how well you treat it. There is nothing "wrong" or "evil" with the cat, these animals are fit for different purposes, e.g. a herding dog will learn and listen to your orders for herding, a cat will roam wherever it wants and can catch rats and other pests. Same goes for sons and daughters, they are fit for different purposes and have different biological incentives. Or more generally, male humans and female humans are different, and any attempt to have a legal and social system that proselytizes "equality" between these two differently-programmed animals will have disastrous consequences (see birth rates). Because this was instinctually understood by humans before being "civilized" by European and American empires imposing their Enlightenment/liberal legal systems, this is why dowry, which implies the selling of your daughter for the purpose of arranging a marriage which is usually between two families in the same tribe that know each other (which then implies her raising a family, not having one-night stands with strangers and having "careers"), used to be the norm in most of the world.


incoherent schizobabble rambling


4chon-produced reality TV show of Avid, Foky and Dwarf sharing a 2-bedroom apartment when?


Pretty good analysis. I have/had a particular cousin who came over and whenever I walked into the kitchen (out from my room/cave) where she would be sitting with family, I noticed she would never turn and look at me and I found it to be incredibly rude. It was nothing to do with me it was just how she was. I was taught, or I just LEARNED from practice, that when you go to someones house you should make an effort to acknowledge them as you're a guest and you're intruding somewhat so you should be particularly gracious towards them, though obviously it goes both ways. I still have to tell this rude biatch off next time I see her. Shyness isn't an excuse either.


>I still have to tell this rude biatch off next time I see her.
What would that achieve?


She needs to learn some manners


File: 1700915606415.webp 26.71 KB, 1536x1024, 2023-high-school-graduate-….webp

He's quite gl and he even has a charismatic look about him, so it's no surprise he bagged a young girl. Guessing she was hot too but it doesn't reveal her name, which is a bit strange really because she's 18. He would do really well with cold approach. I hope they have a nice big healthy happy family


File: 1700936352289.png 484.62 KB, 666x666, 1644635903469.png

Look at the first couple rows then scroll down



Same species as dogisaga?


File: 1700964538351.mp4 2.81 MB, 576x1024, 7295676946267016483.mp4


I'm sick of information being so hard to come by these days, and needing to go to some faggot discord or forum to figure something out. Has anyone heard of a god damn wiki? Is it too hard to copy-paste a changelog onto a text document, instead of expecting people to read it in some gay, little, discord club, which isn't even indexed on any search engine? These subhumans just want to covet control of their niche. Their pathetic calling in life is to be a petty gate-keeper.


Idk what you're referring to about finding information hard to come by

Discord does really seem super gay and shit from what I've tried of it. I'm using Telegram to check on protests, political stuff (the NSN in Australia) and occasionally people post degenerate content i.e. porn there


These wikis and things exist but because search engines are useless now nobody can find them. It's more convenient to use platforms like discord than hunt for a website that isn't seo'ed well.


>Idk what you're referring to about finding information hard to come by
What I mean is if you're trying to figure something out and it's more complicated than the most super obvious, mainstream, retard-tier questions, you can't find information about it anywhere. Presently for me it has to do with modding, but the problem extends far beyond that.
Yes search engines are shit, but it's still not reasonable to only have your documentation available on discord. They are already hosting files on places like github or itch.io. How about including a readme that isn't just credits and a discord link? This would have been unthinkable a few years ago.


>including a readme that isn't just credits and a discord link

i would avoid running on my computer any crap that only has discord links in it

sounds like some Xxxunder8ge-l33t-hx0rxxX / pajeet / grifter-tranny-groomer-cult-leader-sociopath shit


File: 1701178866169-0.png 118.03 KB, 555x614, Screenshot_4.png

File: 1701178866169-1.png 245.75 KB, 459x448, Screenshot_5.png

File: 1701178866169-2.png 93.18 KB, 621x205, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1701178866169-3.jpg 54.03 KB, 600x300, USyd demographics.jpg

A decade ago I was very mad at the degenerate state of our universities, but these days its become so boring its not even worth attacking, in any way if at all. Its the equivalent of a junkie troon; it will kill itself in time. I think its easy to forget how damning it is for something to become boring.


File: 1701179251966-0.jpg 4.78 KB, 243x207, images.jpg

>Asian "celebrity chef"
>Gay popsci author. Aussie version of that American guy with the big jaw who looks kind of like Abraham Lincoln
>Fat "funny" woman, no doubt the heckin' goofy kind
>Gay bald boring no-name indiepop
>Sustainability baloney


I guess the food trucks would be the only draw, for a hit of some heckin' good ethnic food (hmm)

There are even less hot girls on campus, it seemed, last time I went


File: 1701254681569.jpg 128.64 KB, 1290x1511, media_F-z50LVWsAAghx6.jpg

I am old.



Some tranny just took a hacksaw to this guy's page. Have you ever seen a shorter entry?


File: 1701719999145.jpg 31.53 KB, 480x320, i.jpg

>alice: hey bob! child castration.
>bob: hey alice! child castration. forced experimental medical procedure on the whole population.
>alice: child castration. and forced experimental medical procedure on the whole population. managers forcing workers, the breadwinners of low income families to relocate hundreds of kilometers away or be fired to keep their jobs if they aren't willing to vaxx-it-up. child castration. in every major and random regional news outlet a monthly article with comment section closed about case story of a brave "transperson" or something bizzare like that.
>bob: forced experimental medical on the whole population. child castration, child castration. forced experimental medical procedure on the whole population. 70% of the workplace is non-white and like a third of them are not fully fluent in english. child castration.

i wonder how it is being a 29 year old non-autistic anglo middle manager name like bob or bill, or niel or jeremy who is not a "techie" (sperg) but friendly and generally competent and there to look after things and manage some excel spreadsheets and give presentations on corporate policies and "psychological safety" and is always on some "training" and actually bothers to wear ironed button-up shirts to the work (and to even show up in the office) and likes to travel to "exotic places" during vacations and tells his wife adores when he gets to wear his dress suits, and previously worked in sales or insurance or some other "client facing" thing because of the prettyboy looks, but you can hear just the bare gist of tiredness in his voice. obviously this can't be the same world he was in 20 years ago.

(i will not wear a suit or dress pants to the work, that shit is for faggots)


how does bob, or jeremy or neal keep it together without breaking the temper or appearance and even manages to talk about footie scores (ngubu really did it this time, outstanding game) huh


File: 1701918643362.mp4 7.96 MB, 480x852, earth.mp4


E@RtH is sych a KEWL PLanETt!!!!!! I hOEp 2 viSSit 1ne DaYy!


SHOulD I doo MY KoM3dyy KL0wn AK7 4 dA K33dzz?


Is cinnte go gcuirfinn fáilte roimh an deis mo chuid Gaeilge a chleachtadh!


Goyim are for experimenting on, and laboring


and for raping their little children and drinking their blood amirite my fellow jew


I worked in a call centre 15 years ago it was awful. But most of the employees were women and/or Islanders or other assorted nonWhites, the managers were mostly White men, I don't think they did much all day.

Working when its summer and beach season must suck


Didn't go to my extended family's Christmas meet up because I'm too embarassed by their vax-taking and now their racemixing is off the charts. It's dawned on me how classless I/they are. It's incredibly embarassing how many of the White men have Asian wives. 2 brothers have one each :x And another had a Viet who had some fiasco where she called the cops on him for domestic violence then divorced and now he has another Asian.




File: 1702225037390.jpg 737.8 KB, 3200x1680, 636614540395764697-GettyIma….jpg

huh us libertian hwhite guys with ASIAN WIVES
watching andy tate
investing in crypto
hair implants
brave browser


they pussies are tighter


File: 1702230753269.png 1.3 MB, 1080x911, East vs West women.png

The more time goes by, the more true this picture is. I remember when I was working at a gas station a few years ago and some Korean tourists stopped by. They all looked like 10/10 models, and were extremely well-groomed and well-dressed(not in formal attire, but sharply dressed). The contrast between the crowds of unhealthy slobs I see on a daily basis was startling. It reminded me that I hadn't even seen an attractive girl in real life for years, and that it hasn't been a regular occurrence since high school. I imagine those tourists didn't enjoy their Florida vacation as much as they thought they would. I wonder if it made them reconsider cargo-culting the United States.


Honestly I've completely stopped giving a fuck about my shabbos goy, karen, domesticated slave race. Since I've started homesteading it's universally been whites fucking with me. White karens calling white zogbots, and white meth-heads trying to burgle me and dropping heroin needles around my forest

Whites are not my volk. The sentient and souled are my volk. I would impregnate any race of female as long as her genetics are quality enough


File: 1702232146153.jpg 37.91 KB, 738x415, 1702171952149169.jpg

>Honestly I've completely stopped giving a fuck
>fucking with me
>trying to burgle me
>dropping heroin needles around my forest
>I would impregnate any race of female as long as her genetics are quality enough

....are you okay?


I agree with this sentiment. It's impossible to have unity with such people even if you would like to. Theoretically, these are the sorts you don't want breeding. I say "theoretically", because perhaps these behaviors would manifest differently in a different environment.


This tbh. I have nothing in common with most white people other than the colour of my skin, which is a pretty flimsy bond. These cunts would NEVER stand up for me (the opposite in most cases) so why should I do the same for them?


>I say "theoretically", because perhaps these behaviors would manifest differently in a different environment
An apple seed blooms into an apple tree regardless of the type of soil. If someone turns into a meth-zombie in 2023 America I wouldn't want them to breed anywhere in any era. They're trash fit only for the fire


File: 1702251697127.jpg 72.58 KB, 894x671, 71qrutmGlHL._AC_UF894,1000_….jpg



I want to shave my legs/trim them but I think I'm gonna regret it


Wow. That's an extremely chad move. Are you sure you're ready to take that next step?!


You don't want to do that. I tired that as a teen, because I am a hairy beast, and I had ingrown hairs for years.


File: 1702262872550.webp 158.9 KB, 1338x2100, Screenshot_20231210-204713.webp

Safety razors exist for a reason!


File: 1702285052687-0.png 607.09 KB, 352x623, Screenshot_2.png

File: 1702285052687-1.png 1.16 MB, 532x885, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1702285052687-2.png 280.38 KB, 605x562, Screenshot_4.png

I think I am

I use a "trimmer" for my face (I always called it an electric razor but apparently its not). Somethin like that < unfortunately I bought a new one recently and threw out all the combs because I usually only use it for my face/pits/chest/groin etc. I'm considering "trimming" my legs and arms to make it easier to apply sunscreen.


You skip leg day. I am disappoint, chad.


Muscles are relaxed in that position and hanging from gravity, noob


Fuckin magnets
How do they work?


That Stormfront post was written in 2009 and he said there he was 33 which means he's now 47. Do you think this basketcase followed through with his proclamations? I also wonder if he's related to >>70160 and got stood up by Retard Flag Guy after inviting him to his Christmas meetup.


File: 1702328685304.webp 215.94 KB, 2500x1563, 345765417.webp

>I remember when I was working at a gas station a few years ago and some Korean tourists stopped by. They all looked like 10/10 models, and were extremely well-groomed and well-dressed(not in formal attire, but sharply dressed).

>With the highest rates of plastic surgery globally, South Korea has been dubbed the plastic surgery capital of the world. Some estimates have suggested that ⅓ of South Korean women between 19 and 29 have had plastic surgery and others have put that number at 50% or higher.

>For one, appearances play a huge role in Korean culture including jobs and overall livelihood. South Korea has a cutthroat job market, and many workplaces will even take an applicant’s appearance into consideration for hiring. As applicants’ qualifications and abilities rise, many believe that enhancing their looks will give them an edge over their opponents. People in the public eye, such as politicians, will get cosmetic surgeries because people with small eyes are perceived as sneaky and less likable than people with big round eyes.

>Because appearances can have such a great effect on a child’s career, many parents will not only accept but encourage plastic surgery for their children. As surgeries become more common, parents become afraid their children will fall behind not only academically but visually as well. Not to mention, double eyelid surgeries and rhinoplasties (two of the most common cosmetic surgeries in Korea) are relatively safe, inexpensive, and accessible with over 500 cosmetic surgeons in the city of Seoul alone. Parents encourage their children to get plastic surgery with the mindset that it will help them in the long run.

I think Koreans (and other Asians to a lesser extent) are ahead of the curve on what's to come. With the Tinderification of soyciety, and the offshoring and automation of the fewer and fewer jobs remaining while housing and prices continue to rise under judeo-rentier capitalism aka neoliberalism which replaced industrial capitalism, a larger percentage of Westerners will also be pressured to surgically enhance their appearance to stay competitive in the rat race because aside from the Who You Know™ cheat code which isn't always available to most people, everyone knows looks are a cheat code when it comes to how well you'll be treated by others and the opportunities you'll be given. Not White Women though, as Sam Hyde points out they're mostly invulnerable to this at least for now as long as they avoid becoming too fat or crazy, statistically ESG and DEI (buzzwords for government- or corporate-approved discrimination) has benefited white women the most despite Asian women on average being a little more disciplined and scoring higher on maths and hard sciences, there are various theories for why this might be the case. See also the Korean fertility rate of what's to come in the West.


wrong as always chud


I mostly do skip leg day tbh but not that badly. Can deadlift about 140kg for reps and front squat a decent amount.

Idk how he could give up like that (resigning himself to an Asian). It's just not in my nature.


File: 1702338187873.png 11.49 KB, 725x132, 32gb (2).png


I had 16gb, I upgraded to 32gb because I was curious if that would fix it, and I still have the same issue it just takes longer to happen. Its a memory leak right? And how come it says 95% RAM being used but the data only adds up to about 8GB, or is that par the course for memory leaks?

I feel like there is a very simple fix/issue or something I'm overlooking. All relevant drivers are updated as far as I can tell. I think it might be a Firefox update. If I don't fix it by tonight I'll turn off Firefox and leave the pc on overnight (its on 24/7 anyway) and see if it still happens - to see if I can rule out FF


Try this
When you have your memory leak sort by descending NPaged Usage and then Paged Usage and take screenshot of both.


File: 1702343487188.mp4 1.46 MB, 1280x720, 1733475512222363960.mp4

Alex Jones still thinks the "communist Chinese" is the source of all problems, including Hollywood


If I had to guess he probably realized it was cucked to adopt children, and if he never ended up finding someone or divorced, then he likely became a 3rd world sex tourist like Ramz Paul.


In the end he's just a propagandist working for the system I guess.


Very good chance he's sitting in a prison somewhere given he posts on sf.


File: 1702386963597.webp 106.68 KB, 772x774, Screenshot_3.webp

I've had heaps of mozzies around since the hot day on Sat, do you think this shit would work or would I end up dumping it?


I have one and it works but it sussea me out. I don't like it it buzzes loudly and I feel like its gunna give me eye cancer.


Ragnarok Friday
Falseflag "Russian cyber attack" by US government
Banks, utilities and supply chain down
They'll make their move in the darkness
Supermax prisons


File: 1702416649264.png 505 KB, 557x594, file.png

His powers continue to grow


We both have something in common.


nice cock


File: 1702527554021-0.png 94.71 KB, 1256x643, sdfadasfdasfdasf (1).png

File: 1702527554021-1.png 93.47 KB, 1219x647, sdfadasfdasfdasf (4).png

I can't make sense of any of this. The green/red colours keep changing every time I refresh.


DL v3.0.1 from the github link I posted, not the older v1.0.


looks like entropy induced by the lack of people who can program c++ professionally and pajeets and "agile" deteriorating the "old" large commercial software like windows and adobe is accelerating


Okay, thought it was suss downloading that but I did it, will have to wait until I get the leak again.


You say that as if it were a choice. The straw that broke the camel's back (what a long idiom) was that I have a FEMALE relative, close to me... ~ who now has an ASIAN boyfriend, he looks SEA. It's weird and gross. She knows how much I would have hated it, she knows her father would have hated it, really there's nobody who would have liked it, people would just tolerate it AT BEST. My sister had children with an ITALIAN 20 years ago and for that I didn't speak to her for about 15 years. So this other FEMALE close to me knows she risked me disowning her. This woman is late 30s though and has never heeded my advice to find a White man to settle with. She has a good job and is smart, in stem, but it's all for naught, really is more evidence to me that women should not work outside the home at all.

The Aussie women I see around are slim but maybe I'm biased, I spend a lot of time at our beaches and I went to a top uni where almost all of them were slim and well-dressed.

Maybe I'm relatively happy because of my struggle to find a good woman. I kinda like it being hard. I like being nervous around women.

I like the tree or plant/nature metaphors


What are your nickname ideas to differentiate the retard flag guys?

Bipolar Retard Flag Guy >>70424
Schizo Retard Flag Guy >>70417
Impostor Retard Flag Guy >>70295


Pretty sure I got food poisoning form pajeet gas station chicken. I should have known better. They probably don't even wash their hands.


I get explosive diarrhea shits from Indian curry but I think thats just the spices, not the poop in it (gross but probably true)


File: 1702701818565.png 93.37 KB, 194x267, Screenshot_5.png

Starting to enjoy this, up to chapter 20 of 70 or so, but I think it will take until the end of Jan to finish its so long. The history seems helpful though, I like checking out battles on Wikipedia for more context but idk if theres a better resource I should be looking at first.


they should suck all of our dicks and be nicknamed according to their respective headgames


File: 1702703751736-0.png 85.72 KB, 1527x786, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1702703751736-1.png 89.59 KB, 1459x783, Screenshot_4.png

Still can't make sense of this


Are you having a memory leak at the moment of those screenshots? Seems fine to me. I don't know why you have ReadyBoost on though, there's no need for it at all if you have lots of RAM and an SSD as your OS drive. Make sure ReadyBoost is turned off on all your drives: https://techsupportexpert.com/deactivating-readyboost-windows-10/

Also let's see what the size of your Windows.edb file is to rule it out, it should be under 4GB, open cmd as administrator ( https://www.makeuseof.com/windows-run-command-prompt-admin/ ) and paste this command with right-click:
for %I in (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\Windows.edb) do @echo %~zI bytes


Yes I had the leak then. I didn't know what ReadyBoost was, I tried searching for it on my pc and there was an event log thing, I'm not sure I actually have it.

The edb file was .2gb.


File: 1702723491586.webp 87.52 KB, 565x503, Screenshot_3.webp

Man these all taste like garbage except for based spearmint, or MAYBE mint. I got kinda hooked on them in the last week. The menthol gives you some very mild bronchodilation and is a local anesthetic for your mouth/airway, it's like a few minute stim hit, wakes you up a bit xd

Fucking tribe. Drugs + diet sugar really is Jewish marketing 101


I wanted to put one in my room but now I realize it might be helpful if I buy one and keep it just outside my door, because it shouldn't be that distracting. So it actually works and you see dead mozzies on it?


Isn't it bad for your gut to be using those habitually?



I just finished my degree in electronics, but all the jobs I see sound very intimidating, and include something I've never done before. I may be boned.


Have you updated the WiFi driver? Or LAN if you're still using that. Find out which one it is
Then google and install the latest driver for your adapter. See also if there's anything related to your storage/SSD driver that can be updated or your chipset driver as well.


Is this what the fag says when he's clearly hitting on you?


why is it bad?


i like these
the original and aniseed ones
they were good for stopping vaping


I updated the LAN (ethernet) adapter, so we'll see. For some reason a lot of my drivers which I can see in device manager say they're from 2006 and updating them by right click - "Update driver" doesn't seem to do anything, it just says windows has determined the best driver is installed, which seems to be bs, so I have to update stuff manually by going to the manufacturers site.

I tried updating disk drive firmware/stuff but it didn't seem to work, I'll just wait and see if the lan update did anything.

I assume by chipset you mean motherboard stuff? Thats all updated from 2020 or so.




Why are these shitty movie video essays ALWAYS made by Aussies? I cringe so hard at them. The accents are annoying too. The former is so much worse. Just LOL at being a bottom feeder leeching off others work, through stuff like this or making le epic based Ben Shaprio gotcha moments


The first one is worse I mean


File: 1702960046603-0.png 1.03 MB, 599x703, Screenshot_1.png

File: 1702960046603-1.png 1.37 MB, 577x975, Screenshot_2.png

File: 1702960046603-2.png 1.16 MB, 501x976, Screenshot_3.png

I think my legs are a nice size actually. This is like day 5 of having "trimmed" my legs with like a .3cm electric trimmer. And I did my arms recently too. I wanted to see if the heat was a bit more tolerable after shaving and I think it is. The sweat won't be dripping off or sticking to my hairy legs anymore.


Will your mum approve of you squishing the VPN off-topic schizo spammer between your shaved thighs?


Damn, you should become an underwear model.


No homo.


would tbh


it's weird i said to my online gf that I'm just with her because I'm lonely not because we're in love or anything and she treated it like I dumped her and ghosted me then when I tried talking to her she was like I don't wanna be with a lazy stoner fuckboy anyway but it felt like a racist kind of comment since she was Latina


autism unironically


>online gf
Why even?


YOU VILL HAVE NO (online lol nigga) GF


(I mean that unironically btw, time heals all wounds friend heh)


Online relationships aren't real.


Wash your balls.




File: 1703146456359-0.png 992.65 KB, 653x829, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1703146456359-1.png 577.17 KB, 848x472, Screenshot_4.png

File: 1703146456359-2.png 450.66 KB, 660x437, Screenshot_5.png

Lel heh


Apparently you have to register online to go. Sounds like bogus requirement like when we were supposed to do those QR-code sign-ins during the scamdemic.


A real CUP OF GOLD. Wouldn't you agree?


You were paid to like it.



She's incredibly annoying actually. The way she speaks drives me up the wall. It's hellish to live with her


Me irl


File: 1703198245832.jpg 108.59 KB, 698x658, 7cb0db5b99944712a51811d9d22….jpg

God dammit.


I don't like how that sounds.


File: 1703229603509.jpg 99.56 KB, 255x378, Rebel_moon_part1_poster.jpg

Kino is on the menu tonite

Torrent out though the quality could've been better


Shud we make a movie thread?


A nice moderate event screening where you know what and um mate em.


It sounds like I'm entitled to one roomful DEAD KIKES! (all that money)


There's a million pureblood virgin homeschooled girls on this chicken website


Tranny's are now girls. Okay. Whatever you say.


GIRL = Guy In Real Life




File: 1703312902178.webp 58.48 KB, 1085x604, Screenshot_5.webp

Good channel about redpill/blackpill stuff


He made a video about JBW featuring this Arab cutie (habibi) it was funny, but I can't find it



Getting tired of samsara bros


Arab women seem to still be actual women.


Much amaze.


Egyptians are the biggest scammers, be careful when you visit there. They will flatter you up like crazy.


Egyptian cotton KEK


To Holland looking mofo heh. I watched the new Spiderman movies recently they are quite good. The crossover one actually sucks imo


File: 1703527376182.webp 48.37 KB, 1201x661, Screenshot_3.webp




A death within a week lel, this place is cursed. Wonder if it was a nonWhite


Then I say pay for it.


Strong currents maybe.


With all due respect to nonWhites, they do seem to perish quite easily, particularly in the waterways/beaches/oceans


File: 1703585892679.pdf 1.41 MB, Slovenian whistleblower who….pdf

Dejan Ornig reported the flaw directly to the Slovenian government authorities in same way this article emphasizes he reported the findings "ethically" - this likely means he disclosed the flaw responsibly by contacting the proper authorities and giving them time to fix it before making it public.
There's no indication he tried to exploit the flaw for personal gain or made it widely known. He seems to have responsibly contacted the government so they could fix it. Despite his ethical reporting, he still faced legal troubles from the government authorities.


File: 1703591625131.webp 30.49 KB, 758x420, Screenshot_1.webp

I keep ordering these from Woolies. It's so rich and decadent. Would be better without the nuts though, they're distracting.


No good deed goes unpunished


words to live by


True lol, and with maximum disrespect. Niggers who lived on an island all their life are telling me they had to use coconuts to keep themselves afloat. SAD! PATHETIC!


My boomer vaxxoid dad is starting to get sick. He's making non-committal statements now to try and please everyone
>I'm not sure if it's long covid or the vaccine making me sick
>maybe it's just age catching up with me


What symptoms?

>long covid

Shiggy diggy.


Tie them up and bleed them drie. Piggy piggy!


Force-feed them so that it overflows. Piggy piggy squeal.


Slime it up and dig that mud deeper. You filthy pigs belong in a pit.


that's the reasoning behind why you get fucked in the ass, bud!


File: 1703639190672.jpg 87.33 KB, 1200x1800, Salted-caramel-cheesecake.jpg


File: 1703639859624.jpg 84.03 KB, 736x736, 1703638772490807.jpg

Kneel before us wite boi


Soz I'm too lazy to bake. If I'm gonna eat bad stuff I'll get it prepared


File: 1703651014396.png 37.81 KB, 648x387, Screenshot_6.png

This sucked lel. Been out for too long to need to spoiler this qrd:

>Uninspired story, characters, settings

>Boutella is a cute androgynous Arabess but has a weird body and looks like she got bogged recently, tits probably fake (too firm etc)
>Landscapes are all brown, dusty, grimdark, with the futuristic stuff added in when it comes in eventually, could be cool but the tone just doesn't work
>Evil Nazi antagonist is much cooler and more interesting than the protags, bad idea
>The whole griffin riding scene sucked
>Had no idea what was going on with the Asian woman master swordess fighting the spiderwoman
>I'm getting tired of whatever the blur effect thing is in every new Snyder film
>A lot of the CGI sucked - was a waste. Seemed soulless
>Signature slow-mo very badly overused and misused. Has no gravitas to it when its being used every 3rd shot during the action scenes
>Really slow pacing, scenes stretched out way too much, the middle was really boring
>Some cool tech but only really got revealed in the end. Though I know only so much tech can be shown so that the word is believable and familiar enough
>Really bad dialogue, some of it completely pointless like one of the village people (Boutellas father figure I guess) asking Boutella why she doesn't have a hubby yet - that wasn't followed up with well
>Boutellas sidekick underacted really badly, he was so boring and useless
>SEVERAL scenes have bright lights/flames burning right into your eyes for no reason, or it creates an effect that is just bad
>I didn't like the look of the blaster projectiles, especially during the slomo scenes. Just didn't look artful

It kind of made up for some stuff in the end, e.g. it explained how Boutella could 1v8 the soldiers, and why the commander/Nazi antagonist was so comically evil or bloodthirsty (he knew how hard was for him to die with the resurrection tech they had)

I hope the 2nd part elaborates on the 'Might Is Right' notions put forth by the traitor - the guy who had everyone on his planet tortured then had the planet bombed, and then joined up with the baddies who did it because he didn't want to be on the recieiving end again

Needed more heart. The romanticist nods or notions were cool, should've gone deeper with it. Also had no humour

I like Snyder but the only thing he's really done well so far is 300. Watchmen and ZSJL were also good but have limited rewatchability


File: 1703651129280.png 33.25 KB, 1706x230, Screenshot_8.png

The muh grain thing almost makes me think this movie was funded by Big Grain


File: 1703682941138.png 439.94 KB, 501x666, Seti Tuaopepe.png

>Penrith local John Savill said he talked to Mr Tuaopepe was using the same style of stand-up paddle board he was.

>'He had his three kids, I think they were all around 10 years old, a year or two either side of that,' Mr Savill told the Daily Telegraph.

>All four family members were sitting on the paddle board when they fell off into the water.

>'None of them could swim and the kids started panicking and pushing him under,' Mr Savill said




The way its so calm and serene after they go under echoes the classic Jaws scene so well at 2:20. They almost do it better, with the birds chirping and the feeling you get that life goes on


File: 1703717561276.png 6.94 KB, 629x74, Untitled.png

What youtube videos can I watch in bed that aren't made by tranny-enablers?


Canned fish reviews with Matthew Carlson


3 indians sinking in a pond like turds down a toilet bowl.
A display of karma for street shitting if there ever was one.


File: 1703757196024.png 11.39 KB, 956x105, Screenshot_1.png

Torrenting seems to be dying quicker than I'm happy about


Direct download is popular now because nobody wants to deal with private tracker spergs.


Not bad.


>Direct download

Sounds suss


File: 1703822680144.jpg 123.13 KB, 1500x1002, Turmeric.jpg

I don't get how this is supposed to reduce inflammation if it only works when you take it for weeks.


>take it for weeks
Yeah. That's kinda how some medicines works, anon.


If I had a Twitter I could've made a big bold prediction that a nonWhite person would die in the new beach. And then said I called it


I've finally checked off most of my film backlog, for the ones I actually wanted to see anyway. Thank god. Might watch Anatomy of a Fall though


You know who else are cucks? People who buy (((American))) cars. They're intentionally designed not to last yet you still buy them despite Japanese being proven over and over again to be more reliable on average.


File: 1704061902530.jpeg 51.39 KB, 720x678, IMG_2544.jpeg

I've barely stepped foot in my apartment in months. I come here to shower and shave and do some other stuff like exercise, but I usually end up sleeping on my parents' couch most days of the week. Whenever I stay too long at my own apartment I get overwhelmed by its emptiness, which is really my own emptiness being reflected back at me, and drift off to sleep on my shitty Ikea futon having not even replaced the fitted sheet on my bed since washing it in September or so. Despite that, I know I can never go back to living with my parents formally, nor would I want to. Instead, I spend $1,000 a month on this furnished storage unit just to maintain the illusion for myself and others that I haven't completely lost my goddamn mind.


>Despite that, I know I can never go back to living with my parents formally, nor would I want to.
Why though? I miss living in my mom's garage so much, it's unreal. Truly peak days. If you're able to save a lot of money living with your parents, there's so many opportunities to start making real money and none of them involve crypto scams either.


Y-you okay bro? There's nothing wrong with living at your parents place. Only white people think there is.


>I know I can never go back to living with my parents formally, nor would I want to.

>maintain the illusion that I haven't lost my mind


I'm sure if his parents have been okay with him living there almost 40 years they're going to continue to be okay with it.


They are fine with it. He lives on their couch and they haven't kicked him out.


If fucking only, honestly if I had any space or privacy living here like that I'd have never even considered leaving, the problem is the layout of the house means there's basically no daylight between us; I'm always in earshot and they know it and for lack of a better term exploit it. I do have a room with a door but from where the living room is I can basically hear their normal speaking voices, they're both extroverts and are also pretty much retarded in a boomerly way so they're always checking in on me ("did you hear [x]?") and trying to ask me to google shit for them or whatever lmfao. It's maddening but I can't be mad at them for it either, know what I mean?

They're also not independent, my dad had a neck surgery because of having a hard job in a warehouse, he moves pretty slowly and with difficulty so it's rightly hard for me to say no to him when it comes to helping out with basic shit, and my mom is not only essentially agoraphobic but also legally blind so she can't go shopping or do much of anything on her own either.

>why do I live here then

My dog lives here, and admittedly the lack of unhinged double digit IQ boomer antics makes my personal life seem even more vacant. I need it (my apartment) though, at least it feels like it. I need to know that I can just bail from here at any time. I need to be able to host parties on great occasion and have people over, which is something I can't do at my folks' house. Still, I feel privileged to have a mostly good relationship with my parents which a lot of people sadly don't.


I have a garage because my dad was blue collar. Its still there but I haven't really done anything with it.


File: 1704123447762.jpg 590.68 KB, 700x982, 1704025265379482.jpg

Stop wasting money on an empty apartment. Save that $1000 dollars of rent every month, then buy a van and have that as a free, always available living unit

Half a year of saved rent should get you a nice van. Then you can literally just sleep behind your work if you feel like it, and you'll be saving far more money that you can put towards improving your life in other aspects

Imagine instead that you purchased 50 acres of land that you make a monthly payment of $500 towards instead of some garbage apartment owned by a kike


File: 1704127280593.jpg 38.57 KB, 600x600, 61WbWaR5N1L._AC_UL600_SR600….jpg

$1000 dollars every month is a lot.


Or an RV even.


Any vehicle that's obviously for human habitation will attract cops and karens like a lightning rod. In 2021 at the end of my rentoid phase I bought a schoolbus to live in and not 24 hours passed before HOA contacted my landlord, telling him to remove it immediately. I had to talk to the HOA karens and convince them to give me 30 days

All of that pain (and far more) could have been avoided if I just had a work van with a fake computer repair company logo on the side

Anyone who lives in a vehicle needs to stealthmaxx


I romanticized the idea of living in a van for a long time. I did a lot of research and yeah an RV or other conspicuous vehicle isn't the right play unfortunately. I dislike paying rent on a fundamental level. Even home ownership is just another form of renter class given how exorbitant property taxes are. I just want to be left alone to draw anime boobs and shitpost without having to be worried about paying some jewish guy heh


There's a dude on /pol/ that lives in a van that looks very similar to the working vans at BestBuy. He just parks next to their fleet of vans and plugs an extension cable into their building. He's been getting free electricity for years

No rent, barely any bills at all. Free to go wherever, whenever


4chon goal:
live in a van down by the river


Living in a vehicle is far less romantic than you make it out to be. It's fucking cold and you'll constantly be harrassed by the police.

Let him have his apartment. 1000 bucks isn't shit anymore. Money has no value post covid.


Unfortunately we live in a society built around rent. Simply buying a cheap van isn't a great solution because that panopticon society is going to constantly fight against you. You can go out to where there's less people but it poses it's own challenges, and you'll still have karens snitching on you from time to time.

Living in a vehicle is being "homeless" and there's a massive stigma around that. It places you in an untouchable class and every single normie becomes your enemy.


I bet a 1000 dollars feels like a lot of money to him, when it costs him days and weeks of his lifeblood to earn


creampie'ing in a based thread


If it did, he wouldn't spend it on an apartment he feels uncomfortable stepping foot in.


It's over a third of my wage so it certainly does, but in the end it's a necessary thing when I do need it. If I lived in the south a van would have been a more attractive and plausible option but the harsh winters here in the midwest would make such a lifestyle difficult. This is all a "me" problem, I should be fine living alone, but my parents' infirmities coupled with my responsibilities to my dog make it a more difficult situation than it should be is all. Ultimately I'm pretty spoiled and privileged for lack of a better term-even just in having family I don't mind spending time with-so even complaining about it is kind of gay of me but w/e heh.


Why not rent a dog friendly place?


My apartment (which is a block away from my folks' house) is dog friendly, the problem is access to a yard is a huge quality of life thing for a dog so there's no way.


Makes sense.



You should get a mini dog for your apartment.


At one point I was thinking of getting a rat or something, no way I could take care of two dogs at the same time. It would be nice to have some kind of incentive to spend more time in my apartment and for it to feel more active in some way, but I feel like I've got enough on my plate. I just need to get used to it, I spent way more time in there my first year without a problem so there's no real reason I can't get out of this slump again heh


This is why pets are a mistake. For some reason WH*TEOIDS have this problem where they'll get a dog without any consideration for what they're going to do if they want to move or go on vacation, or thinking about how often they need to clean up after them and take them out, and then they end up paying exorbitant veterinary fees for when the dumb ass dog gets sick or injured.


I like my dog tho, he a good boy he dindu nuffin'.


Animals are based. Your brownness is showing.


Companion animals as surrogate children is a whiteoid thing, and it neuters the primal drive to reproduce. Porn replaces lust and pets replace family. Together they complete the perfect circle of the ideal shabbos goy. Yin and yang


White people have lived among animals for tens of thousands of years at least. Only niggers are so mentally stunted as to be incapable of bonding with another species.

Peddle your poison elsewhere KIKE!


tbh a woman I know who's maybe just a few years older than me (who sold us the dog) has a lot of dogs of her own as well as three biological children from the same father who's still present. Very based and tradpilled family. I know where you're coming from-for real-but Faillenials using animals to cope for their globalist anti-natalism subconscious programming isn't the animals' fault imho tbh, it's still the big nosed globalists to blame in the end heh


Niggers mad white women would rather fuck dogs than them lmao


File: 1704248128657.jpg 2.72 MB, 2250x3000, il_fullxfull.5140873376_t9s….jpg

I didn't know what that would mean. is there a problem officer?

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