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Comfy Vidya Spin-Off Thread: OSTs

In this ITT thread we post video game OST songs that stick in our head and are kino

I'll start

Katana Zero
>Sneaky Driver
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Based Bread





Megaman ZX Advent: Destiny

This one's my favourite Megaman ZX Advent track and the opening stage it comes from is excellent storytelling.

I really with Megaman ZX Advent had a rebootmake like Fire Emblem Awakening did in the hands of a competent Dev team maybe with third person action too.















Composer: Abo Takeshi


File: 1689985317797.jpg 33.65 KB, 480x640, PYON-MO.jpg

PYON-MO / Kasahara Tomoo (笠原智緒)


Composer: Abo Takeshi


Composer: Kaori Tsutsui


File: 1689985706692.jpg 15.46 KB, 300x300, 288d97db7.jpg


PlayStation 2 Music to Chill & Relax to | Calm PS2 6 hour Mega-Mix

This never gets old



Composer: Jeremy Soule


Composer: Jeremy Soule


Composer: Inon Zur



Jeremy Sovle did music for Icewind Dale too? Damb



Dude is incredibly prolific.


Composer is Derek Duke




starting at 2:20 is awesome




>Pause music


Mullet Madjack

Haven't had this much fun in a video game in 5 years.

Billionaires like me are the ONLY GODS NOW!
Be a good little boy AND DIE!



I'm going to buy this for a friend of mine. It seems too spastic and zoomery for me but I like the art style. Maybe I'll try it myself some day


Megaman Zero

>Fake - (vs Copy X, Seraph Battle theme)

"Even though I have no memories, my body seems to remember my friend X.

And now I know for certain: you are not even half the reploid he was"


Kingdom Hearts: re:Chain of Memories

>The Force in You (Replica Riku theme)

"Not a fake! I don't care if you're "real", you're not better! We share the same body and the same talents, but there is one easy way to tell us apart though. Unlike you, I fear nothing."


Remastered MegaMan Zero 3 Tracks ~Mythos~ Cannon Ball -Mythos ver.- Extended

"Your power is extraordinary...for a mere fake. You may be Zero, in a way, but you are still merely a copy. You're no legendary hero at all! You're just a reproduction."



All those games hit my spasticity just right and I get addicted to them.

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