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meta thread
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install robot on lounge and call it /r9k/ again


my dubs btw


fucking hell this site is dead as shit


I am 33 and have other things to do.



File: 1709482040228.webp (54.96 KB, 1013x1040, Screenshot_20240303_160637….webp)

do it HDV or I'll piss in your mouth


File: 1709484048947.png (3.09 KB, 47x31, 170948297478656154 (1).png)


just use the nelson flag


NEL gang


initiate this flag now HDV


there is no NEL gang


here u go


NEL gang is avid and all the niggers whomst's erections he lickens



European mod when


Doth art Negroid? Thine melaninated complexion? Pray thee sir, might I licketh upon thy erection?


File: 1711961228089.webp (77.1 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20240401_094638….webp)

the fuck is this shit?



i wish there was a search feature here


use the catalog and your eyes


that doesnt help searching for individual posts, retard. not even index would work for that. use your brain next time.


Just use yandex.com and search: site:4chon.me "word or phrase in quotations"
They index pages better here than google, at least for everything posted since 2023 and before.


ok that did work, wouldn't have expected this place to be indexed by search engines. i already found the thing i was looking for because i remembered it was posted on another site that does have search functionality, but i guess i stand corrected.


File: 1712182462200.webp (562.03 KB, 1280x1897, Robotnik's Badniks.webp)

/r/equesting massa HDV make a 10-thread-max /trash/ board so the schizos can make threads there instead (while range-banned from other boards)



we should be harnessing their power in our laboratory like nazi mad scientist dr josef mengele to create our own uberschizomensch jurassic army instead of banning them


cry more


He should change /lounge/ to /trash/


ban the retard (goblinsaga) who keeps making brainless shitty weeb threads


rather than ban her we should be encouraging her to post more pics of those juicy funbags


she deserves to have her face flayed


she deserves to sit on all our faces


File: 1712398371968.jpeg (45.92 KB, 625x482, 11A0C772-7844-4992-9F7B-11….jpeg)


she deserves to be kidnapped and tortured to death


Your cert is expired again LOL!


god i wish that were me

why so butthurt, avid?


ban dogisaga


Would oldschool e-thots with hime cuts that look cringe on whiteys be lowed in a gynoid estrogenist soyciety?


I hate 2deep4u le-weird-and-depressed people like this


Heh... I can save her bros


I haven't stopped wondering whether bangs/a fringe are slutty or not. I think they are. They draw more attention to oneself. Regular same-length hair or however u say it is more modest, clean and humble


i believe you may have wrongfully permabanned another poster. he says there wasnt a ban reason so i was thinking maybe he was mistaken for one of the autistic spammers. it was the guy using the JS flag and then a pepe-variant flag recently. someone was referring to him as smiley, but i dont think he is. i know of him from wizchan as a shitposter on b and he is known as stevie there and elsewhere. i dont have as intimate details as you guys do so i fully admit that i could be wrong.


i *think* it was pepe tuxedo btw, again i am not very smart


When? Must've been at least 6 days ago.


idk, he posted about it today on another site than here or wizchan


this guy is a homosexual spammer don't believe what he says : >>78977


Tell him to email HDV. It's heroicskinhead@protonmail.


nope that's bullshit

>someone was referring to him as smiley

that's smiley's ex [redacted], she does the whole pretending-to-be-schizo thing like avid

this poster
is using separate VPN / data center IPs to post here when running down those IPs in https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup. VPN IP ranges will be banned here for obvious reasons. but none of those aforementioned IPs he's using there have been banned yet so i don't know what he's complaining about.

if he's talking about in the ban appeals, it will not be unbanned unless he provides the full IP address so we can run it down https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup and other checkers to determine whether it's a VPN/proxy or not.


ok well i told him to contact you


>smiley's ex [redacted]


smiley was never dating jenny


>pretending-to-be-schizo thing like avid

nah I'm actually skitzo lol


what's your stance on big willies?

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