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what is happening is the vaxxed are finally dying off and the governments will simply claim their deaths are because of a "new covid variant". It is the vaccine that is killing people. And they will enforce new lockdowns, and more vaccines, which will kill even more people.

The vaccine is what is killing people. This new "covid variant" is simply to cover up the vax deaths and instead blame them on this fake new covid wave.

The next lockdowns won't end, since the vax deaths will continue increasing. The end of the modern world is coming. The new world order awaits.

If you took the vaccine already, then get right with God, now.


File: 1692846345754.mp4 646.17 KB, 320x338, 1692326941020.mp4


My old man said he saw 30 people in a grocery store and 10 of them or so had masks on, marked for death. Dark times ahead heh


The new variant is in canada lol.


Entirely believable.

I'm still seeing the occasional retard in a mask. God I hate these "people".


not arsed lol


File: 1692911093437.png 256.04 KB, 1488x1170, 1692834527479443.png

I saw a garbageman drive by this morning with a medical mask on, and I'm in an extremely red part of Florida. It feels like the old prophecy is coming true. The end approaches and billions will die


Some of us may have to team up during the collapse


big if true


I bet that elite faker is lots of fun at parties. He should have told more spooky campfire stories.


V*xxoid cope. The end is near


No one gets off of planet earth alive. You're going to die one day. Deal with it.


I'm already against my government and I didn't need a meme vaccine.


>all the libs and normies who took the vax are gonna die TRUST DA PLAN
he's no cokehead; he's addicted to copium


I wish you were correct, but you are so wrong, it's unreal. Unless there's less agricultural production for one reason or another, the aggregate population of the planet isn't going down any time this century, bozo. These are krampus-tier bedtime stories internet politics enthusiasts like to share with each-other. In reality my shitty suburban neighborhood is now building more lanes in the roads, because the population has tripled since I moved here 20 years ago. They're building commie blocks too. I wish there was a killer vax. Truly I do.


are you even reading the context?

the post suggests that the next strain is the one to do the damage

proof read nighead


If there's not a massive die-off within half a decade I want a sincere apology, no excuses. And I mean real, tangible numbers. The kind that's beyond a shadow of a doubt noticeable, not just ZOMG! SPORTSBALL PLAYER DROPPED DEAD!


shut up retard


You don't think it's reasonable to admit when you're wrong?


The few million people who died from the vaccine already wasn't enough for you?


For an alleged "depopulation agenda" that's nothing. Can they try a little harder? It's late 2023 and I would like my city's population to decrease by 90% as claimed here, but we are in fact not even approaching 0.1% even by the most inflated estimate.


i said shut the fuck up retard


1,179,024 excess deaths from March 2020 through February 2022! Boy howdy, It's a real mass genocide ladies and gentlemen! That's doing some heavy damage to a population of 7.9B!




File: 1692922451718.jpg 67.75 KB, 1080x156, Screenshot_20230825_011403_….jpg

they stated when the new strain is released this will all happen

learn to read you stupid fucking cunt


So when the last paragraph of the LARP doesn't happen this year, you're going to apologize, correct? Or are you going to pivot to some other bullshit like a smelly, disingenuous kike, who can't take any responsibility?


File: 1692922688571.jpg 65.5 KB, 460x460, 1656707547653.jpg

Sunk cost fallacy. The average normoid can never admit fatal error of judgement. I pity them, but ultimately perhaps the shot was the merciful option

The vaxxoids chose the easy path and will be spared many horrors


We've been over this. I haven't been vaxxed, and I would like mass deaths. Why do I insist your wrong then? Could it be because I believe you are incorrect? It is ironic that you bring up the sunk cost fallacy to be frank.


File: 1692922973696.jpg Spoiler Image, 50.22 KB, 347x349, moonface.jpg

shut the fuck up you ugly little cunt LOL


>The vaxxoids chose the easy path and will be spared many horrors

such as?


I don't know who you think I am, but I'm not a girl, champ.
Holohoax-tier fanfics "red-pilled" politics internet enthusiasts like to jerk each other off with.


Arguing with avid is like arguing with a talking parrot


File: 1692924038467.jpg 42.38 KB, 309x297, Screenshot_20230825_014027_….jpg

oh no, not the
>Holohoax-tier fanfics "red-pilled" politics internet enthusiasts like to jerk each other off with.


which means?


The idea of getting put in a camp for being such a brave dissident, who dared to oppose the government gets you hot, right? Do you have to huddle naked with the other men at camp in order to stay warm, since the evil, vaxxie guards refuse to give you any heating?


i dont need the vaccine dipshit, ive been around people with covid and i havent caught it

ive shared fucking coke straws with a person who had covid and didnt catch it, its safe to say i dont need the vaccine

now begone plebeian, go shill your kike vaccine cope elsewhere


Relax, pal. I'm just going along with your post apocalyptic storytime. After 90% of people die and the rest of us are rounded up, will the camps have masturbation machines?


that wont happen skitzo, take your meds


i love watching hand-egg @ planet-shithole


i've dedicated my WHOLE COCK, to watching hand-egg @ planet-shitbowl


a parrot that only talks about big fat cocks heh


it's beginning to look a lot like DUSTBOWL



eat shit, niglet


My intuition is it won't happen yet if ever but idk


I was wrong about the Vax so there's that. I suspected it but it happened sooner than I thought and I was left with no wife so very fucked.


File: 1693004135316.jpg 210.73 KB, 778x1024, 1644978748111m.jpg

The owners of the Earth aren't shit-eating peasants that feel the need to rush their plans. Anything worth doing takes time, and a plan of this magnitude takes years

The last movie I saw in theaters many years ago was Avengers Endgame and I thought to myself
>damn, Thanos is a complete redart
>he could have just sterilized everyone instead and it wouldn't have triggered such a huge emotional reaction
>he probably would have completely gotten away with it

If everyone dropped dead from the v*x within a short period of time it would have been very obvious and heads would have rolled. Instead we get a slow, creeping poison comparable to AIDS

This is very far from over. Don't fuck v*xxoids


File: 1693005120323.jpg 69.11 KB, 1024x689, my face my soul.jpg

>Don't fuck v*xxoids

I haven't, but not really out of choice... heh


How many retards threw away life opportunities because they thought an economic collapse was on the horizon 15 years ago? Don't take internet politics enthusiasts too seriously. They're as hysterical as the people they cry about.


Peter Cottontail doesn't need a shit sack.


Unironically, hear me out; the idea that everyone is dying from the vaccine is a psyop planted by Pfizer et al; plenty of people are dying and the number is concerning, and significant, but very low compared to the entire population that gets it.

This is because big pharma wants to psyop people into believing there isn't anything wrong at all. It's much easier for people to ignore the small but significant portion of side effects if you act like Chicken Little and tar people upset by this with 'the sky is falling' rhetoric.

Even if 1% of people who take it die, 1% is too many. Because 1% of a billion people is still 500,000 needless deaths.


*5 billion


nigger jeffrey in the bambo slambo

the people on and in the west fence detail



File: 1693049487775.jpg 85.82 KB, 1024x1017, 1693048868313827m.jpg


Notice how the nepotistic faggot kike mod didn't touch this thread at all despite it clearly "belonging on /new/" as well lmao

You okay with this, HDV?


File: 1693060432484.png 128.61 KB, 824x722, 1693053800283074.png


File: 1693073225147.jpg 1.57 MB, 3024x4032, 1670066169805702.jpg

Covid 19 is a continuation of the Zio-Satanic 9/11 terror project, but on a much larger scale with both having occurred under Republican Presidents (and milked by Democrats).

9/11 + Covid 19 = 9 and 1 in both, purposely chosen by Zio-Satanist numerologists. That's the signature they left.



HDV is a loser who watches my little pony


File: 1693096646077.jpg 62.21 KB, 630x418, butthurt-bitch.jpg


he literally is though


He is a winner who watches MLP.


File: 1693135065817.mp4 3.36 MB, 1280x720, 25d2611b8fd8abb1ad016dea1cf….mp4

Hmm maybe its happening

Idk how the normies still care


time to get boosted!


and go to HELL!


They dont


i hate this old bastard and want him to die


fuck vaxxies


based and pureblood pilled



glad to see the vaxxed get fucked


this is the best windows screensaver i've seen


There is 2 months left in 2023 and I expect an apology from the people in this thread who lied to me when it turns out billions have not died.


This is 4chon. Expect an apology, never.


Avid died. But the coroner hasn't revealed yet whether it's due to the jab or AIDS.


Avid rose on the third day to get gangbanged like the sissy cum slut that he is.


Vaxxoid apocalypse is ongoing as we speak. Have you not noticed all of the suddenlys? I suggest taking a break from watching hentai and going outside


The numbers are substantially off the mark. No more moving goal posts. Unless billions die, apologize in 2 months, please.


File: 1698044388595.jpg 142.94 KB, 1024x757, 1696777599138238.jpg

Speaking anecdotally, I truly think several millions have died. I have hundreds of facebook friends and have dozens of personal anecdotes (screenshotted) of young or at least not terribly old people dying under mysterious circumstances-we even lost at least one known and beloved 4chonner recently. Such anecdotes have slowed down substantially on my end I'll admit so perhaps the worst of it is over, but one thing you can be assured of in either case is that the worse things are the harder they would be working to keep us in the dark about it.

Would you really expect a headline like: "Pharmaceutical Company Slaughters Millions With Blundered Covid Cure" or something like that? heh. We would be deprived of anything other than circumstantial evidence from our personal lives like "nobody wants to work anymore", and a conspicuous amount of facebook eulogies featuring people well under the average life expectancy. PSAs talking about how everything you can imagine can cause a heart attack (apart from the thing we made you take) etc.


Steve Kirsch said 22 million are dead and that was like 9 months ago or something, I'd check his substance to see what he's saying now if I can but obviously it's happening


If I cbb checking I mean


His sub stack lol


>I truly think several millions have died.
Yes they have. That doesn't make every boomer internet fairy tale true though. Billions are not going to die by the end of the year, trust me. I was doing coke with John Titor after he just got back from a trip to the future and he even told me so.


File: 1698080369398.jpg 92.08 KB, 887x833, 1696107602858930.jpg

A fast genocide would be obvious and therefore completely retarded. We're facing long term heart problems, cancers, HIV and sterilization. Remember that Gates is a big player in all of this and his GMO mosquitos that are designed to destroy mosquito populations (and gave children zika) effect the 'next' generation

The GMO mosquitos are completely indistinguishable from normal mosquitoes, but all of their children will be completely sterile

The man behind this is one of the major players in the poison you injected

Remember, not all batches are identical. I would estimate that a good chunk are saline, many cause cancer and/or sterilize, some cause HIV like symptoms that destroy the immune system and the final batch causes rapid death from heart problems. When billions of people took these injections based entirely on their demographics information, it's still largely unknown who took what

What we do know is that the majority of reported deaths and damage in VAERS come primarily from white republican states. Montana, Virginia, Kentucky. It looks like they're targeting white people, but of course it's mostly leftists that take injections

This is far from over


>A fast genocide would be obvious and therefore completely retarded.
I was promised 5 billion dead by the end of 2023. Secondly, there are any number of ways to incentivize depopulation that are less convoluted. All you would need to do is slow down food production and it would be physically impossible to maintain our present numbers. Why do we still subsidize farms for example, if they're trying to decrease aggregate population? Thirdly, births are still outpacing deaths by 2.5 to 1. A few million more "excess deaths" a year doesn't make a dent on the global population. When is the tipping point exactly? Why are there still so many measures in place that keep the population artificially high if they want depopulation so badly?

>We're facing long term heart problems, cancers, HIV and sterilization.

You mean things that have been the leading cause of death for decades?

>and his GMO mosquitos that are designed to destroy mosquito populations (and gave children zika) effect the 'next' generation

They are modified to be sterile, and their population is reduced as a result of the mosquitos in nature trying to breed with them even though they can't have offspring. This has nothing to do with anything. It's like saying that trying to pet a mule is going to make you sterile. "Vax mosquitoes" or an "air vax" sounds like infeasible pop-soyence bullshit.

>The man behind this is one of the major players in the poison you injected

I have not, we've been over this already.

>What we do know is that the majority of reported deaths and damage in VAERS come primarily from white republican states. Montana, Virginia, Kentucky. It looks like they're targeting white people, but of course it's mostly leftists that take injections

Concerns over "white genocide" is a different issue from "depopulation", and we've already been over this too.

In 2 months APOLOGIZE!


File: 1698087467375.jpeg 1.32 MB, 1125x2250, C11A8DE3-99AB-4EEB-A49B-75….jpeg

>Jews are suing restaurants over vaccine deaths misattributed to caffeinated beverages


File: 1698091702434.webp 106.29 KB, 1440x2212, Screenshot_20231023-150739.webp


File: 1698091773834.webp 63.11 KB, 1440x910, Screenshot_20231023-150910.webp


File: 1698091845846.webp 9.41 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20231023-151032.webp


File: 1698091870373.webp 12.87 KB, 1440x751, Screenshot_20231023-151057.webp


>this is the first and only time this Jewy QT has had this drink
I doubt it


File: 1700422264175.png 132.58 KB, 698x465, Screenshot_2023-11-19_14-28….png

The OP of this thread should also be embarrassed/apologize for shilling niggers and billionaire scammers.


It is February of 2024. Your apology is past-due.



File: 1708275094375.jpg 105.89 KB, 1008x1024, 1708224799635159.jpg



We've been over this. Now where are the infinite lockdowns and mass depopulation?


File: 1708357035684.jpg 208.55 KB, 2110x1412, 1708347442681400.jpg


Irrelevant. Read the OP and >>64733 again, and then compare and contrast the predictions made with the reality of the present please.


Zombie cope


Your strawman is incorrect as I said months ago.


You got injected with mystery juice and you mock others because you haven't died yet


lol the vaxxoid is screeching again


File: 1708369652840.webp 10.66 KB, 1047x364, Screenshot_20240219-130247.webp

Being intimidated by an anime flagfag troll on a ded neo natzi image bort. H'who tho?


File: 1708369690367.png 268.31 KB, 695x590, 170836953286926475.png


I have never taken the vax or advocated for it. Now that I have once again reminded you that your strawman is incorrect, you have no more excuses to drag this out. Take responsibility for your poor predictions.


Tired of people spreading retarded shit and memory-holing it later. That is all.


wakey wakey vaxxie, time for your 8th booster of the day!


Why are internet politics enthusiasts so dishonest?



lol nigger is dying of vaids



File: 1708500814045.jpg 863.67 KB, 800x3020, novaxx5.jpg

get the pdf zoom 200% clik links read learn
great resource for vaxxxie researchers
>in case somebody hasnt seen this yet kek


File: 1708531224000.png 523.09 KB, 667x875, 1708525377868119.png

Antivaxxers btfo


File: 1708532591181.mp4 104.66 KB, 720x480, 813f6494.mp4



you called?


Is that a woman or a troon?



File: 1708871257016.jpg 325.54 KB, 1280x1509, 1280px-Allen_West,_Official….jpg

Remember when internet politics enthusiasts were shilling this nigger, claiming Texas was going to secede under his leadership? Here we are 4 years later, and that didn't happen. Are they not ashamed of being so gullible?


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