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We should buy an ad on 4chan


Alright. Unless I have to pay in bitcoin or something heh


Fuck that. Get a youtube sponsorship. It's proven to work. It's the kind of marketing that makes the shittiest products the most popular on the market.


It would be kind of funny to have a bunch of youtube zoomer normies here out of nowhere ngl


Before advertising, the direction of the site should be considered. New people need a reason to post here that isn't 2010s nostalgia for a dead website they probably never heard of.


Well I think the current draw is the slower pace and more free spirited nature than most other political adjacent boards. It is a hard sell tho as most of this site myself included can come across as pretty bonkers at times. The undiluted madness plus a long history of inside jokes might be a barrier to entry. As long as this place doesn't become an easier target for more spammers of cp stuff I think it could be interesting anyway to get new blood in and set them against the oldheads regime

One big selling point is its prominence in meme cultivation as the root of so many other developments, a hefty shadow which has has touched all other imageboards while itself remaining under the radar. wasn't there a 4chon ad campaign a long time ago with posters like "come home white man" and ww2 stuff or am I misremembering. Perhaps if we were to get an influx of new ppl a new board would be in order, like for art discussion


Unfortunately, imageboards are mostly a dead medium now. Finding new users is going to be a challenge.

Younger internet users like social media like twitter. Only nostalgic 30+ guys would ever come here.


Nostalgia is repulsive. Where do we go from here, so as to not linger around a corpse like preta?


>Well I think the current draw is the slower pace and more free spirited nature than most other political adjacent boards.
There are a lot of dead imageboards out there with effectively no rules. There is a general expectation these days that you will receive a reply within minutes of your post at the longest.
>wasn't there a 4chon ad campaign a long time ago with posters like "come home white man" and ww2 stuff or am I misremembering.
Yes, but that's a good way to be met with unwarrantedly excessive retaliation for spamming other websites.

>Perhaps if we were to get an influx of new ppl a new board would be in order, like for art discussion

A thought I've been having lately is sort of an /edu/, /diy/, /r/, and /adv/ board rolled into one. The idea is that it would be both a board for information and also for self-improvement in general. I believe there is a niche for having an anonymous place to ask your retarded questions or show off your shitty drawings for example. Reddit gets a lot of traffic for this reason alone, but if you want to use reddit or quora or whatever to ask something then you need to register an account. The other advantage is we don't have to cuck out and refuse to answer things that are morally questionable. You can tell someone where to buy drugs, or help them cheat on their homework, or show them a chart demonstrating that 60% of niggers are certified retards, or what have you. Getting it off the ground would be the hardest part. When I have the time and money it's something I might try to facilitate with or without you guys.


Have you considered that 4chon might deserve to die?



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seriously aryan


I have never seen such a white man.


I advocated from the beginning that 4chon be a board on 8chan.moe after 8ch/8kun died since I predicted you guys would otherwise start complaining about the population and post rate decreasing each year. We're all in our 30s now, none of us have time to post frequently anymore.


The /v/ faggots over there can suck nigger dick, and they probably do.


I do I just, choose not to. Feels like everything to say has been said I guess. There's nothing interesting to talk about here.

4chon used to be based around /new/ and the news (sorry r9gay fags it's true). Anyone who wants to talk about that garbage is on twitter now fighting the "culture war" from their mom's basement. 4chon has largely lost what used to bring people together I guess. What is there to talk about? There's interpersonal drama with foky and dwarf and these other retards but they're mostly gone now. Blog threads, the music thread... you can find these anywhere.

I dunno. I question why this place exists anymore. It doesn't seem to really have a point, yknow? Maybe we need some focused boards or activities.


I noticed after the retard was removed, the post rate here actually increased quite a bit. It was faster than when he/it was spamming the board with garbage actually, I think.

4chon is a death cult. 4chon needs human sacrifices to sustain itself, be they physical deaths or just bans (real deaths are obviously better). Now that some time has passed since the retard removal, the power is starting to sap from the board again.

We need to have some sort of weekly livestreamed suicide event or something to keep the blood flowing and the posts rolling in. We need the tinychat death cult back to provide suitable sacrifices to the hungry board. It's the only way to save the board.


Avid needs to be sacrificed. Sorry bro, it's the only way


There is a good chance Red Mage is probably dead. He disappeared after he quit his job, while failing to notice he had no money in his bank account. Since he didn't seem to get along with his family, he's probably a winter hobo at best. I'll buy him some McDonald's or something if he checks in.


Another falls to the curse of the 4chon death cult.


I see no reason why he'd vanish unless he lost internet service or died. He's always enjoyed coming here.

Rip red mage.


Just checked Red Mage's Steam
>last online: 3 weeks ago


Hopefully, he's living in granny's house or something and not locked in someone's basement after doing some sketchy couch-surfing.


His discord is online but he didn't respond. Did he leave his computer on when he died? Is red mage even now being dismembered and eaten piece by piece in the basement of a crazed magatard while a porn tab sits open on his desktop?


Yeah I'm wondering if his pet boomers who kicked him out just left his computer on this entire time, it's very possible given the complete lack of self awareness boomers have. You'd think he'd had a cellphone or something though. Bad omen.


One of red mage's dumb discord friends said he's alive but refused to post proof and changed the subject. I guess he could be alive though.

If so, why isn't he posting on 4chon?


Do not instigate his disappearance into such unordinary contexts involved with any housing arrangements. The Führerbunker imposes a hard time overcoming boundaries for whoever this is concerning.

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