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Holidays make me do a bunch of stuff I don't really feel like doing.


The holidays. Yeah.


Merry Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosefmas! Nativity scenes and mindless consumerism will come to you unless you post "Thank you Krampus" in this thread.


Thank you Krampus


File: 1703393747659.gif 271.46 KB, 264x200, 1701991745970914.gif



r u le me?

Thank you Krampus


File: 1703424939163.jpg 47.33 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg



Merry Yule to all the non-cucks.


File: 1703439112686.mp4 32.11 KB, 320x448, chew-squint.mp4

gimme a hug


You're so edgy. I bet you tell your mother that you aren't going to church every Sunday!


Nobody in my immediate family goes to church because we aren't cucks.


Sure. Whatever you say. Your mom's bringing your chicken tenders down asap.


Project harder cuck.


Gimme gimme!


Okay edgelord.


Okay cuck. Keep worshipping the kike on a stick nerd.


It's time for you to get ready for bedtime. Santa clause is dropping stuff off tonight.


File: 1703465018384.gif 981.23 KB, 290x218, 1701990075215439.gif

This is America and I respect people's rights. You can worship or believe whatever the heck you want! Free speech! Whoo hoo!

Oh say can you see by the dawns early light what so gladly we hail as the rockets yet gleaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that the flag was still there oh say can that star spangled something something for the land of the fffrreee and the home of the brave.

America fuck yeah


Lol butthurt fag.


Oh no. You don't believe in Santa clause? Whatever shall I do?


File: 1703470202229.webm 2 MB, 406x722, 1701304985354897.webm

Angry Jews hate Jesus and CHRISTmas
Also water is wet and grass is green.


You'll probably cry a little more like a nerd fag.


Lol foolish goy cuck worships a jew but complains about jews.


Jesus was an alien.


File: 1703473052741.mp4 119.7 KB, 498x280, ezgif-3-695e48ba67.mp4


Jews don't like me and I don't like them right back. It's kinda like cosmic ping pong.


I hate niggers.


>cuckinsanity is an alien religion
No shit.


File: 1703518387782.png 174.16 KB, 366x366, 170351787027669533 (2).png

R.I.P Trevor moore. I hope your wife, son, friends, fans, coworkers and everyone who knew you or knew of you and enjoyed you as a person and your work have a lovely christmas and enjoy the holidays. Thank you for reproducing and leaving the world with a baby-trevor and I hope your sister has more kids. I love you buddy and you will always be missed. Thanks for leaving this world a better place. Amen.


Don't need to complain about that cowardly lovin'
bitch padding is a holiday right.


File: 1703519018259.gif 1.68 MB, 399x480, giphy (4).gif


File: 1703519122304.webp 86.71 KB, 1440x1492, Screenshot_20231225-094458.webp


Dime-bag is schizoaffective. (homosweaxsual)


I hope that he faked his death and because everyone loves him, news places like TMZ and whatnot went with it. I hope that he's secretly retired and has pulled a richard simmons-in dissapearence.


He's still alive. Thanks for the secret code.




File: 1703523615336.gif 3.24 MB, 378x480, giphy (3).gif


File: 1703541160855.png 27.39 KB, 198x296, blue-snow-falling-md.png

One thing I hate about christcucks is how they all have to put that inefficient high-CPU-usage-utilizing battery-draining scroll-stuttering JavaScript snowing animation on websites at this time of year. Halloween also sucks, they put on the gaudy purple background and unreadable orange text. Fuck off.


I'm sorry a priest raped you as a child.


File: 1703566154241.gif 3.13 MB, 411x480, giphy (5).gif


sometimes trevor moore is a little bit obsessed.


Obsessive compulsive disorder.




File: 1703601459309.webp 108.85 KB, 1439x1892, Screenshot_20231226-083705.webp


File: 1703640156532.webp 21.11 KB, 856x1155, Screenshot_20231219-080226.webp

I didn't mean to make trevor moore an-hero.


File: 1703640367105.jpg 165.98 KB, 1627x815, undefined - Imgur.jpg


File: 1703695381143.webm 154.77 KB, 500x374, ezgif-4-b6b3991d49.webm

I'm in heavy denial that trevor is dead. I keep trying to find a conspiracy theory or some kind of proof that he's still alive. Aside from the fact he had an offspring-THANK GOD and his art will live on forever-people he touched ect! I can't find anything but I just keep looking lol.



File: 1703700008455.webp 112.52 KB, 1440x2234, Screenshot_20231227-115849.webp


File: 1703703382800.jpg 103.3 KB, 1024x1180, etc..jpg

How many times do I have to tell you it's etc. which is short for the Latin expression et cetera, NOT ect.?


He dieded to death


File: 1703708276700.webp 90.6 KB, 1440x1064, Screenshot_20231227-141624.webp


File: 1703708304456.webp 91.18 KB, 1440x1155, Screenshot_20231227-141655.webp


I don't know what your problem is but the abbreviation for etcetera is ect.




Pick your battles. Jesus Christ.


lol pwned etc.


File: 1703741221005.gif 2.95 MB, 323x323, 170155506516738239.gif

That's your idea of pwning someone.


Literally unironically never heard of him. I mean I guess his name would've graced my consciousness somewhere but I've never registered it.


That's because he was a burgerland comedian and not an australian one.


Still holding out hope that trevor moore is still alive and not dead.


File: 1703774151780.webp 132.38 KB, 1440x2606, Screenshot_20231228-083430.webp

Self suck Saturdays are still going strong.



File: 1703774351945.webp 116.57 KB, 1440x1470, Screenshot_20231228-083826.webp


File: 1703774496948.webp 209.38 KB, 1440x2630, Screenshot_20231228-084113.webp


File: 1703774634928.webp 173.91 KB, 1440x2655, Screenshot_20231228-084329.webp


File: 1703776542223.webp 8.96 KB, 653x369, Screenshot_20231228-091515.webp



File: 1703780603957.webp 64.79 KB, 1440x466, Screenshot_20231228-102254.webp



The jewiest kikes u'know


File: 1703793102460.webp 130.57 KB, 1440x2648, Screenshot_20231228-135119.webp


File: 1703794691176.webp 44.47 KB, 1139x1084, Screenshot_20231228-141739.webp


File: 1703794860292.webp 101.69 KB, 1440x1235, Screenshot_20231228-142028.webp



your last name means you would sell MadKatz?


File: 1703795337531.webp 145.54 KB, 1440x2131, Screenshot_20231228-142819.webp


my name is shaggy 2dope look it up


2dope is better than 1 but sometimes there are important matters to raise more attentively


File: 1703795475912.webp 74.75 KB, 1440x973, Screenshot_20231228-143044.webp



the silver hot-dog in that food-eating contest goes to...


File: 1703795633438.webp 122.94 KB, 1440x937, Screenshot_20231228-143330.webp

Cast members: Trevor Moore, Zach Cregger, Sam Brown, Darren Trumeter and Timmy Williams.


winner is the angel in glasses frames up ahead dead center


new bladee sucks hard
dont think hes put anything good out in years


Oh my lord! Not one jew in that band!


retrospectively, pills only raise troubles about equalities and stuff.


File: 1703796341095.webp 103.6 KB, 1440x2346, Screenshot_20231228-144514.webp

"He is married to Rachel Lee Pearl since August 14, 2010. They have two daughters."



all jews




darrel? is that you?





Cast members: Trevor Moore (jew, dead) Zach Cregger (jew kike), Sam Brown (very jewish), Darren Trumeter (jew, vaxxed, soon dead) and Timmy Williams (most jewish, weak)


Pulls up some random old man who has nothing to do with twkuk. Okay.


Angry jew claims everyone is a Jew. Okay.


that's not true. that's kim-possible!


You're a jew trying to run damage control for other jews right now lol. Cute FUD, 2 shekels have been deposited into your bank account.


No. It's reality. I should have kept my mouth shut and trevor would still be alive now.


I'm not schizo


File: 1703807515498.jpg 347.29 KB, 1500x1500, il_fullxfull.5106592871_6cn….jpg



File: 1703812993461.webp 78.69 KB, 1564x1564, 86282790_3247474558614758_….webp

Hijacking this thread. Found this on google. This is not a good haircut. It has medieval monk vibes. Why would she advertise this?


The real question you need to ask is...

Why did he request it?


File: 1703816460808.jpg 35.58 KB, 660x450, 1703812993461.jpg

Dunno. But it's supposed to fade higher imo.


cash for junk tits to enter her boobs for service
=> ( . ) => ( . ) =>
it's a mammogram.


we got 12-210 here on XXXX street man said something vile to inmate


just letting you aware of our options. buckle-up


File: 1703823341547.webp 126.34 KB, 1439x1907, Screenshot_20231228-220943.webp


File: 1703823397478.webp 139.46 KB, 1440x1545, Screenshot_20231228-221309….webp


Happy holidays! hope everyone had fun with their family and loved ones and be safe this new years! :)


I did, you too Vag00 :D


y-you too


Trevor and the group went through every single sketch. Discussed it all. Everything. He made extra content. There's stuff that has yet to be released, example: mars. Then he just died. It's like he wrapped up everything perfectly and either secretly retired I HOPE and will be releasing more content from beyond the grave, meaning that he'll still be doing work with them just quietly and out of sight-if alive and if not damn, he had more content he was planning to release. It just seems to perfect. He was starting to have a family with his wife and adores his son. He stated that he didn't go to fan gatherings because he didn't want to be murdered-more of a reason for him to retire.

I really hope that he's not actually dead.


File: 1703961638219.webp 151.54 KB, 1440x2611, Screenshot_20231230-123926.webp


File: 1703961802441.webp 91.95 KB, 1440x2644, Screenshot_20231230-124256.webp


Here she laments about being ugly


Then two years later she washes her hair and looks normal


File: 1704076033484.gif 2 MB, 339x339, ezgif-5-446d68494c.gif

Another year, another dollar.


File: 1704120928276.webp 80.86 KB, 1440x896, Screenshot_20240101-085436.webp


File: 1704121134962.webp 143.27 KB, 1440x1098, Screenshot_20240101-085809.webp


File: 1704122064206.webm 167.34 KB, 320x240, ezgif-5-0fb4cc3b33.webm



i bored of him i want to divorce him now. know any other cute guys?



In all of human history the male elites in all societies always had harems of young girls (or boys, like Michael Jackson). This is nothing new and should be expected for any male in a high place in society.


Whats the tldr of it?


Stupid cuckold faggot. Kys


File: 1706548707189.mp4 317.72 KB, 360x640, videoplayback (4).mp4


I just gave someone a haircut for the second time in my life and did a significantly better job than this


how did you learn to do it


hi, redx


Who is this soyboy?


File: 1706649634579.png 155.54 KB, 496x508, DosPj82.png

U should be slapped u son of a bastard bitch!


You couldn't slap shit off a bricklayers pocket


File: 1706650485544.webp 78.9 KB, 1440x2089, Screenshot_20240130-153352.webp

U say day to my face n not online u don of bastard botch!


Time and place


File: 1706653912714.webp 27.02 KB, 602x649, Screenshot_20240130-163030.webp

Fife thity india
U kno wher


File: 1706665773064.jpeg 183.79 KB, 960x1280, 1678592751784.jpeg

You're not the least bit funny goblinsaga


File: 1706727019380.webp 98.17 KB, 1440x2662, Screenshot_20240130-182404.webp


File: 1706913758684.webp 32.16 KB, 1440x1000, Screenshot_20240202-163847.webp


File: 1706928925611.webp 21.71 KB, 1440x434, Screenshot_20240202-204409.webp


File: 1706928949362.webp 192.84 KB, 1440x2453, Screenshot_20240202-205429.webp


it's such a shame Trevvy-kun died before I could suck and ride his willie... but I can still goon to old WKUK eps!!!!!!!!


Nobody asked


FoKisaga butthurt that I want other men's cocks more than his






Schizo stop talking to yourself. You're trashing this thread.


cry more, threads shit anyway


File: 1707008101302.jpg 33.64 KB, 455x352, 1706642267703952.jpg

No u!


I cant see the pic, its showing up as a 404


That's your problem.


I hope travis faked his death.


yes, (you)!!!!! (you) are FoKisaga!

I"m not talking to myself, love, my insane exbf is imitating me


Shut up goblin


I killed tevor moore. I told him to jump off his balcony and he did. I was being recorded without my consent


File: 1707146859822.webp 72.42 KB, 1440x1073, Screenshot_20240204-210613.webp


File: 1707146875421.webp 195.33 KB, 1440x1833, Screenshot_20240204-210816.webp


to nobody's surprise, soyteens prove themselves to be insufferable faggots who fellate black penis once again


File: 1707149846320.webp 24.11 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20240130-184840.webp


File: 1707239373753.webp 32.63 KB, 1350x1654, Screenshot_20240206-110905.webp


File: 1707279445890.png 24.12 KB, 337x288, 17072789489686293.png


Would you recommend that we [–] your thread?


File: 1707318252874.webp 118.85 KB, 1440x2040, Screenshot_20240206-135714.webp



File: 1707318269356.gif 1.84 MB, 480x254, giphy (8).gif


I heard avid uses this stuff to loosen up his bussy for big willies


Whoa, CR friend!


Drunk texts to myself.


File: 1707855542017-0.jpg 29.46 KB, 586x360, 1691386078967.jpg

File: 1707855542017-1.webp 120.93 KB, 1200x1704, StagesOfAFLD.webp

File: 1707855542017-2.jpg 106.22 KB, 1081x1081, alcoholic-risk.jpg

File: 1707855542017-3.webp 190.77 KB, 1241x2688, effects-of-alcohol.webp

Islam is right about alcohol.


File: 1707855988499-0.webp 106.24 KB, 3602x2316, alcohol-associated-liver-d….webp

File: 1707855988499-1.jpg 79.52 KB, 1200x600, healthy-vs-alcoholic.jpg


File: 1707885126334.webp 158.88 KB, 1440x1389, Screenshot_20240213-223054.webp

You have the kind of autism that if someone tries to tell you a knock knock joke you think that they're trying to break into your house.


File: 1707892746998.pdf 281.96 KB, protocols.pdf

you are an alcoholic
maybe this will help convince you to stop harming yourself with the fermented jew:
>The forgotten history of Jews in the alcohol industry
>Some estimates say 30-40% of Jewish people — women and kids included — worked as makers or purveyors of hooch in Eastern Europe until the end of the 19th century

Protocols of the Elders of Zion, protocol #1, part 23:
>Behold the alcoholic animals, bemused with drink, the right to an immoderate use of which comes along with freedom. It is not for us and ours to walk that road. The peoples of the GOYIM are bemused with alcoholic liquors; their youth has grown stupid on classicism and from early immorality, into which it has been inducted by our special agents - by tutors, lackeys, governesses in the houses of the wealthy, by clerks and others, by our women in the places of dissipation frequented by the GOYIM. In the number of these last I count also the so-called "society ladies," voluntary followers of the others in corruption and luxury.


File: 1707913362766.webp 62.83 KB, 1439x1490, Screenshot_20240214-062223.webp

>You are an alcoholic
I'm not actually and go fuck yourself.


File: 1707919120886.png 1.23 MB, 1337x1400, 1707917621946290.png


no youre not, youre just some fuck ugly skitzo cunt who wont shut the fuck up and leave


File: 1707920682471.gif 3.53 MB, 640x480, ezgif-2-422c3ee3d6.gif

>ugly skitzo cunt
You looked at your own reflection on the monitor and are talking to yourself.


impossible, i have an anti glare monitor, you however are a phoneposter because you cant afford a computer LOL


File: 1707928893810.mp4 70.18 KB, 200x144, images.mp4


File: 1707930222288.gif 2.37 MB, 371x157, 170793019360137011.gif

Telephones are little computers now.


coping poorfag


That's not the case but whatever makes you feel good.




File: 1707934577037.webp 71.44 KB, 1440x1284, Screenshot_20240214-121524.webp

>impossible, i have an anti glare monitor
Impossible. I'm glaring at you through your monitor right now.


leave this site goblinsaga


You curse 4chon and it's coming back to you 10 fold.


prove it


File: 1707946281162.jpg 26.11 KB, 400x400, download-1.jpg



File: 1709864078439.png 353.8 KB, 787x652, 170796287837162048.png


File: 1709946435368.webp 91.13 KB, 1440x861, Screenshot_20240214-132341.webp


File: 1710005567917.webp 57.26 KB, 1026x1476, Screenshot_20240309_173227….webp


>foky hands are behind this post


File: 1710023469395.jpg 49.04 KB, 600x450, Dat5gO-WsAA_CCt.jpg

Yeah because he's such a foreigner, he doesn't even make sense.



It's goblinsaga. Foky's posts were of a higher quality.

We need him back bros.


it was actually me, avid

fun chon theory, redx was Trevor Moore, I saw his face in the /4ch0n tinychat and he looked like him, also the death of Trevor Moore coincides with the end of redx posting here


File: 1710036850353.gif 1.55 MB, 271x309, 171003675858208281.gif

I need to see a picture of redx immediately.


FoKy bled to death after being castrated by a Chechen in Mariupol


I don't have one, there was one posted on 8ch.pl/4chon years ago but it got deleted by an admin for 'doxxing'


Well, what did he look like? Describe him.


NELvid already said that he looked like Trevor Moore, ya dunce.


I find it hard to believe. I can't imagine pedx looking... normal. Trevor is above average, even. He looks like the kind of low key chad who chicks would flock to.

Pedx on the other hand is a mentally disturbed pedophile would be rapist who spams child pornography on a dead neonazi imageboard. He's probably pretty fucking ugly or he'd have a boyfriend or something and not feel the need to.


File: 1710081224707.webp 59.17 KB, 1440x952, Screenshot_20240310-093326.webp

>low key chad who chicks would flock to.
He literally was tbqh.


fuck off lol, not telling you shit goblin saga

and now he's 6 foot under LOL


dead pedo fag is dead and a pedofag

dogisaga seething as her fat MSRA folds burn

dogisaga you should get aids and die


Trevor Moore was not redx.


LOL heh


yes he was, I literally saw him in the tinychat you mong

stay cope and newfag


Sauce or gtfo

Provide screencap


File: 1710121326929.jpeg Spoiler Image, 10.53 KB, 194x259, images (3).jpeg

eat shit faggot

here's your screenshot


See now I know you're lyin goblinsaga.


not goblinsaga, I am telling the truth, you can scour the waybackmachine if you want but that shitty site doesn't cache images so whatever, fuck you, I'm not lying


Pics or it didn't happen.



>Posts gore.
Oh wow, you didn't provide a screenshot. well, well, well




File: 1717382359948.mp4 10.17 MB, 640x356, the_walls_fall_out.mp4

Thats a gore picture of a prolapsed anus. Don't click it.



File: 1717780214109.webp 108.91 KB, 1439x2345, Screenshot_20240607-120830.webp


File: 1717780234261.webp 120.28 KB, 1440x2564, Screenshot_20240607-120752.webp


File: 1717780252491.webp 81.86 KB, 1440x2571, Screenshot_20240607-120915.webp


File: 1717780273994.webp 132.17 KB, 1440x2478, Screenshot_20240607-120851.webp


File: 1717871468214.jpg 63.86 KB, 1200x628, yumyum.jpg

Yum Yum Screenshots So Good 🍦😛


I remember some dweeb commenting on a Cherry Crush ASMR video that she should divorce her ASMR content from her porn identity. There are a bunch of prudish retards in ASMR that want to keep everything sexual out of the interest. I personally don't like most of the parasocial girlfriend crap, but whining about it isn't going to make it disappear and I ultimately don't care if Cherry Crush makes suggestive content. Even if it's not sexual, there is something intimate about getting a haircut (which gives me very strong ASMR), so it just makes sense that many people associate it with sexuality.


ASMR is fetish stuff and everybody knows it. Yes, there are an ultra-minority of cases where it is not strictly so, but these whores are well aware of why people watch them.


There's plenty of completely asexual ASMR out there. One video I used to enjoy was a key scraping video with zero humans appearing to any of the senses


File: 1717964230190.webm 3.07 MB, 576x1024, 1717944878084726.webm


File: 1717971869994.webp 99.04 KB, 1440x830, Screenshot_20240609-172335.webp

Not on topic about twkuk/Trevor.


File: 1717972116340.webp 140.22 KB, 1297x2560, Screenshot_20240609-172638.webp

It's about their animated movie "MARS". The final project worked on by Trevor. That's what those screenshots are about. The movie is being released.



File: 1717972248563.webp 79.95 KB, 1440x2479, Screenshot_20240609-173018.webp


File: 1717972514491.webp 59.08 KB, 1439x1538, Screenshot_20240609-173415.webp



File: 1717972975726.gif 3.5 MB, 407x374, 171797287997167667.gif

If I die from a heart attack it's because I have a broken heart.


File: 1717974380326.mp4 10.54 MB, 718x1276, mycherrycrushx_C6bmmgSrN6a.mp4

What are you talking about, chud? There's nothing sexual about Cherry Crush ASMR. It's on Instagram which makes it family friendly. You're just projecting misogynistic tropes.



I don't hate her, she's pretty attractive, but I wish she chose to become a mother instead doing porn and all this other miscellaneous e-whore stuff.

I like the sound of water in mostly-full containers glugging when they're turned upside-down.



This e-whore has nothing to do with Trevor Moore and twkuk.


Driving asmr, for me.


for me it's trevor moore drunkenly falling off the balcony to his death asmr


He jumped. He suicided himself.

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