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Last one hit bump limit and this board is even more dead without a blog thread. Bought a bunch of ESP32s with a built in OLED screen for around 4 dollars a piece. You can even find 8266s for under a dollar sometimes. I'm pretty sure they would all cost cents if I were to order these by the hundred. Meanwhile on Amazon everything is like 3X-10X the price.
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standing all day is probably as bad as sitting

go couple of big ikea skarsta tables but the adjustment mechanism is made like throwaway trash so it pretty much have to be set in one height permanently to not wear out. even though they big they are also rated only for 50 kg and surfaces are soft particleboard shit, so the monitor arm clamps need reinforcement with wooden boards

got my self a workshop chair like this, so now i stand probably about 30% of the time and can quickly hop on and off and stand, walk or use weights or something. the foot ring screw constantly loosens so i use some transport packing bands to hold that in place.



its never over


>he fell for a marketing meme.


Wowza that's an image!


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The secret code for what MLP means.


Avid, please stop thinking about dicks for one minute.


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Avid can't do that.


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Instead of standing or sitting, consider lounging. It's easier on the spine and is a more natural human posture than sitting.


File: 1710547898777-0.png 28.24 KB, 684x750, current-desktop-pc.png

File: 1710547898777-1.png 20.81 KB, 696x279, current-desktop-upgrade.png

File: 1710547898777-2.png 24.99 KB, 830x660, micro-atx-pc-amd.png

I was thinking of buying the system in the third pic sometime in winter but it can wait a year or two, would be a reckless splurge. I will instead settle for these upgrades (HDD to SSD for OS drive, 16GB to 32GB RAM, and just connect the storage HDDs with a USB 3.0 to SATA dual-bay external hard drive docking station whenever I need to use them). Should be adding more cash to savings to weather the recession in case I lose work and I don't feel comfortable gambling more in crypto while it's in a sharp bull run. I don't even have much time to play games and still have a ton of PSX, DC, Gamecube and indie PC games to go through before needing a system capable of emulating the Switch 2 or playing some AAA Japanese goyslop like the FF7 remakes.


consider shutting the fuck up


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As I predicted the crash is happening already. I don't know if all the crypto subreddit and /biz/ are collectively stupid or are just lying on purpose to everyone when they say "it's always a good time to buy [insert cryptocurrency]" to boost their own investments that they made much earlier. I don't understand why people always ridicule "buy low, sell high." The cryptocurrencies (the major ones like BTC, ETH and SOL, not the memecoins) have a long enough track record now to see there's a predictable cycle.


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4chan has this shitty gay feature and its pissing me off


>crash is happening

it went up today though tf you mean


Lel heh


File: 1710829495042.png 74.87 KB, 1463x825, Screenshot_2.png

Yeah I'm also wondering why you have a "micro-atx", lol. I got one of the biggest cases I could find because my case is never moving anywhere unless I literally need to pick it up and clean it, and I've always found it hard to assemble cases with all their fiddlybits. Now that I think of it, I wonder if this has something to do with East Asian size hands/digits, but it probably doesn't.

I couldn't find the exact brands but my build is close to this


nobody low T betacucks being NEL


What happened with the coins like 2 weeks ago or something. Was newsworty.


Like Channel 7 News should have covered it.


I'm really high right now.


I just feel explosively creative.


False alarm. I had explosive diarrhea, instead.


File: 1710963273549.jpg 78.97 KB, 903x1200, s-l1200.jpg

picked up one of these for free, I was walking to my parents yesterday and saw it was put outside someone's house, luckily the owners were outside so I asked them if I could have it, they said it worked and was just sitting in their spare bedroom, it may have been out in the rain because it rained overnight though so I'm going to dry it out for a week to make sure it doesn't pop when I switch it on

intrigued to see the picture quality of it as the other CRT I own has a 27 inch screen but it's a flatscreen so that tends to fuck with the geometry of the picture a bit as a result of the CRT tube being suited for curved screens

it didn't come with a remote however so I'm hoping I can just use the buttons on the front to switch to AV

considering buying a final fantasy game to play on it through the ps2 slim I have


Just get a universal remote if it comes down to it. I have CRTs I can't even get rid of. Nobody wants them, even for free. I have a 12 inch I plan on keeping, but the other ones are just taking up space.


File: 1710975759307.jpg 293.23 KB, 600x450, 81471c0ebf996e89b661dc012dc….jpg

Pic related is a good show.


Why would I not get Micro ATX? I don't see any need in getting ATX and I need my case to be able to fit in a suitcase.

Anyway, changed my mind a bit about the upgrade which I'm getting in a couple months or so, I think I want a 2TB Samsung 870 Evo SSD instead of 1TB, I don't want to be constantly worrying about whether I'll be running out of space, I did some calculations and projections on Microsoft Excel 2003 over what programs I may be installing, including the fact there's about 10% taken from SSD over-provisioning (so subtract 103GB) and Microsoft saying it's recommended to always have up to 3x your RAM amount available as free space for virtual memory (so subtract 96GB). As for the new PC which I won't buy for maybe up to 2 years, I'm changing it to an RTX 4060 16GB minimum because the RTX 4000 series has better power efficiency (which is important since I can't stress my solar kit too much in my future home... I will be power-limiting whichever GPU I get anyway down to 50% with VBIOS flashing) and to future-proof it better so I don't run into VRAM bottlenecks since I intend to use that PC without upgrades for at least 15 years. Maybe I should also change the 2TB Samsung 990 Pro to a 4TB, I wonder how horribly bloated Windows applications will be 10 years from now (my Linux partition for work will be on a separate 512GB external SSD).


are you american? from what I've seen on the CRT Facebook group they go for free and very low prices over in the US whereas here in the UK they are priced fairly high

I probably will get a universal remote if I can't flip to the AV channel, hopefully it's not a tv set with 999 channels though, what do you play on your CRT's?


Used to watch the fuck out of this when it was on TV


>Why would I not get Micro ATX?

because they are shit and soy tier, they also have less ports so you are unable to have as much ram, you also can't SLI

>nd I need my case to be able to fit in a suitcase.

here's an idea retard, buy a laptop


today I fapped to some juicy funbags (dogi's)


>are you american?
Yes. I don't want to throw them out, but not even the garbage man would take them if I tried. I'd need to go to a recycling center. I would rather give it to some vintage electronics autist.
>what do you play on your CRT's?
I mostly use it for VHS tapes, of the home movie variety, or other odd-cases where AV connectors are needed.


I meant to say the previous storage situation you mentioned seemed enifficient and was wondering why you wouldn't just get a 4tb or whatever. I would buy 8tb if it were cheaper, mostly to store all my film torrents esp they 20+GB 2080p files, but I've been able to do with 4tb and deleting stuff I don't really want h for now


yeah there's a ton less CRT's here in bongistan, people here seem to know that collectors are after them

>I mostly use it for VHS tapes, of the home movie variety

sup wiglaf how you been mate?


That too



File: 1711083877420.jpg 32.63 KB, 362x366, bueno.jpg

Oh man this was funny. I was just at my local supermarket, and the most determined I've ever been to ask out my cashier oneitis Sam. I asked an Arab hijabi cashier if she knew when Sam was working next. She looked at the roster behind me and told me she was working tomorrow morning and Sunday night. I said I wanted to ask her out and she smiled for a bit and I said I think she knows I like her. And after some seconds she said "how old are you?" And I said "34, she's 18 isn't she?" and she was still smiling a bit but had this very disapproving look. Very funny. I also said not to tell her and she said "I won't" but you know how women are, I'm guessing she would tell her if she got the chance lel. I should've recorded that exchange but I wasn't thinking about it.


you're 34 and she's 18, the fucks wrong with you


I want a wife


My issue with her is not her age, it's that she's vaxxed. And I need a pure virgin trad wife. But I feel strongly towards her, it's interesting. Maybe it's even... LOVE! She looks so much like my sister and like me. Our children would be very very good looking, I know that for a fact PRETTY MUCH!


In other news my mum told me my 99.85% WHITE CHAD NEPHEW broke up with his hapa gf, he apparently said something like "I don't ever want to talk to you [his gf] again in my life" lmfao. I've no idea what happened. I'm gonna message him and see how he's doing, I want him to get a PURE WHITE TRAD UNVAXXED VIRGIN WIFE! (like me). He's so damn good looking he could get a gf so easily I'm so jealous lmao. I'm only scraping a 7/10 if ur not aware.

I wonder if he came around to White ethnocentrism on his own terms, it was possible lol. Our family's communication is so poor and I've been trying to improve it. Communication is incredibly important.


I bet you're glad you didn't try to intervene now.


File: 1711155613969.jpg 653.91 KB, 1010x1350, 1000008328.jpg

update: it works, geometry is also sound, I'll probably have to get a universal remote though because the contrast or brightness is a bit high


I meant contrast could be a bit high brightness could be a bit low


fvcking based


Any Samsungcels itt? I'm tossing up between the Galaxy (tm) s23+, s23 ultra and the s24 versions. Favoring s23 ultra right now. I don't really feel like paying $1500 for a new phone but w/e and I'll have it for 3 years minimum so that's 500 a year for a piece of essential tech. I think the camera upgrade from the redmi note 5 will come in handy fwiw




ordered a compatible remote yesterday 👍


File: 1711289828204.png 212.79 KB, 716x641, 60EA79F0-440A-4C03-A3D8-2F4….png

my friends just graduated university or are finding lucrative corporate jobs and have at least a relationship and a hobby going on and a decent car and probably at least 5 figures in the bank and an everyday liveliness to them that doesn't make them feel weird to talk to contrary and I'm sitting here in a moldy Home Depot carpet studio apartment jacking off to scat porn without any skills or experiences making pennies bagging groceries. i dont know why i just said fuck it and never took life seriously but i guess the only thing i learned was that im a loser. why did i spend 15 years here


Hmm I got a 4 month old s23 ultra, 512tb for $1120 but now I'm seeing a listing for s24 ultras, 256gb for $1200, brand new, though they dont have black. That's annoying, I don't think that listing showed up earlier today and it doesn't show when I change the search sort order. So eBay is hiding things depending upon how you use the search function - i.e. it's broken. That being said I don't think there's really that much difference between the s23 and s24. If I really want to bother I could resell but I cbb probs

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