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Last one hit bump limit and this board is even more dead without a blog thread. Bought a bunch of ESP32s with a built in OLED screen for around 4 dollars a piece. You can even find 8266s for under a dollar sometimes. I'm pretty sure they would all cost cents if I were to order these by the hundred. Meanwhile on Amazon everything is like 3X-10X the price.
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Hot tip for while it's relevant: Google jobs search is actually really good and all of the listings it sends to my email automatically are relevant to what I'm looking for, unlike indeed's shitty job feed. I'm sure it will be useless in the near future like all google products.


Had no idea this existed heh. Since they raised the interest rates again there's been basically no jobs so I haven't even bothered trying.


New Deadpool 3 teaser... Fuckers!


>Had no idea this existed heh.
Neither did I until recently.
>I haven't even bothered trying.
I wish I had that luxury right now.
I do not like Ryan Reynolds.


I spilled a bunch of coins in a coin deposit thing in a bank. They spilled all over the floor. Not the biggest biggie but still kinda embarassing for me and probs others heh. I wasn't paying attention and tried putting like 15kg coins into this 2kg max deposit thing. ANYWAY...


>if I leave the heat on by accident in the store I work at the security alarms go off and squad cars are mobilized ffs
Frickin' Chinesium security system, I had to go to work at 11pm because it suddenly dawned on me I left it on.


Xianxia and litrpg seem to be the most popular book genres these days outside of the flood of romance novels girls read. Anime and video games influence modern generations like conan the barbarian and tolkien influenced people in the 80s and 90s.


Heh based change hoarder.


Why doesn't your KIKE boss get a proper automatic thermostat?


Zoomers seem to be reading chink manga more than normal jap manga these days.


you answered your own question


Looks like I got a job installing cabal.


I don't blame them. Japanese anime shit is creatively bankrupt. Just endless isekai harem pedophile crap with 2 frame animation, stolen assets, and algorithmically generated plots. It's produced for a specific audience (otaku coomers) as cheaply as humanly possible to minmax profit.

Western media is woke tranny calarts shit, like vid related, although the animation and production values are higher. Even zoomers who by and large agree with the political message being rammed home by this media are probably sick of seeing it constantly everywhere they go.

There's quite a bit of good Chinese stuff meanwhile. I think xianxia is a breath of fresh air even if it's going to be very familiar for chinese audiences because at least it's something new and the production values are vastly superior to japcrap.


I realize you were talking about manga but I wanted to rant about anime, and I feel the two are intrinsically linked.


I don't know if it's my phone's autocorrect that keeps doing this or if I'm retarded.


>and I feel the two are intrinsically linked.
Kind of. A lot of anime also gets adapted from LNs and VNs though, and a lot of shitty manga are LN adaptations themselves.


File: 1707793011858.jpeg (4.34 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

>autocorrects to cabal


I spurted out some huge chunks of wax from my ear anyone want to see it? It was so satisfying I keep thinking about it

Otherwise it extended my ear infection which is a bit of an excuse to stay inside rather than approach


>anyone want to see it?


how did you spurt out said chunks?



File: 1708149890832.jpg (70.43 KB, 800x800, s-l1600.jpg)

Using this thing is somewhat risky but it does work to clear out wax. Feels good too, though I was coming up on DXM at the time anyway



i see, those im guessing you wouldnt use more than a couple times before buying a new one, im guessing this because they probably go mouldy on the inside and might lead to an ear infection


Hmm I've probably had mine for 2 years xd. I just rinse it a few times when I use it next. If I wanted to be safer maybe I'd also heat my pureau bottled water instead of use taper water but idc.


I can't poop without caffeine. I was constipated for 4 days. I give up trying to quit.



Yeah dude post those chunks


File: 1708309295171.jpg (300.05 KB, 1080x1008, 2ld7m4.jpg)

>Anyone want to see it


One person said yes two said no. WHAT DO I DO??


Just got my Comscope cert. Once again I am reminded that certs are a scam. They spend 1/3rd of the training slides shilling products and the examiners practically tell you to cheat, which I did. Lolbergtarians are right. "Statists" are retards for believing in the legitimacy of certs.


The certs are mostly private aren't they? If they had the state legitimacy of something like a degree they'd be worth more.


No. They are often a legal requirement. Certification is basically the government allowing a private organization to act as a state regulatory body. I would not under any circumstance be allowed on a job site without that cert. I couldn't legally do work there in the same way you can't legally do plumbing without a license.


Got fired from my cable installation job, because I refused to violate OSHA standards and stand at the tippity top of a ladder.
>installing new RJ11 ports in hospital offices
>Need the wires to go over the rafters
>8 foot ladder is too short to do that without standing at the top of it.
>we are going to be moving cables all day and I don't want to break my spine
>Ask to go back to the shop to get the 10 foot ladder, which is 8 minutes away from the hospital
>Boss says no, so I refuse to climb and he can't legally make me do it
>Keeps me on the job site to do bullshit, and says nothing about it all day
>Fires me for "lack of initiative"

I'm doubly sure tradecucks are retards now.


can't you sue or something?


Plausibly, but I really don't expected much of a result, and since I'm h'White it would make me feel like a dirty KIKE, even if I'm in the right.


No, if you're not lying about your story then you need call OSHA and fuck with them. Tell ChatGPT your whole story and ask it to run you down on how to file the relevant complaint properly. Ask ChatGPT to rewrite what you should say in your phone call in a succinct but detailed manner explaining how it was a hazardous situation and the employer retaliated from your refusal so you don't have a bunch of "ums" and "uhs" or whatever.



I am not lying, but I would feel guilty about fucking their shit up. One of the primary reasons is I didn't plan to keep that job for very long in the first place, and in my heart of hearts I know that I was a shitty worker in a lot of ways(I am clumsy and work slow, you see). Even though they ultimately chose to fire me for the wrong reason, there were probably plenty of legitimate reasons to fire me. I know I'm being a naive cuck, but that's because I'm h'White.


>One of the primary reasons is I didn't plan to keep that job for very long in the first place
So what? This is 2024, not 1965. Everyone job-hops because that's the only way to get a raise. Everyone thinks they don't plan to keep their job for long, especially in the first two weeks.
>I was a shitty worker in a lot of ways(I am clumsy and work slow, you see).
How long were you working there for?


>How long were you working there for?
Not even 3 weeks.


Well if he really wants "initiative" then you show him "initiative" by doing what I suggested. But you do you.


I will speak to people I know IRL about it, and give it some serious consideration based on their input.


Nelson, son of NEL


>boss tried to get you killed
>fired you when you refused to do something unsafe
>fragrantly breaking the law to fuck with you
>uhhhh I'd feel guilty about retaliating, it's probably my fault anyways I should have been a good goy


LMAO even

Can wagecucks get any more pathetic? I almost feel sympathy for your boss.



Being a shitty worker is okay, being asked to do unsafe stuff is not, I think it'd be a good idea to take some kind of action but be mindful of whether it will impact future employment


Something else I'd like to make clear is that this job wasn't very important to me. It's something I forced myself to go to, because I thought it would look good on my resume. It probably would have been in my best interest to keep it for awhile, but I am relieved that I have an excuse not to show up anymore. It's hard to be vindictive.

>Being a shitty worker is okay, being asked to do unsafe stuff is not
You're right, but another thing is nobody else seemed to have a problem with it. In fact, outside of sites that were still under construction(as opposed to adding cables to building that have already been made), everyone was always fucking around in ways they should not constantly. I get the impression that's just how these people are.


I watched the bug movie. It was shit. Fuck you!


what bug movie?


I think I'll watch dune 2 at IMAX when there are seats. But even though it's apparently very good I'm not that excited. First one was pretty boring, even the nice visuals got a bit stale after a while

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