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Last one hit bump limit and this board is even more dead without a blog thread. Bought a bunch of ESP32s with a built in OLED screen for around 4 dollars a piece. You can even find 8266s for under a dollar sometimes. I'm pretty sure they would all cost cents if I were to order these by the hundred. Meanwhile on Amazon everything is like 3X-10X the price.


I wish more people grew bamboo. It's the best way to reforest the earth


Based. Thinking about growing bamboo to use as a fence, because I hate my neighbors.


It's pretty easy to grow. Just find some and dig up a stem and root system then plug it into the ground. I just finished two transplants and it's almost at the month mark where they won't need regular watering anymore


I ate one (1) christmas cookie and am experiencing a gastric exorcism of the ages. I don't know why but lately any baked good has been making me extremely sick.

I bought some "ancient grain" organic flour at a hippy store and made some pancakes with it and it was tolerable but any normal flour still destroys my ass which is a huge bummer.


It's not very cold hardy unfortunately.


>Meanwhile on Amazon everything is like 3X-10X the price.

Amazon has gotten so expensive lately that even brick and mortar stores are cheaper for most things. It's only useful if you want something you can't find irl and don't want to wait 6 months for aliexpress to mail it to you.


I order ordinary items from Walmart now and it always gets to me either same day or next day. I finally canceled my Amazon subscription a few months ago, because not only is everything on the site marked-up, cheap, Chinese crap now, but also despite paying for prime, shipments were always days late. "Next day shipping" of certain items was my only cope left for keeping it. I guess buying twitch was a good move, because I can actually see Amazon becoming a dead market place due to high prices and bad service. The only saving grace it has for customers is it's return policy, but the old retail giants like Walmart have that too, and I can actually go there in person to complain if it came down to it.


Sounds like hippies gave you botulism by feeding you old grain they had lying around.


Nah the hippy shit is alright it's the white (((enriched))) flour that gives me a rectal blowout that turns my bathroom into the zone from stalker.


Amazon's return policy is overrated. I've tried to return several things but was refused.


>white (((enriched))) flour
Fuuuug, sorry for offtopic but this just gave me a major blast from the past.
Does anyone have a copy of that video Anonymouse made where he was baking bread and drew his own covers for the boxes of flour with the happy merchant on them.
It's a genuine golden age 4chon relic at this point.


My schizo brother just eloped with an art ho, who has previously dated 2 of his friends and an F2M tyranny. It's so over.


His schizo level isn't high enough. His gf is almost certainly a poisoned vaxxoid, by injecting needles and/or cock


He's not a "schizo" in the sense of being an internet politics enthusiast, he's more of a BPD crazy man, who's emotionally unstable. In a sane society this marriage would be annulled. He had been dating this girl for awhile, but this was out of left field. I don't think there's any chance of this lasting. The fallout is going to be horrible.


Turns out calf raises are a waste of time. There are some muscles that simply do not grow after repairing.

Guy did calf raises on one calf for a year and found no difference in its volume nor did he find any of his other leg exercises any harder to do after quitting calf raises

Reddit also agrees: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/1voo0j/should_i_do_calf_raises_or_are_they_a_waste_of/


Is this woman that bad? Maybe you need to talk to him and impress upon him the benefits of mgtow and/or homosexuality.


Had a terrible dream that I was back in college.

>newly enrolled in a biology class

>surrounded by young students seated at a single long crescent shaped table in a dark basement
>everyone feels nervous and awkwardly makes small talk
>out of the stygian abyss emerges the teacher, a grotesque 400 lb hambeast woman drooling at the mouth and lurching as she drags herself along the floor like a slug.
>she immediately declares she hates us all and wants us to fail
>puts us in random groups of three people because it's time for non-optional groupwork
>I end up with two female teenagers, a somewhat attractive blonde girl and a homely chubby brunette
>the teacher is literally foaming at the mouth, ranting about feminism and sjw shit
>my group exits the room
>the blonde girl just leaves and walks away, chubby brunette bursts into tears and I try to console her
>wake up irl

All in all it was a 100% accurate recollection of the post secondary schooling experience.


>Is this woman that bad?
As crazy as it is, it could be worse in this twisted world, but she is still a very stupid girl who only brings out the worst in him, and she already cheated on her previous BF(who was my brother's roommate btw) to be with him in the first place. She is an opportunistic and manipulative foid.

>Maybe you need to talk to him and impress upon him the benefits of mgtow and/or homosexuality.

No thank you, Anglin.


Good thing most of my classes were online.


A gf cheating on you is almost expected behavior in current year.


I did heavy calf raises for years trying to grow my calves. It was completely pointless in the end, but I thought it was because I'm an ectomorph

>she already cheated on her previous BF(who was my brother's roommate btw) to be with him in the first place
Stealing a woman from another is the stupidest possible thing one can do. It's stealing trash. Any woman that cheats is trash


Just learned about "skibidi toilet" and I'm finding it hard to make sense of, catchy beats though. It seems like an elaborate troll to say zoomers are hooked on it


It's hilarious tbh.


Made a new Twitter with protonmail. It didn't ask for a phone no. Are we really supposed to say "X" now or what?


>Are we really supposed to say "X" now or what?
Nobody does.


just call it twixxer


Anyone here tried spearfishing?


File: 1705272376021.jpg (87.97 KB, 1012x1024, 1705234036535185m.jpg)

Just looked at the catalog and saw a dozen threads I made this last year while high as fuck. I started smoking weed around the beginning of '23 and the entire year was like a foggy dream. What a terrible drug. Bad withdrawal too

Been sober for all of '24 so far


I have a speargun but the only thing I've ever shot with it was a rooster


File: 1705304874705-0.webp (111.32 KB, 1920x1280, test-electrical-outlet.webp)

File: 1705304874705-1.webp (92.54 KB, 1306x1244, measuring-volt-outlet.webp)

File: 1705304874705-2.jpg (206.65 KB, 1244x1244, hot-wire-volt-testing.jpg)

I would never stick made-in-China multimeter probes into an electrical outlet or household wiring without putting on a dishwashing rubber glove on the hand I'm holding the probes with. Even thin rubber has a pretty good breakdown voltage for insulation ranging in the low hundreds of volts. Not worth risking dying instantly because you don't want to get called a pussy by an electrician. I'm not competing for the Darwin Award in the blue-collar workers' macho culture.


If you hold one hand behind your back you'll be alright. Electrical shock deaths are mostly caused by it going through your heart.

If you have properly set up breakers they should blow quickly as well.

t. electrocuted himself before


i'm concerned that increasing amount of consumer slop i buy have glued in li-ion batteries with shelf life 3-10 years and then dey outta turn into spicy pillows in storage that may pop and cause fire hell inferno in middle of the night destroying the rest of my belongings and turning me into full body 3rd degree burns blind paralized meatloafman begging for death



also those usb fast-chargers that i use which come boxed with every CHINGZHONG electronic xiamui electric-tool e-reader usb-speaker slop must be of the most updog quality for leaving to charge stuff overnight in youre house


It's crazy how Ecigs all have a liPo battery in them, and smokers just chuck throw them in the trash. It's a very fast and cheap way to buy batteries at any convenience store btw, since they usually sell the devices for 99 cents(while making the cartridges obscenely expensive). Just be careful getting them out.


It's a good idea but I'd feel dirty touching an ecig.



>usb fast-chargers

First time Ive heard of them now I want one. It takes like an hour or something to charge my Redmi note 5 to full but I've never checked really. I'm gonna test/time it now


Is it just the W that makes them fast? I want 15 or 20W?



>Is it just the W that makes them fast?
Pretty much yes.
>I want 15 or 20W?
They are both "fast chargers" since every modern phone I'm pretty sure uses 5V, the power is just 5V multiplied by the current. I am not a consoomer electronics enthusiast, so I don't actually know, but 20W sounds a little high. I've never seen a phone charger supply more than 2.4A.


File: 1705376553556.jpg (46.44 KB, 470x751, e14c32f02a63300f21ffdc42a5….jpg)




Why is everyone outraged over this scene?

See the comments in this video, as well as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fODI_TNJQKA


I unironically do not understand.


that brown girl is adorable

it implies they're all dykes


I didn't end up getting the voting machine job, so fuck the government, death to American, and also kill politicians.


File: 1705431954065.webp (74.93 KB, 1440x1434, Screenshot_20240116-13053….webp)



File: 1705533424477.png (9.39 KB, 653x366, fafafr.png)

HR niggers can't even be bothered to check for typos on the first question of their worthless assessment test.


File: 1705686098298.webm (1.23 MB, 206x360, 1705411154081074.webm)

before powering on those lithium batteries and charging circuits need a good SHAKE and throw and BEATING and stepping on by chang, basically ccp zoosadism style equivalent treatment, cuz it makes em even more tender and safe to use in ur home


File: 1705689233044.jpg (236.28 KB, 1200x1614, Cpp5JH6UIAAQn5L.jpg)

Ching chong bing bong heres your child labor products. Enjoy.


chinese children have upgraded to the comfortable wfh labor of making and selling cat torture and killing videos to westerners (maybe that's only allowed to the ones from party member families dunno)


Re(obviously)watched some early MCU stuff and I see why Iron Man was a fan fave, he was actually cool.

I had an ebay power-outlet-to-usb thingo which would give off a few sparks every time I plugged it in heh my mum said it was a fire hazard and I threw it away

I rekt a psu once by pressing the volt switch heh


Your mom should install those plastic outlet protectors, so you don't kill yourself or burn the house down.


dear friend,
the sparking means its working it clears the dangerous dust around before operation (seen)


Flip the switch maybe I shoulda said


Happy sparks xd

When I was moving out of my old studio (might've told this story before) I was cleaning the floors/walls and threw a bucket of water on the ground and it ran up the wall into a power socket. Not sure what happened when it hit but I went to dab a towel on it to try soak up some of the water because it was dripping over it and at some point it did a minor splosion which spooked me. I turned the power off and kept it off for a few hours.


Good job on not electrocuting yourself.


I think I shoulda just left alone. When I threw the bucket of water I didn't realize the power socket was there. So when I saw the water hit the socket thing I went "oh shieet". I didn't want to start a fire and burn the place down or have to pay for anything I rekt because I was broke (thats why I moved out lol).

I think it might have been an exposed socket that I complained/called to the realo about a few times, and they told me they called a sparkie to come fix it but I never had one come or contact me.


Was about 24 when that happened


Aussie weather is too hot in summer unless you're actually at the beach. And Western Sydney is cursed in that not only does it have the worst brown and Asian people but it's like 5 even 8 degrees hotter on average


Australia seems like a beautiful country but the east coastline is the most hellish dystopia imaginable. I'd probably want to move to the desert heh.


I will probably be doing HVAC soon, and I have determined there's no reason this shit should require 4 years to be licensed. It's not an overly complex system. Additionally, in my state they require that you have a credit score of at least 660, and while I'm fine in that regard the kikery is off the charts. Everything in this country is a scam and a racket. If I just needed to take a test I could probably pass it with no issue in a matter of months.


People complain about the chinese social credit score but then live in a country that does shit like this.


Very true. And on that subject, I doubt "social credit" is even an issue for the majority of the Chinese since half the population lives in underdeveloped rural environments. We're talking straight-up village life, with no toilets or garbage collection here, yet they expect me to believe China is some technocratic cyberpunk dystopia, where every aspect of your life is evaluated and cataloged? It doesn't add up.


Reading a shitty article about this:
>While it varies by programme, in some local pilots a positive rating means discounts and benefits, such as a simplified process with bureaucracies. If you have a low rating, you may have extra paperwork or fees. "Once you're in a low category, it makes it difficult," she says. "I see a huge potential for negative spiral." Such a system could further divide society, creating classes of people depending on their social credit
How is this different from American credit? Protip: It's not. Having bad credit means you are going to have to put up collateral or jump through hoops to get things approved that a person with decent credit doesn't have to deal with. People are blind. Death to America as always.


B-but... CHYNA!!


What if uve never had a credit card


You still have a credit score. It doesn't have anything to do with a credit card despite what BOOMERS believe.

If you have a bank account you have a credit score.


Then you have no credit, which is usually considered as bad as having poor credit.


This seems to be technically true, but not functionally true until you start using credit.


Naw, you get a score based on your bank balance and bill payments.


I've never had to be concerned about that, I guess because I've never had a loan for a car or house or w/e. And it all seems like Jewish economics to me. Loans are generally silly unless they're something like HECS-HELP in Australia, for uni, which is interest-free.


File: 1706351130728.jpg (1.83 MB, 6720x4480, Picture of holy man standi….jpg)

Can't say how much I like this pic


Sometimes you need credit for stuff not even related to loans though. Like I said, I would need decent credit to get an HVAC license, and probably a variety of other business licenses if I had to guess. Of course it is "Jewish economics".


Why are Muslims so dishonest? Islam seems to reject the Bible I think under the pretense its corrupted but after watching debates with them It seems more someone brought up the idea to muhamed so their religion doesn't fall apart.


Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distros just keep getting shittier. They got rid of the root-user account, so I can't even log into root to fix something I fucked up. There's probably still some way to fix this, but I'm done with this trash.


Sudo doesn't work? Ctrl - Alt - Fn (I think F3 is terminal, F2 is GUI, F1 is GUI login chooser) to switch between terminal or GUI.


Sudo or su does not work, because a root account doesn't exist and I accidentally took permissions away from the user account. There exists no other account to even log into. This has apparently been the case since Ubuntu 23.10. To hell with it, I already erased the disk.



Try Manjaro then. Just don't choose Plasma/KDE if you have an nvidia gpu.


I went with EndeavourOS.
>Just don't choose Plasma/KDE if you have an nvidia gpu.


If you're going to use KDE or Gnome and have an Nvidia GPU I would make it so X11 is the default option in sddm or gdm instead of Wayland. Wayland is notoriously buggy with Nvidia. You can check which one you're currently using with the terminal command: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE


It is using X11 by default.


I have to walk to the supermarket (4mins), its 7pm and still 28 degrees.


cry about it more betacuck


EndevourOS is the best "just werkz" distro I've used out of the box. It's the first time I haven't had to install drivers to make everything function properly.
It would take me 40 minutes to walk to the nearest market.


noone cares


What's a good retard-proof video editing software? I don't need anything too fancy, just need basic stuff for the most part heh

I'm not looking to become some regular video guy or a streamer I just have a couple things I want to do. Advice on cameras and other tangentially-related stuff would be appreciated too I guess


There isn't any because video editing requires some know-how.
I use premiere pro and after effects, but vegas pro is said to be easier.
Just ask if you don't know something.


>when rendering choose Sony AVC

>Advice on cameras and other tangentially-related stuff would be appreciated too I guess

What's your budget? Is it primarily photography or video? Aren't you an iPhonecel already? Always buy cameras used from Facebook, craigslist or ebay.



I seem to have problems with adding media to the editor in almost every software I use or try.

I've been using boram for webms, seems quite retard-proof if there is such a thing. And it seems lightweight compared to Vegas Pro.



Windows XP Movie Maker.


Davinci Resolve


Windows movie maker, unironically.


I was thinking of buying a new phone off of backmarket.com because this one's camera is pretty bad. I'd dropped it fairly hard on the ground and in the snow plenty of times over the past three or so years I'd owned it so I imagine that's the reason.

It'd primarily be for video though, probably $300-ish for the camera. I will likely set aside a similar budget for a phone.

Friend of mine made a quick funny video out of an animation he'd done, seemed like it took him under an hour and it had pretty complex side wipes and such using Davinci, might be worth looking into

When I was really little I sent Tom Fulp a terrible "meme" video I made in Windows Move Maker directly. It was so cringe lmoa


Thats some advanced shit riht there


>It'd primarily be for video though, probably $300-ish for the camera. I will likely set aside a similar budget for a phone.
Well it depends what you're videoing. If you're just recording silly shit and are planning to replace your phone anyway then I would just buy an open box or refurbished unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22+ (don't get non-plus because its battery life sucks) for 400ish.

If you're trying to be an artistic videographer (aka budget cinematographer) then you need the adjustable lens of a real camera (e.g. a scene starts where the background is in focus and the foreground is out of focus, then you adjust the lens make the foreground in focus and background out of focus). For this you'll want an open box or used Sony ZV-1 (not ZV-1F which has fixed lens), try to find it for under $400. You'll also want to buy wide-angle and macro lens (2-in-1) https://www.amazon.com/NEEWER-Wide-Angle-Macro-Lens/dp/B0BDS1YMD3/ (this one is significantly better than the cheaper Ulanzi one) for under $100.

If you want a professional grade Netflix-approved camera you'd get a used Panasonic GH5 for under $600 (comes with no lens) and a used Leica 12-60mm lens for under $500.

S22 cinematic video
ZV-1 cinematic video
GH5 cinematic video

You will need to learn how to do color grading at the minimum in either Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve or Premiere Pro for your videos to look as good as the above videos. It's not rocket science, if you know how to work with Photoshop you should have the cognition to learn how to use any of this software.


Are the cameras the major draw of newer phones? My Redmi note 5 pro mid range chinkphone from 2018 is quite fast I have no issues with the speed.




I should mention though that the difference between an iPhone 7, iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S22+ and the Sony SV-1 are very marginal, don't expect any real noticeable difference between these. iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 is the last significant jump in camera quality IMO, unless you really need 4k 60FPS mode which was added in iPhone 8, and beyond that is highly diminished returns. If you have at least an iPhone 7 you're probably doing something wrong if your camera is "pretty bad" or it is actually physically damaged.
Yours is fine and not worth upgrading from unless you really need 4k 60FPS.


Not a single thing about society has improved over the last 2 decades, and anything you might think of came at a huge cost and is overall a net negative.


This but it applies to 9/11 to 2007


File: 1706892558622-0.png (13.23 KB, 700x300, 9b4bb37836df6b9574704e780a….png)

File: 1706892558622-1.png (448.58 KB, 1592x764, f3fce52ef876cac9bd2ee749af….png)

File: 1706892558622-2.png (82.13 KB, 615x588, 9cb9c673413f4f39bf3160a251….png)

At least the last 3 decades then.


File: 1706990591599.jpeg (343.95 KB, 1024x1024, _d6f2922b-1afc-45e5-8479-….jpeg)

Correct. Not one single thing has improved


There's more amateur porn of brown women


The prevalence of porn isn't good!


Yeah but maybe things need to get worse before they get better*. Did you ever think of that?

* don't ask me how they'll get better


>Yeah but maybe things need to get worse before they get better*. Did you ever think of that?
Yes, unfortunately we will won't live to see it.


>will won't




Relax. lol.


You relax, quit reaming your gross warty cunt all the time


File: 1707086331278.gif (24.05 KB, 183x207, 1707080017088239.gif)

install free software


this guy sounds exactly like butthead


...shut up beavis


I've been dxm free for 2 weeks, the longest I've gone in 2 years. There's a bit of pesky iron y in that I know how great it would be to trip when I've recovered a bit of tolerance.


Why not just get a medical marijuana prescription? Didn't you say you were "depressed"? That should qualify you.


Dxm is GOOD fuck off pothead!


I hope you all live long and happy lives


File: 1707172795705.jpg (46.78 KB, 720x513, 1706898287958015.jpg)

... some of the chon are terrible people that the world would be better without, like smiley.


File: 1707172931860.jpg (65.42 KB, 1438x865, jewablo.jpg)

NPCs responding in unison that you need to "update your Windows 10, it is a security risk" are exactly like the Karens who say you need to get a yearly Covid booster or you will die from Covid.


It's just false: the only real attack vectors for >99% of people are the web browser they use which receives security updates anyways and are already highly sandboxed from the OS and people manually installing sketchy shit from sketchy sites. It's not because they didn't install the latest Cortana LGBT advertisement update from Windows Update.

Putting aside that Blizzard games are trash nobody should be playing, there's absolutely no technical reason for Blizzard not to allow their games to run on even the first retail build of Windows 10. They could have easily just put a dialogue window with "Your version of Windows is outdated and unsupported, proceed at your own risk" instead of locking out the ability to run the program.

Then again it makes sense why they did this; they were acquired by Microsoft, and Microsoft gains by pushing the latest ads, AI soyware and other scams to their NPC customers instead of letting people pirate a non-soy long-term version of Windows 10 like LTSC 2019 (which is version 1809) which a lot of people are still using and don't want to risk upgrading to LTSC 2021 (version 21H2) just yet.


I don't like the effects of cannabis. I might be diagnosable as being depressed and I often get it on med certs but its not really true.



Anyone here have private trackers? I want to see if some things have been released which I can't find on pubs. Otherwise I'll just check the chans


Just broke my DXM-free streak 2h ago, so I lasted about 18 days. Funny, I had diarrhea shits within 10 mins - its never particularly uncomfortable - so maybe I kinda forgot DXM seems to slice and crumple up and kinda liquify whatever is in your gut and shoot it out your intestinal system at a pretty respectable or powerful rate. So doing DXM daily or often might mean that you're kind of on a perma-laxative and/or your metabolism is faster or it speeds up disgestion or something like that. Expelling bad stuff almost always feels good, I mean particularly if its literal grams of something like defecation or some kind of discharge. Because that shit aint meant to be there!


No, I am not a member of any private tracker bottom-bum-boy battalion. I am not a slave to homosexuals who promise me files for going through their humiliation rituals like they're some kind of sick, twisted demon.


I think this post was a bit cringe but I'll leave it up

It does all sound pretty annoying


Extremely based.

You can find anything you want through other avenues anyways.


Had been thinking about this song for a few days (hmm) and wondered if zoomers would even fully get the humour. As the humour is based off the notion that homosexuality is wrong or bad


When it comes to more obscure Jap stuff, probably not, but I'd rather just pay for something if it came down to it. Still, despite claims from private tracker acolytes, there's no evidence at all that private trackers possess some kind of unique treasure trove of content that I couldn't get from DDL sites, or sketchy p2p software like perfect dark. Not even the availability of files on private trackers are open to public view as far as I know.


After the spread of trannyism, I sometimes wonder what they're thoughts are regarding crossdressing comedies like Mrs Doubtfire. The humor plays off the fact that the other characters don't know it's a guy, making for awkward situations, but according to trannyist dogma everything in the movie should be perfectly normal, I assume.


Got catfished by a job offer. Told me I would be soldering boards using a microscope, even showed me a video about the job before going to the interview, but then they told me I had to start as a wire-spinner, something they never mentioned, and it's a more dangerous, more demanding, shit job, with less pay. There were no grantees of a promotion either. What they basically do is use a machine to braid copper wire, and you need to juggle using a lot of machines simultaneously. May as well work at Amazon if I was going to do that for 15 dollars an hour. How is deception like this legal? Eat shit, "Carlisle interconnect technologies".


Did you at least try "sure I'll do that but for $35/hr ($70k), final offer"


No. I tried to be polite even though it was probably obvious that I was pissed, because working there might have been good for my resume and they allegedly will pay for you to get certs and such, but in hindsight I can't trust these faggots and I should have given him more shit for wasting my time.


File: 1707527153309.webm (3.5 MB, 576x836, 1707526382738571.webm)




im sure whining about it will help


>psx and psp development
Why would you torture yourself with that?


Does it hurt?
It sounds fun. Fortunately, I found what I was using for PSP development years ago and it still has documentation up:
Only problem is when I do inevitably hit a wall there's not going to be a single soul who will help me.


Ok. But when you become sane there's always Windows (TDM-GCC 32-bit + Win32 API + Direct3D9 + webp/decode.h + SDL_mixer + Xinput) (or Linux + GLFW + OpenGL instead of Windows + Direct3D if you're a freetard).


Since you're a PSX fan like me check this guy's renderer out.


DL ssrespl.zip, create a folder (e.g. ssrespl), extract the files to that, then run ssre.exe. You can see the source code in main.c. You can see it's all just Win32 API and GDI. This could probably run on Windows 95 on a Pentium 1 with no D3D/OGL-capable GPU. Could try PCem or 86Box to verify that claim.

If you run the program and open task manager you'll notice it takes up 100% of a CPU core. I recommend adding the line "Sleep(1);" near the end of the main loop right before line 996 (#ifndef FULLSCREEN) and recompiling it so it doesn't hog the CPU needlessly.

gcc path\to\ssrespl\main.c -o path\to\ssrespl\my_recompile.exe -lgdi32 -O3

You can change movement speed by editing line 982, e.g.
VEC3 fw = {0, 0, 0.025f}; to VEC3 fw = {0, 0, 0.075f};


Did something pretty embarrassing in public on Thurs, actually almost embarrassing enough not to post it but i prob will.


File: 1707551278282.jpg (332.93 KB, 1024x1024, _e390ed77-b2e8-4df0-b2a9-d….jpg)

been sleeping on a thin mat on the floor for over a month now
along with sitting on a thin mat on the floor to use the computer because i used to sit/lie on my bed to use it


I'll look into it. I was really fired up the other day, but I really have no idea what the hell I want to do anymore. Maybe I'll make a simple game and then try to port it to other platforms.
>Shitty Software Rendering Engine
Epic. Reminds me of early Fromsoft games.
Post it.
Get some back support at least.


Hot tip for while it's relevant: Google jobs search is actually really good and all of the listings it sends to my email automatically are relevant to what I'm looking for, unlike indeed's shitty job feed. I'm sure it will be useless in the near future like all google products.


Had no idea this existed heh. Since they raised the interest rates again there's been basically no jobs so I haven't even bothered trying.


New Deadpool 3 teaser... Fuckers!


>Had no idea this existed heh.
Neither did I until recently.
>I haven't even bothered trying.
I wish I had that luxury right now.
I do not like Ryan Reynolds.


I spilled a bunch of coins in a coin deposit thing in a bank. They spilled all over the floor. Not the biggest biggie but still kinda embarassing for me and probs others heh. I wasn't paying attention and tried putting like 15kg coins into this 2kg max deposit thing. ANYWAY...


>if I leave the heat on by accident in the store I work at the security alarms go off and squad cars are mobilized ffs
Frickin' Chinesium security system, I had to go to work at 11pm because it suddenly dawned on me I left it on.


Xianxia and litrpg seem to be the most popular book genres these days outside of the flood of romance novels girls read. Anime and video games influence modern generations like conan the barbarian and tolkien influenced people in the 80s and 90s.


Heh based change hoarder.


Why doesn't your KIKE boss get a proper automatic thermostat?


Zoomers seem to be reading chink manga more than normal jap manga these days.


you answered your own question


Looks like I got a job installing cabal.


I don't blame them. Japanese anime shit is creatively bankrupt. Just endless isekai harem pedophile crap with 2 frame animation, stolen assets, and algorithmically generated plots. It's produced for a specific audience (otaku coomers) as cheaply as humanly possible to minmax profit.

Western media is woke tranny calarts shit, like vid related, although the animation and production values are higher. Even zoomers who by and large agree with the political message being rammed home by this media are probably sick of seeing it constantly everywhere they go.

There's quite a bit of good Chinese stuff meanwhile. I think xianxia is a breath of fresh air even if it's going to be very familiar for chinese audiences because at least it's something new and the production values are vastly superior to japcrap.


I realize you were talking about manga but I wanted to rant about anime, and I feel the two are intrinsically linked.


I don't know if it's my phone's autocorrect that keeps doing this or if I'm retarded.


>and I feel the two are intrinsically linked.
Kind of. A lot of anime also gets adapted from LNs and VNs though, and a lot of shitty manga are LN adaptations themselves.


File: 1707793011858.jpeg (4.34 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

>autocorrects to cabal


I spurted out some huge chunks of wax from my ear anyone want to see it? It was so satisfying I keep thinking about it

Otherwise it extended my ear infection which is a bit of an excuse to stay inside rather than approach


>anyone want to see it?


how did you spurt out said chunks?



File: 1708149890832.jpg (70.43 KB, 800x800, s-l1600.jpg)

Using this thing is somewhat risky but it does work to clear out wax. Feels good too, though I was coming up on DXM at the time anyway



i see, those im guessing you wouldnt use more than a couple times before buying a new one, im guessing this because they probably go mouldy on the inside and might lead to an ear infection


Hmm I've probably had mine for 2 years xd. I just rinse it a few times when I use it next. If I wanted to be safer maybe I'd also heat my pureau bottled water instead of use taper water but idc.


I can't poop without caffeine. I was constipated for 4 days. I give up trying to quit.



Yeah dude post those chunks


File: 1708309295171.jpg (300.05 KB, 1080x1008, 2ld7m4.jpg)

>Anyone want to see it


One person said yes two said no. WHAT DO I DO??


Just got my Comscope cert. Once again I am reminded that certs are a scam. They spend 1/3rd of the training slides shilling products and the examiners practically tell you to cheat, which I did. Lolbergtarians are right. "Statists" are retards for believing in the legitimacy of certs.


The certs are mostly private aren't they? If they had the state legitimacy of something like a degree they'd be worth more.


No. They are often a legal requirement. Certification is basically the government allowing a private organization to act as a state regulatory body. I would not under any circumstance be allowed on a job site without that cert. I couldn't legally do work there in the same way you can't legally do plumbing without a license.


Got fired from my cable installation job, because I refused to violate OSHA standards and stand at the tippity top of a ladder.
>installing new RJ11 ports in hospital offices
>Need the wires to go over the rafters
>8 foot ladder is too short to do that without standing at the top of it.
>we are going to be moving cables all day and I don't want to break my spine
>Ask to go back to the shop to get the 10 foot ladder, which is 8 minutes away from the hospital
>Boss says no, so I refuse to climb and he can't legally make me do it
>Keeps me on the job site to do bullshit, and says nothing about it all day
>Fires me for "lack of initiative"

I'm doubly sure tradecucks are retards now.


can't you sue or something?


Plausibly, but I really don't expected much of a result, and since I'm h'White it would make me feel like a dirty KIKE, even if I'm in the right.


No, if you're not lying about your story then you need call OSHA and fuck with them. Tell ChatGPT your whole story and ask it to run you down on how to file the relevant complaint properly. Ask ChatGPT to rewrite what you should say in your phone call in a succinct but detailed manner explaining how it was a hazardous situation and the employer retaliated from your refusal so you don't have a bunch of "ums" and "uhs" or whatever.



I am not lying, but I would feel guilty about fucking their shit up. One of the primary reasons is I didn't plan to keep that job for very long in the first place, and in my heart of hearts I know that I was a shitty worker in a lot of ways(I am clumsy and work slow, you see). Even though they ultimately chose to fire me for the wrong reason, there were probably plenty of legitimate reasons to fire me. I know I'm being a naive cuck, but that's because I'm h'White.


>One of the primary reasons is I didn't plan to keep that job for very long in the first place
So what? This is 2024, not 1965. Everyone job-hops because that's the only way to get a raise. Everyone thinks they don't plan to keep their job for long, especially in the first two weeks.
>I was a shitty worker in a lot of ways(I am clumsy and work slow, you see).
How long were you working there for?


>How long were you working there for?
Not even 3 weeks.


Well if he really wants "initiative" then you show him "initiative" by doing what I suggested. But you do you.


I will speak to people I know IRL about it, and give it some serious consideration based on their input.


Nelson, son of NEL


>boss tried to get you killed
>fired you when you refused to do something unsafe
>fragrantly breaking the law to fuck with you
>uhhhh I'd feel guilty about retaliating, it's probably my fault anyways I should have been a good goy


LMAO even

Can wagecucks get any more pathetic? I almost feel sympathy for your boss.



Being a shitty worker is okay, being asked to do unsafe stuff is not, I think it'd be a good idea to take some kind of action but be mindful of whether it will impact future employment


Something else I'd like to make clear is that this job wasn't very important to me. It's something I forced myself to go to, because I thought it would look good on my resume. It probably would have been in my best interest to keep it for awhile, but I am relieved that I have an excuse not to show up anymore. It's hard to be vindictive.

>Being a shitty worker is okay, being asked to do unsafe stuff is not
You're right, but another thing is nobody else seemed to have a problem with it. In fact, outside of sites that were still under construction(as opposed to adding cables to building that have already been made), everyone was always fucking around in ways they should not constantly. I get the impression that's just how these people are.


I watched the bug movie. It was shit. Fuck you!


what bug movie?

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