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Comfy Vidya thread #3: RIP Xbox?

Xbox rumored to go the way of Sega after one final Xbox Series X refresh end of this year, though they may continue the Xbox brand and go a "Steam Machine" route where they have third-party hardware vendors configure small form factor PCs (with no Blu-Ray drive) and install some kind of Xbox OS centered around Xbox Game Pass
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don't care, I'm a rule breaker



Xbox 360 marketplace is being shut down soon


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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Is Reportedly Underperforming, Selling Half of Remake


>The Metascore (the average of reviews aggregated on Metacritic, which includes ours) is 92, three points higher than the predecessor. And yet, according to Daniel Ahmad, Director of Research & Insights at Niko Partners, the game is severely underperforming in sales compared to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Here's what the analyst wrote on Twitter:

>Not to be that guy, but Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is underperforming sales wise. It’s selling about half of what Remake sold in the same timeframe and looks like it’ll have a weaker tail (prior to any PS+ like release).

>There's a few obvious reasons for this puzzling sales performance. First and foremost, the Final Fantasy VII Remake launched in April 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the games industry experienced an unprecedented boost to gaming revenue and engagement caused by the mandatory stay-at-home laws.

>Moreover, that was also just a few months before the release of the new consoles. PlayStation 4 was at an all-time high install base nearly seven years after its launch, whereas PS5 has barely reached half of that time on the market.


I am curious about their revenue. Would be funny if they blame fans for it underperforming after they decided to shit up the remakes with unnecessary nonsense.


you lot gonna play Harold halibut?


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TL;DR of >>74714


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Oh no no no Pokemon Go bros...


Every single tranoid should be euthanized.


File: 1713543757332.mp4 6.33 MB, 500x500, gygas_everythingisvertual.mp4


thank you mental health industry & genx parenting very cool


File: 1713671846038.jpg 152.13 KB, 1024x711, 1713670252621093.jpg

Women voted for this. This is precisely what happens when you vote for candidates or parties who say they're "pro-LGBT." Now they're bitching and as always refuse to take accountability for their actions.


what if i told you theres a chance that those women in the picture perhaps might have not been in support of the pro LGBT garbage in the first place?


Women can be so cute and adorable, how they care about appearance so much. Pretty sure at some point I watched a woman streamer/woman doing some gaming walkthrough thing, and she spent like 20-25 mins on the initial character avatar creation thing lmfao. And she was really taking her time with all the options like it's some big thing. I usually run through it in like 2 mins, just making the guy look like me (brown hair, brown eyes, pale, lean with muscle).


File: 1713885671445.webm 2.48 MB, 2000x1125, 1713876931222050.webm


I will now play your game heh


The inmates are LITERALLY running the asylum tbheh


what game


Vindictus: Defying Fate


Vindictus looks like THAT? I don't recall it looking half that nice or bouncy. Modded?


wtf I love this game now


File: 1713914767361.mp4 3.2 MB, 2000x1124, 1713885671445 (online-video….mp4

>nice AND bouncy


File: 1713962117349.jpg 656.92 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_2024-04-24-22-29….jpg

"Maybe if I deep-throat the boot hard enough the consulting firm millionaires that hate me and my hobbies will give me clicks"


File: 1713963584066.webp 211.56 KB, 1440x2162, Screenshot_20240424-075912.webp

Are feminazis still trying to push the BOOBIES ARE BAD to show and NO ASS narrative??!! No ass n tiddies?!


No, it's more 4D chess than that. They're going full mask off, hiring firms to push ESG score shit in video games.


File: 1713973068625.webp 169.99 KB, 1440x1743, Screenshot_20240424-103719.webp



File: 1713974167326.png 19.96 KB, 300x300, futurama-fry-not-sure-if-me….png

>4D chess
Are (you) trolling?


File: 1713985907395-0.png 32.07 KB, 756x856, blackrock-vanguard.png

File: 1713985907395-1.jpg 687.56 KB, 2560x1440, asset-management.jpg

File: 1713985907395-2.mp4 7.65 MB, 640x360, What is ESG.mp4

ChatGPT is free, why don't you use it?


File: 1713988172317.webp 722.31 KB, 3500x2613, gayming.webp


File: 1714079057285.webp 9.07 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20240425-160311.webp


noone cares retard, stop shitting up the thread with skitzo garbage


Thinking about becoming a Lord of Manors today


Oh no no no Rust bros... (the programming language, not the game)


Who'd a thunk that if you make a language way too fucking complicated (unlike, say, C, C# or Python), people would be less productive with it?

Ycombinatorites/HackerNews, Redditors, John Carmack (that old fool made the bold prediction a few years ago that Rust would replace C++ in game dev... except his own company id Software and their latest id Tech 7 engine still use C-style C++ for all their games) and Fredrick Brennan BTFO.

This is the exact same problem with Vulkan (meant to replace OpenGL) and DirectX12 (meant to replace DirectX11). It shouldn't take a thousand fucking lines of set-up code just to draw a triangle on a screen. There's a reason why indie devs and smaller studios are avoiding Vulkan and DX12 like the plague, yet the share price-chasing dumbasses who run AAA companies are forcing their devs to add DX12 modes to their games because DX12 is newer than DX11 and customers automatically think newer=better. You literally have hordes of dumbass customers complaining on Steam games' support forums and other idiot fuckface forums like Resetera.com, NeoGAF.com, forums.pcgamer.com and so on about how the game they bought doesn't have a DX12 mode because "it's 2024 and your game still doesn't support DX12, why did I buy my RTX 4090, it says DirectX12 right on the frickin Nvidia packaging and your game doesn't even support DirectX12, Microsoft said DirectX12 is faster and better than DirectX11, how dare you, I want a refund!!"


I may actually get around to playing Fallout 2 if this 3D mod comes out. (The video title is misleading, it's not completed yet). It already has more charm than Fallout 3 & 4, I never liked the VATS combat system those games, this seems to be DOOM-roguelike hybrid.


i already posted this



File: 1714284462178.jpg 28.54 KB, 480x360, 1714281816919345.jpg

>Prequel to RBY and GSC, takes place about 10 years beforehand
>Respectful of the lore
>Cute references for fans like the Pokemon Adventures manga origins of Team Rocket and the Spaceworld Beta (e.g. the cute tiger Pokemon is in it and Lake of Rage has a gym for example)
>Engaging story without any edginess that is out of place in the main series
>References to HGSS
>Challenge mode is balanced but challenging, with level caps
>Diverse team options that make sense in the setting that let you use newer gens but not to a dumb or excessive degree
>Modern mechanics that make it feel like HGSS but also don't make it feel like you're playing Smogon Simulator #595839
>No self-inserts
>No stupid purple name discord breadtuber troonshit
>Two regions AND the HGSS routes
Why haven't you played Johto Legends, /loungevp/? It's legitimately the best Romhack I've ever played of Pokemon


But it's memory safe and has a garbage collector anon! That's very important... apparently?

Safety! Security!


If it's not at least approximately as hard as radical red's normal difficulty, I will get bored.


I have played radical Red, it's harder.


File: 1714323411771.png 405.55 KB, 860x755, 481-4816161_question-mark-a….png

What's the point of radical red? I realized shortly into playing that the enemies stats would still be superior to my own in every single instance, even if I was an immortal that spent infinite time grinding

Even with cheats to remove grinding the opponents are always 10% or so tougher than what my team is capable of because everyone in the world other than yourself is fully optimized and boosted beyond normal capacity

It's a sluggish torture-fest for boring masochists


They have a lot of stupid rebalances too.


You're talking to a turkish bear enthusiast and born again christian his taste in games are going to be a bit warped as with all other things.


The point is for it to be a boring Smogon simulator with artificial difficulty. A lot of romhacks of all types of games try this approach, to their detriment. Johto Legends is hard, but it at least feels like you're playing something TPCI and Gamefreak could release if they didn't have their thumbs up their arse.

I said I played it. I didn't say I enjoyed it.


phantasm is a textbook manchild


I thought Pokemon Orange would be a faithful hack. It was for awhile, then I found something like a low level trainerhouse and pretty much threw my nuzlocke to a kitted-out level 25-30 Porygon-Z that 1-2 shot all my NFEs. Pretty sure it had a hold item too. It's a shame because I had a lot of fun up until that bullshit. There was also a room with the tranny dev self-inserts in it. I know official games always have a dev room, but these ones said quirky bullshit that felt out-of-place. Almost as bad as Crystal Clear's self-inserts (which sucks, because open-world Crystal sounded like a cool concept).


imagine playing pokemon in the first place


Pokemon Prism had the same thing.
Everyone tried shilling it to me, I didn't even bother once I saw the elite four was the devs' friends, with troonshit to boot.


For a romhack that does weird shit like changing types, I like Fool's Gold because it changes every single pokemon's type and gives them new sprites to help convey what type they are. Some of the new sprites are pretty good and others are fuck-ugly. Cool hack anyway.


I may be a manchild, but I'm not a literal child, thus I can't play a game where I just press "a" to win. Even radical red can be trivialized with a lot of teams on normal difficulty. If you're autistic enough, you git too gud, and then you can't go back to the way things were. Games in general have things stacked way in favor of the player, even though the player already has the insane benefit of foresight. They can always retry with more knowledge of what will happen. You already have a huge advantage, so the game needs all the help it can get. It's the same principle that games like dark souls and cup head capitalize on. Suffice to say, in a game where I never lose, I'm not having fun.


Have you tried unbound? It's only about as hard as radical red on higher difficulties, and I like the original music. they also rewrote the script to make it less cringe years ago and I don't think it feels too out of place.


File: 1714503042918.png 23.93 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_20240430-134940-….png

I downloaded fool's gold. Check out my shiny potato

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