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Comfy Vidya thread #3: RIP Xbox?

Xbox rumored to go the way of Sega after one final Xbox Series X refresh end of this year, though they may continue the Xbox brand and go a "Steam Machine" route where they have third-party hardware vendors configure small form factor PCs (with no Blu-Ray drive) and install some kind of Xbox OS centered around Xbox Game Pass


File: 1707190188635.webp 123.03 KB, 1600x900, sfij.webp

Microsoft may bring Bethesda’s Starfield and Indiana Jones games to the PS5 after all


>The change in strategy could call into question Xbox's place in the games industry. While console wars are by and large nonsense, some players may feel aggrieved that Starfield and the Indy game are seemingly bound for PS5, especially if they decided to make Xbox Series X/S their sole console. Certain gamers who might only be able to afford one of the flagship consoles and tend to trade in games may feel that they're missing out if they plumped for an Xbox but Microsoft's titles are hitting PS5 alongside the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and God of War Ragnarok.

>The company will reveal 'more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox' next week.


Would Xbox Series X's Windows 98-inspired startup sound be 'lowed in a Windows Corporatist Technocracy?


man spends $50,000 on a single gmod server


Goodbye xbone.


Initially Xbox was far and away the most powerful home console-and the most customizable which appealed to nerds-but once they lost that edge (and became more controlling-forcing mandatory internet connections and updates etc.) they really didn't have much going for them. The Series X is now considerably more powerful than the PS5, but the wide berth in performance between it and the Series S has completely tarnished the Xbox brand. What the fuck were those pajeets thinking in trying to get away with releasing what is essentially a previous generation piece of hardware (for nearly the same price) alongside the powerful X and calling it something so phonetically similar?


I genuinely have no idea how the retarded Xbox lineage continued


>Xbox 360
>Xbox One

Whoever came up with these names should be blood eagled


It was over for them after 360.


I don't see starfield being any more successful on the ps5 than on other platforms it failed on.

Then again, never underestimate how dumb console peasants are.


xbox 360
xbox one
xbox one S, X (xbox ones with slightly better specs, one with disc slot one without)
xbox series S and X (one digital only one disc)


File: 1707266100730.jpg 32.3 KB, 446x357, cc584b26f7a58bcfba1109b3385….jpg



tf are you even on about slogisaga


File: 1707270750173.webp 144.25 KB, 1920x1080, Hogwarts-Legacy-Xbone-vs-S….webp

I don't think Series S was a bad idea from a commercial standpoint. Virtually all these games have to be released to Windows as well so developers have to program in different graphics settings anyway. The biggest sin of Series S was having less RAM (10GB) than the Xbox One X at 12GB. RAM (or more accurately VRAM but modern consoles do not make a distinction between the two) is required for outputting higher resolutions at acceptable speeds.


It's the same fucking picture. There is no appreciable difference.


You know what's funny, if you look closely, you can make out similar details in the 720p still as the 1440p still, it's the "900p" still that's lacking. Like you can see more details in the top "window" in all the images except the 900p one. However, this is a flawed image because the waves and clouds expose the fact that they're not the same frame of animation or whatever you'd call it, which means there could be circumstances apart from the hardware itself causing these discrepancies.


Chard Warden wins again.


You might not notice it on a 15" laptop screen but it would be noticeable on a 27" or larger 1440p-capable screen.




I don't know how consoles still exist. I would assume consoles are on their way out, but then how the hell did PS5 sell 50 million units? It still has almost the same exact game library as PS4 even. Nintendo and Microsoft clearly intend to jump ship though, the Switch is primarily a handheld and Microsoft is focusing on acquiring IPs for gamepass.


cry more


A lot of zoomers don't own pcs, and use consoles as a computer.


that sounds horrible lol


Yeah it does but, I've met a few that do it. They plug a keyboard in and use the web browser and stuff on their xbox or playstation.

Computers are pretty intimidating for zoomers. They don't really have much in the way of tech skills and mostly just see them as things you use at school or work.


why are you talking to zoomers


So he can have sex with them, retard!


24yo pussy is worth enduring a bit of cringe, no?


Why wouldn't I heh



File: 1707389909325.webp 483.34 KB, 1730x978, Screenshot_4.webp

I'm like lvl 43 or something. Seems like I'm running out of things to do and its just a grind to lvl 50 and to max out Pal stats from here on. So I'm kinda bored. I mostly stopped playing, might actually move on to ENSHROUDED which looks very cool


I've been thinking about getting Enshrouded. I want to at least kill the last couple bosses on Palworld before then.


what is this slop? looks shit


I guess the "media center" kikes won.


Why don't old Nvidia drivers uninstall themselves ffs heh


The world of pals. Fun for a bit but I'm kinda over it


File: 1707433945935.jpeg 9.03 KB, 194x259, download.jpeg

>ffs heh


two cruel manchildren


I hope Xbox continues to exist but I haven't used em as much as Sony. none of their exclusives look appealing like some of sonys were at one time but Xbox original had some good stuff. I only have a ps3 and 360 now and have still been exploring old titles on those. New consoles are just too expensive to justify it and always have infuriating regressions from the capabilites of the old ones.

Nowadays AFAIK u can't even play cds on ps4 while on the old ones like 360 I could even rip em to the system and listen while using a game. Another example ps3 can play many games from both ps1 and ps2 Era, but ps4 can't do any of the three previous systems. Fans will say these things don't matter and that no one uses old formats like cds but I get a kick out of them. If only they had tape decks built in too, I hate the idea of leaving behind old formats as that means lots of good stuff becomes completely lost to time.


File: 1707621068049-0.png 1.46 MB, 1487x738, Screenshot_1.png

File: 1707621068049-1.png 1.36 MB, 1485x740, Screenshot_2.png

File: 1707621068049-2.png 1.42 MB, 1486x748, Screenshot_3.png

Aside from not approaching women because I'm lazy and live too far from the city, and reading and writing etc etc, ~~ with gaming I've been dividing my time between:
- Palworld
- Dota (12v12 exclusively because its fun and fast-paced)
- Against the Storm

Against the Storm is really good as a roguelite RTS. In fact it's basically the perfect roguelite RTS. It does away with the issue you get in so many old school RTS (SC, WC3, AOE series) where your settlement/base/map thing gets too big and unwieldy such that you get confused or pissed off or lose and/or alt-f4. There are benefits (and sometimes drawbacks) to all the upgrade rolls you can get (one of the big chance factors) so you can basically do something with every resource and its quite fun to figure out how you can go all-in on one particular thing and the game encourages that. It's really good, I actually played this like 6 months ago then stopped and started playing recently and could pick it up again very quickly. Torrented it both times, would prolly buy it if it gets a 50% sale

You can't really get a feel for the game by watching a trailer, you have to play it


delete System32. instead enable iCloud tabs .




>You can't really get a feel for the game by watching a trailer, you have to play it
Watching gameplay is usually enough to know whether or not you will like a game in the first place though.


Looks cool heh.


>Torrented it both times, would prolly buy it if it gets a 50% sale
If you believe "voting with your dollar" makes a difference they have it on GOG too which is a DRM-free alternative to Steam.


>ios game center



They added Arms Race back to Counter-Strike. It's a nice and non-committal game mode for those of us who don't want to spend the rest of our lives playing FPS games anymore I guess


File: 1707874466653.webm 2.74 MB, 1280x720, ☠️ Yar har har ‍☠️.webm


whats that?


xbox has been dead for years lol


XBOX used to be so cool, new and cutting edge. R.I.P


Back in the day it was a custom game mode called "Gun Game" where players would race to get two kills with every gun from the roster until the end where you have to try and knife somebody to win, Similarly in Arms Race you start with what are considered the strongest guns and work your way down to the knife. It's a nice short format for the game, no strategy or thinking too hard about anything, just shooting.


ah i see, you playing cs2? im still on source as i didnt like the feel of csgo


i miss the times of being on cod4/mw2 round the time they released, the hype was something else as it was my first foray into online matches


fucking hell this site is dead


Hey man, I've just had a rough day, you know?


It ain't called the ded neo natzi bort for nothin!


File: 1708056532111.jpg 50.63 KB, 700x1000, 10079.jpg



File: 1708098295413.jpg 34.58 KB, 700x576, 031cb50d1057157eb68c01b8cb7….jpg



File: 1708104524684.jpeg 4.43 KB, 234x215, download.jpeg


File: 1708132295341.jpeg 20.5 KB, 185x273, images.jpeg

is there anything more comfy than AVGN vids?


I've been trying to make a first-person dungeon-crawler, elderscrolls rip off game in godot over the last 3 days. So far I've got a lot of basic stuff handled that you could have right out of the box if you just use a template instead lol!, but at least I learned a lot about the engine.


make sure to use lossy webp for textures and ogg vorbis 96kbps for audio


Watched some of his more recent ones. Apart from the dreadful in-video product placement (which just comes with the territory these days, unfortunately), I was still pretty impressed, seems like he's still got it, somehow.


He finally fired screenwave from what I've heard.


I don't even know if those formats are supported.


ideally you'd want it to load your webp textures from disk then convert it in-memory to GPU-friendly "S3TC" (we call it DXT1 and DXT5 in directx land) at runtime. it doesn't look like godot supports that out of the box, if i understand that doc correctly it looks like your only option is to import textures into the godot editor in whatever format and have it re-save the textures as "VRAM Compressed" (i.e. S3TC format) in your exported build which uses significantly more disk space than webp, thus making importing webp pointless (as opposed to png which is lossless) since you'd be compressing lossily twice. my approach would have best of both worlds, i.e. saving both disk space and memory/vram usage. this is why i don't like pre-built engines. but w/e, directx or opengl would be too advanced/time-consuming for you, forget what i said and stick with godot.


File: 1708321674563.webp 328.62 KB, 1905x1075, Screenshot_2.webp

I've been nolifing Enshrouded. It's pretty good. I always end up making these (maybe shitty) bare bones bases in these games when I start out. Maybe I would actually appreciate having my hand held as to where to place things. I need to spend some time arranging all my stuff so that it looks decent.

I was attracted to the terrain-destruction elements of this game and it has them, but I'm like 22 hours in or something idk and I thought I'd have a fireball spell by now that could break wooden walls or something and I don't, but it's okay. It's somewhat slow but you can dig into terrain and walls, its interesting. I'm hoping there is a stronger pickaxe to be found or crafted.


File: 1708322691016.webp 397.86 KB, 1916x1074, Screenshot_3.webp

These are all crafting station things or add-ons. They basically all belong to one of the 5 (?) NPC-crafter people. Need to put them in their own place or something. Fun game really. At first I thought the crafting and gathering was easier than in Valheim, which is overall true - building and gathering the stuff for it is much less time-consuming - but there are quite a lot of different thingies to gather.

The game seems to gives you all the quests but I think it encourages you to pursue whatever you like first, so you can specialize in using bows or doing sneak/backstabbing attacks or w/e but you'll get all the crafting stations as you do the quests so you can respec fairly easily.


Fraps isn't working for me in Enshrouded, whats a good alternative?


File: 1708327986597.webp 202.71 KB, 1909x1075, Screenshot_4.webp

Ancient Spire Nomad Highlands, I want to set up a base on dat dere peak on the right.


Got there but game wouldn't let me. Anyway the game is fun, delivers.


The problem with all these rust clones is that the playerbase never seems to last long.


> directx or opengl would be too advanced/time-consuming for you, forget what i said and stick with godot.
Rude, but true.



oh look another RUST clone! neat!



I never played rust, I think it just seemed like it had too many collectibles.




File: 1708408448289.jpeg 46.81 KB, 1080x552, received_3640632912862156.jpeg

I keep getting this every time I boot up my Deck and I have no idea why, once I select the top one it boots fine, and I am guessing it's cos an update didn't update properly, how do I get rid of it, it's really annoying


Because no one wants to deal with Steam and its fifty million launcher clones hence why the Deck is doing so well, because it's very console like in ergonomics and interface and your hardware becoming obsolete in a couple years while you pay double the price. Most people don't care about graphics to the degree that spergs think they do, they just want to play a good game that you pick up, play and lose yourself in to deal with how shitty inflation is.

This is also why AAA slop is so expensive; no one wants to fucking buy it cos it's 100 bucks apiece WITHOUT microtrans and day 1 DLC, so to greedily try meet their profit margins, they keep the price high whilst not realising that (between the rage marketing, industry plant streamers and the aforementioned extra costs) only complete gooning dopamine fried purple named breadtube discord losers will buy it.


>installs a bunch of third party malware on his device to facilitate software piracy, a crime
>surprised when his demonic device becomes compromised by said malware



>Demonic malware
>Only pirated Hogwarts Legacy 6 months ago and have bought everything else


need to see the system logs, which is viewed by journalctl in arch-based linux distros like steamos.
this terminal command will output the logs from the last three boots to a text file in your home directory:

journalctl -b -3 > /home/deck/last-three-boots-log.txt

paste the contents into pastebin.com, set its expiration to 1 month, and exposure to unlisted

no one's going to waste their time writing malware for 1% of the pc marketshare. it's just linux reaffirming itself being a tower of babel patchwork of insecure partial solutions by different groups with disparate goals.


>and your hardware becoming obsolete in a couple years while you pay double the price.

I still use a gtx1050ti, an 8 year old card that I bought for around 250 dollars. I have no issue running modern games.


you dipshit, nice posting of your steam client source LMAOOOO


enjoy having your shit hacked remotely


Oh no, my one thousand hour save game of Katawa Shoujo


Still using an i5 around the same age also. So if a computer this old that didn't even cost me 600 dollars lasted me this long. I think it's fair to say the price of computer hardware for gayming is highly exaggerated. As far as consoles being "more convenient" is concerned. I don't think they inherently are. I find them frustrating to use. They're not just trying to be a gaming device after all they're trying to be "media centers" and a real computer without a locked-down OS does that much better.


do this command instead, didn't notice in your photo it showed a date when the failures started, and paste again in pastebin, 3 boots doesn't go far back enough, need to narrow down what those three failures are

journalctl --since "2024-02-10" > /home/deck/since-feb-10-log.txt


as for why you're getting that boot menu, my theory is that your steam deck failed to boot three times due to a certain critical error, and then it switched on this boot menu permanently as a fail-safe so you don't have a steam deck stuck in an endless boot loop that it can't get out of. but this is just a guess, need to see the logs


they're saying this shouldn't happen every time you boot. is your "Quick Access Menu (QAM) button" broken?


The logs were too big so I had to use Zerobin instead

I am pretty sure it's working, all the buttons work like they always have - everything works as it always did except for that boot menu every time


>katawa shoujo
>1000 hours
>playing anime trash
>anime at all

you're a manchild, leave this site


can you switch your system update channel to beta and install the update? you're currently on steamos stable channel v3.5.7. this appears to be not a linux kernel problem but a steamos bug. this image >>74513 does not appear to be a boot menu in the traditional sense (i.e. not "grub2" which is standard in all linux distros), but a recovery menu made for steamos by valve themselves. before we try figuring out the ins and outs of how this obscure customized recovery menu made by valve works, let's just try forcing an OS update to see if it'll get rid of this. and don't forget to run this script afterwards: >>53040


File: 1708631969874.png 96.43 KB, 2090x1176, nvidia-app-graphics.png

Oh no no no Nvidia sisters

Nvidia has rewritten their Windows XP-era classic graphics driver control panel into a JavaScript (Electron) app (as opposed to a native C/C++ application since zoomer programmers only know JavaScript). It now takes 10x more RAM usage (and therefore also takes longer to launch) for no benefit.



File: 1708632980609.webm 1.85 MB, 1080x1080, FF7-Rebirth.webm

Wat dey mean by dis


fapbait is the only thing they have to market this shit game



Well it's working. I'm on my way to the store rn heh


Why do these r*tards never seem to understand or care about the co sequences of their actions? It seems more likely that there's some nefarious reasoning behind it. Like how-rumor has it-video games nowadays (at least console games) supposedly have 10s of gigabytes worth of uncompressed audio in them to deliberately over inflate their file size so Seagate and Western Digital can sell more of their Soylid State Driverinos to modern Xbawks kids


Might just be because pajeets are tards.


I could write a long, in-depth essay on this, but the main thing you need to remember is that major companies (not that smaller companies are immune to the same mindset, especially if run by non-engineers) don't give a fuck about you or your well-being, and I don't mean that in some vague communist buzzphrase, I can tell you exactly what an executive will tell you if you were to suggest assigning one software engineer for a non-trivial amount of time to audit a software project and analyze low hanging fruit that can be compressed or optimized. They literally view customers as their addicts and they are the dealers. They don't give a fuck if their software takes up all your space on your SSD, their software is the only thing you should be installing and running in their view. Nintendo's one of the few exceptions, they have incentives to put some effort compressing their own games as well as pushing third-parties to compress their games (compare Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption's 11GB on Switch vs. 65GB on PC).



File: 1708795659000.png 647.53 KB, 455x748, 42-420582_woomy-in-a-blanke….png


based and squid pilled


Thank you for bearing with me, I really appreciate it.

I tried this, and it seems to be stuck in an update loop. So, I'll switch it to beta, and then install the update, and then it will update, and then it will boot just fine, and then it will say there's an update available from Feb 23, then I'll update it after that, and it will do it, and then it will say there's an update from Feb 13th or whenever, again, and then it'll do the whole thing all over again.

I run this script afterwards, >>53040 and it works, but all it seems to do is get rid of Decky (at least on the sidebar, I still get notifications for it, weirdly enough), which is a pain.

The deck works fine; I'm emulating Pokemon Collosseum with Dolphin on it, but it's annoying that it does that boot screen comes up every time and there's update nag.


>I tried this, and it seems to be stuck in an update loop. So, I'll switch it to beta, and then install the update, and then it will update, and then it will boot just fine, and then it will say there's an update available from Feb 23, then I'll update it after that, and it will do it, and then it will say there's an update from Feb 13th or whenever, again, and then it'll do the whole thing all over again.
What does it say for OS version and OS build? Do they remain the same whether you install one update or the other? Does that boot screen still show up every single time you reboot, and does it still show "SteamOS-B-3.5.7-20231122.1" and "3 failure(s) since 2024-02-12 22:34" like in your photo?

Can you enable "developer mode" in system settings and ensure "OS Update Channel" and "Steam Client Update Channel" are both set to Beta and then update? Before updating again I'd back up any game save files and emulator memcard/save files in case something goes wrong requiring you to reimage SteamOS. I'm assuming you have a USB-C hub or adapter and a 8GB flash drive for this worst case scenario ( https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/1B71-EDF2-EB6D-2BB3 ). If the update loop still occurs, set both options to "Preview" instead of "Beta" if it exists and then update. If the update loop still occurs after that, switch off "developer mode" and then switch the singular update option that you're left with to "Preview" and then update.

>but all it seems to do is get rid of Decky

You should then add these following lines to the end of your post-update script that you saved in /home/deck. SteamOS updates wipe everything outside of the /home directory. The purpose of this script is to automate reconfiguring and reinstalling stuff that SteamOS updates undo or remove.

echo "Downloading and installing Decky..."
sudo curl -L https://github.com/SteamDeckHomebrew/decky-installer/releases/latest/download/install_release.sh -o /tmp/install_release.sh && sudo sh /tmp/install_release.sh


copped a crt and a slim ps2 yesterday, going to comfy game like it's 2004 again


What you gon' play


gta 3, and might play final fantasy 6


File: 1709043407366.jpg 123.66 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_2024-02-28-01-13….jpg

Called it, months ago
Hopefully it isn't dogshit like SV and Arceus and is polished






File: 1709084801842.jpg 59.94 KB, 1920x1080, switch-yuzu.jpg

Nintendo is suing the creators of Switch emulator Yuzu


Yuzu devs got too greedy. Dumb idea to use Patreon and send the cash to their Seattle-based "Tropic Haze LLC." They could've just set up their own Bitcoin payment server and membership system on their website to mirror the functionality of Patreon to release their early-access builds on, claim they're headquartered in Belarus, never expose their real identity to the public, and accepted Bitcoin donations instead. Yes the profits wouldn't have been as high because a lot of people are too lazy to figure out how to use anything other than their credit card, but this shit wouldn't have happened.


They never learn.


Some other jackoff will just get the source code and release Yuzu-Next or similar


nintendo is a fucking joke


tfw watching letsplays


File: 1709169454479.jpg 63.21 KB, 1280x720, win11.jpg

Yo phag do you just want to switch to Windows 11 on your Steam Deck? It's gotten good enough lately with all the available 3rd party tools and tweaks that I personally would install that over SteamOS if I owned a steam deck. I can show you a quick guide on what you'd need to do to install and configure it to (near) perfection. I don't think Valve knows what they're doing, SteamOS isn't even open source (hence why I can't view how their custom boot menu works for example since the source code isn't available), and the concept of an immutable filesystem (i.e. system updates wipe your personal stuff outside the home directory) is repulsive to me making Windows more "open" in practical terms. I do not see any disadvantage to using a tweaked Windows 11 over SteamOS at this point, not even things like sleep mode, locking to 40hz or flaky/unresponsive touch controls appear to be an issue anymore.


anyone here playing wrath aeon of ruin?


this game is sickkk. think poker as a roguelike. you make traditional poker hands, but you can break so many rules since you have your own deck and you get constant augmentation opportunities. joker cards are included as passive effects and there are apparently 150+ varieties of them. you can also upgrade the payout value of all the traditional poker hands and upgrade individual cards in myriad ways, as well as add or delete cards from your deck. basically you can end up doing shit like having a quarter of a traditional 52 card deck become 7s of diamonds all with crazy value multipliers on top of them.

i kinda hope this makes it to mobile since the controls are easily adaptable to touchscreen and the gameplay is both addictive and thought-provoking.


>trying to get good geometry on my flatscreen CRT

without taking the back off and potentially fucking myself up hitting an exposed wire, it takes ages to get everything no wobbly and shit looking, I believe I've got it as good as I can, I've written down the settings and it's getting left until maybe I can pay something to adjust the picture professionally


Major NELson


No but I want to. It's good now?


no idea, I haven't played it
>it's good now
what do you mean?


Balatro looks great. I watched a stream of it the other night.


I put it on preview, and everything fixed itself. No boot screen, no nothing, latest update. May as well just leave it, SteamOS is working well and is easy to navigate.


File: 1709594023675.jpg 64.78 KB, 828x1344, FB_IMG_1709593784704.jpg

I knew it.


File: 1709606821862.jpg 49.83 KB, 1280x720, nintendo-yuzu.jpg


So I thought about seeing how viable it would be to rewrite Ryujinx in Rust to get rid of its garbage collector bottleneck from C# / .NET Framework (Yuzu was written in C++) but I counted the lines of code in the src folder (find "path/to/src" -type f -name "*.cs" -exec cat {} + | wc -l) and it's 524,481.


Rust also uses garbage collection. Why not just use c++?


Some crack team of neckbeard Devs are just gonna make Yuzu-Next completely anonymously behind seven proxies out of spite, and if they want donations, do it via Bitcoin.

This is the Streisand Effect, Nintendo really shouldn't have.


Contrary to popular belief, programmers are as bluepilled as the general population. Politely suggest they take Bitcoin and they'll respond in a hostile manner calling you a tinfoil hat conspiracy crackpot or a crypto shill and say "we're not doing anything illegal so we don't need to go that far, chud" and give you the "downvote" to censor your suggestion that you dared to give. These people still have aspirations for working for Google or Sony or something and using their emulator dev work as resume highlights. And they chant "Slava Ukraini" because that's the in thing to do. There are no emulator devs in existence today that take Bitcoin donations, they still do basic bitch PayPal or Patreon.


And same issue with cuckservatives. How many fucking times do you have to use GoFundMe et al. and have it shut down? This is precisely what Bitcoin, or even better, Monero, were designed to deal with. But no, your dear leader Zion Don (who pardoned black rappers in his final month instead of his loyal supporters from Jan 6 and Assange that he threw under the bus) said that Bitcoin is an enemy to America so you'll obey his orders to use le great American companies to transfer le great US dollar (a fiat currency whose primary purpose is to be printed into infinity to be transferred to the big banks, the Pentagon, Vanguard, Blackrock and Hunter Biden's drug & prostitution fund).



File: 1709852206267.jpg 120.54 KB, 1200x600, frost-fatales-logo.jpg

it's just troons


File: 1709852337227.png 779.34 KB, 1080x967, proxy.png


If they were smart they wouldn't be conservatives.


Does Square Enix even know who their audience is? The few Gen Z women that do play games limit themselves to The Sims 4, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Animal Crossing and Fashion Dreamer. Final Fantasy and JRPGs in general have always been a male-only genre. Imagine pissing off at least half of the >99.99% male audience just so you can make your game more palatable to less than 0.01%.


They got threatened with cancellation by sweetbaby and the twitter puritans.

t. knower





File: 1709910680980.webp 1012.59 KB, 2906x1926, 1709887401064781.webp

How long do you predict the endless stream of tributes, virtue-signalling and cause of death rumors will last?


1 week.


anime is essentially a digital lobotomy




File: 1709947192045.jpg 364.38 KB, 1079x600, the truth.jpg

soul vs soulless


True, the thing on the right which seems to be either an emulator or hardware with a direct-input HDMI adapter is the best compromise we got for modern screens. If you run an older console through a composite cable on an LCD it looks so damn bad, much worse than either of the options from that image. Text is illegible, details are blurred out etc.


File: 1710005077315.webp 31.71 KB, 894x914, 41QXT0DHH6L._AC_UF894,1000….webp

tfw no ViewSonic G220FB 21" CRT Monitor that runs native at 2,048 x 1,536 68hz or 1,600 x 1,200 at 87 Hz with inky blacks and bright whites and zero motion blur



File: 1710314366135.webp 54.17 KB, 1280x720, Rachel-Kowert.webp


U.S. Government Funded Organization ‘Take This’ Encourages Game Developers To Denounce Gamers Who Are Being Harassed By Sweet Baby Inc.

>The organized harassment and cancel campaign against video gamers by Sweet Baby Inc. has taken a dark turn as a U.S. government funded organization Take This has called on game developers to attack their own customers for standing up to harassment.

>Take This, which is run by Dr. Rachel Kowert, instructs game developers to denounce gamers for defending themselves from Sweet Baby Inc.

>First, the organization’s blog post states, “If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been hearing about what’s now being called “Gamergate2.” It’s the latest targeted harassment campaign within the game industry and it’s aimed at Sweet Baby Inc, a Montreal-based narrative development studio.”

>This is an outright lie, it is Sweet Baby Inc. that is running a targeted harassment campaign. Employees Chris Kindred and Maya Kramer launched their harassment campaign at the end of February following Brazilian gamer KabrutusRambo creating a Steam Curator list listing off all of the games that Sweet Baby Inc. worked on that are available on Steam and not recommending them.

>Interestingly, Take This is funded by the U.S. government. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the organization would receive a split of nearly $700,000 in grant money for the department’s targeted violence and prevention capabilities.

>Specifically, DHS shared that the organization would receive the grant money as part of the Middlebury’s Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism to raise societal awareness, provide media literacy and online critical thinking initiatives and do civic engagement.


File: 1710638623428.webp 61.47 KB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20240317_012336….webp

why are monitors all landscape now


File: 1710691701131.webp 36.62 KB, 1080x873, Screenshot_20240317_160752….webp


Gamers are the most oppressed group in history.



I guess because it's like uh...two monitors in one kinda




yeah it sounds pretty cool, although the MCC already has 2, I personally have no real experience of H2 online MP, I picked up halo around halo 3, I downloaded MCC however, well more specifically halo reach, love that game, feels shit using a mouse and keyboard, I think using a controller for FPS is just all around superior, although I may just be used to it


File: 1710802301703.webm 3.98 MB, 700x524, HYPERBOREA.webm


File: 1710804245752.mp4 2.81 MB, 720x864, tcoaal - the end is the beg….mp4


File: 1710811800877.webp 31.87 KB, 1440x371, Screenshot_20240318-202941.webp


File: 1710811828615.webp 10.02 KB, 1333x364, Screenshot_20240318-203013.webp


File: 1710811848271.webp 177.54 KB, 1304x1996, Screenshot_20240318-202917.webp


File: 1710811898888.webp 9.71 KB, 1329x364, Screenshot_20240318-203120.webp


File: 1710812918296.webp 161.52 KB, 1439x1881, Screenshot_20240318-204543.webp


File: 1710824394308.png 209.75 KB, 598x445, Sweet Baby Inc the name gam….png

Lmao, this is NOT going to work
People WILL pirate your games, look through the credits, find your names, and add you to more lists.
Not even being cringey, 'gamers' are a different audience to the usual pop culture (movies, Hollywood, TV) you try this crap with. Don't fuck with weaponised autism.


Sounds good. I joined that anti-SBI group and 2 of my Steam friends (who didn't quite seem "political", they never commented when I kept making swastikas in the rock walls in Deep Rock Galactic with a laser weapon) were on it already heh


People are tightening their belts and only spending money on games when they can, and when they're on sale. Turns out they don't want to buy a game if a 'narrative consultant' worked on it and some HR parasites threatened to lower devs' ESG score that they never knew they desperately needed.


Fingers crossed for SBI employees to be ganked in Minecraft hereon.


I hope this signifies the swing from pandering to whiny left wing faggota




File: 1710867821739.png 266.37 KB, 1164x910, ethics cuck.png

It does not. Gaymerz are dumb faggots.


Maybe I will see you sometime. I play that game a lot.


Ok just a little thought here but now that I've been thinking more about tech and gaming and hardware, doesn't it seem like modern games are really not optimized well AND the graphics should be way better than they are? Maybe this has something to do with smartphone vs PC hardware demand but I am really not sure. I mean maybe a higher demand for smartphones has pulled investment away from PC gaming (PC hardware and game development).


File: 1710898848887.mp4 2.15 MB, 576x1024, 7269257088143035648.mp4

No. I'll assume by modern games you primarily mean AAA games. The reason why most of them (Nintendo's AAA titles being a notable exception) are not well optimized or compressed is because consumers pay for them regardless of the problems. If the companies can still rake in profits while putting in minimal and sloppy effort, then this is what they will continue to do. This dynamic can never get fixed because people are unconscious consumers who are afflicted with impulse buying, i.e. they lack self-control. They will not stop buying the new thing that a AAA company has marketed because they are addicted and unaware of it. Consumers, just like voters in a "democracy", also don't know what quality is and what to look for. AAA games being unoptimized, uncompressed and buggy on release became the new normal since I'd say the late 2000s, particularly in the 7th console generation when consoles were expected to be hooked up to the internet allowing companies to patch in buggy and unfinished games later.


Good vid on the entire history of RPG's


File: 1710985443002.mp4 3.86 MB, 720x1280, 強風大背頭.mp4

Oblivion and all later Bethesda games bringing back fast travel is bad game design. The main argument you will hear over it being necessary to have fast travel in this game is that having to manually travel so far all the time would be boring. This admission reveals a deeper problem. If it's so boring to travel in your game, then you should fix that problem. Slapping on fast travel is a lazy quick fix that masks the fact that much of your game is too boring to travel in.


Elder scrolls online has you pay to fast travel, or its free from a waypoint site, I think they do this not because their environments are boring but because it might just become laborious travelling back and forth no matter how intricate the surroundings are


The thing about morrowind is there was already emergent fast travel. It was easy to get around with silt striders/boats/intervention spells/mark and recall, or you could just hop across the map if you wanted to. Later games were just lazy. Skyrim had carriages and boats, but mobility options are so limited in vanilla due to poor dungeon design.


haven't played morrowind, skyrim is pretty shit imo though


Daggerfall and even fucking arena had fast travel. People who bitch about it don't know what they're talking about.

Oblivion's fast travel is the same as daggerfall's. It's a useful anti-tedium system especially when you have a big world.


File: 1711088308091.webp 66.04 KB, 1280x720, typical rust programmer.webp

>"Programmed in Rust" is not a feature


>le aging gen x boomer: *shows a looming "epi"/"agp" predator*
>le aging gen x boomer: "heh but y cant we just all get along :)"


File: 1711101116636.jpeg 248.13 KB, 1080x1712, orca-image--1450593239.jpeg

Boy, you stupid cunts archived that quickly didn't you. Kiss my ass. Stupid zoomer discord breadtube jannies. I've probably got a warning for it too.


i mean i know that (((lunduke))) (a fellow-white mischling with almost pure nordic aryan genes according to him according to the genetics website according to jews that own it) knows he can't just call dem creepy pede-rast predat-ors on youtube so that's left for the viewer to infer. or does he. i don't know. he has called out "anti-white" shit before, using the term "anti-white".

>"huh da political correctness has got out of hand but huh guess what why cant we just all get along the black yellow autogenophyle boy-lover and normal like the fellow fictional degenerates in the show bill and ted" quietly stumbles around and whimpers the gen x dad


is whimpering and looking like a tame harmless older generation man with glasses is the secret way that is going to save the aryan whyte race???

>also, reddit: but let me gaslight and assert here in comments that everyone who works in it is an exhibitionist coomer sex-pest like me haha xD


posting on chon every day will save the aryan whyte race


I don't get what you're trying to say here. Did you make the thread and get banned?


>Daggerfall and even fucking arena had fast travel.
It is literally impossible to travel on foot in arena from one area to another, and extremely impractical to do in daggerfall without mods. That's the difference.
>Oblivion's fast travel is the same as daggerfall's.
So is the item and level scaling, but it was a stupid idea to bring that back too.


As I've said before, Skyrim is really good now just due to the fact that mods turn it into the ultimate manchild sandbox game.


I hate mods, I installed a few on fallout 3 and I didn't like it, I prefer vanilla anyday


I did make the thread.
They couldn't prune it quickly, because it follows the rules, so they just archived it instead to stop it growing. Very fast. Literally 5 mins.

Just tested, no warning.


>Dragon's Dogma 2 literally has "pay to fast travel"

holy shit loooooooooooooooooooooooool


playing NES games on a NES game


what's so funny?


Micro-transactions have become absolutely ludicrous. It's within Capcom's right to implement this sort of feature certainly, but this kind of thing should be met with extreme cynicism on behalf of the gaymer community. I'd say "it really can't get any worse", but unless they receive some kind of Dylan Mulvaney-tier pushback it's almost certain it will get worse.


that's not funny though, if you also don't find it funny then why did you type "loooooooooooooooooooooooool" ?


This game looks boring and mindless anyway. I feel like falling asleep watching this gameplay video. I am not a fan of the Soulslike open-world ARPG genre (e.g. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Elden Ring). Insane amount of visual bloat. Don't get me started on the generic 21st century movie orchestral music.

Fable: The Lost Chapters is how do you a proper ARPG. It does so many things right. Graphical fanciness, physics "realism" and voice acting should never come at the expensive of gameplay, control responsiveness (e.g. modern ARPGs have an annoying delay on actions activated by control inputs), sound design and music.


Because if you can't laugh at the absurdity of soyciety, you'll end up crying instead.


This. I'm coping nigga, what do you want me to say lmoa


coping over fast travel in a video game

grow up


Paid fast travel, bro. In a single player game for that matter. Come on blood. Come on fam.


don't play the game then


I'm assuming it works like the first game, wherein you get five or so crystals to place around and they just added more for whales to buy. Most of the microtransactions are likely pointless for non-shitters.


Fable is like babby's Fisher-Price introduction to RPGs. Morrowind came out within a year of it and is a million times better. The game was so shit that I doubt I could even like it if I had nostalgia for it and I'm glad that I got a refund (I had to find a compatibility workaround and the one I got working actually lets me play without owning a license so long as I dont uninstall heh). There was a game called Venetica and it felt like Fable with better controls.


I enjoyed beating my wife in fable but yeah, it's a pretty shallow arpg.


I enjoyed fable, its a shame fable 4 is in limbo because it would be nice to have an RPG that isn't a 2deep4u super serious shitfest


Insightful, do you know how Early Access fit into this all - to me it often seems like a cash-grab model. I played a roguelite recently which was really good but incredibly lacking in content. So much so that I really think the devs/whoever makes the marketing and releasing choices ~ should have waited until they had more content.


rollercoaster tycoon documentary, worth a sub this channel makes great vids


How the FUK do I do vector graphics in DirectX / OpenGL like this game (or others like Return to Monkey Island, Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry, etc.)? My idea of doing high-resolution hand-drawn frames for all animated sprites isn't viable, when I calculate all the frames I'd need to have loaded in RAM it ends up taking gigabytes of memory even when I split them in to 8x8 grids of 256x256 pixels where I turn off all slots that don't need to be used. Wanted to do something similar to Time and Eternity for PS3 but with way more frames of animation (due to 8 character directions, more idle animation frames, walk vs run frames, etc.) and 2D backgrounds instead of its 3D backgrounds.


Nevermind, figured it out mostly.

Direct3D / OpenGL as you know is limited to straight lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and drawing textures inside triangles or quadrilaterals.

All I need to do is create different angled black curves as textures (with alpha transparency obviously) and render them inside repeated quadrilaterals to "draw curves" on the screen. This is how I can fake curves. Then instead of rendering in hand-drawn raster textures which is expensive memory-wise I can just fill in flat colors where needed with pixel shader code and then cull out the parts where I don't want the colors drawn using some algebraic formula(s) determining the bounding curves. That last part is the trickiest part, you're reading from someone failed high school math lol.


File: 1711334632306.png 3.62 KB, 150x150, Untitled.png

Nevermind that's retardedly complicated and inflexible. Drawing a bunch of triangle strips and then filling them in would be infinitely more flexible to simulating thick curved lines than screwing around with textures. This approach is probably not too far off from how Adobe Flash does vector graphics internally.


Just do some trigonometry and draw some lines, nigga. Pythagorean theorem n' sheeiit.


I prefer the black one.


File: 1711486119965.jpg Spoiler Image, 57.23 KB, 430x318, Screenshot_20240318_021911_….jpg


File: 1711637563716.jpg 143.4 KB, 1800x900, horizon-fable.jpg

Microsoft wants to ban curvy females from video games

Developers have been urged to avoid negative gender stereotypes, according to updated guidelines


>US tech giant Microsoft is discouraging using excessively curvy female characters in video games, according to updated guidelines issued by the company on Tuesday.

>As part of its inclusivity initiative, Microsoft offered developers a list of questions to consider while working on their products to check whether they are reinforcing any negative gender stereotypes. The guide, dubbed ‘Product Inclusion Action: Help Customers Feel Seen’, includes various stereotypes that the gaming giant believes are best left out. According to the guidance, game designers should check if they are unnecessarily introducing gender barriers and should make sure they create playable female characters that are equal in skill and ability to their male peers, and equip them with clothing and armor fitting to the tasks.

>Are you reinforcing any negative gender stereotypes?

>Are you unnecessarily introducing gender & gender barriers into your code or design?
>Are you creating playable female characters that are equal in skill and ability to their male peers. Are your female characters equipped with clothing and armor that fits their tasks? Do they have exaggerated body proportions?
>When the story allows, do you show male characters who display a full range of emotions, including joy, sadness, and vulnerability?

Noooo not my Microsoft games! ...wait, I don't play any Microsoft or Microsoft-owned (Activision-Blizzard, Bethesda) games.


at this point seeing shit like this makes me want to kill myself, not even joking, how long is the dont-hurt-feelings all inclusive wankery going to stop I hate this tree hugging hippy shit


Kek now I understand why HDV was all excited about this game


that bedroom has a fullscreen projection


File: 1711674354899.webp 54.42 KB, 1440x802, Screenshot_20240328-200452.webp



imagine watching asmongold


was the extra credits guy there delivering pizza?






I fucking hate him, he went from a somewhat nerdy neet to a 'play everything' normoid faggot, his takes are trash, he's a brainlet and his fans are spastic freaks



Good vid on the fallout series


File: 1711770902548.webp 119.37 KB, 1280x720, image.webp




fallout 2 fan made mods converts it into 1st person


This post is sharia-law approved.




File: 1711820572061.jpg 326.69 KB, 1079x1000, 4m.jpg


i stopped getting railroaded through the nipton/primm/novac path and just loot stealth boys from the schoolhouse to walk past the cazadores and deathclaws then i walked around the rest of the map killing stuff until high level then i do dlcs and nuke both factions then i go to the strip to start the base game quests and get reputation reset.


>reputation reset

by doing the travel to different camps and talk to the leaders of each gang? if so, why would you need to bother doing that if you're already at endgame?


no you get rep reset when you go to the strip for the first time and i like getting level cap or near it before questing so all the scaling stuff is maxed


also you get vilified if you nuke the factions at the end of lonesome road so that's why i dont do much besides level in the base game beforehand. nuking opens up two cool dungeon-like areas full of ncr and legion ghouls


I don't understand, why would you want to be neutral with all gangs?
>so all the scaling stuff is maxed
mob scaling? I don't get this


if you are vilified from nuking ncr and legion at the end of lonesome road, they will just attack you on sight and you're locked out of their quests. if you delay going to the strip until after completing lonesome road, you can wipe the slate clean and go back to neutral with ncr and legion. that means you get access to two endgame areas without any consequences. gear on human enemies generally scales with your level and i like collecting expensive stuff.


ok I understand now, interesting, I personally didn't like new vegas


it has better writing than 3 and is the true fallout 3 in a sense. it took elements of the setting from the original canceled fallout 3 project known as van buren. for example, the first companion you get in van buren is a man covered in rags. they developed that character into joshua graham (caesar's legate who was covered in pitch, set on fire and thrown off hoover dam for losing the first battle there) for new vegas.

fallout 3 is dumb for a lot of reasons but the most jarring thing is that they just haphazardly threw in things from the other games with no reason or bullshitted stupid explanations for why those things were included. stuff like radscorpions, deathclaws, super mutants, enclave, etc. shouldn't be in DC because it makes no sense lorewise (or only makes sense because of shitty bethesda writing) and the brotherhood of steel shouldn't be acting like saviors because they are paranoid tech hoarders who don't trust outsiders. all in all fallout 3 by bethesda felt like a caricature of the series and 4 isn't different in that regard.


the thing about new vegas that is pretty good is the setting, it feels like you're in America moreso than 3, 3 feels like it could be pretty much anywhere (aside from obviously the Washington DC monuments/buildings)

the thing I don't like about new vegas is the map though, it's way too sparse


/r/ a good torrent site for video games pls


kkrieger is a first-person shooter tech demo that fits in a 96 KB (0.09 MB) executable.


Their trick was to generate textures procedurally. So instead of storing and loading a 256x256 floor tile JPEG which would take like 15 KB space, they would create it procedurally (e.g. first draw a grey background, then sprinkle in pixel "noise" or gradients with trigonometric functions at various relative coordinates until it resembles a floor tile) and this procedural generation code for each texture consumes probably a hundred bytes (0.1 KB) at most in the executable.

Similarly audio and music is generated procedurally by writing a built-in synthesizer as opposed to reading an audio file.

Why does it not look as simple as a NES game? Because the NES has only 4 KB of RAM (this game uses about 390 MB of RAM once the game is loaded and all assets are generated), an 8-bit 2 MHz processor (this game requires at least a Pentium 3 733MHz, which is OG Xbox equivalent, to have a playable frame rate and not take a century to load the game) and lacks a GPU and graphics API (this game requires a 128 MB VRAM DirectX8-compatible GPU like Geforce 4 Ti or Radeon 9200).

This is by no means a new technique, rather it is a lost art. Some N64 games generated various textures procedurally to overcome cartridge space limits.


IDK lol. The sites I use are full of malware redirects, and the only reason I can use it is due to copious amounts of browser plug-ins.


I feel differently than I did a year ago, I feel like there are quite a few games now worth my time or at least some of it. Particularly a lot of games introducing roguelite elements.


Collectathon rpgs are so boring to me. I need ACTION!

>Oh wow I have a collection of blue and red strings, yay!


It would take pajeets 96GB to make space invaders probably.


Fallout London


File: 1712449204867.jpeg 75.62 KB, 982x1920, received_772259708305767.jpeg

Avid looook

An anime game...oooOooOooo'

With DISNEY in it. That I had to run a script to get working I wanted to have it playing that much.

How immature of me.



File: 1712451426038.webp 69.46 KB, 886x1527, Screenshot_20240406-195622.webp

>Kingdom hearts
Now I got to see h'what Regina cooney is up to.


Autocorrect fucked up her name.


File: 1712451588769.webp 184.42 KB, 1440x2315, Screenshot_20240406-195919.webp

Nothing new.


File: 1712451781675.webp 144.82 KB, 1439x1845, Screenshot_20240406-200233.webp

...at all.


That's just sad. She clearly is linking her anorexia to wanting to be a young girl again because she was abused and probably molested. Kairi isn't a particularly thin character. She's just normal for a teen girl, whereas Eugenia nearly as old as I am.

I hope she finds peace one day and heals her inner child in a healthy way.


File: 1712452969459.webp 430.09 KB, 1439x1951, Screenshot_20240406-202219.webp

Thanks for the lore and I hope the same. Death will end her suffering. When her time comes, I hope she rests easy on the other side.


you're a genuine soyfaced manchild


I just hope she dies on stream


Only >>78330
said anything about her dying aside from you.


File: 1712589190000.webp 60.5 KB, 615x685, 1712549530533.webp


Classic Fallout is BRUTAL


on a related note, what are some good Fallout 3 mods?


don't care, I'm a rule breaker



Xbox 360 marketplace is being shut down soon


File: 1713113317784.jpg 57.89 KB, 728x393, final-fantasy-vii-rebirth.jpg

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Is Reportedly Underperforming, Selling Half of Remake


>The Metascore (the average of reviews aggregated on Metacritic, which includes ours) is 92, three points higher than the predecessor. And yet, according to Daniel Ahmad, Director of Research & Insights at Niko Partners, the game is severely underperforming in sales compared to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Here's what the analyst wrote on Twitter:

>Not to be that guy, but Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is underperforming sales wise. It’s selling about half of what Remake sold in the same timeframe and looks like it’ll have a weaker tail (prior to any PS+ like release).

>There's a few obvious reasons for this puzzling sales performance. First and foremost, the Final Fantasy VII Remake launched in April 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the games industry experienced an unprecedented boost to gaming revenue and engagement caused by the mandatory stay-at-home laws.

>Moreover, that was also just a few months before the release of the new consoles. PlayStation 4 was at an all-time high install base nearly seven years after its launch, whereas PS5 has barely reached half of that time on the market.


I am curious about their revenue. Would be funny if they blame fans for it underperforming after they decided to shit up the remakes with unnecessary nonsense.


you lot gonna play Harold halibut?


File: 1713486604101.webp 33.43 KB, 731x611, video-games-space.webp

TL;DR of >>74714


File: 1713488217403-0.webp 43.56 KB, 828x919, 1713479819882962.webp

File: 1713488217403-1.webp 85.94 KB, 1044x859, 1713480106142413.webp

File: 1713488217403-2.webp 37.55 KB, 1179x940, 1713487308259015.webp

File: 1713488217403-3.webp 334.32 KB, 1096x5530, 1713480216919769.webp

Oh no no no Pokemon Go bros...


Every single tranoid should be euthanized.


File: 1713543757332.mp4 6.33 MB, 500x500, gygas_everythingisvertual.mp4


thank you mental health industry & genx parenting very cool


File: 1713671846038.jpg 152.13 KB, 1024x711, 1713670252621093.jpg

Women voted for this. This is precisely what happens when you vote for candidates or parties who say they're "pro-LGBT." Now they're bitching and as always refuse to take accountability for their actions.


what if i told you theres a chance that those women in the picture perhaps might have not been in support of the pro LGBT garbage in the first place?


Women can be so cute and adorable, how they care about appearance so much. Pretty sure at some point I watched a woman streamer/woman doing some gaming walkthrough thing, and she spent like 20-25 mins on the initial character avatar creation thing lmfao. And she was really taking her time with all the options like it's some big thing. I usually run through it in like 2 mins, just making the guy look like me (brown hair, brown eyes, pale, lean with muscle).


File: 1713885671445.webm 2.48 MB, 2000x1125, 1713876931222050.webm


I will now play your game heh


The inmates are LITERALLY running the asylum tbheh


what game


Vindictus: Defying Fate


Vindictus looks like THAT? I don't recall it looking half that nice or bouncy. Modded?


wtf I love this game now


File: 1713914767361.mp4 3.2 MB, 2000x1124, 1713885671445 (online-video….mp4

>nice AND bouncy


File: 1713962117349.jpg 656.92 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_2024-04-24-22-29….jpg

"Maybe if I deep-throat the boot hard enough the consulting firm millionaires that hate me and my hobbies will give me clicks"


File: 1713963584066.webp 211.56 KB, 1440x2162, Screenshot_20240424-075912.webp

Are feminazis still trying to push the BOOBIES ARE BAD to show and NO ASS narrative??!! No ass n tiddies?!


No, it's more 4D chess than that. They're going full mask off, hiring firms to push ESG score shit in video games.


File: 1713973068625.webp 169.99 KB, 1440x1743, Screenshot_20240424-103719.webp



File: 1713974167326.png 19.96 KB, 300x300, futurama-fry-not-sure-if-me….png

>4D chess
Are (you) trolling?


File: 1713985907395-0.png 32.07 KB, 756x856, blackrock-vanguard.png

File: 1713985907395-1.jpg 687.56 KB, 2560x1440, asset-management.jpg

File: 1713985907395-2.mp4 7.65 MB, 640x360, What is ESG.mp4

ChatGPT is free, why don't you use it?


File: 1713988172317.webp 722.31 KB, 3500x2613, gayming.webp


File: 1714079057285.webp 9.07 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20240425-160311.webp


noone cares retard, stop shitting up the thread with skitzo garbage


Thinking about becoming a Lord of Manors today


Oh no no no Rust bros... (the programming language, not the game)


Who'd a thunk that if you make a language way too fucking complicated (unlike, say, C, C# or Python), people would be less productive with it?

Ycombinatorites/HackerNews, Redditors, John Carmack (that old fool made the bold prediction a few years ago that Rust would replace C++ in game dev... except his own company id Software and their latest id Tech 7 engine still use C-style C++ for all their games) and Fredrick Brennan BTFO.

This is the exact same problem with Vulkan (meant to replace OpenGL) and DirectX12 (meant to replace DirectX11). It shouldn't take a thousand fucking lines of set-up code just to draw a triangle on a screen. There's a reason why indie devs and smaller studios are avoiding Vulkan and DX12 like the plague, yet the share price-chasing dumbasses who run AAA companies are forcing their devs to add DX12 modes to their games because DX12 is newer than DX11 and customers automatically think newer=better. You literally have hordes of dumbass customers complaining on Steam games' support forums and other idiot fuckface forums like Resetera.com, NeoGAF.com, forums.pcgamer.com and so on about how the game they bought doesn't have a DX12 mode because "it's 2024 and your game still doesn't support DX12, why did I buy my RTX 4090, it says DirectX12 right on the frickin Nvidia packaging and your game doesn't even support DirectX12, Microsoft said DirectX12 is faster and better than DirectX11, how dare you, I want a refund!!"


I may actually get around to playing Fallout 2 if this 3D mod comes out. (The video title is misleading, it's not completed yet). It already has more charm than Fallout 3 & 4, I never liked the VATS combat system those games, this seems to be DOOM-roguelike hybrid.


i already posted this



File: 1714284462178.jpg 28.54 KB, 480x360, 1714281816919345.jpg

>Prequel to RBY and GSC, takes place about 10 years beforehand
>Respectful of the lore
>Cute references for fans like the Pokemon Adventures manga origins of Team Rocket and the Spaceworld Beta (e.g. the cute tiger Pokemon is in it and Lake of Rage has a gym for example)
>Engaging story without any edginess that is out of place in the main series
>References to HGSS
>Challenge mode is balanced but challenging, with level caps
>Diverse team options that make sense in the setting that let you use newer gens but not to a dumb or excessive degree
>Modern mechanics that make it feel like HGSS but also don't make it feel like you're playing Smogon Simulator #595839
>No self-inserts
>No stupid purple name discord breadtuber troonshit
>Two regions AND the HGSS routes
Why haven't you played Johto Legends, /loungevp/? It's legitimately the best Romhack I've ever played of Pokemon


But it's memory safe and has a garbage collector anon! That's very important... apparently?

Safety! Security!


If it's not at least approximately as hard as radical red's normal difficulty, I will get bored.


I have played radical Red, it's harder.


File: 1714323411771.png 405.55 KB, 860x755, 481-4816161_question-mark-a….png

What's the point of radical red? I realized shortly into playing that the enemies stats would still be superior to my own in every single instance, even if I was an immortal that spent infinite time grinding

Even with cheats to remove grinding the opponents are always 10% or so tougher than what my team is capable of because everyone in the world other than yourself is fully optimized and boosted beyond normal capacity

It's a sluggish torture-fest for boring masochists


They have a lot of stupid rebalances too.


You're talking to a turkish bear enthusiast and born again christian his taste in games are going to be a bit warped as with all other things.


The point is for it to be a boring Smogon simulator with artificial difficulty. A lot of romhacks of all types of games try this approach, to their detriment. Johto Legends is hard, but it at least feels like you're playing something TPCI and Gamefreak could release if they didn't have their thumbs up their arse.

I said I played it. I didn't say I enjoyed it.


phantasm is a textbook manchild


I thought Pokemon Orange would be a faithful hack. It was for awhile, then I found something like a low level trainerhouse and pretty much threw my nuzlocke to a kitted-out level 25-30 Porygon-Z that 1-2 shot all my NFEs. Pretty sure it had a hold item too. It's a shame because I had a lot of fun up until that bullshit. There was also a room with the tranny dev self-inserts in it. I know official games always have a dev room, but these ones said quirky bullshit that felt out-of-place. Almost as bad as Crystal Clear's self-inserts (which sucks, because open-world Crystal sounded like a cool concept).


imagine playing pokemon in the first place


Pokemon Prism had the same thing.
Everyone tried shilling it to me, I didn't even bother once I saw the elite four was the devs' friends, with troonshit to boot.


For a romhack that does weird shit like changing types, I like Fool's Gold because it changes every single pokemon's type and gives them new sprites to help convey what type they are. Some of the new sprites are pretty good and others are fuck-ugly. Cool hack anyway.


I may be a manchild, but I'm not a literal child, thus I can't play a game where I just press "a" to win. Even radical red can be trivialized with a lot of teams on normal difficulty. If you're autistic enough, you git too gud, and then you can't go back to the way things were. Games in general have things stacked way in favor of the player, even though the player already has the insane benefit of foresight. They can always retry with more knowledge of what will happen. You already have a huge advantage, so the game needs all the help it can get. It's the same principle that games like dark souls and cup head capitalize on. Suffice to say, in a game where I never lose, I'm not having fun.


Have you tried unbound? It's only about as hard as radical red on higher difficulties, and I like the original music. they also rewrote the script to make it less cringe years ago and I don't think it feels too out of place.


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I downloaded fool's gold. Check out my shiny potato

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