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This is the /comf-v/ vidya thread #4

>Low bit
>High bit

OST's welcome.

Wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materials ITT.
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Avid's still sexually frustrated that his Grindr date didn't show up for a "fok 'n sok by the telly" last night, he tends to either bring the sass out at overdrive and lash out at everyone or go on a meth binge every time this happens. It's best to just let him be and not respond to his attention-seeking posts


shut up leech nobody cares about you


i asked if GOLDENEYE was good not fucking timesplitters you autistic retard


>gets this assblasted from being recommended another game series with the same gunplay made by the same people that runs on sixth-gen instead of noframesdoe64
>"n-no ur the au-au-autistic wetawd"
And not only are you an autistic retard, you sound like you've been perpetually butthurt for years on end. Keep throwing tantrums on the internet over the most benign comments, dipshit. Hope one causes you an aneurysm soon enough.


next time stay on topic and address questions properly without getting distracted by your NPD

the request was simple yet you couldn't even follow it, i dont care about timesplitters


It was perfectly on-topic. You're just a diaper-shitting sped. Next time, keep your mouth and hands occupied with nigger dicks like you usually do instead of replying to me with your bitchy drivel, AIDS-ridden faggot.


I played a lot of timesplitters 2 on the ps2. It was annoying how limited you were with the map creation thing, you could only make a pretty small map when you could've made something much more fun if you could make more rooms/areas. The single player campaign mode was fun.


It wasn't that limited. I remember making a lot of cool maps to play on splitscreen with other people, utilizing the tools as far as they could be stretched. You could even make your own custom campaign maps with it (obviously nowhere close to robust as a full-fledged mission, but decent enough for its time). My favorite parts about those games were speedrunning campaign levels on hard, getting platinum trophies on as many arcade league scenarios as possible and splitscreen multiplayer since it had OK bot logic for its time. Those games would have been crazy if they were made for those arcade cabinets with networking and persistent user data tied to a physical card, had a login or something of those sorts. Unlocking everything on those games was a nice dopamine hit.


Should've elaborated that I don't think the map editors were limited because I made more arena shooter-style maps which took advantage of the layering feature. Also, I played 2 and FuturePerfect (3) on Xbox instead, so PS2 possibly had different constraints.


it wasnt on topic
>"never played it is it good"
>"TiMeSpLiTtErS gAmEs ArE tHe SaMe GuNpLaY, bUt RuN aLoT bEtTeR"

thats not on topic, you brought up and entirely different game (with an entirely different aesthetic and storyline)

you didnt answer the question, how hard is this for you to understand?

>"keep your mouth and hands occupied with nigger dicks like you usually do"

what is it with you and just randomly bringing up gay shit all the time?


>er-er-urm-umm it wasnt the exact same noframedoe64 game i said even if it was same developers and same gunplay and runs better so yeah off-topic
It's no wonder you haunt a dead board like 4chon. You're far dumber than you want to believe. You asked if GoldenEye was good, and I quite literally told you of a game that plays out the same yet runs superior, and in your meth-addled mind (while you're too focused on stroking and sucking nigger dicks once again), that's off-topic. Play GoldenEye, don't play GoldenEye, play any TimeSplitters, play no TimeSplitters, I don't give a fucking shit either way.

You're a worthless fucking gay retard and you sperg the fuck out at every single possibility of an opportunity (meaning you have meltdowns when it makes no fucking sense to, like now). Jesus fucking christ, what a disgustingly repellent moron. You literally cry in every thread you post in, ever. You lead an inescabaly pathetic life. I'd kill myself if I were you, but I'm sure you lack the dignity to do so lmfao.


bruh stop getting baited by incelvid let him have the last word


lol stay mad retard gay faggot


next time answer the question, ive played timesplitters, its shit


Then your question was answered before you asked it, faggot.


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Can I get a B in chat for based


Sounds like bullshit. Valve are just lesser-kikes compared to industry giga-kikes.


bad luck no fun


Still not using Steam. DRM only punishes the customer gracious enough to pay. The best compromise I can think of is for them to add a "DRM-Free" category on the game's store page list (the list that says Single-Player, Steam Leaderboards, Xbox Controllers, etc.). And by DRM-free that means one should be able to copy the downloaded game folder elsewhere and run the game without having Steam installed. If smaller companies / indie devs are afraid of piracy, they could make a DRM-free commitment after the first year of release (vast majority of sales are usually done in the first year). DRM doesn't prevent piracy, it only makes it a little harder to crack it, so it makes sense for lesser-known indie games due to a lower probability of a tech-savvy cracker from purchasing it to crack it, but single-player games from major companies will absolutely get cracked within the first week.


I found this: https://github.com/atom0s/Steamless
Don't know why crackers tend to be anti-piracy cucks these days though.


File: 1717964662862-0.webp 8.16 KB, 492x370, diablo 4 dlc.webp

File: 1717964662862-1.webm 898.95 KB, 1895x651, 1717961297897618.webm

why are modern western games like this


File: 1717965798618.webp 112.32 KB, 1790x931, 1717955549541939.webp

who are these intended for? most young women don't own video game consoles or PCs. how is this profitable?

someone else made this comment:
>Nobody plays these games anyways. It's just some kind of complicated money laundering scheme like Hollywood movies. That's why they don't even care about sales, just straight to Game Pass.

i guess it's like how big "tech" companies are run, where they don't actually have to earn a profit, they just get paypigged by big investors (richest 1% own almost half of all global assets) and are all owned by vanguard and blockrock anyway. or movies being a better analogy, where same kind of goyslop somehow keeps being made even if it fails to return a profit time and time again


Looks pretty good honestly. Never really played Doom


This is awesome. Love the presentation, soundtrack and sound effects. I won't play it because I don't care about stocks (it has a lot of cool mini-games though). He really ought to try making a mystery, horror or detective game in this style as his next game.


File: 1718088199632.png 1.8 MB, 1348x2161, Pokemon DEI.png

You can't even enjoy a children's game without Blackrock. Uh oh, ch-chudbros...


They (TPC) have multiple committees like that for every shade of rainbow fairy faggot and disgusting brown turdgoblin.


Had some Indian guy in my Dota 12v12 game and he wouldn't stop yapping.

- Oh god as I'm writing this he's in my game again




File: 1718116281740.webp 82.46 KB, 1024x993, pokemongo.webp

Nu Pokemon is dead >>79046


File: 1718167506525.jpg 113.71 KB, 1080x1697, FB_IMG_1718167248405.jpg

My IRL high school friend got mad at me in the group chat for clowning on this dumb shit. Even though it's genuinely misogynistic that they get real, pretty female models and they uglyify them.

Imagine being a model for a video game, having to sign an NDA, and they make you look horrendously ugly on purpose to appease a 'narrative consultancy firm.'


Seems like Indians are starting to infest Dota/12v12. Or SEA people. Idk who it is or what. But oh god. Be careful...!


They keep chattering and they have no idea what they're talking about, they're like kids and and I don't know how to deal with them and they're swarming...


I stopped playing because of beaners with high ping, low IQ and the expected shitskin temperament on US servers. Too bad they've been flooding into the country for decades and now I can't avoid them even in rural White America anymore. Brazilians and Peruvians were the absolute worst of the worst. I have heard Philippinos are similarly cancerous in your region, which would not shock me if it is true since they're mystery meat rape babies as well.


>Have insta that doesn't reveal my identity.
>Pajeet adds me
>No gf in profile description
>Instantly block them w/no hesitation


I cannot find the clip anywhere on youtube, but the summer games fest ended up with some smug bulldyke going on a rant about how great diversity is, and if you don't like it then she invites you to fight her IRL, which I would be more than happy to do if not for the legal system. It's like teasing a caged animal. The degree of uppitiness soyciety allows foids to get away with is unreal.


File: 1718339343509.png 29.75 KB, 1555x291, Screenshot_1.png

Yeah. Posted this on /vg/



The curry wasn't worth it

Could've added that line


lol, let me know if you get banned for racism. i was banned the first half of this week for that.

wonder how much they pay for commentating. back when i cared about dota a lot, it felt like a lot of the people they hired had no clue how to play the game neither at high ladder or tourneys (like that blonde scandinavian lady, forget her name).


when this guy started streaming serious matches, he was actually really good (consistently immortal placement in solo queue). still miss his trolling videos, though. very therapeutic after playing a day of agitating matches with ESL brownoids.


lol CLQ, he was great.


Pretty sure I read his thing where he said he was being too toxic or otherwise encouraging too much toxicity so he called it quits. Which is funny because that's obviously what he was doing. But yes.

I was thinking about some idea, I think someone said that announcers always go mad. Because that's kind of what they're doing - they're being alarming.

I worked in telemarketing in 2006 when I was 16, for 6 months. My team was fun but it did get draining. Because you are just talking and talking. In like 2011 I got a job for a telemarketing charity and I lasted like 3 days because it was so boring, I quit in the middle of the day. Even though I needed money.


yes, his streamer name was Road to Reformation. i dont think he even streams anymore, though. he would get a lot of bad teammates even in divine/immortal, but usually didnt flame them at all and only lightly when he did. he got very insecure about being toxic, which is sad because clq videos are probably the funniest dota content.

did customer service at a call center and it sucks because most people calling in were unbelievably retarded. kinda don't care that it's outsourced to india now. at the same time, it's completely useless to call for assistance now. last call i made, i was being redirected between 5 different dotheads for over an hour for one very simple question regarding a warranty.


I wish I could find the unedited clip, but it's probably getting taken down constantly.


Hope she accepts an organized fight offer from another woman and gets bloodied (obviously won't happen, the cunt is a pussy).

Also, reaction channels suck ass. I know you said you tried to find a raw clip so I am not complaining about you, but that guy is a fucking loser too lol. Nothing of value added by him flapping his gums. Feels like I'm back in 2015, given how banal his commentary is. The part that did me in was when he said he had to "do a lap" around his 8x8 cuckroom to express how flabbergasted he was.


I think it's just how it is that there are these bottom-feeders (reaction video makers).

She reminds me of one particular leftist Western Oriented Gentleman woman I met at uni who I had the hots for and wanted to bang. She prolly would've I just didn't push her. She ran up to me after a history unit on fascism and asked why I said I like Hitler.


Sounds like you dodged a bullet.


File: 1718474794552.webp 53.07 KB, 1125x771, IMG_4154.webp

The chinese devs behind Based Legend Wukong have exposed how Sweet Baby operates. It's an extortion scheme where you hire their DEI consultancy for 7 million dollars (lmfao) or get attacked mercilessly by the cartel of judengaminpresse, players such as Kotaku. It's like how the Mafia operates with "protection money" and the like heh


File: 1718520567299.jpg 4.9 KB, 293x172, images.jpg

I've been going down this rabbit hole of thinking about him, JP and Chris/Good Looking Loser. Chris sounds so much like CLQ, it actually sounds at time like they could be the same person. Both highly intelligent and skilled at their profession/thing.


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