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This is the /comf-v/ vidya thread #4

>Low bit
>High bit

OST's welcome.

Wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materials ITT.


is https://gog-games.to/ legit? thinking about snagging Fallout 4


Is there a gayer gaymer than avid?



whats a good text only game?


File: 1715183475895.jpg 40.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg

Not sure I like this logo, colours look too unsaturated and/or washed out? This is pretty exciting tho, about the play the torrent


Seems good, more quite like the first. My wired controller keeps disconnecting my Bluetooth headphones on and off. Maybe it's cos the controller is Bluetooth for xbox but not pc (I misread when I bought it)


You don't have a 3.5mm cable?


Probably do but I'm tempted to just buy another controller. I haven't seen one for under $20 tho on ebay or elsewhere. I don't want to pay much for one


how comes all the speedrunning events have trooned out?


Probably because they is autisms, vulnerable, validation-seeking Peter Pan syndrome having-ass niggas gnomesaiyan


File: 1715679729672-0.mp4 2.15 MB, 1136x576, Messenger_creation_8416e82a….mp4

File: 1715679729672-1.mp4 3.1 MB, 1136x576, Messenger_creation_4f4e20ee….mp4

put it back


grow up



you have a small dick



File: 1715700158288.png 175.33 KB, 625x775, 1679705365544.png


i remember growing up with my brother, we would share all games until our parents eventually bought each a thing of the same, that was until i started getting into computers, the last videogame i remember playing on my GBA SP was Super Mario Advanced, it wasn't that long ago, cleaning up my room 2 years ago, i found it and it was still working so i plugged it in and picked up on 3-3.
i heard that nintendo recently added a gba emulator to the switch, might give it a try.

there's so little chans allowed on my job wifi that it has taken me to look for all of this sites i never knew about.
yes i was banned from both lolcow and soyjak


File: 1715746167202.mp4 2.87 MB, 1136x576, received_7609954419120751.mp4

I love how they included his various forms into the lore.
Are they trying to heavily imply he's an ultra beast?


Those remakes are underrated. The SMB3 one is my favourite.


I don't like when people include stuff like that in romhacks. Seems tacky.


File: 1715794411307.jpg 223.2 KB, 848x842, 1715793169248124.jpg


what a sad, deranged little soy FAGGOT


Ikr, almost as queer as Avid


rent free


File: 1715806586892.png 183.22 KB, 366x544, mong.png


File: 1715823137133.jpg 54.93 KB, 679x766, screen-protector.jpg

That glare would drive me nuts. Get this:


People to say to apply it in a steamed up bathroom to avoid getting dust under. Not sure how you're supposed to avoid trapped bubbles, guess you're supposed to patiently press them with a credit card (hands would put too much force and risk damaging the screen) and guide them towards the edges.


fuck niggers


shut up jew


Shut up nigger.


Jonathan Blow on Windows 11 File Explorer


Windows is so bad at directory consistency yet Linux still manages to be worse.


I am content with these (don't really play gaems anymo).
Most vendors at least try to put stuff in these as advertised. ~/.local/share can be a catch-all for some, where ~/.local/state or ~/.cache would be better, but whatever.

I like being able to rename or remove these.

xdg-open and .desktop files and mimeapps.list are great as well.
Easy to add custom user level file handlers. (To tardwrangle Firefox to not overwrite the user mimeapps.list find the JSON file with it's hanlders list and clear it.)

All this shit is more good than in Windows and good for autistic neurodivergent people cuz of text files that can be copied between computers.


Game development (or proprietary software in general) for Linux isn't even possible because what's compiled for Ubuntu 22.04 will not run on Ubuntu 24.04. Linux expects all software to be open source so users will need to re-compile it or that there will always be a maintainer till the end of time to re-compile it for new distro versions. Whereas you can usually run Windows 95 games on Windows 11, and for the few times you can't you just use a wrapper like dxwnd, dgvoodoo2 or nglide ( https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Wrappers ).


i guess they could re-package them as appimages with the necessary deps, even unofficially (e.g. pirated games).
probably bit crazy to do or impossible work for like all versions of all proprietary software made for loonix in last 30 years.


AppImages were a failure at solving the unstable ABI problem of Linux, they're still too crash-prone. Linux libraries simply weren't designed to be statically linked or packaged.


Even if Linux somehow managed to get majority desktop OS marketshare in the future because Windows became so unbearably bad (e.g. impossible to sign in without Microsoft account, impossible to remove ads), games would still be compiled for Windows so that Linux users would run them through Wine/Proton because there's nothing to gain to compile for Linux due to its unstable ABI and distro fragmentation.


noone cares nerd


File: 1716074344398.webp 95.48 KB, 1440x1384, Screenshot_20240518-181844.webp


The Beginner Bias in Game Critique

>When was the last time you saw a game get serious push back from critics for being too easy? How often do you find game critics defending against simplification? How often does IGN take bold stances against popular consensus on the basis of game design (not politics or whatever)? The answer to all these questions is very rarely or almost never. As of late I've found in a number of my reviews, both positive and negative, actually, that my thoughts and conclusions rarely line up with popular consensus. Perhaps I am merely an outlier, but I believe a huge part of this phenomenon is the heavy overwhelming bias in game critique towards beginner players.

Casuals and Dark Souls fans BTFO.


Didn't click, bet it's some soy-voiced pseud who is personally butthurt over sucking at generally easy games like Demon's Souls.


it always is, the only opinion anyone should care about is their own


File: 1716255398062.jpeg 388.75 KB, 1920x982, e45d60fc-81ae-4c98-9e52-18….jpeg

Best game I've played in the last five years.


cringe as fuck and reddit tier


Real talk why do you come in the video game thread if all you do is just have one word midwit brainlet answers to things?


File: 1716264459874.webp 211.14 KB, 2048x1383, 4chon.webp

He does that in every thread, just don't give him the attention he craves, this site's his only source of human contact. More concerning is why did he stay up at 3AM in the morning in London just to post that.


File: 1716265308530.png 735.09 KB, 1657x940, My favourite types of Pokem….png

My reasons for liking them:
Ursa line is among my favourites, I love his lore of convergent evolution/the founder effect, and loved that they made him a special attacker because of the founder effect
I love his unique typing and I love spicy foods and the reference to drama
>Azumarill and Diggersby
I love the Huge Power ability, and have a soft spot for bunnies because of Jazz Jackrabbit
I love how he is the underdog in Johto and overlooked and loved dinosaurs as a kid, and loved gentle Sauropods
Lampreys are so cool and always wanted one as a kid because of how strange they are and love how he has no weaknesses because of his ability
Used to be cool how rare he was like a literal cryptid and I love deep dives into cryptids
I love that he literally gets so angry he dies, he reminds me of Guts from Berserk
I love reptiles and play bass
I love crows they are my favourite birds due to their intellect
I love deep dives into the deep ocean and love that he's a reference to how intelligent cephalopods are, I refuse to eat intelligent octopi and squid
Again I love deep ocean biology and giant isopods are adorable to me
I love that he's a reference to kaiju and hiveminds
Unironically the cleverest design in Pokemon in many years, I love sashimi and that the souls of the salmon die upstream and join him in a deep dive
Again another hivemind Pokemon who I seem to have a soft spot for, I love the biblical reference and that he is not your typical psuedolegendary and dragon. I also love that he becomes Kieran's mascot
He is a reference to goth and fantasy subcultures which I love
I love insects and the colour red, that's pretty much it
I love how relatable the little guy is, that is trying so hard to be appreciated but doesn't need to be because his lore makes him loveable, like an ugly duckling story


Link if you wanna piss off avid/like Pokemon and do it


midwit and brainlet imply the same thing dipshit


File: 1716308025489.png 352.9 KB, 1110x850, PK-DIAGRAM.png

I just went with my gut and didn't think too deeply about it. I probably should have swapped Lucario for Marshadow. It's interesting that I find about a quarter of your choices to be unappealing for one reason or another.


File: 1716314936029.png 2.16 MB, 3330x2550, PK-DIAGRAM.png


Best one so far


>Someone else likes Bruxish
He reminds me of the rainbow flavour of Billabongs


File: 1716346260434.png 691.73 KB, 1280x965, 25th_Anniversary_key_art.png

Clefable is definitely top 5 fairy types for me.
I wish Clefairy had been the series' mascot but you know how boys are, the series would've never taken off if the mascot was pink. Ash should've had one to appeal to girls too, then Pokemania would've been even bigger.

Also I always found it weird how when shinies came out, they never altered Pikachu's colour scheme and to this day it's just a little bit orange. It's the series' mascot, imagine if its shiny form was something even more striking, like blue and black like Umbreon's or something.


File: 1716402653594.webp 85.41 KB, 1280x710, Pikachu_dress_up2.webp

They did give Pikachu costumes with unique moves once. Don't know how long they were transferable between games.


File: 1716407962494.png 1.93 MB, 2913x2231, PK-DIAGRAM (1).png

Never use most of these types tbqh, nor have I played the newest game but the monkey and jellyfish from it seem cool


imagine posting as avid


I know, the real Avid would have said something gay.


nah thats my obsessed stalkers job


They weren't. They were exclusives to SM and USUM, which again is interesting considering he's the mascot.


File: 1716427482510-0.jpeg 91.43 KB, 1280x720, GBoWVinaMAAR_wS.jpeg

File: 1716427482510-1.jpg 68.79 KB, 1200x675, GBoWWGea8AAJ0nQ.jpg

The monkey is a new Primeape evolution and the jellyfish is a convergent monster that resembles Tentacruel. Convergents are similar to regional forms, but considered separate species. The three they've added so far are a mushroom that looks like Tentacruel, an eel that looks like Dugtrio and a matcha monster that is similar to Sinistea.

They also have a new category called paradox monsters that were created by the main legendary of Scarlet & Violet and the wishes of researchers to discover ancestor or descendant species. They're basically hyper-aggressive and resemble existing species with either a prehistoric or futuristic twist.


File: 1716440134673.png 8.57 KB, 960x640, Screenshot.png

Trying out Pokemon for the first time


also afaik cosplay pikachus were gen 6 and related to contests. dont think they could be transferred to gen 7 and didnt try to add them with pkhex. i will try to remember to borrow one of the hacked 2ds i got for my brothers sometime and try.


File: 1716475918850.mp4 6.59 MB, 720x1280, Microsoft Product Manager.mp4

No wonder Windows 11 is a pile of shit with zero improvements from the previous

She gets paid twice as much as Phagtasm lmao


...are they really serving some shitty curry for lunch?


i hate women so much its unreal


Why do they keep making videos like this?


to flex on their facebook friends, comes from being starved of attention as a youth, be it from parents or peers, its textbook passive aggression


Life's not fair. Damn normies.


File: 1716500799277.webm 539.93 KB, 600x752, ezgif-3-d4c3efb634.webm


File: 1716500979998.webp 190.11 KB, 1440x1955, Screenshot_20240523-164838.webp

Shrimp curry.




it's just funny seeing even the cafeteria food at microsoft is meant to appeal to indians. they should convert their offices into a delhi night market and designate some garden on premises for shitting while they're at it.


and hopefully the bitch who made that video gets gangraped just like she would in india.


Okay now tell us how you REALLY feel about curry.


hello saar microsoft tech jim my will help u today but first how old is youre family???


If she keeps nibbling on carbs all day she's gonna blow up pretty soon and it looks like she already has some heft.

Also trying to cut calories on a high carb or even moderate carb diet is hell. I tried it and got pretty shredded but I basically had an eating disorder the whole time. Like I was browsing food threads for 3 hours a day and writing lists of all the food I could eat when I finished my cut


>She gets paid twice as much as Phagtasm lmao
Today at work I had to call someone because they missed their appointment and they might genuinely die from their issue if I can't have a look at it.

But what she does is important too. She had like, three whole meetings today.


File: 1716548683644.png 206.71 KB, 654x550, oah.png

>then I did some work on deep learning

ch. I & II not visited, well, she must be very privacy aware deleting the browser history or deep into the ch. III of the 700 page pdf book, good girl, so hard working & dedicated, i should send her money or immigrate from third world to work for microsoft, she'll marry me


cry about it manchild


File: 1716772240740.jpg 158.82 KB, 1125x1005, jewgle.jpg

I can't wait for the AI bubble to pop, it's worse than NFTs because at least NFTs were relegated to the latest AAA games which I don't give a shit about or Twitter spam, whereas this AI cancer has spread in all tech


it's so shit that ANY verifiable crap text, image, video "human-information" post-2023 may have monetary value attached to it and will be locked behind paywals

why spend years reading conversations and creating an information site like https://c-faq.com/ when you can generate similarly sounding plausible gibberish site in 10 minutes and fill it with ads and SEO-poo it to the top

dey also got public forum spam where dey quote something replying existing posts with a plausible contextual gibberish linking adsites

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