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File: 1715283199253.png 1.33 MB, 1080x958, True love.png


>my chicken Rarity finally hatches a baby
>he's broken and just screams at her all the time
>she tries to abandon the baby early, several times, but he just keeps going back to her
>he starts to rape his own mother
>it's been a week now and after perhaps a dozen rapes she seems to have accepted it
>the rapes have made Rarity look weak, and the older teenage boys have began raping her directly in front of her son


Isolate the hen for awhile. Also stop breeding nigger roosters.


Rape is just their culture


Now that is based. That rooster is a keeper.


You are failing hard as their keeper.


Tbf 99% of their behavior is normal and completely unremarkable. Some of the newer generation just has Fayoumi (African) blood that results in odd behavior


File: 1715365411096.jpeg 4.37 KB, 225x224, download.jpeg

>Some of the newer generation just has Fayoumi (African) blood that results in odd behavior


They're niggers essentially. Yes.


File: 1715367403965.webp 17.87 KB, 1078x1062, Screenshot_20240510_195619….webp


>sexually mature very fast
>not really productive on eggs
>completely feral


>completely stinky
>my shit


Yeah, what's the point?


File: 1715389270993.png 158.54 KB, 1080x928, whoa.png


File: 1715413254094.jpg 155.72 KB, 875x984, 29962966ff03d3a690e1d5acce6….jpg


Seems counter-productive for someone wanting to raise chickens though.


he's not actually raising them for food, he's raising them to be le based chicken man- this is why he prioritizes aggression over eggs; he watches them do what he's too pussy to do (rape and kill)

OP is worse than a nigger, he wants to be a nigger but can't


I live deep in the wilderness and the chickens here need to be tough. The value of a dead chicken is zero. The number of eggs it lays a week is zero

Weak, bitch chickens that lay 300 eggs a year but die from a slight breeze are useless to me. Meanwhile my nigger chickens still make far more eggs than I know what to do with and no predator can catch them


File: 1715724876636.jpg 155.72 KB, 875x984, 29962966ff03d3a690e1d5acce6….jpg


File: 1715730587344.gif 284.38 KB, 296x134, 171573018643140081.gif


Nice banner. I look forward to it joining those esteemed ranks at the top of our screen


i jus farted n it smells like shit


4chan has the dumbest ads. It's either this, a discord link, some blue-haired faggot shilling his shitty music, some "young woman" looking for an "older mentor" or a crypto scam.


Forgot the Bible quotes, too.


It's always porn and bible quotes


cry about it


File: 1715819480585.mp4 2.28 MB, 360x640, wigger parenting.mp4


i farted n it smeld like shit


grow up


i see nothing wrong with this


hiding this shit thread now


File: 1716178724597.mp4 5.82 MB, 1280x720, 1TjiHm1Md9.mp4

>Breaking: Kick streamer shoots someone


I could imagine Avid being a tweaker like that guy and chasing me with a knife.


Is Kick h'worth checking out?


so the friendly homeless man in the white shirt was following around the camera guy, just trying to catch up, wanting to give him a cool object (a knife?) he had just found on the ground, but the camera guy used it as an opportunity to kill the poor homeless man instead, just like another gun-toting, coldhearted, power-tripping maniac, obviously citing "a self-defense situation" and "being scared" and "wrong neighborhood" as some sort of an excuse. this is america folx

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