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>The question about religious affiliation was dropped from 1960 and 1970 census due to the demand of Jewish groups.
>Revelation of the true number of Jews in the U.S would undermine the myth that the Nazis killed six million Jews. The truth is, there are six million more Jews in the U.S than Jewish organizations admit...The Immigration Service reports that there are 8 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Actually, there are at least 14 million.

>go to this website
>click [Series 3: General Correspondence of Roswell D. McClelland: January 1944-July 1945]
>download pdf for Jews in Europe (1), July-August 1944
>find this letter (pic 4, Landreth letter)

The US government official Landreth M. Harrison wrote this letter that confirmed that ‘Ausrottung’ and ‘Entjudung’ do not imply killing, and that to suggest they do would be a mistranslation.

>MR. DODD: Are you very serious in pressing this apparent inability of yours to agree with me about this ward or are you trying to kill time? Don't you know that there are plenty of people in this courtroom who speak German and who agree that that word does mean to "wipe out," to "extirpate?"
>ROSENBERG: It means "to overcome" on one side and then it is to be used not with respect to individuals but rather to juridical entities, to certain historical traditions. On the other side this word has been used with respect to the German people and we have also not believed that in consequence thereof 60 millions of Germans would be shot.

'Ausrottung', according to Rosenberg, does not have a sinister connotation.

>Instructions to concentration camp commandants to lower the death rate and increase the strength of inmate workers
>…every means must be used to lower the death rate in the camp.
>I hold the Camp Commandant and the Chief of the Camp Administration personally responsible for exhausting of every possibility of maintaining the physical strength of the prisoners.

>In this one page letter to the CC (concentration camp) commandants, MAURER states that the physical condition of prisoners on admittance to CC's is so bad that many of them have to be hospitalized and therefore are useless for work.

>Instructions concerning the use of the labor camp at Sobibor (in Lublin) for processing ammunition
>1.The transient camp (transit camp) of Sobibor in the district of Lublin is to be transformed into a concentration camp. In this concentration camp a depot for the dismantling of captured ammunition has to be set up.
>4. At the same time a depot for the manufacturing of our multiple mortars or other ammunition is to be set up in this concentration camp.

>Die gesamte Aktion Reinhardt zerfällt in 4 Giebete:
>A) die Aussiedlung selbst
>B) die Verwertung der Arbeitskraft
>C) die Sachverwertung
>D) die Einbringung verborgener Werte und Immobilien

>Report on the realization of textile-salvage from the Jewish resettlement up to the present date.

Whenever you see pictures of giant piles of shoes just remember that they collected clothes from Jews inside the camps so they could transport the garments to racial Germans in the Ukraine, for example, as this letter states. Notice also that they say resettlement and not extermination.

>The rumor, however, that the Jews were being killed in the manner which is now known to the entire world would not be silenced. When I expressed the wish to visit the SS workshop near Lublin, in order to get some idea of the value of the work that was being done, I was told that special permission from Heinrich Himmler was required.
>I asked Heinrich Himmler for this special permission. He said that he would urge me not to go to the camp. Again some time passed. On 7 February 1944 I succeeded in being received by Adolf Hitler personally-I might add that throughout the war he received me three times only. In the presence of Bormann I put the question to him: "My Fuehrer, rumors about the extermination of the Jews will not be silenced. They are heard everywhere. No one is allowed in anywhere. Once I paid a surprise visit to Auschwitz in order to see the camp, but I was told that there was an epidemic in the camp and my car was diverted before I got there. Tell me, My Fuehrer, is there anything in it?" The Fuehrer said, "You can very well imagine that there are executions going on-of insurgents. Apart from that I do not know anything. Why don't you speak to Heinrich Himmler about it?" And I said. "Well, Himmler made a speech to us in Krakow and declared in front of all the people whom I had officially called to the meeting that these rumors about the systematic extermination of the Jews were false; the Jews were merely being brought to the East." Thereupon the Fuehrer said, "Then you must believe that."

>SIR DAVID MAXWELL-FYFE: You did not know to what degree, but you knew there was a policy that aimed at the extermination of the Jews?
>Goering: No, a policy of emigration, not liquidation of the Jews.

>…have accurate knowledge of certain things which they have not actually seen with their own eyes. The prisoners at the camps speak about these things as though they had actually seen them.

>SAUCKEL: I confirm that my signature is appended to this document. I ask the Tribunal's permission to state how that signature came about.
>This document was presented to me in its finished form. I asked to be allowed to read and study this document in my cell in Oberursel and decide whether I could sign it. That was denied me. During the conversation an officer was consulted who, I was told, belonged to the Polish or Russian army; and it was made clear to me that if I hesitated too long in signing this document I would be handed over to the Russian authorities. Then this Polish or Russian officer entered and asked, "Where is Sauckel's family? We know Sauckel, of course we will take him with us; but his family will have to be taken into Russian territory as welt" I am the father of 10 children. I did not stop to consider; and thinking of my family, I signed this document.

Communists threatening Germans and their families seem to be a recurring theme for extracting "confessions".

>The 'final solution' of the Jewish question meant the complete extermination of all Jews in Europe. I was ordered to establish extermination facilities at Auschwitz in June 1941. At that time, there were already in the General Government three other extermination camps: Belzek, Treblinka, and Wolzek.
> 2,500,000 victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning

1. Treblinka was built in April 1942 and Belzek in November 1941 so they couldn't have been used as extermination camps during June 1941.
2. Wolzek is a camp that doesn't even exist.
3. There are no official records that support the 2 500 000 claim.


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>Driven by crooked Claims Conference employees, former employees and other conspirators would recruit people—some unwitting—who weren’t eligible for the program (mostly individuals of the Jewish faith in the Russian immigrant community) to take part in the fraud.
>To make it appear that applicants were eligible, identification documents were often altered (for example, a birth date was changed to make it appear that applicants were born during or before World War II) and fake Nazi persecution stories were often made up.
>Fraudulent applications were reviewed and approved by corrupt Claims Conference employees.

How can you not be a believer?


File: 1670260312404.jpg 33.43 KB, 500x500, 1670206467075157.jpg


It wasn’t a lie. It was my imagination. And in my imagination, in my mind, I believed it.
t. perfectly sane man


File: 1670380207977.jpg 114.96 KB, 704x1032, butthurt-elf.jpg


Good post.


Wow, you can forge evidence in order to become a Holocaust survivor?! Sounds neat.


Bolshewikipedia has been systematically removing the "early life" section from its biographical articles as of late. They now cluster "life and career" in most instances and may or may not include "early years" within that subcategory


File: 1670755739172-0.mp4 6.27 MB, 640x480, Publishers.mp4

File: 1670755739172-1.mp4 3.39 MB, 640x480, Wikipedia.mp4

Wikipedia is highly unreliable.


lol, Jews.


File: 1671369587752.mp4 8.69 MB, 854x480, distorted reality.mp4

>Driven by crooked Claims Conference employees, former employees and other conspirators would recruit people—some unwitting—who weren’t eligible for the program (mostly individuals of the Jewish faith in the Russian immigrant community) to take part in the fraud.
>To make it appear that applicants were eligible, identification documents were often altered (for example, a birth date was changed to make it appear that applicants were born during or before World War II) and fake Nazi persecution stories were often made up.
>Fraudulent applications were reviewed and approved by corrupt Claims Conference employees.

As long as it is real in their minds then it happened.


All testimonies from Jews are highly biased.


All testimonies from Jews are highly based.


Of course they are based...on lies.


Of course they are based...on facts.




The Holocaust is a joke and it's funny as hell. You can't even believe half the stuff that Jews spout about it just to earn their endless sympathy points.

>Mr. Hubert was sent to Buchenwald. In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle, he said. Every day, they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones. But that's unbelievable, whispered a visitor. It is unbelievable, said Mr. Hubert, but it happened.


>2 posts

Reebok workout clean and easy and it has to the


If you have some folders I can download that would be great I had a ton of stuff on an external hard-drive which died and is all totally lost.

I don't want to spend a ton of time on imageboards collecting stuff again systematically just send me a full library I can download and this time I better put it on two thumbsticks or drives so if one fails the other still exists.


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>At the Zhuozhou crematorium, furnaces are burning overtime as workers struggle to cope with a spike in deaths in the past week, according to one employee. A funeral shop worker estimated it is burning 20 to 30 bodies a day, up from three to four before Covid-19 measures were loosened.
>“There’s been so many people dying,” said Zhao Yongsheng, a worker at a funeral goods shop near a local hospital. “They work day and night, but they can’t burn them all.”


>a day
>can't burn them all


File: 1672595877625.png 362.49 KB, 1440x731, Screenshot_20221229-180312.png

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File: 1672596761474.jpg 972.31 KB, 482x897, 343711.jpg

I think Smiley is an agent for the JIDF


File: 1672596794041.mp4 12.18 MB, 1280x720, jews-rock-givefastlink.mp4


File: 1672596869701.gif 1007.38 KB, 300x186, this-joker.gif


File: 1672596979290.gif 2.69 MB, 480x400, giphy.gif


File: 1672597175390.jpg 32.22 KB, 600x347, hmmm-nope-try.jpg

That's not how those jokes work, retard.


File: 1672597230295.gif 2.69 MB, 480x400, giphy.gif


Imagine trying to gatekeep jokes


File: 1672598093833.jpg 569.23 KB, 677x2981, Thats~2.jpg


File: 1672601822524.jpg 82.3 KB, 640x480, they-stayed-forever.jpg



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File: 1672602603977.jpg 130.21 KB, 1200x648, C4Fy7-MUMAANuy3.jpg


The Germans must have been able to bend the laws of thermodynamics since their ovens were so effective.


I too wonder how people are cremated alive.




I've read confessions from Jews that claim they could cremate up to six bodies at a time which doesn't really make any sense. The cremation process becomes slower the more bodies you use. Corpses are not firewood.


File: 1673295239542.png 952.3 KB, 1440x1763, Screenshot_20230109-141302.png

6 stick figure people.

That somehow doesn't seem improbable.


File: 1673296239954.png 8.5 KB, 660x151, Untitled.png

It seems pretty improbable. If it takes 2 hours minimum to cremate a body with modern furnaces. Even if we are to generously assume 3 hungry skeleton Jews = 1 normal weight person, it's pretty absurd.


File: 1673299443981-0.mp4 9.37 MB, 640x480, Coke ovens.mp4

File: 1673299443981-1.jpg 67.65 KB, 900x675, Birkenau.jpg

First of all, coke ovens are slower than gas ovens because the bodies are not exposed to the actual fire. The heat is radiated from beneath and thus the corpses have to disintegrate due to high temperatures and not because of incineration by flames.
Second of all, the muffles aren't gigantic. If you try to shove 6 bodies inside that tiny space, a lot of the heat will not be evenly distributed and making the cremation ridiculously slow.
Third, how do you effectively stuff the ovens with multiple bodies, cremate them, then remove the skeletons that are left and keep on refilling the ovens with more dead Jews to ensure it is faster than modern ovens?

None of it adds up.


File: 1673300176308.png 2.51 MB, 1440x2091, Screenshot_20230109-153508.png

Okay but they weren't trying to cremate 6 morbidly obese people at once so...



File: 1673300668206.gif 255.13 KB, 481x698, 167329237967152931 (1).gif

Were they retarded? Are (you) retarded?


Don’t forget that at Auschwitz people were selected for gassing and then walked straight to the gas chambers. They couldn’t be malnourished or have signs of typhus so they would be at normal weight when they supposedly were killed and then cremated.
Personally, the main reason why I don’t believe the Holocaust narrative is that people describe it as a perfected death machinery that was unable to fail, as if everything was running smoothly non-stop and without delay.


Nothing about the Holohoax is accurate.


File: 1673368635751.jpg 4.62 KB, 382x331, 1395771268111.jpg

That's why ((((they)))) send some people to jail -FOR EVEN QUESTIONING IT!!!!!


File: 1673443376095.png 508.26 KB, 1146x1118, 4630CA18-AFD7-4D65-93B4-A83….png

>In Zukunft darf daher Blausäure nur noch zur Vergasung von Baracken in Konzentrationslägern verwendet werden.
In the future therefore, cyanide gas may only be used for the fumigation of barracks in the concentration camps.
- Joachim Mrugowsky, SS Hygiene Institute

Even the SS ordered people to not use Zyklon B other than for delousing the barracks because there was a limited supply so all these ”eye witnesses” clearly are full of shit.


File: 1673508978345-0.mp4 2 MB, 858x480, Vacation.mp4

File: 1673508978345-1.mp4 3.53 MB, 850x480, Lies.mp4

File: 1673508978345-2.mp4 2.45 MB, 640x360, Cow.mp4

Whenever someone says the Holocaust happened I snicker.


File: 1673603497589.mp4 5.55 MB, 1280x658, Anne Frank's Sister Confirm….mp4


I would be sceptical about any camp that the Soviets entered. Never trust Russians.


Pretty much every camp the Soviets entered has been tampered with.


File: 1673965427368.mp4 12.78 MB, 866x480, Shoah Cult.mp4

The Holocaust is its own religion at this point.


>that Jew geting buttholocausted because someone questions his holy sob story





Jeffrey has a good point: you never get to see all the evidence that disprove the Holocaust narrative. It’s biased.


Academia is all about bias.


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I think the biggest problem is that Jews won't allow anyone to criticize the Holocaust because it has become enshrined in academia as a taboo topic.


Sneaky Jews.


Jews are not sneaky. They’re overtly arrogant and massive crybabies.


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What seems to be the problem?




File: 1674924413176.png 305.08 KB, 595x470, a good point.png


Jews: 0
Common sense: 1


File: 1675347173997.mp4 4.21 MB, 854x480, Ass_diamonds.mp4

The Jew lies to your face and make you pay for his stories.


File: 1675668932673.jpg 454.29 KB, 1869x1417, Jewish fantasy.jpg

>At postmortem, an exhaust fan sucks the poison air out of the chamber, and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia to neutralize any remaining traces of cyanide. About a half an hour later, orderlies enter the chamber, wearing gas masks and rubber gloves. Their training manual advises them to ruffle the victim’s hair to release any trapped cyanide gas before removing the deceased.

Pic related. It was drawn by David Olere who worked at Auschwitz as a Sonderkommando. Apparently, Jews can touch thousands of bodies covered in hydrogen cyanide (without using saftey equipment) for several weeks and never die from exposure to it. A little bit contradictory, right? I wonder how David Olere managed to drag multiple dead Jewish babies, drenched in a chemical asphyxiant, while being extremely emaciated. His immune system must be a miraculous gift.


File: 1675936064695.jpeg 110.04 KB, 640x609, The ride.jpeg

>Q. Below, on the left, there are the gas chambers, and on the extreme left you wrote "Fire Pit." What is that?
>A. Yes, that is the fire pit in which the victims who were brought out of the gas chambers were burned. After some time, a buzzing sound would be heard, the floor opened up, and the victims fell into the deep hollow below and were conveyed in this little train into the pit where the eighty men of Camp 3 were working, and they burned the bodies. The fire that was ablaze in Sobibor could be seen many kilometres away. The flames rose very high and could be seen, without exaggeration, from a distance of twenty kilometres.

>Presiding Judge: You described the inside of the gas chamber. For example, you told us how the floor opened up and the bodies fell below into the railway waggons.
>Witness Biskowitz: Into the hollow below.
>Q. Did you see this with your own eyes, or are you talking of things that you heard from others?
>A. I will describe a shocking scene here.
>Q. But first of all - did you, in general, have an opportunity of seeing these things from the inside?
>A. Not everybody had the opportunity, but I, by chance, did.

At Sobibor, they had a gas chamber with an automatic floor that opened itself so it could dump corpses into little train carts that transported them to the incineration pit (that, for some reason, could be seen from 20 kilometres away, which is 12 miles). Totally credible witness, I would say.


what numbers?


80 billion trillions.


6 000 000 Holocaustillions.


3 googolplex.


A very very much lot


File: 1676401887964.jpg 145.48 KB, 1024x902, 1676392707541250m.jpg


File: 1676402070514.jpg 81.99 KB, 1024x783, 1676393027973897.jpg


File: 1676402347276.png 249.5 KB, 1001x956, 1676400619349233.png


Maybe we have a guy on the inside.


H'whats U mean, anon?


>mostly false



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I am not JIDF.


File: 1676663758118.png 692.62 KB, 1440x1254, Screenshot_20230217-135456.png


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The Holocaust happened, bigot! I don’t care how ridiculous their stories are…they’re true by default because…they just are!

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File: 1676950782221.png 269.04 KB, 636x477, 1676949402984875.png



wha huh??




File: 1677007340397.png 3.43 MB, 995x2542, Screenshot_20230221-132137.png


You got a point. Believe all Jews! They can't lie because they're chosen.


They are our greatest ally.




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File: 1677569524403-0.mp4 1.37 MB, 480x480, Virus.mp4

File: 1677569524403-1.mp4 577.43 KB, 854x480, Breaker.mp4

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Mr Freeze is an ice nazi using his nazi ice to assault unsuspecting Jews in the streets.


File: 1677698788050.jpg 67.15 KB, 598x490, 1677689633960.jpg

>fellow white people


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File: 1677816273435.jpg 64.48 KB, 1024x700, 1677809768058899m.jpg


File: 1677838868590.jpg 9.25 KB, 327x154, tom waites.jpg

>Imagine expecting- people- to be so stupid
don't take it personally, but stupidity is a statistically proven fact. if you've got a big enough audience then it will have some suckers in it. why do you think kikes like niggers so much? because they're stupid and easy to fool


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File: 1677867720322.jpg 165.86 KB, 1024x863, 1677866159369576.jpg

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Ashkenazi Jews represent 0.2 percent of the World's total population.
>23% of all Nobel Prize winners
>39% of Nobel Laureates in Economics
>27% of Nobel Laureates in Medicine
>26% of Nobel Laureates in Physics
>20% of Nobel Laureates in Chemistry
>25% of Kyoto Prize winners
>Over a quarter of all Turing awards, Field Medals and Westinghouse Science Prizez
>Over 33% of all Ivy league Students and Professors
>115-128 average IQ, much higher than the highest IQ by country (1st is Hong Kong with 107 IQ, but they are far less accomplished)
> Charles Murray the author of "The Bell Curve" - the same guy /pol/ quotes when they say that whites are smarter than blacks, confirmed that Jews are the smartest people in the world
>Jews control the financial industry
>Jews control the media
>Jews control Hollywood
Prove me wrong that Ashkenazi Jews are not the master race.



Cool nepotism, bro.


It's funny how people cope about the reality of KIKE nepotism. In the United States Whites outnumber Jews roughly 40:1, so in raw numbers Whites who are "intelligent and hardworking", the alleged reason for why Jews are so successful, far outweigh Jews in general. We can expect that about 25% of Whites will have an IQ of 110 or higher, or about 58M people in the U.S. It's significantly more ludicrous when you think about it on a global scale. You'd have to be stupid or willfully ignorant not to see it.


File: 1678201894824.png 275.05 KB, 680x487, 12F0E3AB-D747-4AFE-A2DF-A23….png

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>In the mid-19th century, when the first wave of German Jews arrived, itinerant peddlers named Seligman, Guggenheim, Levi, and Straus built their pushcart businesses into enormous dry-goods empires, bringing their relatives over to run their chain department stores. Later on, excluded from the white-shoe legal and financial firms of Wall Street, the Lehman, Kuhn, Loeb, Sachs and Goldman families created their own.
>When millions of Russian and East European Jews arrived in the 1880s and 1890s, established Jewish families — obeying the ancient injunctions to Jewish charity enshrined in the Mosaic code — constructed an elaborate welfare system, including hospitals, orphanages, settlement houses and trade schools. Most of these immigrants went into the booming garment industry, putting their whole families to work and giving rise to a thriving ethnic economy in which Jewish factory owners employed Jewish workers to create goods sold by Jewish merchants to Jewish customers.
>During the 1920s and 1930s a group of hard-nosed Jewish entrepreneurs turned a patch of desert near Los Angeles into the Hollywood movie industry. Entertainment juggernaut Paramount Pictures, founded in 1919 by Adolph Zukor, was financed by an enormous loan from the Jewish Wall Street firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. — thanks to the intervention of Otto Kahn, brother of Zukor’s partner Felix Kahn. The studios were famed for their nepotism.


They’re smart and they turn everything they touch into success. Wh*toids could learn a lot from them.


>turn everything they touch into success
I dunno bro, their immortal souls are damned to never know peace.


If Jews were actually smart they wouldn’t need nepotism.


Jews are inbred, they couldnt be smart if they tried their absolute best


Since they are smart they use every opportunity to get ahead including nepotism. Wh*toids are too stupid figure out how to nepotism or stop another people from using nepotism


It's true, Whitoids at this point are like gullible and naive children that can't even fathom that another race would do such a thing. As I've pointed out before, even 'far-right racists' will be apologetic toward other races, but there isn't a single nigger or kike who sits around at the dinner table having a discussion with their friends or family about how "not all White people are bad". Individualist notions of treating other people fairly regardless of race doesn't even cross their mind. Only Whiteoids genuinely believe that shit, and it's sad.


File: 1678467042066.mp4 14.43 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (2).mp4


I'd like to have my success be off my own sweat, tears and blood- on my & off my own merritt.

I don't want to ride anyone's coat tales.

He's already made something of himself and now it's my turn.

I'd say that's pretty commendable, no?

>It doesn't matter if I die anyway, he's already a famous celebrity musician so...


ultra cringe opinion literally kys, ur as bad as the boomers u claim to hate


File: 1678467937358.png 216.4 KB, 820x754, 307-3070976_image-result-fo….png

Fuck you too!


I don't hate boomers. I take care of them.


... after my mom died- I carried that guilt with me and I promised myself that I would never let anyone else suffer like that if they were in my care.


I take care of my father, now.
>Yeah he's abused me but he's 75 and the past - is the past.


I took care of a boomer -that had a heart attack- in his living room. I was there when he kicked the bucket.


I feel bad because I was really mean to my mom tbqh.


I babysat an autistic child when he was a toddler before the autism diagnosis.


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don't you think it's strange that one of the parents don't stay home and he meets you?"

He was implying giant red flags- and was like sorry but...


>this was an Irish bloke who was friends with "breadman" as smiley calls him


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File: 1678471659038.mp4 3.33 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (4).mp4

H'when was the last trip to detroit and back? 2015? 2016?

That was 7-8yrs ago?

>so in 2-3yrs it'll be a full ten year decade?

10 years and not over this shit.


>No use in telling me that I have mental problems. I know.






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File: 1678731905753.webm 2.16 MB, 720x1280, 1678730170877258.webm

That would just be dwarf having sex with herself.


File: 1678732648360.mp4 8.77 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.mp4

The most intimate relationship a person can have...

is only with themselves.


File: 1678733439496.gif 2.54 MB, 800x800, lsd-opener-2-reverse3.gif

That post was from dwarf.


also dwarf samefagging


you and dwarf should have sex


File: 1678763569002.jpg 2.85 MB, 1528x2265, MV5BMTFlYjgyMjUtNmJhZS00MDY….jpg

Dear anon,

That would be me having sex with myself.




Jewish intelligence is exaggerated.


Yup. Jews stroking their egos.


Holocaust? More like HolocDIDN’THAPPENaust.


not only are you a cuck, but you'll also never do anything for the children that you'll never have. enjoy your pride filled genetic suicide, lone wolf


You're an actual retard.


Whomst do you think that you're talking to?


YOU expressing that YOU

>not everyone wants to have children, not everyone should be parents and just because you want crotch apples doesn't somehow reflect negativity on someone who doesn't





based and tard-pilled


File: 1679013912661.png 1.19 MB, 1267x1073, 1678850917879.png


Shoah? More like NOah.


It didn't happen but it should have.


File: 1680504278317-0.jpg 24.35 KB, 430x329, Subjective reality.jpg

File: 1680504278317-1.mp4 347.54 KB, 640x360, Shoah explained.mp4


I always chuckle when I see him say that.


I hate Jews so much you wouldn't believe.


File: 1680767997929.jpeg 4.09 KB, 299x168, download (14).jpeg

Stop bumping your own shit thread with retarded replies


There is not a shred of simple Jewish life left in Europe, are you really this retarded to not see that centuries of existence have been wiped out over the course of a couple years


Its all roman shit now, degeneracy, sex, drugs, the romans are scum and always have been


File: 1681112946298.mp4 9.36 MB, 640x360, Law.mp4

I do not really chuckle because I don't see why you have to enforce laws to "educate" people on a subject that is so extremely important to certain people. It's almost as if you can't have a different opinion.


Oy vey, the goyim know!


Same here.


I find it amusing that you need to force people to believe in something they can study for themselves.


File: 1681760975940.jpg 154.33 KB, 1024x768, src_1339374919759~2.jpg

lol jew


File: 1681761222303.webp 135.01 KB, 1440x1034, Screenshot_20230417-145042.webp


File: 1681761818163.webp 119.28 KB, 1440x2041, Screenshot_20230417-150230.webp


Jews are tricksters.


And parasites.


Requesting some tldr inforgraphs of jewish influence


Lubaeds pls


File: 1682977585094.mp4 1.68 MB, 480x480, Impressive.mp4


I like how it repeats. The thought has occured to me to do my own dub of some anime I like. But you know it'd take like 200 hours of time which I don't really have.


Anime is essentially a digital lobotomy


lol, good mp4.


File: 1683191918469.mp4 1.05 MB, 1280x720, Shekels.mp4


Such a shame how far she fell.


What happened?


From what I understand, her brother was behind a lot of what she did when she was younger. The older she got, the more independent she became, the more she strayed from being BASED and REDPILLED. When she got kicked from Kiketube, she joined some kind of streamer site behind a paywall which nobody was going to pay for by that point because why would they.


File: 1683236276496.jpeg 8.25 KB, 300x249, OIP (1).jpeg



>The older she got, the more independent she became, the more she strayed from being BASED and REDPILLED.
As long as she's not out there getting fucked by niggers it's probably for the best.


Niggers are scum


she was never based or redpilled; she was an edgelord that toned it down after facing backlash

>her brother was behind a lot of what she did when she was younger

pretty sus that he put a bunch of jokes about dildos in his underage sister's mouth


She was still funny, though.




And insightful.


Mostly funny.


>As long as she's not out there getting fucked by niggers it's probably for the best.


File: 1684431147929.jpg 40.4 KB, 552x539, 1684429948857119.jpg

This angers the jew.


>For if the Gentiles have shared with the Jews in spiritual matters, then the Gentiles clearly have a duty to help the Jews in material matters.

Good goy! Give us all your possessions!


File: 1684514988309.gif 2.5 MB, 498x280, scarlett-johansson-scarlett….gif

Some jews are hot. Scarlett johansson is a jew.


File: 1684515199763.gif 2.97 MB, 292x400, THUU0Yr.gif


she's like 3/4 danish


File: 1684785434822.jpg 65.98 KB, 739x1024, 1684779196010423.jpg


File: 1684785534218.jpg 127.35 KB, 942x960, 1684779349006317.jpg


File: 1684799336338.webm 1.3 MB, 408x720, 1684787232265917.webm

Lmao wtf haha


Oy vey


Ahh not the birds! Not the birds!


Chudleigh threadsingst


Nice birdies.




The Memeocaust is a cool story. Whenever I need a good laugh I think about the number 6 000 000.


I remember second video being posted on old 8chan. It was funny because sometimes both sides of the debate would use it


me too


File: 1685561651652-0.jpg 81.52 KB, 637x729, 1685555729140621.jpg

File: 1685561651652-1.jpg 98.46 KB, 1024x673, 1685554548922186.jpg


Only 6 million Jews, all Jews, the rest were not gypsies or retards they were all Jews

Nice solid round number too eh, 6 million 🤔


File: 1685586936350.webp 81.03 KB, 1440x1040, Screenshot_20230531-213224.webp

Brian Warner looks just like smiley. Both Jews with a Nazi German fetish. Both abusive a-holes. Much amaze.


Google tells me Brian Warner is that fag Marilyn manson, if that's the case you're wrong, smiley looks nothing like that nigga


It's THEIR exclusive suffering! You must weep for THEIR suffering!


File: 1686578776544.jpeg 96.9 KB, 1200x900, Me.jpeg

I will later


There it is ladies & gents, the first, last and only 1488th post on the newest new /new/


File: 1686716921752.jpeg 136.99 KB, 1000x1020, tone.jpeg

all of the holocaust "evidence" originates from russia, and as we all know russians lie about absolutely everything.
but they would never lie about the sacred holocaust, right?
no, they lie about that too

here is a video of anne frank's stepsister eva schloss explaining how she knows that the photos and films of the liberation of auschwitz were produced fraudulently
why would the the russians have faked auschwitz if they were telling the truth about all the other "death camps"?
the "death camps" were all in russian territory, the russians faked all of them same as they did auschwitz.
no mass slaughter was discovered in any of the camps liberated by allied forces other than supposedly in the ones russia liberated.


>the "death camps" were all in russian territory

OP posted a letter from the records of the War Refugee Board that talks about how the Red Cross told Roswell D. McClelland that they couldn't find any installations used for extermination of people at Auschwitz and that's just one document of the thousands of documents that disprove the Holohoax. The Allies captured tonnes of documents from the Germans and only a fraction of them have been catalogued and digitalized.


Wow super epic


File: 1687175585980.mp4 880.53 KB, 854x480, Reminder.mp4





Holy fucking based



Unironically this.


I second this.


She’s right.


The Holohoax is based entirely on ”eyewitnesses”.


File: 1689175061219.mp4 4.86 MB, 854x480, Gas chamber fraud.mp4



File: 1691250821000.webm 2.86 MB, 1280x720, 1569295076993.webm

Those fake pictures?


Prove it


Holohoax BTFO!



The Holohax is a meme that Jews can cling to in order to feel special.


the holocaust happened but the people who are actively profiting from and exploiting it are jews

their ancestors who were there must be rolling in their graves



i cant believe they do this, and they can so flippanty bring it up in conversation, it should actually be unspoken of if its such a touchy subject but from what ive seen they love to, probably because it warrants them on-demand sympathy votes


File: 1692247467410.jpg 121.61 KB, 1156x940, lol.jpg

>the holocaust happened

Yeah, okay.


Really informative. Basically you can take samples from any building and get positive readings for hydrogen cyanide. Just shows you how flimsy the evidence for the holohoax narrative is.


prove it didnt
>muh chimney
>muh ovens math


File: 1693090588192-0.jpg 116.8 KB, 630x630, 5 per square.jpg

File: 1693090588192-1.mp4 4.2 MB, 854x480, Efficiency.mp4

File: 1693090588192-2.mp4 2.52 MB, 872x480, Evidence.mp4

All aspects of this "historical" event are retarded. Everything from the gas chambers, incineration, number of victims to the amount of resources needed to make it possible.

>When the SS recognized that Wiernik was a professional carpenter, they put him to work constructing various camp structures, including additional gas chambers.

>The new construction job between Camp No. 1 and Camp No. 2, on which I had been working, was completed in a very short time. It turned out that we were building ten additional gas chambers, more spacious than the old ones, 7 by 7 meters or about 50 square meters. As many as 1,000 to 1,200 persons could be crowded into one gas chamber.

>1200 people

>7 x 7 metres (49 square metres)
>24 people per square metre

Apparently, basic mathematics is something that Jewish carpenters lack when building anything.

>5 people per square metre (this should be the UPPER limit for standing/viewing spaces).

Everything about the Holocaust is exaggerated. When you examine it closely it falls apart.


>24 human beings on 1 square metre

Space folding, physics warping and reality bending Jew carpentry.


Mathematically, none of it makes sense. The Germans also, for some reason, forgot to install ovens at some of the "extermination" camps (like Treblinka) and decided to dig up all the corpses after gassing and cremate them. Sounds really efficient, right? It's like a fairy tale for retarded children.


Holohoax BTFO!


>want to exterminate millions of people
>waste time and resources
>unnecessary logistics
>tedious registration of prisoners and tattooing people you are going to kill anyway

You could, quite easily, gather millions of people in camps and let them starve to death. Takes less than five weeks instead of gassing people for years and burning them afterwards.


File: 1696494981467.jpg 136.76 KB, 938x978, 1696494434608.jpg

Exactly. The Holocaust narrative sounds more like a movie script.


it takes a long time for them all to die once they start eating each other


☑ ---- Other


Thank you. I've been saying this for years. In respect to the topic of illegals in general I believe the reported number of illegal invaders is probably 1/3rd of the actual number.


File: 1697102552327.png 627.73 KB, 2310x2147, 00467905042304f407f4251b153….png

So is the "revisionist" market still functioning? I remember there use to actually be literature you could find about people disproving this horse shit. What authors are carrying the flame these days? Where does one look for reading materials that aren't wholly dependent on pdf's and data storage?

>the holocaust happened
>give me proof so long as it's proof that makes me right


File: 1699508672552.mp4 7.8 MB, 854x480, Cool story.mp4

The worst kind of movie script.


File: 1700394706306.mp4 7.18 MB, 720x362, 2cjowonI.mp4


complete proofing means you get one pregnant and its two for the price of one


That story is so ridiculous. Over the top.


File: 1702130671245.png 189.79 KB, 640x268, 1700593076567764.png

There's this man who lives here that won't shut up about the Holocaust. "My grandfather had numbers tattooed" "jews ground up into sawdust" "Jews having to stand on barbed wire" "if your interested I have holocaust material we can listen to" "I want to put on the boy in the pin striped pajamas for everyone to watch, so they get it" ect ect ect non-stop!!





Leave Monty ALONE! Monty (my sister-in-law's stepfather) is nice to me. He likes to talk about his Hi-Fi home audio equipment, how he used to make photoshop tutorials, his investments and his skepticism towards investing in bitcoin post-2022 crash.


File: 1702138347288.gif 2.99 MB, 498x280, 1701991113431752.gif

>Leave Monty alone
I do actually leave him alone, will be consistently avoiding him, not engage with him and ignore him-for my own personal sanity and well being. If anything, you should be saying that, he should leave me alone, tbqh but whatever.


File: 1702138490785.gif 1.76 MB, 509x710, 1701074381713651.gif

You didn't answer my question about certain jews irl and their obsession with the holocaust, however.


File: 1702146240201.webp 46.04 KB, 1280x700, cuckoo.webp

Are you asking me why someone's acting crazy in the crazy house?

Have you seen the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest starring Jack Nicholson?


Group homes are basically just old folks homes with disabled people thrown in the mix. Old people are just disabled by default. Get your facts straight.


File: 1702147379232.webp 65.94 KB, 1440x854, Screenshot_20231209-124135.webp


File: 1702149490878.webp 97.14 KB, 1416x1416, Screenshot_20231119-203213.webp

Everything is fine. It has all passed.


File: 1702150482205.mp4 119.7 KB, 498x280, ezgif-3-695e48ba67.mp4


File: 1702150605864.webp 125.14 KB, 439x596, pbd.webp


File: 1702153850770.jpg 77.35 KB, 1080x1074, Fga107uVIAIu_dU.jpg

I've never been to the funny farm and hope that I never get shipped off there.


Yo cum over to /lounge/ and post in one of the shitpost/schizo threads like >>>/lounge/56318 or >>>/lounge/21689 or you-know-who will get mad and ban you, this is supposed to be a srs bsns board


File: 1702159498684.jpg 72.83 KB, 500x469, 1701748703694924.jpg

I'm literally not schizophrenic.


File: 1702160766086.jpg 120.62 KB, 550x550, 1702160063737491.jpg


File: 1702160782471.png 368.41 KB, 570x806, 1702159000818234.png


File: 1702173096282.webp 175.58 KB, 1440x2820, Screenshot_20231209-195050.webp


File: 1702173200466.webp 91.64 KB, 1439x1454, Screenshot_20231209-195210.webp

>which led to the expulsion of the jews


File: 1702181196750.webm 2.43 MB, 908x470, 1702179952779700.webm


Like a senile grandparent explaining why he was able to walk 500 miles naked during hurricane season.


File: 1703615580186.png 451.67 KB, 750x603, soyence men.png


Monty update:

A woman says a German word and he goes "no german, thank you" and she goes "oh I'm sorry."
I tried to ask her what the word was but she wouldn't tell me.

and then he comes back over and says"I don't like to hear German because of the Nazis and stuff and I'm Jewish"

I said 'im German and have German blood ethe war is long over get over it"

And left and came back and said

"They teach German in highschools and there are actual germans in Germany living right now that didn't do anything, does that bother you?"

She cut me off and goes
"We're not talking about German" in a stern tone and I said "fine" and walked away.


I can feel the sexual tension between you two oozing out of you. Your next move is to invite him to your room to watch a Trevor Moore episode together. He will Nazi that cumming.


Picture old fat ugly homosexual jew manlet man who says his grandpa was in the holocaust and had a number tattoo.


I'd like to add that it's a shame his grandpa didn't die in the haulocaust because monty wouldn't exist. I can only hope some time traveling nazis fix this.


File: 1704401361792.webp 76.65 KB, 1440x1047, Screenshot_20240104-144845.webp


File: 1704401445421.webp 73.83 KB, 1439x1892, Screenshot_20231215-090512.webp


File: 1704401468710.webp 122.5 KB, 1440x2794, Screenshot_20231215-090624.webp


File: 1704401495105.webp 117.55 KB, 1440x2794, Screenshot_20231215-090758.webp


File: 1704401531172.mp4 3.54 MB, 320x240, videoplayback.mp4


File: 1704401704906.webp 76.39 KB, 1440x795, Screenshot_20231210-153600.webp


File: 1704709566770.jpg 420.47 KB, 496x582, intredasting.jpg

>An SS member, Paul Waldmann, testifies to their existence. He was one of the participants in the crime perpetrated by the German fascists when 840,000 Russian prisoners of war in Sachsenhausen were annihilated at one time.

>On the 2d day of May 1945, there was captured in Berlin a member of the SS, Paul Ludwig Gottlieb Waldmann.
>He provides more detailed information on the murders in the camp at Sachsenhausen.
>"In this small room there was a slot in the wall, approximately 50 centimeters in length. The prisoner of war stood with the back of his head against the slot and a sniper shot at him from behind the slot. In practice this arrangement did not prove satisfactory, since the sniper often missed the prisoner. After 8 days a new arrangement was made. The prisoner, as before, was placed against the wall; an iron plate was then slowly lowered onto his head. The prisoner was under the impression that he was being measured for height. The iron plate contained a ramrod which shot out suddenly and poleaxed the prisoner with a blow on the back of the head. He dropped dead. The iron plate was operated by a foot lever in a corner of the room.

>be German

>get captured
>confess that 840 000 billion Russians got killed by a brain bashing machine in a concentration camp
>no actual physical evidence is presented
>no real physical evidence has been found

Astounding "confession". It's like he told them what they wanted to hear.


Remember, kids. All confessions are genuine and voluntary. They are never coerced.

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