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There's absolutely no way this is 'just a software update issue'.
I don't care how schizophrenic I sound, this is planned.
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ok maybe its plausible


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i'm sorry dave i cant do that xd

not really sure if this is a joke or not





Morning sirs

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bottom text
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(Allegedly) from the guy


File: 1721420233138.png 41.54 KB, 1080x156, Screenshot_20240719_211620_….png


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*autotune* sheeit *cough* dat hit deep my niggas *cough cough*

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I Think this website needs more boards like 4chan or 8chan,but hey,that's just my opnion!
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i can smell you from here, brownoid.


File: 1720749022987.gif 67.54 KB, 200x200, nerd sniff.gif

>i can smell you from here, brownoid.





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Post stuff you feel like posting

Heh @ "post-Bondi"
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File: 1720539618927.webp 146.92 KB, 1224x976, hannah.webp



Her mum appears to have also consented to her getting lip fillers


File: 1720540087844.jpg 97.76 KB, 1240x977, tit-tattoo.jpg

Wait a second, she has a tattoo on her tit.
If she's willing to lie about being 16 for simpathy points then she probably made up her myki skank story too.



The inspectors went after this cute young nurse who merely got her details and beurocracy baloney mixed up while presumably, almost no doubt, letting the fare dodging wogs and Arabs and Islanders off scot free. While most of the time the inspectors being Souhtern Euro 40 year old men themselves, or 40yo Karen's. They're power tripping thugs everyone knows it


Mass immigration leads to crime, that's my 5 second take/analysis. That asian guy is going buy a house and inflate the re. market.

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Her pussy is about to reek of cum too!


Aye, the sea 'tis full of niggers


are there really? I was very close with a lot of people on .net back in 2012-2015, I lost touch with all of them but I miss them deeply.


im an OG, i first visited the .net chon i want to say 2 days after it was made, when it was just r9k and new


Those 2D girls better watch out!!!

File: 1720448180748.jpeg 32.86 KB, 426x282, LEAKED VIDEOS OF AREA 51 A….jpeg


LEAKED VIDEOS OF AREA 51 ALIENS!!!.zip 3.6 GB Download

Contains 1.6GB more recently added neat files!!!


File: 1720172834595.jpg 58.02 KB, 1200x800, 1200x800.jpg


ongoing troonout in the free and open source software (TM) world, classical-libs and techbro meritocracy btfo, corporate & govt infrastructure backing free and open source software (TM) communities (TM) btfo


dunno maybe these people only need to be encouraged to act as unhinged and be as annoying and as much liability to have around as possible

help them, give them like lists of things to raid and spam and maintainers with careers and families to bother

so they scuff shit like docker, podman, homebrew, ansible and other shit that the corpos depend on


File: 1720181050824.jpeg 71.9 KB, 840x510, 102127_hwcse5xx82yaubr_cus….jpeg

nixos due to it's recent success is in the 'kind of important but not irreplaceable' category, some mid size firms must have adapted it to run their servers.

getting rid of the long-term maintainer dinosaurs in any programming team is costly beyond belief.

usually that's the 1 guy who originally made it and knows how the entire sphagett (and it's "deprecated" versions in use everywhere) hold together while the rest of 'contributors' know something like a third of it, even worse for something big-big like mysql

>tfw a zoom call of someone explaining that it is concerning how enthusiastically new top guy of the big 3rd party software library the company depends on "purges" the "nazi people", to liquidate them class traitor crackas from their own dev team and that it will cost a lot to migrate to something else


File: 1720181739181.png 30.76 KB, 408x123, an infantile.png

there's a grown guy older than me with neckbeard roleplaying as 80s scifi coreasmhexdump cybernetic glitch-net-warior on "chaos.social"


File: 1720278875384.mp4 13.09 MB, 1920x1080, vendorcontrol.mp4

For free software advocates NixOS isn't considered free software as it contains binary blobs in the default kernel. Binary blobs are 'open source' but signed with encryption by the manufacturer so you can't modify and run it on hardware without using their private keys. You can't even be certain that the source code provided is what was used to produce the binaries.

Some attempts at reverse engineering those binary blobs have been successful but it takes a lot of work.


the irony is that, by acting this way, trannies are making people hate them if they already hadn't.


Why are billionaires building bunkers?

Take your bets folks
World War Terminus, another pandemic due to biological warfare, or do they think, Bolshevik style, that the population is going to be angry enough to come after them and even their own private guard won't protect them?
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File: 1706143733068.jpg 65.81 KB, 2500x1858, Gastric-Sleeve-Surgery.jpg

Bariatric surgery should also be illegal. It's as gross as tranny surgery. It kills a ton of women but lolbertarians believe businesses and people should do whatever they want even if their fraudulent claims of low medical risks kill their patients. Corporate news cites faulty studies that greatly underreport deaths that were as a result complications from bariatric surgery, and they especially love to cite the "American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery" (ASMBS) which is like asking Big Tobacco if smoking is safe. Daily Mail seems to not be bought off by Big Pharma (they're instead bought off by Israel and Big Oil) so they're more willing to report stories on deaths from surgeries or vaccines, whereas NBC maintains it is safe and effective even though Elvis Presley's daughter died from it and cites ASMBS.

https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/lisa-marPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Unfortunately, I actually knew this and went down this rabbit hole and read into it (it's fucking horrifying and there are so many elderly people wasting away needlessly), because my retarded boomer manager at work did a sleeve to herself because they lie to women (and also that whole generation of people think a pill can fix anything) and I was worried for her. But hey, trust the science. A bariatric surgeon would never have any financial investment in doing that to you over diet and exercise, of course.


Progress has been made but her upper legs are still way too fat. She needs to do some lower body lifting.
Just don't eat. How fucking hard is it not to gorge yourself on shit like a fatass? Women are fat because they eat way too much.


there are more fat men than fat womyn. but womyn are more likely to do these crayzee surgeries


This youtube influencer "JayzTwoCents" who covers PC tech stuff destroyed his body with gastric bypass surgery. In recent years he's become severely anemic and he mentioned his hematologist told him poor iron absorption is one of the long-term side effects of this surgery and iron supplements have hardly helped at all with his iron levels

File: 1704858989450.jpg 87.34 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1704858907119.jpg


Unironic question, and not taking the piss - why are white people (particularly white men) over-represented amongst the transgender community?
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File: 1713503574260.jpg 62.88 KB, 680x634, canada.jpg


File: 1719020996185.jpg 94.58 KB, 873x960, surgery at 13.jpg


collateral damage


File: 1719929432599.jpg 275.47 KB, 720x726, 1719929206588589.jpg


me on the left

File: 1719731530573.png 15.08 KB, 486x194, the-bottom-screenshot.png


Found this site where you can upload your shits anonymously and get the link: http://theslackone.h4ck.me:5000


File: 1719757281474.png 175.33 KB, 625x775, 1679705365544.png

FoKfag would love this site


what is the upload limit? i use catbox usually


Very sketchy.

File: 1716029279150.jpg 1.03 MB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_2024-05-18-20-39….jpg


What are the sociopolitical implications of zoomer Jewish girls from Melbourne University rejecting Zionism?

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If he accepts that, the optics would be horrible - he would likely lose the swing states.


The world would be a better place if kikes and muslims erased each other from existence.



File: 1717888773648.jpg Spoiler Image, 966.5 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_2024-06-09-09-16….jpg

Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.


bullshit, those kikes lnow exactly what theyre doing

File: 1719228691968.jpg 111.56 KB, 1400x700, freak.jpg



Michael Knaapen. Head of the LGBTQPedo Dems of Maryland organization.



Fags are pedos. News at 11.
Muslims' idea of cordless bungie-jumping fags off building is a surprisingly good one.

File: 1715656194530.jpg 55.9 KB, 735x596, fbfae0c863585455a5013e6a3a2….jpg


do some of you guys think that most palestine supporters are over exaggerated (?) or overreacting? like the impulsive strike days, i dont know they just sound annoying to me kekek
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litsa nee breces


You're gonna be the one that saves me & after all you're my wonder wall.


I can save xer bros


denel plen

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