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do some of you guys think that most palestine supporters are over exaggerated (?) or overreacting? like the impulsive strike days, i dont know they just sound annoying to me kekek
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you cared enough to reply


you cared enough to NEL


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>you cared enough to reply


im anglo though


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anglo, kike, whats the difference?

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ah geez


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I shall tear her fanny asunder like a viking warrior

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bottom text
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My honest reaction to that information


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Where we go, we all we go. #WWGWAWG #BasedMAGA #IsraelStrong #Winning #QAnonResearch

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The head of the Australian CIA and Daniel Andrews got Order of Australia/King's Birthday honours.

Are britbongs retarded? Andrews literally hates the Monarchy.

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I Think this website needs more boards like 4chan or 8chan,but hey,that's just my opnion!


not news politics or history


There's literally like 5 people


we need a /nel/ board


retard sheriff


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le cancer man posters have arrived

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What are the sociopolitical implications of zoomer Jewish girls from Melbourne University rejecting Zionism?

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>A pro-Israel billionaire donor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is reportedly seeking support for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank, Haaretz reported on Monday.

>Adelson was married to Sheldon Adelson until his death in 2021. Adelson had previously donated to Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. The donation was equal to $25 million and was part of a bigger $65 million donation to the Republican Party.

>Adelson’s hefty donation was also speculated to have been given in exchange for moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in early 2018. The move was highly controversial and triggered anger among Palestinians as the city is seen as the capital of a future Palestinian state.


If he accepts that, the optics would be horrible - he would likely lose the swing states.


The world would be a better place if kikes and muslims erased each other from existence.



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Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.

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At what point does work become a substitute for living? Is that the only purpose there is to people in this day and age? Apparently all you do is acquire wealth and buy goods and services which seems to be the driving force for almost the majority of inhabitants in the U.S. "The American Dream" is the concept of purchasing a house and a piece of land with your earnings and that somehow proves you're a good person and a worthy member of society.
If you look at the technological progress that started with computers, everything is being automated at a speed unprecedented in history. Wait another 400 years and there will be no need for any human manual labor because you can let machines do everything for you and the ultimate ramification will be that money becomes useless since wages are only needed to incentivize competition among humans.

Work itself and monetary status become obsolete. What is the purpose of life when all the jobs are not needed anymore?
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Normalize bicycles made of bamboo and cactus skin with like 100mm chainrings on them that can go 60mph


I've been trying to explain this to anti-depopulation advocates for years now. Virtually infinite and easily replaceable slaves are in fact a lot more efficient than complex, difficult-to-maintain systems. Never mind the fact that most of this soyence-coomer trash isn't even viable in the first place.


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>Resource scarcity
>won't be enough copper and other materials

>It is unsurprising that the Washington Monument, similar to architecture all around the capital, was built with marble. What may surprise you is that the capstone resting on the top of the monument is made of a $225 pyramid of aluminum.
>Costing $1.10 per ounce, aluminum was considered as valuable as silver.
>Less than two years after the placement of the capstone, the value of aluminum dropped dramatically when a young chemist discovered a simpler method of processing the metal.

Same thing has happened with diamonds. You can now create laboratory-grown diamonds. Resources aren't infinite but you can easily reuse existing metals and make it less expensive.


H'whats going on in that set of photos?


The problem isn't that there aren't enough resources necessarily. Usually the problem with soyence coomer schemes boils down to issues with energy, time, or economy. So for example: You could launch a few satellites far out into orbit and you could provide internet to a lot of people at a minimal cost, accepting the reality of latency, or you can be a retard like Musk and try to launch thousands of satellites into LEO, spending so much on launch costs, production, and maintenance that even if everyone on earth was a starlink subscriber it would still never be profitable. This is the kind of thing tech faggots do. If their ideas aren't out-right impossible, then the things they propose are completely impractical. Many of these ideas were rejected by better men decades ago. Things haven't changed just because "it's the future". The reality is we haven't had any major technological breakthroughs since the transistor. Everything since then has just been logical iterations. They don't even have proofs of concept to show otherwise. In the case of "automation" or "AI", it's not some kind of self-sustaining system. The latter lives on profuse injections of investment capital. It wastes significantly more than it produces and it cannot exist without nigger-cattle to feed it. It may look fancy, but there is in fact just a man behind the curtain. Believing AGI is going to emerge and that robots are going to maintain themselves, that the economics are going to be irrelevant, and that were all going to be lorded over by Mr.House and his securitrons is like believing in a perpetual motion machine, literally.

File: 1717493945528.jpeg 59.92 KB, 595x609, el presidente.jpeg


Mexico """"elected"""" a jew president


File: 1717513544900.jpg 141.14 KB, 1080x719, claudia-sheinbaum-keffiyeh.jpg

yet she less zionist than "christian" white americans


Wondering h'why there's not a single video of this SUPPOSED (??!) incident. Something interesting happens for once and the smartphones don't get whipped out?


File: 1716360483622.webm 1.76 MB, 886x1384, 1716323848996689.webm

Ok found one from /pol/



another BOING just dropped huh


1:45 climate change confirmed to cause turbulence

Seems like the ppl who got hurt in the Sing airlines thing weren't wearing their seatbelts.

File: 1716385501044.jpg 794.29 KB, 1290x1630, ICC threat.jpg


Is this the assassination of the Archduke?



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File: 1716507126246.mp4 11.78 MB, 576x1024, callmebkbk.mp4


The creator of the posed question.
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File: 1716562318677.mp4 7.75 MB, 1280x720, ManBearPig_.mp4


File: 1716567696337.webm 162.07 KB, 640x360, touch_grass.webm


File: 1716573900238.mp4 2.37 MB, 576x1024, grass.mp4


File: 1716575213882.mp4 2.46 MB, 458x258, ezgif-4-f7596edf6e.mp4

File: 1713434942962.png 2.09 MB, 1854x970, The Light Australia.png


Someone left this at my work.

This is genuinely why Australia may have a civil war if governments ever try pushing for global conflict; rural populations despise elites and they are, paradoxically, better skilled at ammunitions and fitter people, and this is the growing sentiment in said populations. They do not want to partake in the narrative, no matter how hard you may try to smear people.
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*Ethical billionaire
Pedestrian.tv told me so


shut up pseud


File: 1716424280112.jpg 135.88 KB, 1140x634, GOMK2WNXkAEkGsI.jpg

Finally an optimistic message for once, from over a decade ago



File: 1716560842768.webp 9.95 KB, 518x949, Dong.webp


File: 1716561054736.jpg 10.75 KB, 495x605, Dong_20240524-092912.jpg

File: 1716444320547.png 784.94 KB, 1170x1588, image_2024-05-22_222419382.png


U can work for The Biden for President (BFP) campaign making cool internet memes and engaging with the audience,
citing your extensive 4chong, 4chang, 8chang, reddit, digg, myspace, tumblr, kiwifarms, somethingawful, gamefaqs, ed, worldstar, efukt, liveleak experience

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Direct those voters to the best hentai.


>2-4 years in the video, media, and/or entertainment industry working with agencies, creators, or digital media companies.
>yeah besides the disability i've been working for a few years with major creators on twitch like asmrslut18 and penismangamer, youve probably heard of them, with 16 million views/mo avg, creating those PNG overlays and cropping emotes in GIMP, they found me on discord


File: 1716508028463.jpg 147.62 KB, 1076x1344, 1716489350243363.jpg

why is it when normies and corpos hijack memes they instantly become lame


they should be encouraged do it more and often, this shit tends to end up with a corporate or political party issued apology, sometimes after treats of legal action, which is funny


they first trial it with some middle manager, then eventually outsource a proper retard

it's also funny when it's a "popular" youtuber or a streamer used for a promotion having an autistic meltdown that they then have to apologize for

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