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Spike in premature cancer, doctors warn 'getting cancer in your 20s or 30s is now THE NORM'

> Figures from the Florida Cancer Connect Collaborative showed rates for all cancer diagnoses jumped 15 percent among people in their 20s and 30s, three times faster than the national average.

> Breast cancer was the most common…with colon cancer and leukemia among other cancers rising fastest.

> Doctors note that the sharpest rise in cancer rates occurred only after 2020 - and are baffled with what the cause could be, as nothing significant was introduced to health since that time.



I'm curious if similar anecdotes can be compiled from other states. I have no doubt it's happening, just what the numbers are and if this kind of upkeep regarding the data is being performed.


>as nothing significant was introduced to health since that time

Truly baffling.


I’ve heard it said that not having children can increase chances of breast cancer, perhaps that could be part of the spike if spike it be


Seems plausible as the blood of a female who hasn't had any children is different and sells for more.


Women are supposed to have children. Each baby adds two years to a woman's youth because it spares her from losing eggs for two years

This is why foids fail to have their first baby at 32, and other woman can have their 8th baby at 48 with zero difficulties

Women are flesh portals for creating humans. They have health problems when no babby


> Each baby adds two years to a woman's youth because it spares her from losing eggs for two years

I'm not sure what this means can you add to it? How does having babies spare them from losing eggs?


>How does having babies spare them from losing eggs?
Not him, but presumably because they don't ovulate for a couple years.

He's wrong though I think. From a medical perspective, women don't go infertile because they run out of eggs, they go infertile because the hormonal balance in their body gets too fucked up to bring them to term. That's why older women (30+) miscarry so often.

I'm sure shit like birth control pills don't help at all with that.


When a woman menstruates an egg is released to keep a fresh one constantly ready for use but when she's pregnant and during early breastfeeding the process is put on hold for roughly 2 years which means up to 24 cycles are saved. There is a limited number of those eggs and when the supply ends it causes menopause.

Older women who try to get pregnant later in life often ruined their bodies with a decade or more of hormonal birth control or abortions so they can't do it even with fresher frozen eggs. Also the major beneficial changes that pregnancy cause to their health(especially mental health through changes in brain chemistry) is an important factor. Women were designed to have children early and often.

Instead of teaching this during 'sex ed' all they do is promote faggotry, modern tranny mental illness and birth control methods. Thankfully parents are starting to clue in and are burning down the schools that do this world wide. Even in repressive police states the authorities are powerless to stop it, it's not just some weirdos on the internet complaining among themselves anymore.


I know a woman in her mid 20s who's been on birth control for 10 years. She said something like "if I found out I couldn't have kids I'd probably kill myself". What are her odds? H-....heh


She's boned.


*is an important factor in increasing fecundity.
She can always rent a surrogate womb. Being around newborns also changes women but in less significant ways.


Pretty sure that's outside most peoples pay grade anon. Surrogate pregnancies don't come cheap. You might be better off going to china and getting a gmo pig chimera test tube baby tbh.

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