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Douglas Murray is the new Jordan Peterson.

He is being pushed everywhere for his soft anti-Islam stance.

e.g. (he's on Sky News practically daily)



There's too many identical conservative grifters wearing flea market suits to count.


You're slow on the ball. Personally I like to anticipate future events, movements, figures, trends and so on. But I also minored in History to fill up my degree (English) so maybe I'm ahead of the curve compared to others. I think I'll be able to buy a house in cash within 2-3 years thanks to my savvy investments which mostly came about due to the aforementioned skill.

Also he dresses well and I think he came from money.



Was a year ago btw. Full interview/debate not that interesting


I read the "Strange Death of Europe" and he just comes across as a bit of an elitist coward tbh. He's going as far as is politically can to assert the Great Replacement is happening, but then in the next sentence will trash some of the few white people trying to stop it like Tony Robinson.

His reasons for hating browns and blacks are pretty superfluous too. The way he trashes them as being on the Paris subway "going to work menial jobs" shows his hatred of them is just a class thing and not a race thing. Take away the brown underclass and he'd just be hating on white people filling the same jobs.


It was pretty boring, I found it hard to get through. Comes off as very pessimistic and pretty wish-washy. He's an open Zionist


Had a bit of a lol seeing big Doug seemingly in Piers' chair


File: 1704887674772.mp4 (3.82 MB, 640x750, 5607907-4d8c0079952eeb69ca9….mp4)


>He's an open Zionist

He's a sociopathic homosexual. He likes Israel and the jews because they're wealthy, smart and developed. He hates the Arabs because they're poor, brown and undeveloped. Nothing more goes into the calculation in his mind. Make no mistake, take away all the brown people and he'd be wanting to go dirglewanger on poor whites.


File: 1705380956696.jpeg (77.66 KB, 500x593, 26e.jpeg)

>hating on
stop talking like a nigger, faggot


Murray is dropping "dog whistles." No one can go full 1488....but regardless he is a shabbos goy. Murray is a full zogbot and is also a homosexual. He almost certainly would never support a Jim Crow society because of his sexual confusion; being on the fringes would tempt him to identify with the coon.


finally based content(((tm))) for us wiggerservatives


finally, for us sneakers and hats collectors (sneakerheads), there is somebody who speaks up for us - (((ben shapiro))), as always, dropping those facts, and some wigger with braids meth-uncle doing the cool hibbidybop

and statistically there must be SOMEBODY out there (we want the 30 to 50 year old midlife crisis eminem-remembering audience) who thinks this is cool


I was watchin this last night its GOAT



fuck now i must get a used bmw and "race" it on an icy road wearing my best hat & with a toddler in the back seat

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