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I unironically think we would solve a lot of society (gamers rise up)'s problems if we stopped giving the giant real estate conglomerates that own these hellish corpo office space outright government bailouts, and the 'silent' bailouts of workers having no choice but to bring their fucking infant into work because they won't take no for an answer.

Absolutely disgusting. Literally any other industry would just die to muh free market at this point but no, real estate companies need their tendies, they are very special bois that we have to prop up with our speshul boi money and taxes every week, they need to keep inflating UwU


Working is a choice for these women. Laugh at them. Laugh at the wagecattle.


You're probably right but that just happens to be the way of the world these days. The disparity between the amount of work being done vs "services rendered" (women sitting around dong nothing all day more like it, am I right, fellas?) is so staggering there's no way it's sustainable


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Stop being entitled


>Literally any other industry would just die to muh free market at this point
Wrong. They bailed out general motors, and they bailed out airlines hardly a few years ago. The fact that this can happen despite the entire population being almost unanimously against it is more proof that democracy is a sham, and the fact that politicians aren't getting lynched is proof of how powerless nigger-cattle are to enforce even a bare-minimum standard of accountability.


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