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Would the Elder Scrolls Series of Medieval Fantasy Personal Computer Games Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?


Yes, but I hope Bethesda never makes another one, because it's going to be awful.


this tbh


Level scaling in video games will be strictly forbidden in the ethnostate


Good. I can't play Oblivion without installing OOO. It is by far the most mandatory mod.


Is there a retard-proof guide for reconciling multiple mod references that target the same entries, or is it just a tedious process no matter what? Example: mod 1 changes mesh and placement of object, mod 2 changes overall cell layout and placement of object, references are cleaned so that mod 1 mesh is used but the object is placed using mod 2's reference.


It's not "retard-proof", but the short of it is you use wyrebash and LOOT to merge mods and sort your load-order.Don't ask me how, I forgot Sometimes it is just easier to sort the load order or merge stuff in the data folder yourself if you have a good idea of what the problem is. Oblivion really lacks community support these days. The tools for Skyrim are so much better. Fans made a new engine for Daggerfall and Morrowind, Bethesda made a new Engine for Skyrim with SE, but Oblivion gets nothing. Skyblivion(remaking Oblivion in Skyrim) is a dumb effort in my opinion. I really enjoy the skyrim modding scene, but you can't remake a lot of what makes Oblivion distinct in Skyrim, and it's probably less effort (although perhaps more difficult) to just make a new engine for Oblivion like DFU or OMW.

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