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Mob rule by butthurt troon lunatics and 'girl talk' threats have struck again. As always there was no warning, will be no appeal, and no explanation will ever be given.

And again the response of the degenerate groomers who've brought 'thoughtcrime' from 1984 to real life is "Don't like it? Build your own."

In this case, you would have to build your own Internet. Ponder the practicality of that.


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you got owned lmao


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huh HAH


>400k visits in 12h on a feature length outrage bait chat screenshot sperg drama video essay

already guessed this shit will reach mainstream eventually. waiting for the eventual white house po-tu-s address on the tranny discord situation ("it's insane" - d. trump)

more overwhelmingly distracting and feels wrong that the jeet has put in an effort to not look so much like a slob anymore, even got the aliexpress gym shirt, new white laminate ikea furniture of premium quality and cleaned up the room like dr. jordan peterson told him so and the perfectly calibrated dramatic red-orange gayming led ambience for discussing serious matters hitting his pasty round face from above come on


>In this case, you would have to build your own Internet

i doubt that, kiwi will probably just have to rename their shit to something else

>In this case, you would have to build your own Internet

how so?


thats me but replace chan with chon lmao ahaha


>you would have to build your own Internet. Ponder the practicality of that.
There are alternative DNS systems out there which don't require building your own internet. I get that most people consider what is typed into a URL bar or followed through a hyperlink to access a website the 'internet' but pretending the name registry system is some free speech battleground to act as some hero is downright retarded to anyone with a clue.

Hundreds of people have built their own internet, hell back in the early 90's there were even competing protocols.
>In the years that followed, the future seemed obvious. The number of Gopher users expanded at orders of magnitude more than the World Wide Web. Gopher developers held gatherings around the country, called GopherCons, and issued a Gopher T-shirt — worn by MTV veejay Adam Curry when he announced the network’s Gopher site. The White House revealed its Gopher site on Good Morning America. In the race to rule the internet, one observer noted, “Gopher seems to have won out.”

To anyone that's been around and experienced the growth of the internet they know that kiwifarms is a carefully curated scam with personality cult trying to turn their leader into some incredible legend. They can fool all of idiots they want while nobody important will ever take it seriously.


And then nobody will use it, just like all those dead sites on tor. You are a corporate cuck.


No not a corporate cuck but someone who pointed out that this was going to happen over a decade ago. The wild west era of the internet where MartinLutherKing.Org could be held on to by white nationalists is over. This fight was lost back in early 2016 when the USA transferred control over DNS to an international body.

Before then revoking a domain was a 'is it libel, infringing on intellectual property rights or a credible threat/incitement to imminent lawless action' question and that's it. Now it's anything goes.

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