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Heh tunnel Jews



They're trying to pull some "boys will be boys" shit with this while not explaining how the actions of "these extremists" went unnoticed somehow for an entire year (so they say, had to have been longer


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Comedy geld


>>4572 (OP)
as they say their-selves, take a bite out of cock and spit it out. Let's take a step back and watch them unwind on their own cops, as they have their own Frank-isms. My favorite one says: "watch out where the husky's go, and don't you eat that yellow snow"


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Saw comments on a video trying to blame Hamas even though they were digging the tunnels long before the war began. So fucking tired of everyone excusing kike and nigger crime as antisemitism and racism. Ironically, that normalfag attitude pushed me onto that stuff. I used to just hate mostly everyone, but nope, now I especially hate kikes and niggers.


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GLR tried to warn you about jewtunnels ages ago, but nobody paid any attention


I've always wanted to live in a secret underground lair, like the ninja turtles. Is that so wrong?


It is if you have a bizarre stockpile of child-sized mattresses with mysterious stains on them


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noooo you can't just say that its antisemitic


kikes and spics
>Later, the men, most of them in their teens and early 20s, took up a collection and hired a group of migrant laborers to finish the job, Kalmowitz said, describing the workers as “Mexicans.”
>“The Mexicans lived in the building for three weeks during the work,” said Kalmowitz, adding that the migrants did the work “correctly” and installed support beams. “They slept and ate there because it was a secret operation.”


Big if true

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