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Unironic question, and not taking the piss - why are white people (particularly white men) over-represented amongst the transgender community?


>Why are white people (particularly white men) over-represented amongst the transgender community?
Is that accurate?



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r we in hell
or r we dancer


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Wut's da sauce fella


Looks like kiwifarms


How come nobody talked about trannies before the 2010s, but now even the h'White House asks everyone their pronouns?


My favourite thing about lolcow lore is just how much some of these artists who are into diapers and babyfur can just have high paying professional degrees.

Fucking pamperchu is an electrical engineer for Christ sakes lol


You meant WAS. I thought that nigger died. Isn't he dead?


(((They))) hard-sell White boys on the idea that cutting your dick off is your human right and will make everyone love you. Talking White children into making themselves into suicidal eunuchs is one of the tools with which the Great Replacement is being carried out.


He's a homosexual though, so it's like oh that explains everything. They tend to be into weird shit. Most furries for example are gay, hence why furfag is a fitting term. Whichever anomaly caused his brain to find the same sex attractive must've also bungled up other parts.


>[ - ]


He has cancer but I think he's still alive


I refuse to put him into a search engine. I'd begin retching immediately, if I did. So I won't find out the answer for myself.


I'm convinced it's downstream of the hollowing out of western society. When you have no values and nothing is immoral, you will believe and do anything.


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jews aren't white


real, theyre actually saying they are, theyre trying to breed out the whites so they are the only 'white' people left, textbook replacement, they are totally shameless

the truth is, Jews are not white, even if they have blonde hair blue eyes, they are still a substandard white, abit off, not a prime example of a white, they dont seem to realise this though


Intelligent people do more novel things apparently


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Greek lawmakers have voted to legalize same-sex weddings in the country
>The bill was approved on Thursday by a majority of 176 lawmakers in the 300-seat Greek parliament, as 76 rejected it and 46 were not present for the vote. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis praised the move, saying that Greece is “proud” to become the 16th European Union to legislate “marriage equality.”
>“This is a milestone for human rights, reflecting today’s Greece – a progressive, and democratic country, passionately committed to European values,” he wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter).
>The new bill provides full parental rights to married same-sex partners

Phagtasm must be proud


>The new bill provides full parental rights to married same-sex partners
This is because in Greece marriage confers full parental rights regardless.

The Orthodox churches will not marry them, for certain. They will have to have civil marriages.


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I’m glad that AI chatbots are sanitised this much, because it’s always blatant when an AI spurts out dogma, and it’s making more and more brainwashed people wake up

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