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White woman saved by shark """encounter""" by 2 happy, healthy married possibly Jewish women

This sounds like one of those /tv/ movie outline writeups which unnecessarily mention race and age and marital status heh (I love those)

Heaps of news about this



File: 1706729379359.webp (84.16 KB, 625x834, Screenshot_4.webp)

>Actshually they are shark ENCOUNTER not ATTACKS... BIGOT!


What a clown! People will never just call them shark "bites". Homo with misplaced empathy



Lots of drama here. I wonder what media will come out of this, I guess it'll just be a special news segment thing in a few months or whatever.


File: 1706733558910.webp (101.39 KB, 500x330, png-vs-jpg.webp)

(slightly misleading since JPG is usually better for most graphics too)


I use lightshot it just comes out as png


We need to breed a race of more aggressive sharks that will deliberately seek humans out to eat them.


Are you save it in clipboard or are you saving it as a file first? Because the latter should be able to allow choosing jpg.



Idk what you mean by clipboard. I take the shots and it goes to My Pictures as png


Have you tried greenshot?

Or there's a Firefox add-on to save to Downloads in one click after right-click if you're too lazy to click Save Image As


I tried Greenshot and didn't like how it ran and it seems I can't ctrl-s to save like I can with Ls. But also I tried screenshotting the same thing with both Gs and Ls and they both came out as 700kb, isn't that why you want me to use something different? Cos its less bandwidth or w/e?


By saving as JPG not PNG. Greenshot at least allows you to change the default format in its options.

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