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It finally happened. David Irving has passed away. Goodnight, sir. Rest well.


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Or maybe he didn't? What the heckerino.


In other words, he's pretty much dead, but technically not yet.


Pretty much. Even without being so sick, the last email he sent out was giving off some dementia vibes. He had three more books, the final Churchill biography was the one he was currently working on and was just about finished with. That, the second part of his Himmler bio, and his memoirs. Somebody brought it up in the comments there and the family seems to be waiting on him to recover before they go about publishing whatever might be left.


literally who


>He doesn't know
This is the problem with modern day internet politics enthusiasts.



Whoever's running the bookstore site now is being really proactive. There's now a raffle where you can win all of his books.


I'll look into it. Having physical copies would encourage me to actually get through all these.


>I missed this thread a month ago
F to a real one


He's still around, he's just really, really sick.


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sick? you mean he land kickflip??


Hell yeah, homey. Pulling ollies and riding the rails.

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