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Look, I am not going to make the conclusion that they were unable to understand that fire.... hot 🔥

But...what other conclusion can you make here?



Do aborigines and lebs do this sort of thing in Straya


Abbos are another mutated form of nigger. Abbo is just another word for nigger. They drink petrol and sleep in the road.


I'd like to add that in america we don't have abbos. We only have niggers.


You should know what a sandnigger-towelhead is like. You shouldn't even have to ask what they're like.


All me btw.


Aborigines even though the Tasmanian aborigines forgot how to make fire, look it up would genuinely understand cause and effect better than this, they just ask for free shit a lot.

Lebanese criminals are much more ruthless and calculated in their violence.


>they just ask for free shit a lot.
They truly are the niggers of australia.



>forgot how to make fire
what all of them? simultaneously?


Yes. Archeologists theorise a natural disaster wiped out the elders and they lost the oral tradition.


in theory if that happened they would have died out though no?

>scientists say

this isn't infallible you realise this? scientists make mistakes too


No, because you don't need fire to live.
They would eat the raw bone marrow from Kangaroos.


you're retarded


this is the most dangerous truth that the faggot MSM are keeping hush hush, that a lot of blacks hate whites


No other Australian fauna needs fire to survive, why would abos?


because the other fauna are able to eat raw meat you smoothbrained cunt


Humans can eat raw meat from a fresh kill the same way any other animal can. Although It would be worse to eat raw meat from a supermarket, animals still have to risk disease or parasites every time they consume their prey, and yet they survive as a species. Not that abos should be considered human, since they are less sentient than even regular niggers.


Have fun with tapeworm.


If you've been in a land for 60,000 years doing that, minimum, some of you may die of tapeworm or similar parasites, but your immune system would learn to deal with it. Though, the harsh Australian desert or bushland means that yes, they would die of parasitic infections or similar and have a low average life expectancy relative to Europeans.

Honestly, many Aborigines are able to be intelligent in their own way. They have excellent sight, keen reflexes and are able to hold down good jobs in mining, or the trades because their intelligence translates itself to procedural learning. When coupled with the ends of the bell curve, like David Unaipon, this translates well to invention and entrepreneurship. The Stolen Generation children, ethics of doing it aside, grew to be very clever in their own way, because their minds weren't rotting through drugs or child abuse. The issue is that what intellect they have on average is destroyed through poor nutrition, alcohol or drugs, and enabling through the bigotry of low expectations, and breeding choices also.


The problem is is that they're an ancient people who have lost their connection to the land, and both the left and the right deny their biology and don't want to meet them halfway, you have retards like smiley that think you can just put them back in nappies and have them live in the desert, and retards in Brunswick who think if you give them enough money and never reward them for doing it tough and succeeding, that they'll magically become Kombucha eating work from home HR workers.


generational paranoia


>immune system learns to deal with tapeworm
the fuck are you even talking about, see this is why I hate you phagtasm, you try to sound clever but your tiny little turkfaggot brain just isn't up to snuff, learn to sit down and shut the fuck up, you honestly think you're deep and intelligent and you really fucking aren't


Why do you think human beings evolved to have eosinophils and basophils in the first place?
I'm not trying to sound smart; plenty of them would have died from parasites. Plenty others would've became hardier over time.
Something like 5% of Europeans are immune to the AIDS virus because of the bubonic plague, for example. And it's well known that European diseases like smallpox and even simple shit like RSV or whatever wiped out a lot of Aboriginal people.


>you can just put them back in nappies and have them live in the desert
Incorrect. The aboriginal species of australian origin survive off petrol. They have to be able to consume it 24/7. If they do not have access to petrol, they all die.


niggers are black


File: 1711607660926.jpeg (106.39 KB, 675x675, Sigma-grindset-patrick-bat….jpeg)


vantablack niggers deserve double-death for being so dark and niggery

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