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Academics are literal hivemind charlatan scammers. This has been known by many already, but now there's hard evidence to prove it. So-called "experts" are cheaters and liars just like the average student who cheats on his or her exams. And the evidence focuses on STEM papers specifically, including medicine, and not what are considered bullshit majors where of course everyone is expected to be a bullshitter and plagiarizer.

>Are medical studies being written with ChatGPT?

>Well, we all know ChatGPT overuses the word "delve".
>Look below at how often the word 'delve' is used in papers on PubMed (2023 was the first full year of ChatGPT).
>Here is the one for Math.
>Same trend in economics! Used ChatGPT (GPT-4) to write a script to scrape this data and make this plot

>A normalized chart, showing % of papers with "delve" in title or abstract). Source: OpenAlex, articles (includes papers & preprints). Use of "delve" was gradually increasing through to 2022 but then jumped in '23! Some 46% of all 90-24 papers using delve came out in 23 & 24!


>I asked Gemini why this happens: “Sounding Authoritative: Both "delve" and "notable" have a slightly formal, academic tone. ChatGPT might use them in an attempt to sound more intelligent or credible, even if simpler synonyms would be more natural.”


>It's hilarious. Same for "multifaceted"



>An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity, a physicist tries to make it simple, for an idiot anything the more complicated it is the more he will admire it, if you make something so clusterfucked he can't understand it he's gonna think you're a god cause you made it so complicated nobody can understand it. That's how they write academic journals, they try to make it so complicated people think you're a genius. - Terry Davis


>A recent analysis by the National Science Board compared U.S. publications output to the rest of the world and found that the United States was the second-highest producer of STEM publications in 2020, authoring 16 percent of the world's publication output. China was number one with 23 percent.


The other dimension you haven't covered is that this is one of those 'bursting at the seams' moments where you can tell a collapse is coming by what is happening. There are in my opinion three reasons this is happening; not enough promotion of eugenic practices (aka there aren't people intelligent enough, with high enough IQs to keep up with the arbitrary output our economy demands), demographic collapse (aka there literally aren't enough children being born in high enough IQ countries to keep up with output) and finally, the cult of GDP 'line goes up' in this case Keynesian economics where you have to have growth goes up in every private and public sector, including medicine. This in my opinion ties into/is a proxy for the demographic decline globally in literally every nation, even China and India eventually, except Sub-Saharan, lower IQ on average countries. STEM, and particularly medicine also has to deal with an increasingly ageing population and thus keeping them as alive and comfortable for as long as possible; which also serves to drive demand for more academic papers higher.

Additionally, academia in and of itself, as a system relies on higher output to maintain funding. Western economies are dying due to increased inflation and cost of living, and students cannot afford to go to University without increasing the debt ceiling, so these papers are trying to inflate the bubble to deal with their lack of funding. That is just going to make things much, much worse, because as we all know, bubbles burst.

Clearly there is an intelligence demand and they are trying to keep up with a shortage of supply by using AI as an adjunct here. 'Filling the gaps', if you will. But, if the two largest STEM publishers are, by the usage of simple correlation here, using chatGPT to keep up with demand, the fraud is essentially being committed to prop up a dying system and declining demographics.


I was reading a relatively benign article on quora linked to by a search engine just yesterday and several answers were by users with plain Indian names that were obviously AI/ChatGPT generated. AI content not only sucks but it's already becoming a species-wide threat enabling literal retards and ESL to masquerade as intelligent authority figures, avaricious stemfags to pretend they're artists (because in the their case they feel they just don't make enough money from their work-at-home fiverr farms), and pajeets to spam more cringe video essays to youtube using those repulsive AI voices to redeem ad revenue from smart tv equipped normgroids

With all of this cheap fraud and sleight of hand taking place online-and being uncertain whether something I'm spending my valuable time reading or watching was created in seconds by some third worlder who'd be begging me for cash on the street if we'd otherwise crossed paths-I'm doing my best to "delve" into real life these days.


Good post tbhphamalam


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>enabling literal retards and ESL to masquerade as intelligent authority figures
thats already been happening for decades. nobody in academia is intelligent. the peer review system insures that


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No-Name Lithium Batteries, Chargers and other Shit Made In China With China QC is GOOD ENOUGH. 800$ Glued Together Electronics With Glued in Batteries that have 3 Year shelf life are GOOD ENOUGH. GUI rendered using Electron and needs 3GB of RAM per application is GOOD ENOUGH. Windows 11 Rolling Release Beta-Quality 500ms Click Latency C# software is GOOD ENOUGH for the Wagies to misuse and abuses Excel on and for the Walmart HP Acer Lenovo Isle Display. Android being a borked Appliance-Ware an Almost-Computer and lagging with 4GB of RAM while supporting no more than one application instance and UI View & State at a time while others are aggressively suspended is GOOD ENOUGH. Jeet and Spic Laborers are GOOD ENOUGH. Academic Papers produced by the Generative AI are GOOD ENOUGH.


Furniture and even doors of the rooms being literal printed/spray-painted/laminated cardboard empty void glued on some sticks is GOOD ENOUGH.

How can an IMITATION be not GOOD ENOUGH for today's SOYCIETY?


Discard articles that the AI determines "AI generated" and the stuff that it doesn't must be GOOD ENOUGH already, regardless.

Oh my Reddit, the AI is doing SOYENCE! The singularity is so CLOSE, right around the corner!


Thanks for this. My markers e.g. tutors and professors, were impartial and very helpful (even the women and obvious progressives, in fact they were just as good), though strict and unforgiving. I never plagiarized once and wouldn't think of it, though I really don't know what I'd do now if I had to write an essay knowing chat GPT is there.

t. USyd Eng/Hist


I love to drink my own piss

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