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File: 1712037887615.jpg (1.04 MB, 2048x1365, Melbourne Marxism Conferenc….jpg)


These are the attendees of the Melbourne Marxism Conference, /new/. Say something nice about them.


where the permanent NEETs and people with FAANG-tier salaries meet up



File: 1712069673240.webp (82.83 KB, 1439x1633, Screenshot_20240402-095356.webp)


they're pretty stupid for thinking that marxism is feasable.


gunna gess in praxis it's more of a secular humanism universalism new age mumbo jumbo with a central tenet that the power structure that provides any kind of social welfare these freaks are always in "need" for (HUMAN NEEDS) is ultimately above and benevolent and must be protected at all costs and restricting everyone suspicious or competitive almost like it's represented by the same oligarchs and billionaires they claim to hate and holy shit those masks serve the same purpose as christfag cross pendants

& dont forget to register ur disroot email and larp as a GERMAN CYBER SEC EXPERT

i need more covid deadly disease blm hug-an-asian rallies to not take the trump vaccine


Ruinous phenotypes, all. I'm ready to operate


ginger girl is qt


When was this, I mean why are they still wearing masks


People asked this in the /pol/ thread too. It's because the event specified you must wear masks to attend.


not a single one of those fags at least thought "hey it's a bit excessive & who cares imma take it off and politely put it back on only if someone really insists"?

>love me some breathing through 3 layers of aliexpress nylone polyester mesh that still smells like the plastic factory cancer dust whilst sitting for 2 hours


why didn't you save her

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