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U can work for The Biden for President (BFP) campaign making cool internet memes and engaging with the audience,
citing your extensive 4chong, 4chang, 8chang, reddit, digg, myspace, tumblr, kiwifarms, somethingawful, gamefaqs, ed, worldstar, efukt, liveleak experience



With the moderation creds stack of e681, furaffinity, /r/deadjailbait and a NAS archive of bestgore (which u used to visit obsessively) to preserve the best memories there would be no doubt you are a real mediator, communicator, strategist and a diplomat, suited for this mission make the Joe WIN, AGAIN. "Yeah I'm a real memer. For America". There is nothing that can go wrong.


Getting quirky "meme" people with Discord accounts to do PR for a political party is a GOOD idea.


Direct those voters to the best hentai.


>2-4 years in the video, media, and/or entertainment industry working with agencies, creators, or digital media companies.
>yeah besides the disability i've been working for a few years with major creators on twitch like asmrslut18 and penismangamer, youve probably heard of them, with 16 million views/mo avg, creating those PNG overlays and cropping emotes in GIMP, they found me on discord


File: 1716508028463.jpg 147.62 KB, 1076x1344, 1716489350243363.jpg

why is it when normies and corpos hijack memes they instantly become lame


they should be encouraged do it more and often, this shit tends to end up with a corporate or political party issued apology, sometimes after treats of legal action, which is funny


they first trial it with some middle manager, then eventually outsource a proper retard

it's also funny when it's a "popular" youtuber or a streamer used for a promotion having an autistic meltdown that they then have to apologize for

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