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>giving a fuck about politics


Your misuse of "treason" and lack of a policy solution makes clear your simple idiocy.


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burn the world


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>Your misuse of "treason" and lack of a policy solution makes clear your simple idiocy.


AI gen video from OpenAI


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This has been all over the news here


Some comments on aus/pol/ saying its the fault of Greeks and other Southern Euros who have embedded themselves within the development and maybe construction and/or tradie scenes in NSW. Might have to wait and see but it seems very likely.


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PJWs vids have been good recently. Funny, timely, sharp


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fingers crossed goblinsaga becomes a part of this growing number



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(flannel nirvana runawayrunway smonk weed & hate their conformist homeowner dad genx vooted n rooted for this & their kids are fags)

(i do like this track though)


video of the original track was instrumental in the 90s gay-propaganda


on the way to the BUSTLING CITY the cool trendy john-lenin welder red round lenses energic sportsjacket cool guys will walk through carriages fast to SURROUND and STARE and SMILE and TALK at you IMMEDIATELY and that's like COOL, u shouldnt be worried it's not like they'll get u smack-hooked or anything


take your meds faggot


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Wat did dey meen by dis?


Votes don't matter.


mtv sez that u will consume "transgressive" urban culture products and "run-away" to literal city fgts from the boring ypipo with their trucks and houses and land and guns and private property

cuz it's the 1990s we are one world yo and the superstructure and soyciety is still standing on it's last legs capable of absorving disturbed behavior shrugging it off as another novelty


the 2008 hit them in the testicles so hard, "making the ends meet", the bus passes and the landlords


no-one cares


Mi papá estaba trabajando en un edificio del world trade center ese día, hacia mes y medio que habia emigrado a estados unidos. El 11 de septiembre heroicamente ayudó a rescatar a muchas personas en la zona cero, hasta que la torre norte se derrumbó. Quedó mal herido, y nunca se recuperó. Durante años deseaba morir, pero nosotros tratabamos deanimarle a que siga adelante. Hasta que un dia le pusimos esta canción, y cuando la escuchamos todos deseamos morir al mismo tiempo.


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>"According to the Canadian Housing Statistics Program, over three-quarters, more than 77 per cent, of the condos in B.C. and more than two-thirds, almost 70 per cent, of those in Ontario that were not being lived in by the homeowner were owned by individual Canadian investors," said the report.


Anglo countries produce practically nothing, so their entire economies are based on land and housing speculation


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schizos here claim that the old still in use asbestos roofing sheets the govt is looking into ways of collecting and disposing of are good for u while the nato military planes are sprinkling the sahara desert dust to torment them


post a single source of someone claiming asbestos is good


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I was saddenned to see this at first, I read his last blog entry and thought he was a good writer, it was coherent and succinct.

But then I read more entries and saw a few clips of him. He was passive aggressive and seemed unhinged. There are a lot of leaps of faith (or logic?) in the supposed conspiracies.




I like this new trend of retards killing themselves.


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