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Based and farted-pilled


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>Plyushko, who faces up to 15 years in jail if found guilty, said that before Russia's invasion she had been running a foster home in Ukraine for 15 years.

How is this not a death sentence (with a life sentence plea bargain to help identify other suspects)? Oh and by death sentence I mean given a choice between thrown in naked in a pool of alligators or in a colosseum with lions so spectators can watch. None of this bleeding heart liberal lethal injection shit hidden from the public. That's one thing the Romans got right.

Meanwhile the US (which included votes from people like Lindsey Graham et al.) tried to pass a law that would put you in jail for 20 years for using a VPN

Further evidence the entire "West" and all of Europe are a gynocracy when women are always given such lenient sentences for the most abhorrent crimes.


Earth is shit because God is shit


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>As per reports, participants will also be judged across 16 disciplines that will include oral sex, seduction, penetration, endurance, number of orgasms, knowledge about sex, chemistry and communication between the couple, appearance, and so on. In line with these aspects, participants can score between five and 10 points



Sweden is a shithole


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>A Sunderland student ended up in court after looking at a computer-created image of child cartoon character Bart Simpson being sexually abused - by his TV animation mum Marge.
>It was one of 49 cartoon-type images police found on Graham Moon’s mobile phone after they raided his home inGrindon Lane, Springfield.
>His arrest was no moment of comedy for university degree holder Moon, 23, who faced up to three years behind bars and a spell on the sex offenders register for his crime.
>“An example of one image was computer generated of a male child, effectively a cartoon. It’s one cartoon that may be known to the court.
>“It’s effectively Bart Simpson."
>Mr Garside gave the court a graphic description of how another cartoon character, Marge Simpson, Bart's mother, was depicted abusing the 10-year-old Bart.
>The court heard he gained sexual gratification from looking at the images.

British cops sure have their priorities straight


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>check the milk I've been drinking as a protein supplement
>taurine not listed as an ingredient


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Fox News secretly pushed ‘woke’ agenda – Matt Walsh


The parent company of Fox News has been quietly imposing “woke” values on its employees while pretending to cater to Republican Party voters, podcast host and pundit Matt Walsh has claimed. Internal documents obtained by the Daily Wire, a conservative news and commentary website, show Fox used an AI service to monitor the employees’ compliance, Walsh also said.

“Fox Corp is celebrating Pride by encouraging employees to read about ‘glory holes’, supporting a group that gives sterilizing hormones to homeless youth, [and] deployed woke AI to monitor everyone,” Walsh tweeted on Thursday evening.

In the thread that followed, he posted what he said were screenshots from the Fox Corp internal employee portal. In one instance, the company urged employees to donate to groups such as the Trevor Project and the Ali Forney Center – even though the former has been accused of running sexually explicit chatrooms for minors and the latter “appears to admit” injecting the homeless youth with hormones, Walsh noted.

To monitor employees who might not be so enthusiastic, Fox reportedly used an AI-powered platform called Eskalera, which would help them “deepen” their understanding of identity politics by generating a “peer comfort index” and a “diversity index,” based on how often employees practiced “micro-affirmations,” among other things.

According to Walsh, executives at Fox do not care about their conservative audience, seeking instead to please institutional investors such as BlackRock and the Vanguard Group. “They are Fox’s real customers. And they’re getting exactly what they want,” he tweeted.


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Heh that face


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India and China have a shit-ton of excess young males (~60 million in total) due to sex-selective female infanticide. So naturally they're brought into h'white countries


Thank god that racist Bill Gates' depopulation conspiracy has been thwarted yet again!


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>“The most underreported story in Boston right now is the fact that over the weekend first responders were called to a public housing complex in South Boston for a man in cardiac arrest and found a horrifying scene filled with men in drag and at least 5 children between the ages of 5-10."


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Send them all to israel


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do a shuffle at a half-way house!~


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Undercover Jews infiltrate rally pretending to be nazis



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Tucker's new Twitter show is going to decline if he doesn't have any chance to use his iconic facial expressions. He needs interviews at least.


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Martin Haines, who runs WR Haines in Gloucestershire, needs 80 people to pick crops across his farms.

But he is unsure if he will be able to hire them beyond 2024 when the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme ends.

It means UK farmers like him could stop growing produce that needs to be hand-picked, such as peas and beans.



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Cases of a sexually-transmitted disease associated with 15th century Britain are rising at a worrying rate in Leicestershire. Figure from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) show there were 81 cases of syphilis in the county last year - a 45 per cent leap from the 56 cases in 2021.


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Unsurprisingly Zuckerberg's Threads™ is heavily censored like Facebook


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Sweden: 10-year-old girl left paralyzed after being raped by Ethiopian migrant

>A 15-year-old attacked Luna. He raped, abused and choked her so severely that she will be scarred for the rest of her life. Luna is ten years old today and her condition has only minimally improved since July 7, 2022. The boy had choked Luna so hard that her brain was without oxygen for too long. The brain damage is therefore irreparable. She cannot speak, can hardly move and cannot eat on her own.

>On December 14, the 15-year-old boy was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge examination by the Skellefteå district court. The court ruled that the 15-year-old intended to kill Luna. The boy came from Ethiopia in 2018 and received a temporary residence permit with his mother and siblings.



In "civilized" countries, rapists get "forensic psychiatric care" and if the father decides to take revenge he gets a worse sentence than the rapist (save for the US in the case of Gary Plauche). In "backwards" countries like Afghanistan, rapists get stoned by the village.


People need to recognise that there are people who have grown used to completely different and putrid ways of life, they have grown up a different way, they are because of this essentially different people entirely, a complete contrast of a civilised societal member, people must stop expecting all of these niggers to know how to act as all others do when entering countries, liberals think that everywhere is the same seemingly, you wouldn't pull a nigger out of a sick twisted society and then expect them to act as you do, but liberals do and this is the result, a poor girl with a ruined life, they should be fucking shot at the borders nevermind weeding out the 'good' ones, because there aren't any.


Try remaking it but typing 'cocaine' as 'c0ca1n3' or some shit


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'Forever chemicals' could be in nearly half of U.S. tap water, a federal study finds


At least 45% of the nation's tap water could be contaminated with at least one form of polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) known as "forever chemicals," according to a newly released study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The man-made chemicals — of which there are thousands — are found in all sorts of places, from nonstick cookware to stain-resistant carpets to contaminated sources of food and water. They break down very slowly, building up in people, animals and the environment over time.

Research has linked exposure to certain PFAS to adverse health effects in humans, from an increased risk of certain cancers, increased obesity and high cholesterol risk, decreased fertility and developmental effects like low birth weight in children.

You could also install specific kinds of water filters that are certified to lower the levels of PFAS in water, using technologies like activated carbon treatment and reverse osmosis.

In March, the EPA proposed the first federal drinking water limits on six forms of PFAS, which it estimates could reduce PFAS exposure for nearly 100 million Americans. The proposed regulations would require water systems to do costly testing and mitigation work and be transparent with their results, as WBUR's Gabrielle Emanuel told NPR at the time.


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File: 1691978423665.jpg 75.39 KB, 1051x264, Screenshot_20230814_030012_….jpg


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File: 1691978737580-0.jpg 143.71 KB, 1080x351, Screenshot_20230814_030510_….jpg

File: 1691978737580-1.jpg 60.36 KB, 1200x675, 0_Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-….jpg


File: 1691978895955-0.jpg 67.31 KB, 1035x207, Screenshot_20230814_030752_….jpg


File: 1692581872673.jpg 53.43 KB, 1038x223, Screenshot_20230821_023539_….jpg


>Looking at the fine print, X will store images of your ID as well as your biometric data on its servers for up to 30 days. During that time, the platform will share your information with identity verification company Au10tix “for the purpose of confirming [your] identity.” Additionally, X will use your data for “safety and security” reasons.


click the wiki link and see where their headquarters are


they correctively rape their swarm workers there, so that's why they didn't get any ideas


File: 1692594153067.jpg 92.14 KB, 850x1202, 1691882525317813.jpg

( - )


Good site to chud out



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File: 1694381836813.jpg 98 KB, 1080x286, Screenshot_20230910_223706_….jpg


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File: 1694382358337.jpg 53 KB, 1047x171, Screenshot_20230910_224542_….jpg


File: 1694382389566.jpg 40.11 KB, 1034x158, Screenshot_20230910_224614_….jpg


File: 1694382431526.jpg 52.33 KB, 1049x166, Screenshot_20230910_224655_….jpg


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File: 1694382704245.webp 31.77 KB, 1080x307, Screenshot_20230910_225128….webp


File: 1694561430829.jpg 75.33 KB, 1020x253, Screenshot_20230913_002958_….jpg



File: 1694686428626.webp 32.64 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20230914_111314….webp


File: 1694837704461.png 1.76 MB, 1470x1274, cLZLNO3QoGI5.png


File: 1695112733734.jpg 81.31 KB, 1080x266, Screenshot_20230919_093806_….jpg


File: 1695112810284.webp 32.39 KB, 1080x455, Screenshot_20230919_093957….webp


File: 1695112844018.jpg 66.67 KB, 1080x270, Screenshot_20230919_094035_….jpg


File: 1695112883386.webp 42.02 KB, 1046x327, Screenshot_20230919_094112….webp


File: 1695112914409.webp 36.12 KB, 1057x389, Screenshot_20230919_094144….webp


File: 1695112955499.jpg 65.21 KB, 1058x185, Screenshot_20230919_094226_….jpg


File: 1695112994201.jpg 55.62 KB, 1080x151, Screenshot_20230919_094300_….jpg


File: 1695113181266.webp 34.31 KB, 1080x294, Screenshot_20230919_094610….webp


File: 1695113241726-0.jpg 72.79 KB, 1080x258, Screenshot_20230919_094651_….jpg

File: 1695113241726-1.webp 68.54 KB, 976x700, _130945252_f4yfolpxgaa9eks….webp


File: 1695113320235-0.jpg 48.78 KB, 1080x149, Screenshot_20230919_094743_….jpg


>US study on 5,285 middle-aged adults showed exercising between 7am to 9am was the best time for weight loss.


File: 1695113426132-0.jpg 65.78 KB, 1080x203, Screenshot_20230919_094932_….jpg


File: 1695113457412-0.jpg 142.27 KB, 1080x338, Screenshot_20230919_095047_….jpg


File: 1695113486797-0.jpg 32.1 KB, 1080x176, Screenshot_20230919_095117_….jpg


File: 1695113517072-0.jpg 67.36 KB, 1080x271, Screenshot_20230919_095147_….jpg


File: 1695400551559.jpg 90.59 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20230922_173029_….jpg

Dave Portnoy completely exposes an insipid kike washington post worker monkey for trying to smear him politically using slander and emailing his sponsors, while at the same time completely glossing over the fact that he raised over 50 million dollars for small businesses

the blind agenda is real, the corporate kike media news outlets care more about writing an article detailing sin than good deeds



that's how to get shit do-do-done-for-so-no-one-forgets, pig rape style


you have a small dick and you are rat faced manlet


File: 1695538950012.webp 38.65 KB, 1080x326, Screenshot_20230924_080217….webp


File: 1695539037151.jpg 77.98 KB, 1058x248, Screenshot_20230924_080341_….jpg


File: 1695539087002.jpg 64.19 KB, 1080x230, Screenshot_20230924_080431_….jpg


File: 1695539113498.jpg 56.98 KB, 1080x172, Screenshot_20230924_080500_….jpg


File: 1695539180595.jpg 97.19 KB, 1080x358, Screenshot_20230924_080607_….jpg


File: 1695539313273.jpg 58.33 KB, 1080x150, Screenshot_20230924_080815_….jpg


File: 1695539397306.jpg 59.93 KB, 1079x153, Screenshot_20230924_080940_….jpg


File: 1695539517698.jpg 76.36 KB, 1080x291, Screenshot_20230924_081145_….jpg


File: 1695539618683.webp 22.92 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_20230924_081320….webp


File: 1695539652630.jpg 67.15 KB, 1080x230, Screenshot_20230924_081359_….jpg


File: 1695539695114.jpg 84.56 KB, 1051x258, Screenshot_20230924_081441_….jpg


File: 1695539820314.webp 26.64 KB, 1080x218, Screenshot_20230924_081648….webp


File: 1695539864659.jpg 60.67 KB, 1080x153, Screenshot_20230924_081732_….jpg


File: 1695539955681.webp 36.95 KB, 1080x319, Screenshot_20230924_081901….webp


File: 1695629591146.webp 75.5 KB, 924x1421, Screenshot_20230925_091225….webp


File: 1696025811383.jpg 43.33 KB, 1024x162, Screenshot_20230929_231614_….jpg


Didn't happen soon enough.

Pretty wacky that within a few generations Poland will be the only beacon of civilization in a Europe that's fallen to niggers.


You spic mongrel faggots have been shilling le based slavic catholic pooland as the saviour of cucked EVROPA since the soviet union collapsed, yet they've never managed to escape their well earned reputation for being anything more than europe's collective toilet cleaner.
I'm sure any day now the wodka swilling rape babies will stop stealing cars and urinating in the street and don their hussar wings and btfo all the libs back to syria or something.


Keyword: wacky. Every other European country is cucked to jewified shit. Who else but Poland is at least trying?


By what metrics?


Too bad such people are allowed to die peacefully at an old age in general.


Don't give them too much credit. Slavs in general are materialistic and easily bought. In my experience, Poles are western cargo-cultists too. I imagine it would actually be fairly easy to be an influential business mogal in most of Eastern Europe for any decently salaried westerner. We should probably get to them before blackrock does.


File: 1696635603122.webp 181.55 KB, 788x870, poles.webp


File: 1706687638560.webp 41.87 KB, 1080x308, Screenshot_20240131_075313….webp


File: 1706688527189.webp 44.9 KB, 635x492, Screenshot_20240131_080840….webp


Boys school enrolling girls


File: 1706735047358.webp 18.19 KB, 433x563, Screenshot_6.webp

My Arab JSP is like twice as hot as her


Tucker Carlson is interviewing Putin LOL



The look on her face is funny

And that dog is ugly. Looks like it was given an ugly hairdo/shave


tuecker carlwosn intwrview vlaidnite putin




It was honestly real boring. Watch on 1.5 speed.


File: 1707529310001.webm 242.47 KB, 1128x1080, 1707526025150174.webm




File: 1707555336792.jpg 42.68 KB, 750x480, ramzpaul.jpg

Hilarious rant where Ramzpaul spends the first half hour mocking and explaining how over 95% of Americans (and Westerners), including cuckservatives, are too retarded and dysgenic and are part of the "TL;DR society" (e.g. >>4887 )





File: 1707586644735.mp4 600.31 KB, 400x720, tucker on israel.mp4


File: 1707587416691.webp 23.6 KB, 634x480, tucker-putin-interview.webp




also based


Putin is a kike and Cucker is a practicing cuckservative kabbalist.


jew climbs up ladder in NY looking for something






YouTube geopolitics man, a U.S. shill


File: 1707921983713.gif 3.21 MB, 498x311, pooh-fuck-earth.gif

I really don't get how anyone can say with a straight face that the US-Mexico border situation isn't a clusterfuck and hasn't been one for a long time. It's not even just beaners coming over the border anymore lol. People from all over the world are traveling through Latin America to invade the US. Migrant rehousing NGOs and elected officials are blatantly guilty of high treason against the nation and nothing will ever be done about it. Just let shitskins rape your living standards to death because the holocaust or something, goy.


File: 1707937131903.jpeg 6.05 KB, 220x228, download (1).jpeg

>giving a fuck about politics


Your misuse of "treason" and lack of a policy solution makes clear your simple idiocy.


File: 1707986831814.jpg 2.11 MB, 1976x1320, forest-flames.jpg

burn the world


File: 1707991884221.jpg 18.96 KB, 291x283, you.jpg

>Your misuse of "treason" and lack of a policy solution makes clear your simple idiocy.


AI gen video from OpenAI


File: 1708224791174.jpg 76.6 KB, 1080x232, Screenshot_20240218_025254_….jpg


This has been all over the news here


Some comments on aus/pol/ saying its the fault of Greeks and other Southern Euros who have embedded themselves within the development and maybe construction and/or tradie scenes in NSW. Might have to wait and see but it seems very likely.


File: 1708406696950.png 22.55 KB, 760x760, 1708391348758.png


PJWs vids have been good recently. Funny, timely, sharp


File: 1708842637185.webp 70.94 KB, 838x463, Screenshot_1.webp


File: 1708963155672.jpg 45 KB, 1080x213, Screenshot_20240226_155849_….jpg


File: 1710647134405.webp 26.05 KB, 1080x235, Screenshot_20240317_034458….webp


File: 1710648227560.webp 55.19 KB, 1079x495, Screenshot_20240317_040317….webp


File: 1710648267759.jpg 56.28 KB, 1042x283, Screenshot_20240317_040409_….jpg


File: 1710648335716.webp 38.93 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20240317_040516….webp


File: 1710648441111.webp 29.72 KB, 1080x314, Screenshot_20240317_040557….webp


File: 1710648484516.jpg 52.37 KB, 1080x149, Screenshot_20240317_040746_….jpg


File: 1710648613529.jpg 30.74 KB, 1080x148, Screenshot_20240317_040936_….jpg


File: 1710726618896.jpg 90.32 KB, 1080x271, Screenshot_20240318_015001_….jpg


fingers crossed goblinsaga becomes a part of this growing number



File: 1711448536775-0.jpg 51.79 KB, 1080x156, Screenshot_20240326_102133_….jpg

File: 1711448536775-1.jpg 89.74 KB, 1290x774, 1685.jpg


File: 1711448602526-0.jpg 138.58 KB, 1052x292, Screenshot_20240326_102310_….jpg


File: 1711448630197-0.jpg 382.18 KB, 1079x585, Screenshot_20240326_102341_….jpg


File: 1711448659479-0.jpg 109.25 KB, 1080x346, Screenshot_20240326_102411_….jpg


File: 1711448690554-0.jpg 67.25 KB, 1080x252, Screenshot_20240326_102442_….jpg


File: 1711448815625-0.jpg 108.55 KB, 1080x323, Screenshot_20240326_102647_….jpg


File: 1711448871858-0.jpg 68.16 KB, 1080x227, Screenshot_20240326_102738_….jpg


File: 1711448972015-0.jpg 58.69 KB, 1080x157, Screenshot_20240326_102831_….jpg


File: 1711449044759-0.jpg 76.27 KB, 1080x248, Screenshot_20240326_103036_….jpg


File: 1711872989375.png 321.63 KB, 1225x496, Screen Shot 2024-03-31 at 1….png



(flannel nirvana runawayrunway smonk weed & hate their conformist homeowner dad genx vooted n rooted for this & their kids are fags)

(i do like this track though)


video of the original track was instrumental in the 90s gay-propaganda


on the way to the BUSTLING CITY the cool trendy john-lenin welder red round lenses energic sportsjacket cool guys will walk through carriages fast to SURROUND and STARE and SMILE and TALK at you IMMEDIATELY and that's like COOL, u shouldnt be worried it's not like they'll get u smack-hooked or anything


take your meds faggot


File: 1712717986979.jpg 95.7 KB, 800x582, 1712656091553.jpg

Wat did dey meen by dis?


Votes don't matter.


mtv sez that u will consume "transgressive" urban culture products and "run-away" to literal city fgts from the boring ypipo with their trucks and houses and land and guns and private property

cuz it's the 1990s we are one world yo and the superstructure and soyciety is still standing on it's last legs capable of absorving disturbed behavior shrugging it off as another novelty


the 2008 hit them in the testicles so hard, "making the ends meet", the bus passes and the landlords


no-one cares


Mi papá estaba trabajando en un edificio del world trade center ese día, hacia mes y medio que habia emigrado a estados unidos. El 11 de septiembre heroicamente ayudó a rescatar a muchas personas en la zona cero, hasta que la torre norte se derrumbó. Quedó mal herido, y nunca se recuperó. Durante años deseaba morir, pero nosotros tratabamos deanimarle a que siga adelante. Hasta que un dia le pusimos esta canción, y cuando la escuchamos todos deseamos morir al mismo tiempo.


File: 1713056170326-0.jpg 16.19 KB, 500x200, 9ah5ahz2jig61.jpg

File: 1713056170326-1.jpg 49.8 KB, 1051x149, Screenshot_20240414_015602_….jpg


File: 1713061971443.webp 68.97 KB, 1432x1432, jew york times.webp


File: 1713491187290.jpg 47.56 KB, 820x720, real-estate.jpg

>"According to the Canadian Housing Statistics Program, over three-quarters, more than 77 per cent, of the condos in B.C. and more than two-thirds, almost 70 per cent, of those in Ontario that were not being lived in by the homeowner were owned by individual Canadian investors," said the report.


Anglo countries produce practically nothing, so their entire economies are based on land and housing speculation


File: 1713576793808.jpg 91.58 KB, 1080x290, Screenshot_20240420_023226_….jpg


schizos here claim that the old still in use asbestos roofing sheets the govt is looking into ways of collecting and disposing of are good for u while the nato military planes are sprinkling the sahara desert dust to torment them


post a single source of someone claiming asbestos is good


File: 1713676373902.webp 12.65 KB, 317x380, Screenshot_5.webp


I was saddenned to see this at first, I read his last blog entry and thought he was a good writer, it was coherent and succinct.

But then I read more entries and saw a few clips of him. He was passive aggressive and seemed unhinged. There are a lot of leaps of faith (or logic?) in the supposed conspiracies.




I like this new trend of retards killing themselves.


File: 1713750827330.jpg 60.14 KB, 1080x175, Screenshot_20240422_025335_….jpg


Yeah leaps of logic is what I meant to say.


File: 1714096582226.webp 30.35 KB, 1080x297, Screenshot_20240426_023536….webp


>tfw news like this gets 0 responses

this site is dead


News is mind control. It tells you what to think about.


>a media jew getting let off the hook
I mean I can't say too many of us would be shocked by this heh

Weinstein is old news, it's all about Vince McMahon's charges now


Idk if ppl care much at all about sexual assault trials...


They're getting paid off, clearly. If he gets out everyone will know why$$$$$$!


File: 1714666077200.jpg 316.36 KB, 2048x1152, skynews-marius-gustavson-eu….jpg

>'Eunuch maker' Marius Gustavson made £300k from extreme body modification website

>In one video shown in court, Gustavson - who had his own penis cut off, the tip of his nipple removed and his leg frozen so that it had to be amputated - is seen "tasting" a severed penis.



this is a strong argument for concentration camps. keep these freaks away from normal folk. they don't have to be like auschwitz, they can essentially be like native american reserves, but they can't leave and any females there are required to have IUDs implanted.


The darwin awards are alive and well. That guy needs an award. Eugenics is good. Someone get this man assisted suicide asap. He'd just have to eat a eugenics chocolate and take a eugenics shot down the hatch. He'd go to sleep forever and never wake up. Everybody wins.



I agree. Body mods are cool but they're also pretty dumb...


File: 1714774649638.webp 120.11 KB, 1439x1545, Screenshot_20240503-171657.webp

He chopped off his cock and put it in the freezer. He's basically the same as a demented tranny. 41%-ed himself. Taking it a step further by taking his frozen hard boner and video taping himself-you read it. I need to tap out. This is too much. I can't.


just live laugh love


I try.


File: 1714879413469.webp 189.53 KB, 1440x1719, Screenshot_20240504-222256.webp

Le monke, be my fren. :^)


lel heh


File: 1715186214716.webp 91.68 KB, 1199x698, Screenshot_1.webp



File: 1715444245069.jpg 143.39 KB, 1080x1232, india-rape-capital.jpg

It's almost like yielding over 30 million excess males by aborting females en masse can lead to consequences.

>A hundred yards from a school playing field on the edge of Nayagarh, a small town in eastern India, is an innocuous damp circular patch covered with what appears to be sticks and stones.
>A closer look reveals that the debris is shards of tiny skulls and bones, all that remains of more than 40 female foetuses - aborted because of their sex and then dumped in a disused well.
>Last Thursday Santish Mishra, a health official, was poking at the top of the hole, from which had been exhumed 132 bags of putrefying human remains. Above the grisly sight hangs an acrid smell, the telltale chemical stench of hospital waste used to hide the truth.
>"Femur, skull, forearm - probably. We are pretty sure these are all female, aborted at about five months which is the legal limit," said Dr Mishra. "You can say it was a hidden mass grave."
>In India ultrasound technology, coupled with a traditional preference for boys, has led to mass female foeticide. Although gender-based abortion is illegal, parents are choosing to abort female foetuses in such large numbers that experts estimate India has lost 10 million girls in the past 20 years. In the 12 years since selective abortion was outlawed only one doctor has been convicted of the crime.

>The Indian government said Monday that there were more than 63 million women “missing” from its population and that 2 million go “missing” across age groups every year because of abortion of female fetuses, disease, neglect and inadequate nutrition. There are also 21 million unwanted girls, the government said.
>“We know that the sex ratio in India is highly skewed,” the government’s chief economic adviser, Arvind Subramanian, said at a news event Monday, noting that the study further showed that Indians have a “meta” son preference, which means that if they have girls, they’ll keep on having children until they get a boy. This has led to an estimated 21 million “unwanted” girls in India, who often get less nourishment and schooling than their brothers.


File: 1716050117327.webp 29.25 KB, 680x680, parents-cant-opt-k-5-child….webp


>The 2-1 ruling by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court decision denying a preliminary injunction on the basis that the parents had not shown how the policy — initiated by the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) board — would violate their children’s First Amendment right to free exercise of religion.

>The parents had argued that refusal to provide an opt-out from their children’s exposure to LGBT-themed books and related discussions violates federal and state law.

>Some of the book titles include "The Pride Puppy," "Uncle Bobby's Wedding" and "Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope."

>The parents argued that the books contradict their religious duty to train their children in accordance with their faith on "what it means to be male and female; the institution of marriage; human sexuality; and related themes."


File: 1716177214853.jpg 19.33 KB, 648x465, helicopter.jpg


>Between 2005 and 2009, there was an annual average of 1.44 fatalities per 100,000 flying hours in non-military helicopters. Over the same period, there were 13.2 traffic fatalities per 100,000 population in the United States annually. Since the average American spends around 780 hours per year (PDF) in the car, that means the fatality rate per 100,000 hours of driving time is just 0.017. Based on hours alone, helicopters are 85 times more dangerous than driving.

Note to self: avoid going in a helicopter.


trash format, just post the headline and a link retard


File: 1716752317753.png 84.52 KB, 600x608, crypto-jewmp.png

"I will keep Elizabeth Warren and her goons away from your Bitcoin."

"And I will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency."

"If you vote for me, I will commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht."



File: 1717106246129.webp 28.26 KB, 1080x222, Screenshot_20240530_225703….webp


Is this the crossing of the rubicon?


Doubtful. MAGAniggers didn't do anything about the election robbery (not sure if it even was one, doesn't seem like it matters who wins past a superficial level) or the continued tyranny imposed against the participants of the Jan. 6th protest. I strongly doubt Trump will serve time anyway.


NATO is firing missiles at Russia
POTUS is a convicted felon
Theyve made a cure for cancer

Bottom Text


Helicopters are for news teams and USMC circa 1968


you are gay


File: 1717273418384.png 11.02 KB, 600x212, jewmp-martyr.png

MAGAts and in-duh-pendents will support Sheldon Adelson's favorite candidate Jewmp like he's the second cumming of Christ, even though he's the biggest supporter of civil asset forfeiture (indefinite seizure of assets and properties by cops without a conviction or even a warrant), which primarily affects low-to-middle-income Americunts and white-owned small businesses. MAGAts think this makes him look "tough on crime" and that the feds/cops will only go after Mexican drug cartels and gangs, when in reality these thugs will instead pull over these MAGAts' cars and confiscate their cash from their wallets, because feds/cops would much rather rob from defenseless law-abiding working-class h'whites to meet their quotas than risk getting a scratch let alone a shootout with cartels, gangs and traffickers. Yet MAGAts pretend the 2nd Amendment protects them from government tyranny when they already live under it.

>According to a recent Cato Institute/YouGov poll, a substantial majority of Americans, 84 percent, oppose civil forfeiture.

Biden is no better on this issue (see below), but MAGAts live up to their brand of cuckservatism.



It's just Ukraine. Always was. The kvetching about NATO must cease. The closest thing is volunteers from western countries.


File: 1717785600965.png 164.93 KB, 600x578, jewmp-afghanistan.png

Who knew Jewmp was a liar who talks out of both sides of his mouth to appease everyone (but in reality sides more with neo-cons and Wall Street) to get as many gullible Amerilards to vote for him?


File: 1718066129983.png 89.37 KB, 600x504, skid-marks-lgbt.png


File: 1718134711972.mp4 783.17 KB, 1100x618, I don’t care about you. I j….mp4


File: 1718309369991.jpg 427.9 KB, 900x900, Me IRL.jpg

My honest reaction to that information


File: 1718334897818.mp4 4.55 MB, 640x644, Christian Zionist finds out….mp4


Where we go, we all we go. #WWGWAWG #BasedMAGA #IsraelStrong #Winning #QAnonResearch

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