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Two predators in the last 12 hours
A cat, last night, in the heart of my land hunting
A fox, this morning, chasing a mother hen and her babies
Hen attacked the fox as the babies ran away
All alive and well


You need a varmint rifle.



File: 1686431783133.jpg (1.78 MB, 1836x3264, squirrel casualty.jpg)

I actually just blasted a squirrel with an air rifle for the first time this afternoon
For the very first time a squirrel attempted to intimidate a chicken
Squirrels broke the truce
I have left one body to rot as a warning


Are the cheeky bastards trying to rob their feed or something?


This afternoon five squirrels sat around my chicken food bowl and they started scaring away the baby chickens that tried to come up to eat. I think they would have attacked the babies if they got too close

I love squirrels but ultimately I am a chicken tender, not squirrel tender

Two squirrels are dead now
Bismillah Allahu Ackbar


Damn son that squirrel is big, looks like it was on roids or something haha


Spent the last couple of days fixing my posture, lying on my back, walking properly upright etc

Shit hurts man, feels almost worse than slouching, I hope that it works, Google says 4 to 6 weeks til I'm sorted, hope to gain some height and subsequently some respect

Just been on a couple mile walk, I'm fucking knackered, all of my back muscles are dom'd out, my blood sugar is fucked but I will press on


File: 1686759909608.webp (191.44 KB, 1439x1640, Screenshot_20230614-11185….webp)


Hopefully it gained higher rebirth


Damn I hate seeing this dead little fella
Squirrels plant 10,000 seeds a year and only dig up a small fraction
They're sacred forest spirits


File: 1686915951619.jpg (30.89 KB, 344x291, 1583613487747.jpg)

Do we really need a new blog thread every week? Come on now its just shitting up the catalog.

As for me I've been thinking of the past week of dexxing up and going to watch The Flash. I've never been high IRL so it'd be kinda risky. I was going to go to a nearby theatre and then get an Uber home which would only be like $15. As it'd be less risky that way rather than use public transport. But no nearby theatre has XtremeScreen or V-Max (the bigger/louder theatres) and I'm not settling for the little cuck regular theatre. I could probs go Liverpool but I'm scared of being in a kinda ghetto area where I could get beat up easily if I were high. Also DXM makes me shit every hour and a half or so, so yeah...

But I'm gonna see the movie anyway at least heh


Got a skinhead earlier


>Do we really need a new blog thread every week? Come on now its just shitting up the catalog
I don't use the catalog. If I don't see what I want in the first few threads I just make a new one

>As for me I've been thinking of the past week of dexxing up and going to watch The Flash. I've never been high IRL so it'd be kinda risky

I've robotripped maybe half a dozen times. Most of those were at metal concerts. Once at a strip club (terrible places). It's pretty easy to navigate the world on DXM IIRC

The last time I remember drinking DXM was over a decade ago, at a Korpiklaani show in downtown Seattle. I got high as fuck, started a moshpit, then got lost in Chinatown until around 3 AM

Every fucking chink wants to pretend they don't speak English


it's better to use one thread at a time so people can more easily see your previous posts. just click the search function in catalog and type in blog to filter your threads, no scrolling needed


File: 1686968316515.jpg (50.98 KB, 514x379, Untitled.jpg)

>A TikTok cancer scammer who fleeced hundreds of GoFundMe donors out of $37,000 by lying that she had pancreatic cancer and a football-sized tumor on her spine faces up to ten years in prison after pleading guilty.

Forgot that Amerilards actually have to beg strangers to pay for their cancer treatment


Need to induce food poisoning upon myself to lose some toxins/weight

Thinking of undercooked chicken, what's the chances I fuck up and die? Salmonella isn't deadly is it? Unless I guess it's a lot of undercooked foods I can't see how it would fuck me up


Just fast for a day or two
Or intermittent fast


Fuck it aye ill do that

Saves people thinking I'm a retard, puking up Is shit anyways


File: 1688077956274.webp (61.26 KB, 1439x1453, Screenshot_20230629-17314….webp)


Take the dexpill


File: 1688078086605.webp (37.23 KB, 1440x1038, Screenshot_20230629-17342….webp)

You want to give yourself food poisoning to lose weight?


File: 1688078643705.webp (141.25 KB, 1440x1968, Screenshot_20230629-17433….webp)


No, to detox in a way


File: 1688083645264.webp (28.81 KB, 1440x545, Screenshot_20230629-19065….webp)


File: 1688083691048.webp (8.49 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230629-19075….webp)


File: 1688083746876.webp (24.77 KB, 1196x364, Screenshot_20230629-19084….webp)


File: 1688083921269.webp (112.65 KB, 1422x1379, Screenshot_20230629-19113….webp)

You're going to make yourself sick and try to rid yourself of the sickness you gave yourself by attempting to detox the food poisoning out of your system?


N-no! I want to do it so that I don't eat for a couple days, thus detoxing my body of stored foods and general intestinal/bowel leftovers

You know what though I'll just fast instead, lest the barrage of reddit memes take me


>detoxing my body of stored foods and general intestinal/bowel leftovers
Detoxing with food poisoning?



Any way to induce diahorrea?


File: 1688150148866.png (548.24 KB, 886x720, 1670456683935.png)

My schizo brother's friend came out as a tranny, and my brother got butthurt when I told him I'm under no obligation to play pretend for him. He's been like this ever since he started dating some art ho a few years ago. He's become insufferable and I feel there's nothing more I can do, except avoid his company. I fear it's too late. He is over-socialized to an absurd degree, and I'm sure my own lack of social success has contributed to this. With heavy social proof stacked against me, I'm in a weak persuasive position, and to make matters worse none of his arguments are in any way coherent, which makes them impossible to counter since he'll insist they do make sense. The least sane person in an argument always has the advantage, especially when you can't even decipher their rational. Sloth is the deadliest sin in my opinion. Mr. God has punished me here for putting things off.




You sound like a control freak tbqh. It's his life. He's an adult and he isn't your blood relative. He's disabled and you keep trying to argue with him. My guess is that he doesn't like you and knows what to say to push your buttons.


At least he gets dates. What about you?
>nothing more I can do
What did you ever do? Telling him how to live his life? Do you think that's helpful?
Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
Jealous much?
>My own lack of success
You. You. You. It's always about you.
>I'm weak
Did you ever think that not everyone wants to fucking argue with you?
>make sense
He wants you to fuck off and go away.
>putting things off
...like what exactly?


You're so off-base, you don't even know.
>It's his life. He's an adult and he isn't your blood relative.
You mean my brother or his tranny friend? My brother is in fact my blood relative. As for it being "his life", he lives in my house and I've sacrificed a lot for him and put up with his episodes for years. I have been far too lenient, because he tried to kill himself before. I stupidly let his GF move in too, thinking it would help with the mortgage and that he could be someone else's problem. This was a mistake.
>He's disabled and you keep trying to argue with him.
He's the one who starts arguments with me, over things that usually seem trivial. The problem is he's become a spiteful piece of shit, soyfaggot, and I can't talk to him about anything, because everything either offends his sensibilities or is perceived as a slight. He's been a pain in the ass for years, but it wasn't always all bad. It's bitter. I just want to sell this place and forget about it all. Hopefully at the start of next year I will.


>You mean my brother or his tranny friend?
>At the start of next year, I will sell this place and forget all about this bullshit.


The tranny has little to do with the over-all problem. That his friend became a tranny and he expected me to respect his pronouns is some wacky shit I couldn't have possibly predicted a few years ago however.


>over-all problem
Yes but you're going to solve the problem and that's what matters!


Why not just not argue with him over non-household stuff? If he asks you about anything non-household just feign ignorance and pretend you're busy. So yes avoid his company.


I don't talk politics with family unless it's for some quick cheeky banter or fun




>I just want to sell this place and forget about it all. >Hopefully at the start of next year I will.
As soon as I read the word hopefully I knew you were doomed
If you give the Devil an inch he takes a mile
Sounds like you've given this particular devil too many inches already

I sincerely recommend setting clear and absolute boundaries on all of your self-flagellating behavior, before you damn your immortal soul


>If you give the Devil an inch he takes a mile
That's his brother, not some non-blood-related woman. No wonder you Amerilards have broken dysfunctional families.


I was talking about the tranny
Adharma needs to be destroyed
Trannies are vessels of wrath fit only for destruction
Our companion needs to rectify the evil within his home
Sell the place and leave the troon behind
And all troon lovers


My brother and his gf live in my house right now, not the tranny. He's been over before, but I haven't even spoken to my brother's friend since he became a tranny. Something which I guess isn't clear is that I also live here, and the only reason I got this place is because a few things happened to line up and my mother convinced me to buy it.


Heh I thought you had already fucked up to the extent of having a tranny roommate
Still, sounds like you and your bro need to part ways
Proximity breeds contempt
Healthy relationships often involve distance


He's selling the house at the beginning of next year. We have 6 months left of 2023. He's going to be moving on and moving forward shortly. These things don't happen over night.



I hate working on cars. It's way more of a pain than it should be. Everything is covered in fluids, it requires multiple different power tools, everything is in an inconvenient position, and if you have stripped bolts you're fucked.


Look on the inside of any vehicle from before 1990
It's beautiful
All perfect simplicity


File: 1688308516422.jpg (299.72 KB, 1200x1600, 1686259247231725.jpg)



File: 1688317322568.jpg (330.09 KB, 1200x1200, mugwort-artemisia-vulgaris….jpg)

Picked some mugwort earlier, going to dry it out and try some tea made with it


File: 1688317540742-0.jpg (44.41 KB, 500x500, image_8fb7ecd4-bd4f-414b-9….jpg)

File: 1688317540742-1.jpg (43.64 KB, 570x642, 8cde63faf2e5d6bf819111b786….jpg)


Stop impersonating me you fucking cunt


Good luck on your menstrual cycle!


Is that you dogisaga

Wait til me and my coven are done with you, you won't live through what we are going to do to your vessel


File: 1688334263397.webm (2.92 MB, 364x720, foreskin-theft.webm)


I can't believe the amount of shit this man is getting for speaking out about genital mutilation of biological baby boys FROM OTHER GROWN ADULT BIOLOGICAL MEN!!!! WTF! This ain't right.

Biological baby boys need to not be physically mutilated. If these were biological baby girls being genitally mutilated, there'd be outrage. Yes, I understand that in third world countries this stuff still happens and it certainly shouldn't happen in the first world. Unless there's a medical issue in which intervention of the surgical kind is needed or-YOU GET THE POINT!


File: 1688334914471.webp (81.64 KB, 1439x1583, Screenshot_20230702-16545….webp)

Trips of truth!


That's what happens when you build your country on an Indian burial ground



Pretty sure I have dysgraphia, because my handwriting and fine motor skills are completely fucked.


Is that you dogisaga?



OK, I'll sort your problem out for you buddy


How's that?


Don't ask


Don't talk about your hand that way.


Don't worry though, I will help you, do not be afraid


You're going to help your hand. That's nice.


Nice costumes. Very realistic.


File: 1688458406467.mp4 (15.01 MB, 3840x2160, Chicken farmer.mp4)

OP is literally Chris Hemsworth in Extraction


Not samefag, take meds nigger


Pretty sure my calculus professor has autism. I'm tempted to post her introduction video so you know what I'm talking about, but that's probably giving away too much personal information. I guess you probably want your math teacher to be autistic though.


File: 1688838112116.webp (551.54 KB, 2100x1390, 192699.webp)

Does college in your 30s feel like pic related?


I imagine so.


For the most part no. There's hardly anyone fresh out of high school outside of the classes most people take in their first year. The average age at my college is 28. I know this because they promote that fact for some reason. You're not the first to ask me this. It seems to be a concern a lot of people have, but I wouldn't have even thought about it had it not been brought up.


No. I'm 33 and went to college this year, and was one of the younger students in my class.


The TRUTH About Female Educators...




He's always wrong about mass shooters


Juden Peterstein misdirecting the goyim yet again.


Would an elven stalker, watcher, and psychopath that tells all your friends she is crazy and drives you mad be 'lowed in a li'l elven devil queen-run soyciety?


If she agrees to step on my dick until I coom, yes.


Speaking as someone who broke his own p*nis by engaging in prone m*sturbation in his youth which involves a similar pressure-activated stimulation I would highly suggest reconsidering that course of action heh


I definitely want this.


So alien


Who made that post 2 days ago about Anglin and misogyny? I would reply but I can't find whatever thread it was and its too hard to find.


Here you go, pal. It's a pretty unrelated thread tbh:


Homeless in Japan don't seem to be dirty or drug-addicted like in the rest of the world


Hong Kong homeless also seem clean


File: 1689183647455.jpg (495.78 KB, 2035x1390, 1689183543956.jpg)

Hey retard flag guy, u up?


Too old, not White enough, very unlikely to be virgin. Actually fails my first 3 criteria, though being unvaxxed is about the 4th dealbreaker.


The woman I want would barely be aware of or thinking about this stuff. She'd be a 16-17yo schoolgirl. There are actually boatloads of them I just can't approach them very well yet. Particularly they're herd animals always in groups. I may just eventually approach them when they're in groups because that will be my only option, and/or otherwise I'd gain experience with speaking to them.


>She'd be a 16-17yo schoolgirl.
I don't think experience is your problem here. A lot of men would like to target schoolsgirls, but they're a hard demographic to approach. Aside from legal issues when it comes to the anglosphere, every factor is stacked against you. Most adult men don't have a particularly good reason to be around them, and for those who do, it would be controversial to date them. So what kind of older man do they usually bang? Teachers of course, since they have a reason to be around them and a lot of social proof. However there's one more type that comes to mind, and they probably get away with it more often, and that would be drug-dealers.


You're a vaxxoid?


She brings very little to the table. A very boring roastie.


No. Soz if that wasn't clear. Its a dealbreaker in that she must be unvaxxed.

I know where they hang (shopping centres and around train stations sometimes, some streets/areas). I'm not a drug dealer and I wouldn't want them to do drugs or worse, get into them. Some women do seem to like dissos though which is interesting. I've seen women on subreddits to do with it, their sex comes up somehow.

FWIW I've had about 10 real relationships from age 14-20, the women were around the same age (many 14-16). I can always remember myself being attracted to women or girls from 14 up (at least). Their personalities are also cute and they always seemed mature enough but maybe I was just projecting or ignoring their immaturity, who knows. AOC is 16-17 depending on the state here. The other thing is I consider myself to have been very immature when I was 14-20 anyway so maybe that matters.


You should start smoking weed, unironically
Whores all love weed
I think being on probation for so many years fucked up my romantic life because I was constantly randomly drug tested


>I know where they hang (shopping centres and around train stations sometimes, some streets/areas).
You are stricken with a lot of negative modifiers if you're seeking women in places you wouldn't be normally is what I'm saying.
I hate the herbal Jew so god damn much, but you are correct to say it's a foid magnet. A lot of couples would have absolutely nothing in common and would never have even hung out if they weren't smoking weed all day. It's a trivial way to get laid. I wouldn't want a relationship built on consooming cattle-grass though.


>I wouldn't want a relationship built on consooming cattle-grass though.
That's typically not only built on, but maintained on btw. Is as desperate as faking any other hobby.


>I hate the herbal Jew so god damn much
Why? I've disliked potheads my entire life but that's not the fault of marijuana. It's weak humans that allow themselves to be smoked that are the problem. Same with any chemical


I hate marijuana because of the stench. Even kombucha during fermentation is more tolerable. My grandpa made kombucha a lot in the house, long before it became trendy recently with wypipo.


File: 1689212003120.png (881.81 KB, 831x684, Say that to my face no tex….png)

I want a good girl...


File: 1689212728444.png (151.35 KB, 240x468, Screenshot_2.png)



Because the effects are more severe than it's adherents like to claim, and the cult is always on the hunt for new recruits, insisting that a sin is a virtue. It weakens the spirit and makes men more malleable. I'd hazard to guess that people who have been consistently smoking since their teens are less mentally developed than they should be. When I question whether something is inherently detrimental, I think to myself, "is this something I would want to inflict on someone I care about?", and in this case the answer is "no". Additionally, I see no value in it for myself. I just lose my concept of time and can't keep track of anything.

>I've disliked potheads my entire life but that's not the fault of marijuana.

Fault rarely(never?) lies in one place. Of course the very existence of potent modern marijuana has some blame.

>It's weak humans that allow themselves to be smoked that are the problem. Same with any chemical

It also creates weak humans by targeting the youth, and unlike other chemicals it's given a pass to do so. Few go in with a clear mind, prepared to bare the cost of their cheap pleasure. It's one of the only regularly consumed drugs that the grand majority of people will wave away as being harmless. It's really no different than taking psych pills in my view, but soyciety isn't that consistent.


I'd like to start making kombucha myself.


You probably know this already, but should try to find the right balance of length of fermentation. Too short and you're just drinking sugar water, which is obviously bad for your health. Too long and it's like drinking vinegar, but you won't get diabetes, clogged arteries and sperm/fertility issues. So try to ferment as long as edibly possible.


I don't have very high expectations for how the first batch is going to taste. 2 weeks is what they say.


All of your concerns are of course societal in origin. Perhaps the reason I don't struggle with marijuana is because I started smoking it as a 32 year old sorcerer

I've learned more about the devil's lettuce from Aghoris than my fellow Americans

Vinegarpill me on drinking vinegar


>Perhaps the reason I don't struggle with marijuana is because I started smoking it as a 32 year old sorcerer
Probably yes. I assume you are also mostly satisfied with your life at this time, and thus aren't enticed to use it as a psychological or social crutch.


I can't handle psychedelics or psychedelic-like drugs very well heh. LSA is always very insightful but its tough, I always get regretful. It's like if someone were to yell your inadequacies on you, its tough but maybe helpful.


when down to the small village supermarket to buy vape pods and cheap strong beer god its like a walk of shame


Shame does not befit any man


File: 1689298170519.png (127.05 KB, 958x644, Screenshot_2023-07-13_21-2….png)

Yeah, probably not.


Might go see MI today if I can find somewhere to get to. I would've gone to the city but trains replace busses today. Gonna see if theres somewhere I can hit on women after, see if there are women walking around at 1pm or so or something


Would being forcibly pressured by Xiao Rou SeeU to sample her watermelons be 'lowed in a Southern-style fried chicken & watermelon soyciety?


got my account suspended from plebbit for using the word "fag"


What did he mean by this????


I posted on gamefaqs recently for the first time in years just to tell the mods they tongue my anus. They deleted my post, but didnt even give me a short ban lol.


I got banned from 4chan for 3 days for saying "beaners are no better than niggers" on int


File: 1689555045143.mp4 (2.72 MB, 608x1080, 애니좌 쌩얼.mp4)

Bow down


File: 1690419017145.jpg (352.09 KB, 815x800, wypipo.jpg)


>learn to be bored


>life without music


File: 1690601210930.png (161.69 KB, 1063x856, Screenshot_2023-07-28_23-2….png)

My college makes you do these discussion boards if you take an online class. Clearly written by chatgpt with minor editing. Do they think nobody notices?


Busywork is one of the worst things about modernity


Free grade points. It is what it is.


File: 1691367779001.png (57.58 KB, 600x370, is-obama-gay.png)

cuckservatives think this is some epic pwn


File: 1691368927892.jpg (56.29 KB, 460x623, NewsweekObama-001.jpg)

It has been known.


I mean, he married a man so I don't see why this comes as a shock.


Ooooo shit sick burn 🔥 !!!!!



Idk I couldn't tell.


It's not a joke.




Use your eyes.


Lmao copping out because you literally can't provide proof much?

>"it's true bro trust me"


im glad this ugly annoying cunt is dead


Shrimp dick black metal nonce


I can't believe this damn thread is still alive
Curse these delete time limits


What's the problem?


psychotic breakdown


I'm having a psychotic breakdown
Quitting the Devil's lettuce atm tbqh desu


Good, I hope you minecraft you fucking cunt


Does dwarf use that flag or something? I just change flags randomly for fun. It's a waste not to use them

Be nice to dwarf


Shut the fuck up blogposting mong nobody gives a FUCK what you think and do


You're correct


He's wrong. I care.


Simp faggot


File: 1691543837618.webp (454.87 KB, 1042x8043, 1691008624564.webp)


File: 1691549382096.webp (46.65 KB, 1440x864, Screenshot_20230808-21394….webp)


I am a simpcuck for 4chon, which is the only logical reason I still post here.


What's that sound? Is it the sound a chick-y makes like cluck?


I saw my cashier oneitis again heh. We had some back and forth at the checkout about how she said she wanted to go to uni last time I saw her. Just basic mostly not sexual talk about unis while I was getting my stuff rung up. Hmm I can't marry her because she's vaxxed but I do have desire.


>why instruments are haram
best shit i ever found in this trance pig stuy


they should put on their clown suits and dance for money


Fluttershy is eating my poop again




File: 1691892095456.jpg (104.04 KB, 720x960, 0fa23579b1cf68bcc5c3eadd8a….jpg)

Had dreams last night. Devil's lettuce kills dreams. Feels good getting clean


Damn I'm high as fuck right now purely from ketosis burning fat deposits


"I'm a carb-binge-eating weed addict on antipsychs, why am I so fat"


The Chad 6% bf fasting ottermode dextroking vs virgin fat pot smoker


Post body and then I'll post mine heh


File: 1691927405267.jpg (68.89 KB, 1080x1068, 2cc40d5e5d39d86b37befbdc8a….jpg)

Almost a literal 99.7%er HEH


Post body Mr. 6% bodyfat


File: 1691929585146.jpg (66.12 KB, 612x574, 1463925536257.jpg)

But u mite doxx me heh


>might doxx from body picture
Fatty detected


my body my choice


If the feds blame me for the extreme upset you created I will not hesitate one second to tell the truth about aleks and the deranged hermaphrodite and so forth


what else would I even say when I have to speak, I really dont know


take your meds faggot


go ahead, get the blond millionaires to bully the broke bastard. I dont care


File: 1691996857259.jpg (92.14 KB, 850x1202, 1691882525317813.jpg)

( - )


janny janny


Gepriesen sei das rauhe Haus hahahahahahahahahah


I had an interesting day, I was checking out this Muslim girl from behind, didn't see her face until she turned right to me and gave me a big warm smile, I was too taken aback to smile back really, she was a cutie. Very very tempted to take this as a sign. I was googling stuff about Islamic women/people and apparently they don't date and the women will 100% need you to convert to marry them, heh, a lot like I thought really, if true


>I was checking out this Muslim girl from behind
How do you know she was "Muslim"? Was she wearing a hijab?
>I was googling stuff about Islamic women/people and apparently they don't date
False. Only in Afghanistan and North Yemen they don't "date" (i.e. have pre-marital sex) due to their mahram laws (male guardianship) and not being able to work (which is where women tend to hook up or commit adultery with male coworkers and bosses).
See page 5 https://giwps.georgetown.edu/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Mahram-Womens-Mobility-in-Islam.pdf
They are the only countries that follow Sharia to a strict interpretation, including in divorce law where they don't allow "frivorces" (divorces initiated by women for frivolous reasons, e.g. "irreconciliable differences", "we grew apart", "I'm bored", "I don't love him anymore", "it's stressful raising the kids", "my husband isn't rich", "my husband is a workaholic", "my husband doesn't let me hang out with male friends without him"). Unsurprisingly "Muslim" women elsewhere in the world are almost as promiscuous as all other women and divorce almost as much. In certain other Muslim countries based on province or city they may have arranged-marriage-in-name-only where the parents of the couple accept the marriage when the woman secures a (beta) male willing to commit.
>the women will 100% need you to convert to marry them
In the West, no, unless she lives with her parents. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for example is married to a white Christian dude. Women in poorer Muslim countries however will happily go back with you to your country to marry you for citizenship / green card and then divorce you right after.


Yes she had a hijab. Idk how she smiled at me so quickly after seeing me. Maybe I seemed more interested than I realized.

On quora the answers were saying the girl will need you to convert.


Said hi to a 2nd girl I've been making small talk with at the supermarket (the 2 hot ones heh). Shes quite cute, probs 17 or so. Has a nice smile and warm attitude. Wondering if all the other cashiers notice I only make small talk with those 2, I think I'll try branch out to them to. Also thinking if I could ask either of them out to a local cafe, guess I'll have to find out the times its open. There are places for dinner nearby but that seems too formal... hmm. Opinions or advice? Should I ask them out for a date after work or on a different day?


Trusting the globalist deracinated Quora over a fellow Germanic Chonsman
smh, just smh


I mite ask a Muslima cutie in a spices shop I go to sometimes

Then if I'm feeling daring or otherwise up for it, ask her out myself


Heh Muslims seem retarded.

>"What does the book say I can do???"


Niggas can't think for themselves heh


Their self told them to consult the book.


File: 1692244809995.jpg (44.86 KB, 640x640, 1690037032228.jpg)


File: 1692245254372.jpg (31.5 KB, 600x663, 1691418596115.jpg)


Providence wants me to have the one second from right.


I have no right to belittle Dwarf and Dogisaga for being fat and to ask questions like "Why do fat people even get fat? Like can't they just stop eating high-calorie/sugary junk food and switch to healthier food?" when I consistently break my own promise of not wasting time reading any political stuff / social critiques / doomscrolling on my phone, even though intellectually I know there's nothing directly of value to my real life in reading any of that stuff (I already know the fundamentals of what needs to be known in life, i.e. I am "redpilled" enough about these subjects). Addictions come in different forms and they are hard to break.


File: 1692755300910.webp (454.87 KB, 1042x8043, 1691008624564.webp)


File: 1692755400365.webp (50.29 KB, 1440x929, 1692188555566.webp)


File: 1692755545136.webp (41.02 KB, 1440x753, 1688847773451.webp)

Look, I fucked a 54 year old methhead bitch, but I wouldn't fuck you. You are not attractive and are delusional to think that. You just have desperate men, men more desperate than me, around you giving you false feedback. You are nothing special. Get rid of this nonsense idea you're "attractive". You look like a mentally disturbed person with inferior dark eyes and dark hair. Yeah you're not a nigress or a chinkess so you've above these subhumans but for a white person you're really ugly. And the sad thing? It's an ugliness that can't be fixed; it's not like obesity or something is causing you to be ugly. As far as I can tell this is a good as you'll ever look. My 54 year old gf is better looking than you, she has prettier eyes, red hair, freckles, is tall. You are just… mediocre. If I was married to you I'd have to get you to wear a mask so as not to publicly embarrass me as people would taunt me for having an ugly girlfriend. I don't know what is worse; having an old girlfriend or an ugly one… ah I think I'll stick with my old lady. A woman's value usually comes down to her looks because women don't have anything else to offer in terms of character, virtue, intelligence, etc. so if you don't even have that then you are just nothing but a miserable femcel who will only be pursued by the most bestial and subhuman of "men" that would fuck anything. The best you could do is get a sperm donation from a real man like me because I wouldn't stick around to raise the child with you, you're too ugly to have around, hopefully my superior genetics would be an upgrade for your lineage else the child might curse me forever for having given you my seed.


Never said you were ugly nor do I care about your height.


a reminder to book your appointment privately, for the range escapement officer wants to blow you a warning whistle.


File: 1692756355475.png (60.7 KB, 1051x267, Screenshot_20230822-210359….png)

This is an anonymous imageboard.


File: 1692756431147.webp (132.16 KB, 1440x938, 1692364119660.webp)


I don't want a wife, 50% divorce rate (which are virtually all initiated by the women) aren't good odds.


I jus sharted and shidd my pants


File: 1692760246195.jpeg (9.05 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)


File: 1692915544520-0.mp4 (3.23 MB, 576x1024, 7264063263053335823.mp4)

File: 1692915544520-1.mp4 (2.14 MB, 576x1024, 7253295514588876032.mp4)

File: 1692915544520-2.mp4 (2.9 MB, 576x1024, 7270468112951086371.mp4)



>5/10 gook in tons of makeup and fancy clothes


gooks NEED makeup


File: 1692925783426.mp4 (6.63 MB, 576x1024, 7126396078865255710.mp4)


gooks need BWC


That's all I ask for.


File: 1693845931021.jpg (17.41 KB, 800x400, canker-sore.jpg)

I hate canker sores!!


File: 1693852691585.webp (87.44 KB, 1440x1254, Screenshot_20230904-13373….webp)


Is it only the left handed cells, or also the right-handed ones? Any troubling burn content? It might be contagious!


I can't 'member if I posted about my dentist shenanigans here but I'm having a checkup tomorrow, I need fillings. Anyway just brush that shit what's the big problem?


You did. I told you dentists were scammers.


Did those bug butt scammers make contact?


File: 1696440778465.jpg (64.71 KB, 634x784, 76147219.jpg)

>Drunk dental receptionist groped schoolboy, 13, and told him she wanted to 'ride him till morning'
>Berry sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy in a park before exposing herself to him and passing out


>When interviewed by police, Berry exclaimed: 'Oh My God, I do not recall anything' - but was later picked out by the boy at an identity parade.

>The 13-year-old, who has ADHD, said he was so traumatised by the encounter that he tried to take his own life.

Wow so "traumatic"


It's not fair.


File: 1696481186119-0.jpg (2.06 MB, 1404x2119, Henry_Cavill_by_Gage_Skidm….jpg)

File: 1696481186119-1.jpg (47.89 KB, 580x761, 483318e9dadcaa0e622afe3a36….jpg)

I had my checkup and I thought my dentist was good. Found one that was White and surprisingly cheap in Syd.

- $150 for checkup/scale and clean
- but he also said I had small hole/bit missing in the middle of a molar, I don't think it was a filling technically (?) but he put some resin filling or something there. so an extra $70 for that

Otherwise he told me about the issues I have
- Overall worn teeth, receding gums, somewhat yellow teeth but I'm fixing that myself. I already knew I had all this
- Worn teeth from grinding he said, and said I must grind in my sleep but I'm pretty sure I don't (but how would I know?)
- Receding gums from the grinding as well as piercings I had when a teen

Stuff he recommended:
- Said my bite was a bit off or something, that he wanted me to do some "bite gap" restoration or something. On the treatment plan its "occlusal adjustment" - $210
- Crown for a root canal I got years ago - $1700
- Six veneers for my worn top front teeth. This sounds very scary at first but he showed me some of the treatments hes done and they all looked really good, though I wonder why he would only do 6 for me. $400 each so $2400 total

For my yellow teeth I've been using whitening strips (it seems all of them work, just to varying degrees) but I'm also looking into in-chair treatment at one of the cheapo places like what can be found on Groupon or other sites. I did that once years ago and for like $99 you could see the difference immediately, some laser whitening or something...

OH AND HE SAID I HAVE NO CAVITIES which I was very surprised by. Someone on the chans said I would definitely have cavities if I had the badly plaque'd teeth I did (I hadn't had a scale and clean for a half decade or more).

But I have some bad breath around the molars in the morning. I asked him about it and he said it would probs be because its hard to clean them and/or the teeth are not aligned well or something something, I kinda forgot I think.

I'm kinda butthurt because I feel my palate is a bit narrower than I think it should be. I had a plate and I think braces when I was young but I have to check with my mum what those were even for. Doc today said I had crowding (I assumed he meant minor crowding).

I look like a much less masculine Cavill or Michael Fassbender. I'm butthurt about it because my big suspicion is I should be quite a bit better looking than I am. I'm so close to being _truly_ good looking. I look good in cherry picked photos or I look REAL good if I make my face a bit wider etc in Gimp, but otherwise I feel I hurt my face from improper development (in a word). My kids will not suffer the same fate. Also my face seemed wider and I was much better looking as a 10 year old than a teen, which is where all these thoughts come from. Fucking parents fed me GRAINS and didn't tell me to brush my teeth properly or floss, and let me get dumb piercings.


I'm praying a lot for a stronger, better looking face, as well as Mewing as much as I can.


File: 1696507487892.jpg (78.82 KB, 598x344, Dr Price_image.jpg)

Jealous when I see a nice wide set of pearly whites like this

Me on the right in the 2nd pic


File: 1696507502488.png (204.81 KB, 400x347, Screenshot_2.png)

Jealous about this I mean


Let your inner Power of Grayskull shine bright.



hair loss has profound psychological impact, so i suggest high speed impact therapy until they calm down.


File: 1696631020904.mp4 (5.41 MB, 480x852, WoC vs. chuds.mp4)


this floor is designated for the porn shootin' deluxe


File: 1696953038220.jpg (216.33 KB, 1024x1024, F7kuQRhaEAAGERY.jpg)

If these are your only choices, which one?


>there's two blog threads
In my quest for a new job, I've found out that the [delivery service] near me is hiring. I already applied to the company to another location a few weeks back except that, when I got there on the start date, I was told I'd be getting fuck all for hours. Now, at this nearer location, which I've been there twice before for seasonal work, I know I'd have steady employment for the next two or three months. The issue? Those fucking Indian FUCKS working the website still have me hitched to my old application and the godless thing won't let me apply again. I had an interview last night for some warehouse that sure seemed to go well but god damn me I know I can get back into [delivery service] and it boils me alive with this bullshit. If those fuckers don't answer my email in the next two hours I'm driving over to [delivery service] and demanding demands. Customer service can fuck off and die.


I have had this situation too, and it was because the city fucked-up and claimed I didn't have insurance after a background check. Even months later I couldn't reapply and they never answered my calls or emails. Employment kikes have so little courtesy it's unreal.


It's amazing how they go out of their way to screw you over on the most basic things. All they ever have to do is provide a real person to talk to and all of five minutes of effort. Instead they try to lose you in automated phone call hell, and if by some miracle you manage to talk to a living person it's some foreigner that can barely speak or understand English.



do you remember watching movies together? :)


I haven't seen a non-pajeet delivery driver in many years.

Being a wagecuck in 2023 really seems like hell, even compared to how bad it used to be.


File: 1696973468393.png (251.92 KB, 596x454, 852e6186-3a36-42cc-bb3e-62….png)

i need to get out


I would literally prefer just living in a tent innawoods and eating rice for every single meal over wageslavery. That's no way for any human being to live

You should also be lying about your race and credentials on every single application fyi. Never again will I list white on anything


File: 1696976358165.mp4 (1.37 MB, 476x360, slap slap slap.mp4)

>customer service is the only number i can find
>they send me to hr
>hr can't help me so they send me to recruitment
<lol sorry the positions you hired for aren't available


>You should also be lying about your race and credentials on every single application fyi. Never again will I list white on anything
I used to say I was a spic, but I don't know if that's good enough now.
Haven't worked since 2020 and I dread going back.



If all the parts aren't working right together, just mind your present interactions with alternate choices, like getting cut or ass-fucked.


What's the hold-up? Did someone stomach your fortunate release?


Saying you're some flavour of trans might be the new special thing that opens gates. I dunno, I turned my back on it awhile ago.




We All Got Tricked Into Content Addiction


Funny vid, I dl-d it incase he takes it down because he finally put an uncensored image/vid of his baby daughter in it.

He's obviously right about Patty using a pig (lol?) as a surrogate child. I have to remind myself that although gym thots are hot and often cute and at least somewhat girly, and so I am attracted to them because I'm a man, they are really Jewed and propagandized and not worth much if anything at all, harsh as it is to say.


Did one of our big posters leave or something? Board has been so dead recently


Don't worry. Some of us are cursed to never leave.


A few people are noticeably posting less. I've been busy myself.


I'm maybe a bit slow with finding new boards. I know there's whatever the new 8chan is and some other far-rightish board but I don't bother reading, posting or even really skimming because I get my fix from here, KC and the chans. I mostly just skim the chans


Usually I don't comment on such things, but the CP spammer has posted a man getting pegged by a little girl, and I am flabbergasted that such a thing exists. What are the soycietal implications of this phenomenon?


I'm going for a STEM degree, but I feel like I forgot a lot of important stuff as soon as classes are over. This is very troubling.


File: 1697356285465-0.mp4 (1.99 MB, 436x720, dk36.0_CMupM86n9vp.mp4)

File: 1697356285465-1.mp4 (5.43 MB, 480x854, dk36.0_CHYe4xVHnJN.mp4)


My mum wants the lawn mowed like every week and a half, MAX, or something. It seems crazy to me. I'm gonna post a pic.


I sometimes mow the lawn up to 5 times a month, because if I don't the city will harass me. Thank god the weather is getting colder.


Otherwise she now wants me to start paying rent. I'm early-mid 30s and just have Centrelink (welfare) but I have some crypto. I buy and make all my own food and buy some of the toiletries and stuff like paper towels. I'm of two minds of it, I don't mind putting some of my welfare to the rent but it is pretty annoying that shes been watching this country get flooded by like 10 million immigrants over the past 30 years to the point of creating a housing crisis

My writing and grammar in that paragraph is making my gut turn a bit but you get the point


How long does it take? it takes me probs 25 mins? idk but it feels longer. we have a front yard, back yard, side, driveway it's annoying lol.

absolutely taking this shit into consideration when I buy a property

HIGH consideration


Just do your chores and other stuff that needs to be done that she hasn't told you to do yet. Maybe buy her breakfast or something too. That should get her off your case.
>How long does it take?
Before I fixed my ride-on it took 2 hours at times depending on weather conditions, a little less than an hour on an ideal day. I have a big yard and a push mower can't handle wet grass during Florida's rainy season. Additional information: I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my neighborhood who doesn't pay someone to mow their lawn.


File: 1697427004367.png (171.28 KB, 1327x1074, 1664324396601.png)

Jews are responsible for society's lawn problem btw.


File: 1697440249354.jpeg (54.1 KB, 1600x1050, Eye-Floaters-2.jpeg)


I might look to moving out soon so I can actually get laid with some ease

Soz I have nothing to add heh I was just blogging about my living situation

I just got a floater I think because I strained too hard on the toilet and it reminded me that I don't think I e had floaters for 2 years, since I quit vaffeine


how much does centerlink pay
do you hangout with abbos at the train station and huff petrol?


Its like $760 a fortnight now I think. Housing is very expensive like $300-350 a week maybe for lower-end stuff within 30 mins of Sydney city and probs the other capital cities, give or take.



Noooo! Not muh heckin' 50s manicured lawn and plywood shartshack home in the middle of a yankee suburban hellgrid! Those BASED 2 child nuclear families with the fancy suits on the 50s food advertisements were supposed to be the endgame of le alt-shite Kampf! Traddiebros, I don't feel so good!


File: 1697667106901.jpg (147.95 KB, 1024x683, 144A1391-1024x683.jpg)

Sibling is having a birthday party soon. If I am sober enough to go I'll try to finally speak to my Chad nephew to try convince him to ditch his hapa gf and find a White woman to marry. Otherwise I don't have much to do at the party, its at a hotel/bar.


Let the poor lad keep his hapa GF in peace.


Its embarrassing. She's decent looking but he's so beyond her.


My mom is a big-time christcuck and she keeps talking about the rapture now because of the current news cycle.


Actually idk if I'll even go. I feel like I'll just be lowering my status by going. better to remain exclusive. and there is little promise of women there


File: 1697726375375.png (433.72 KB, 506x415, growing stronger.png)

My approach itch is gigantic.There are so many shopping centres I can go to to find young virgin teens, they hang there after school so at about 3-4pm.

I need youth, beauty, chastity, intelligence, health, of course pure nw euro descent is a given

Ive improved my social skills dramatically through exposure and feel I have excellent command of myself and "feel" for social situations and dynamics, though that is always something to improve on. Words are coming more easily.

I've been thinking about how many of the things I want are things women can't really qualify for - i.e. they either are virgins or aren't, they are smart or not.

So I'm trying to figure out ways to make them qualify themselves to me based on the things they do have control over...... But what do women really have control over anyway?

They can at least try to come off as more intelligent, and I do think there is some substance in the notion that people can become more intelligent.

They can also be socially, historically and culturally aware, which are things that are pretty much paramount for me as they're the topic of my current book. So they can tell me they see or notice things. Should be easy for them. Thats should also be fun to talk about.


File: 1697726755002-0.jpg (412.78 KB, 1652x1656, 9ff123d6f2d39c4511d3323404….jpg)

File: 1697726755002-1.jpg (132.04 KB, 2121x1414, 1501671593-baby-alseep-on-….jpg)

File: 1697726755002-2.jpg (33.15 KB, 600x600, 1552534993771.jpg)

File: 1697726755002-3.jpg (64.81 KB, 1080x720, 1552535172852.jpg)

I feel blessed.

To live as a White man is to be gifted with gigantic potential and yet gigantically vicious, manipulative, untruthful enemies.

Everything is harder yet made more bountiful


I've felt really good exposing myself to rejection. Walking up to women and telling them I'm interested in them. The words come out one way or another - "I thought you were cute" "I thought you were decent looking" "I wanted to come and talk to you" "you drew me to you". The words come from within, nothing is scripted. Even the same words have a different elocution and so ~are~ different every time.

The women get the point, they see that I'm sexually evaluating them as they do the same to me. It's a real rush getting that feeling and basking in it.


Dogisaga and not-Dwarf get moist thinking about getting approached and complimented by you


File: 1697745092652.jpg (569.54 KB, 1349x959, 1683517777451.jpg)

Gain as much muscle as possible. Lots of studies showing that a female's perception of male attractiveness is irrelevant. However there's very strong correlation between muscle mass and sexual activity


I have failed to fix the power supply of my mother's TV. No matter what I do it will not output enough power to turn the TV on. I ended up taking shots in the dark and replacing a bunch of components. It wasn't even worth the time, because a replacement board is 40 dollars.


File: 1697806587073-0.png (954.58 KB, 742x710, Screenshot_1.png)

File: 1697806587073-1.png (779.79 KB, 752x635, Screenshot_2.png)

File: 1697806587073-2.png (377.21 KB, 419x418, Screenshot_3.png)

File: 1697806587073-3.png (308.82 KB, 507x393, Screenshot_4.png)

Watching Immortals 2011 and can't get over this ROBUSTness

Have wondered for a while why the HELL there is no wiki article for Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, its a diet/nutrition/dentistry classic


Are you bisexual like Phagtasm?


File: 1697828013403.webp (116.79 KB, 1270x1979, Screenshot_20231020-13524….webp)


File: 1697903537607.mp4 (2 MB, 540x960, POV of Retard Flag Guy eve….mp4)


File: 1697929121190-0.png (140.15 KB, 321x258, Screenshot_12.png)

I am not. I browsed puahate/sluthate/lookism back in the day when they were up. I've tried joining incels.is but keep getting rejected, though I'm not sure I really want to post there anyway. I do browse, the site seems like its userbase is way bigger than the aforementioned. Some interesting/funny threads, actually its more content than I really have time for.

I think there was a website called femininebeauty, it would be a shame if its not up anymore - I can't find it. It was a real goldmine of info on sexual dimorphism and how the modelling industry-ies/Hollywood etc push androgynous-looking women in high fashion.

I've browsed some of theapricity and thephora but never really got into either.

So I know a lot about human aesthetics, beauty etc

Otherwise learned about diet and nutrition (and drugs) from 2017 on. Have been ~mostly~ carnivore since 2018.

I regret not MEWING when I learned about it a decade ago.

It's actually rather astonishing... or maybes its not... (?) how the lookism and blackpill stuff has grown in a decade. In 2012 and on it was confined to puahate/sluthate/lookism.net (websites) but now there are normies on YT every which way promoting the stuff. You have to sort through the clickbait and the garbage as usual, but the info is getting out there.

I Mew as much as I can and pray for a better developed face. My face is quite decent but I think it didn't develop as well as it could have.

What people don't know about (and I'm still learning about) is recieving energy from trees, plants and other natural stuff on this Earth and using it to detox yourself (your organism) and potentially make you stronger, more muscular, leaner, or whatever it is that you want (more attractive to women?).


To fix an overbite or underbite you'd need to go to India, Thailand or the Phillippines for affordable double jaw surgery followed by aligners. And you could do PRK (better than LASIK) there too to fix your myopia.


i need this


File: 1698012174202.jpg (11.71 KB, 392x336, de'andre.jpg)

Andrew Anglin doesn't believe in STDs


>Hepatitis, HIV, HPV, and herpes are all theoretical.

>I’ve researched it a lot, and I think these conditions are not transmissible, and some of them aren’t even conditions at all.

>Frankly, I don’t know that I believe viruses are real. I guess it’s a valid theory, but it is a theory, and it shouldn’t be presented as fact, because there is no factual proof.

>Regardless, you’re not going to get some deadly mutant STD from your high school girlfriend. There is zero chance of that happening. You’re not even going to get any kind of disease like that from the town slut. Unless she happens to be Mexican or black, in which case you might get syphilis, which is serious, but curable.

>There shouldn’t be any “sex education.”

Which of course conflicts with many of his previous articles:



Get andrew a box of crayons to eat and a helmet.


I'm surprised he kept his old articles up. I should go through them and make infographs with all the contradictory stuff he's said.





Do you know who needs to worry about STDs? Faggots, Jews, and sexhavers. Not proud Aryans.


Anglin is a jew


I don't have either, I just have a face that is longer than it should be.


Quit my job. Found a new job. Prepped to move to a cheaper apartment, ditch my money sink of a car. That was the plan. Today, went to the bank. Went from $1600 to $200. Went inside bank. Asked for balance history. Landlord had waited to cash out three months of rent at once. So now I'm back to waiting another fucking year unless I can figure something out. Also, I'm going to have to put off making a car payment just so that I can make rent. But all that aside, I don't know how this happened. I watch my finances. I kept records. I went back over and everything looked good. I don't understand how I could have missed $1500 even though I accounted for it. I don't understand. I don't get it. I can't keep doing this shit if the universe is going to keep going out of its way to fuck me. There's no winning move. It's all game over.


Do you not look at your bank statements?


I'm with Redmond, at least in that I'm broke af from unanticipated expenses. My checking account was at 2800 last week, and is now at 700. smdh


What the heck are you guys doing? This is why I never set up automatic payments for anything.


File: 1698176311441.gif (24.8 KB, 500x450, 1693239131789483.gif)

I've only had two landlords before

>first was elderly j*wish couple from literal New York

>rented one of their extra boomer houses for a while
>they were actually really nice and I just paid them with cash directly

>second landlord I never met

>interacted with property manager from eastern Europe somewhere (Estonia?)
>he specifically had me mail my rent to a PO Box
>I was sussed out and always used cashier's checks and tracked mail
>eventually he tried lying and saying that my rent wasn't paid
>I have two kids and my landlord trying to steal an extra $1200 dollars is actually a big deal
>thankfully I have full evidence that the rental payment was in fact received
>tell him that I have evidence and will be contacting an attorney
>he finds my rental payment 5 minutes later
>move away asap

Use cashier's checks. Money is instantly removed from your bank account and a record is made with the bank


waiting another year for what?


File: 1698448516106.png (1.24 MB, 1221x468, Screenshot_3.png)

If they wanted me to hate Arabs they shouldnt have picked such a CUTIE for the thumbail


PHENIBUT is the drug similar to kratom I was trying to think of. Theyre both kind of like z-drugs, also kind of like Pregabalin. I don't think I'd take any of them though, just not worth it.


I'm using some NAC but its impacting sleep so I might skip it until my sleep is better.


Kicking out all of the males would solve 90% of the problems with immigration tbh.


Deleted Tinder and Hinge because I was lying about my age and that was the only way I could change it. Many women unmatched when I told them I'm 33. Also I may end up becoming a public figure on the far right if I choose non-anonymity. Never met a single woman from online dating from like 500 matches, though came close, some were low on the looks scale and I didn't want to bother. Its freeing deleting that stuff. If I want a woman I'll have to approach one, which I can


Im not sure women would remember me if they saw me on tv (YouTube/social media) if they just matched me and had a chat, I assume women are talking to like 10+ guys at the same time easily.


>I may end up becoming a public figure on the far right if I choose non-anonymity


Since you often try to talk to them in public, some may have had an experience that stood-out enough to remember you if they were to see you again.


Holes are not worthy of focus
The great mother feeds whom she wills


Oh I think the women I approach irl will always remember my face, how could they not? I don't think women getting real irl cold approaches happens often.


My mum has a rental property, would it be unethical to give the tenants notice so that we could move in there, as opposed to finding a new rental on the market? She didn't seem to think so but I do. We have a housing crisis. Im going to argue for us to move somewhere different, more coastal anyway.


It's sort of immoral I guess, but more importantly, why would you want to be a rentcuck?


Good tenants are rare. If she has good rentcows I would milk them forever, while using their rentbux to fund a proper homestead on raw land


>Good tenants are rare.


I want/need to move around a bit. Mainly I want to move somewhere it's easy to go out and approach to find a wife and/or get better at speaking to women so that I can find a wife.


move to the philippines


I only really see Whites as human. I don't really mean to discriminate so harshly, I can't help it. Some skinny Asian girls can be attractive but it feels like mostly just a fetish to me because its such a power move to flex my Whiteness on them. But I haven't been mean enough or motivated enough to try, I don't think I've approached a single nonWhite yet.


File: 1699537924518.png (17.32 KB, 658x163, Screenshot_1.png)

This guy gets it


It's surprising you see whites as human after so many lined up for sterilization and death. Majority of whites are vaxxmaxx nigger-cattle

At this point I would breed any female, regardless of race, if she could prove to me that she has a soul

Flesh is cheap. Souls are rare


>It's surprising you see whites as human after so many lined up for sterilization and death. Majority of whites are vaxxmaxx nigger-cattle

Yes good point/s

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