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I have a degree in electronics and I got fired from the only semi-related job I had since graduating 4 months ago. Now I mow grass at a gator farm for 12 dollars an hour LOL!


Gators are BASED and GREENPILLED though


Damn. What was the job? Why’d you get fired?


>jacking off to sc*t porn
I think I found your problem, hoping this was just some sort of expression for general lethargy or something heh


Are they based enough not to kill me for standing too close to a pond, or would doing that be more based?
See here:


hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds up spork* my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me ^_^… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein random again ^_^ hehe…toodles!!!!!


>>jacking off to sc*t porn

where did you even pull this stupid fucking sentence from


File: 1711434108024.png (224.21 KB, 472x415, ugly fuck_scrubbed.png)



File: 1711460760527.jpg (1000.05 KB, 500x387, 740full-snufkin.jpg)

Why don't wageslaves just practice homeless minimalism in warm climates? Dumpster diving, fishing, foraging, and food lockers seem more dignified than working for scraps



I always make sure to practice my NEL whenever possible.



I'm literally a neet that lives in a schoolbus


A school bus located, down by the river.


NEL is an acronym for nigger erection licking.


Smiley smoking meth and having sex with prostitutes in dumpsters for 1 Canadian penny a sesh is truly NAT SOC and red pilled!!! Hitler smoked meth and fucked whores! Smiley is truly this timelines Hitler. Will smiley shoot himself in the head with a gun just like adolf?-...stay tuned for the next episode of 4chon and find out!!


File: 1711510460944.jpg (27.9 KB, 540x404, 7eb7159.jpg)

Yo you're HDV's future waifu, think you convince him to make a /trash/? I want a place to schizo-spam freely


Excuse (you). You're the real schizo. Maybe if you cry hard enough, avid will suck (you) off. Follow your dreams and let avid find (you). (you)'re gay. Accept it.




File: 1711511257742.jpg (28.32 KB, 494x379, d05b1059.jpg)

Ok well regardless you're the only one on this site who can convince him to make /trash/


You're a nigger and belong in the trash.


Hypothetically let's say that board you're talking about is made. How is your delusional idea of how the rest of the chon going to be?


File: 1711511714661.jpg (38.44 KB, 640x479, e83f9aae.jpg)

That's the point, there is no /trash/.


Hypothetically board is made. Selected people segregated and contained on containment board not allowed to interact with the other parts of the site. How do you Invision the rest of the website will look "cleaned up"?


File: 1711512374447.webp (129.97 KB, 1440x1960, Screenshot_20240324-180744.webp)

As if 4chon isn't just one giant containment website created and run by the JIDF, FBI and CIA. Get real.


File: 1711512701489.webp (91.24 KB, 1914x1435, 7fe6f43be.webp)

It wouldn't make any difference to the site, it would just be a funpost board not advertised on the homepage where people can schizospam and drunkpost freely. I would be a trashchad whereas you and the other losers will probably remain loungecels and newcels


File: 1711513218380.jpg (18.89 KB, 480x360, hYdVtjk.jpg)

So... think you can work your magick and convince him?


File: 1711514324780.jpg (61.34 KB, 410x308, naIDZq.jpg)

...Or it can be named /schizo/ instead, I don't really care


File: 1711514903552.jpg (154.81 KB, 498x380, g0EAtql.jpg)

Yeah! I like the name /schizo/ better


Okay smiley. I'm sure HDV will give you a private board, where it's just you posting nonsense all alone and by yourself. He always does give you one. You're his golden child, after all.

People check in from time to time and skim over what you're doing. Greatful to not be you. Feeling better about themselves with every glace. Having their self esteem boosted. You're our 4chon CWC.


This faggot asking for a personal board sounds like some fat, female, low-level government-employed busybody.


Smiley always requests his own board. Always.


Sometimes he requests more than one and on multiple websites too. His autismo power levels are off the charts.


File: 1711598896906.webm (1.77 MB, 1200x720, Don't you forget about me.webm)

/schizo/ board when


remote came today for the CRT, it works, picture is now fixed and not dark


>messaged someone on shitbook marketplace about an xbox 360
>still no reply 5 days later

why do people do this


Forgot or too lazy to update the page. Ebay is the only site where private sellers haven't screwed me yet.



they would receive notifications though surely


We should have /trash/ as the only board tbh


Nvm I like /trash/ better than /schizo/, latter is probably too confusing

See even LN agrees >>77597 we need a /trash/ board, where there's 1 page only with like up to 5~10 max threads (so it doesn't rival /lounge/ for actual discussion)

Low effort throwaway threads like below would be perfect for /trash/

I could probably bring Smiley back too, a couple of his complaints of /lounge/ was that threads lasted too long and he prefers them to be temporary (or easily deleteable, which isn't fair to people who make replies), another was that he wants the option to spam as much as he wants in a thread without getting banned.


cry more


Really confused by this "person". https://www.xvideos.com/models/mia-cheers1#_tabVideos

Looks so much like a tranny but "she" is Russian, young and has a really well done vaj, if she/it is actually a man.


>I could probably bring Smiley back
Please don't. Implying he ever actually left.


I'm not looking forward to Easter at all. It's going to be awful. I know it's going to be awful. Every time I see those people they're all worse than the last I left them. But my nephew turned 13 and I want to give him a pocket knife for his birthday. BUT I also know his dumb fuck land manatee WHORE of a mother will take it away from him because my brother doesn't have a spine to stand up against her CUNT ways.


File: 1711720832507.webp (143.14 KB, 1219x1288, Screenshot_20240329-085954.webp)


File: 1711722001497.jpg (55.81 KB, 1280x720, 565678568568'.jpg)


'member i was chopping wood with an axe when i was like 10 mum was too busy to care (also managed to scuff my hand that way in my very first attempt at like 7)

>a noif

is the mum worried hes gonna cut off his weak pasty completely sheltered fortnite tiktok timmy hotdog fingers or are the adults there in general worried of kids listening to ape tapes ending up collecting hats & sneakers, and persuaded into "thug hussle" as in committing (accidentally) very lethal violence with their cool noif over 50$ worth of weed? do they have still have classes where they work with sharp tools, lathes etc?


(seen teenagers being persuaded into doing criminal shit that would fuck over the rest of their lives e.g. robberies over negligible amounts of money or access to drugs, i would not be surprised of a parent in an urban area being paranoid of that)


We're they of the dark-skinned variety?


File: 1711753423945-0.webp (179.77 KB, 1080x1440, ry3pmq4389rc1.webp)

File: 1711753423945-1.webp (44.96 KB, 992x1268, t2l37q4389rc1.webp)

/trash/ when


is he a jew?


smiley? yes


I keep thinking about this woman my cashier girl wtf. Taking her to Crescent. Riding waves. It must happen. I am so drawn to her even though she's not perfect. Damnit!


Dude you’ve been on about this bitch for years. Shit or get off the pot. Make you’re move or move on


bro you're 33 and she's 19, there's no way she's not going to think you're a pedophile, just give up


Gross phrase but I will, asked some other cashier about when she works and I'm planning to find her in a morning shift, tell her how I feel about her, ask her when she finishes and ask her to come with me to a cafe when she finishes. All or huge amount of my approach anxiety is gone and I'm just calculating what to do with her now.

34 and 18 or 19 but we'll see

This recent Sat I was planning to get up to do what I described above ^ but couldn't get up in time (also learned the cafe wasn't open etc) and I was thinking about her so much I had these benzo dreams in which I was with her. These dreams in which my sleep was broken so I kept waking up and going back into the same or a similar dream. It was happening to the point where I losing the ability to discern where I actually was with her - whether she knows how I feel about her or not, but I feel like something has shifted in the universe and now she knows and is waiting for me.

This is good anyway whatever happens, I feel more of an impetus to approach more women, I feel like I'm building up a platter of women who are interested in me, whether that's really true or not (but I FEEL it!!).


My 60 year old dad almost left my stepmom over an 18 year old redheaded girl that wanted to run away with him and marry him. I told him he should have went for it

No one gives a fuck about age except for old hags


That poor cashier's going to wind up in your freezer.


Don't ask her at the til, it's an instant put on the spot, ask a coworker if she has IG or some shit

that's weird as fuck



I'll ambush her in an aisle, she's there more than half the time anyway


Easter turned out to be pretty okay. My nephew is turning out to actually be kinda based. Unfortunately, he's in a /pol/tard phase. Tried to convince me that Biden was born in Ukraine because he read it online. Still better than being a FAGGOT.




Making your website or product broken or inoperable is never a good April Fools' "joke."


File: 1711993520979.jpg (63.62 KB, 680x519, GKC1obFXIAEZ_r9.jpg)

Why are the english such shameless liars? They're as bad as jews and ukrainians.



lots of inbreeding
anglo genes select for sociopathy


I'm Anglo and not a sociopath, stay wrong


Internet politics enthusiasts mimicking nonsense they heard from facebook boomers once again.


File: 1712183661484.webp (75.43 KB, 1155x1037, wypipo BTFO.webp)


G-d must be punishing me for doing drugs. 3 weeks in a row I haven't been able to get up to ask out my cashier girl. Even though I've been a drug free junkie for 6 days. My sleep cycle is too off, I'll sleep for 3 hours and then be awake for 6 then sleep another 3 but then sleep 6 later.

Otherwise I'm very tempted to bite the bullet and move out, I'd probably lose 8-10k a year from my ssvings/investments but living with my mum and brother with all their communication problems is such a pain. There'd also be good reasons to avoid drugs if I lived close to the city too, e.g. I would legitimately proudly slay a bit whether it be ostensibly real I.e. White women, or easy Asians and mystery meat


You're not "drug free" after only 6 days, try 3 months.


shut the fuck up retard, he hasn't taken drugs in 6 days, he literally has been drug free for 6 days


File: 1712420357541.jpg (148.65 KB, 1280x720, bravefirefox.jpg)

Switched to Brave. Had a couple deal-breaker bugs a few years ago last time I tried it (e.g. clicking a tab would randomly open it as a window), hopefully they're fixed now. Firefox has no respect for the user's computer. If I close tabs, it should release the memory back to the operating system so other programs can use it (or so Firefox itself won't slow down by resorting to using virtual memory instead of RAM by swapping to the HDD/SSD like crazy). It doesn't.

You can try for yourself:

Monitor memory usage in task manager, open 15 Firefox tabs of youtube.com, then close all tabs leaving one blank tab remaining, and for good measure go to about:memory and click "GC", "CC" and "Minimize memory usage". It won't give you back most of the memory, it'll maybe give you back a few percentage points but that's it.

Do the same ting for Brave. In my case it gave back almost all my memory back after closing all the tabs.

This has been brought up countless times over the past years but the response you'll get from either the Firefox shills or Firefox employees is either "RAM is cheap, bruh, just buy more RAM" (which isn't a valid argument because even with 128GB of RAM, Firefox will end up using more than half of that after leaving it on long enough) or "unused RAM is wasted RAM" which is A) not a valid excuse when Brave runs perfectly fine AND gives me back my memory, and B) is a statement as logical as "trans women are women."


Nevermind Mozilla being a totally corrupt literal DEI/ESG organization, barely being financially propped up by Google to prevent anti-trust lawsuits by the EU, a shell of its former self after their ouster of founder Brendan Eich who's now the CEO of Brave.



File: 1712433184219.jpeg (321.08 KB, 1024x1024, _711180ff-2847-4afe-b3a9-b….jpeg)

What drug? I currently need to slay the caffeine demon, and then the weed demon after he inevitably breaks from my service


> I currently need to slay the caffeine demon
I'm trying this again. It's been 2 days. I must stay the course, no matter how constipated I get.


File: 1712443617427.webm (1.87 MB, 800x720, 1712421880511178.webm)


Have you tried Librewolf? Its nice


It's just firefox.


What is the secret ingredient in your sweet ass custard?




File: 1712527574702.jpg (16.56 KB, 272x330, KiraNerys001.jpg)

the fuck is love? is that looking like Kira nerys?


Fuck off youtube stop recommending me Lex Fridman

Reminded me to install BlockTube


I can't stand that fucking retard


File: 1712622270537.webp (181.19 KB, 1177x915, Screenshot_12.webp)

You might say I went a bit overboard...

I've been considering Brave.


you fixing to meet the hatman?


File: 1712624227901.png (133.66 KB, 251x265, Trans dad (2).png)

I'm practically traumatized by dph lmfao don't remind me. Never seen the hatman tho, don't think


traumatised by DPH and you go out and buy a bag full?


I have a list of things to make Brave tolerable

(or whatever your personal preference is)

• Set On Startup to Open the New Tab page, set New tab page shows Blank page

• Turn on Show home button, set your favorite homepage
• Turn on Use wide address bar
• Set Show bookmarks to Never (use the bookmarks button or menu instead)
• Turn off: Show Brave News button, Show Brave Rewards button, Show Sidebar button, Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar (optional, I dislike this)

• Turn off Show the number of blocked items on the Shields icon

• Turn off: Allow privacy-preserving product analytics (P3A), Automatically send daily usage ping to Brave, Automatically send diagnostic reports
• Turn off Private window with Tor (unless you really want it. Tor is slow and I'd rather use Tor Browser for this)

• Turn on Use secure DNS, set to Add custom DNS service provider, set URL to https://dns.adguard-dns.com/dns-query

• Turn off: Show Leo icon in the side bar, Show Leo in the context menu on websites

• Set search engine to Google (choose based on personal taste)
• Turn off improve search suggestions (optional, I find this annoying)

• Turn off WebTorrent (you should use your own torrent software, not this)

• Turn off: Save and fill payment methods (optional), Allow sites to check if you have payment methods saved (optional)

• Turn off Offer to save passwords (optional)

• Turn on Memory Saver (important!)

• Disable the following: Enable Brave Rewards VBAT notices, Enable Brave Wallet, Enable experimental Brave VPN

• Install uBlock Origin
• Turn on Allow in Private, Allow access to file URLs
• in Extension options, in filter lists, turn on: EasyList/uBO - Cookie Notices, Adguard/uBO - Cookie Notices, EasyList - Annoyances, AdGuard - Annoyances, uBlock filters - Annoyances

• Install Reddit load images directly
• Turn on Allow in Private

• Install Return YouTube Dislikes
• Turn on Allow in Private

• Install BlockTube
• Turn on Allow in Private

• Install Violentmonkey
• Turn on Allow in Private, Allow access to file URLs
• Install the following scripts:

• Install SponsorBlock
• Turn on Allow in Private
• Go to Extension options
• In Behavior, set Unpaid/Self Promotion to Disable, Exclusive Access to Disable, Highlight to Disable, turn off Show an icon when a video is entirely an advertisement, turn off Show labels on video thumbnails as well, set Minimum duration (seconds) to 4, turn off Refetch Segments On New Videos
• In Interface, turn off all of these: Show Notice After A Segment Is Skipped, Show Category Help, Show Buttons On YouTube Player, Keep Skip To Highlight Button On Player, Show Info Button On YouTube Player, Allow Scrolling To Edit Times, Show Time With Skips Removed.
• In Interface, turn on all of these: Hide prompts about new features, Hide Donation Link, Hide options not available without extra payment
• In Keyboard shortcuts, unbind all shortcuts
• In Miscellaneous, turn off Enable Skip Count Tracking, Store segment downvotes
• In Miscellaneous, click Save


I planted some kumquat trees in my yard. My mom calls them "lumquats", but I don't think that's a thing.


CUM quat


Yeah that's what people probably think every time they hear it.



Sounds delicious!!!


lumquats are a type of lychee



I got fired from the alligator farm because I took a day off to go to an interview for another job. How do KIKES expect you to work 5 days a week and get anything else done? Nothing operates on the weekends.



File: 1712782432228.png (469.06 KB, 1329x1646, 1712600193458547.png)

5 days of work is slavery fit only for the lowest chandala


what is a chandela


Untouchable caste. Literal meaning is dog-eater


sounds elitist and cringe, something a nepo kid dressed in tom ford would say at a golf club


Damn, I know it.


stupid weed smoking neighbours are really pissing me off now, I'm sick of the smell of weed, it builds up over time because my front door isn't airtight and it leaks in, I don't fucking smoke it so then why do I have to smell it all the time, I hope they get raided, useless lazy bastards can't bring themselves to smoke out the window or go outside to do it


I hope you get accidentally hot boxed.


Gross. Potheads are disgusting.


She's old as fuck now bruh.

Doesn't look as bad as you'd expect.



Frenschan is over. That was quick, I though it was only really up for like a year and a half to 2 years.


File: 1712881539953.webp (134.28 KB, 2400x3000, firefox.webp)

Back to Firefox. Youtube stutters like crazy on Brave, especially 60 FPS videos, but it even stutters on 360p. Unacceptable. And the devs play dumb and act like it's a (You) problem instead of a problem with their browser. Problem doesn't exist in Firefox or any other Chromium variant. But in all other Chromium-based browsers I can't disable showing history when typing on the URL bar which I find annoying enough to be a deal-breaker. I will have to close Firefox more often to deal with their memory-hogging philosophy which is annoying but it is what it is.

Not surprising. Saw their admin and whatever staff they had were pretty much checked out, ignored my suggestions and fixes (e.g. rangebanning the CP spammer to lower his frequency).

Also the admin paid $170 per month for his site, with $99 of it being for a dedicated server. That's complete lunacy. You don't need a $99 dedicated server to run vichan.

And you can see on the front page the site only used 35GB of storage.

HDV will also get tired of 4chon eventually and shut it down, but cost is not likely to be a primary reason because this runs perfectly fine (and can handle many more boards and other shit if needed) on a $4/mo VPS with 160GB storage (so $48/yr plus tax) plus $25/yr for ".me" domain renewal (which is a huge rip-off, told HDV to migrate to a cheaper domain but he refuses). And you don't need DDoS protection unless you're Kiwi Farms or an important organization, just rate-limit your shit in nginx.


>You don't need a $99 dedicated server to run vichan.

No, you don't. Not for a site that size.

Probably just pocketing the money.


S, good riddance.


Nah the admin's just tech & financially illiterate.


my fart shit smell was very intricate and pungy


i fard n it smell of shit

i shidded my pants


cool I wish that I shit my pants sometimes


Why are gays always into scat, Avid?



I don't know ask >>78517


>Love this video. The mom is managing it all with great joy. There is such elegance in her appearance, presence, the joy of making cookies for her and her little daughter. The baby is wrapped around her, no problem rolling the cookie out, humming a song, putting them in the oven and then Mama has the perfect size gram cracker to dip in the milk, the eye to eye joyful agreement that this is so good. The simplicity
of the house, the pictures on the wall, its a house where people live, enjoy life not a show room. White
cupboards with a white vase, with white flowers, the piles gray stairs with staggered gray framed pics
as one assends. The Mama and daughter savoring the cookies d e l i c I o u s


This is what they took from you.


>eating the carbohydrate jew


File: 1712965436591.jpg (173.22 KB, 679x631, 1393573688025.jpg)

My oneitis should be working and I think I'm ready. Gonna try pull her aside, tell her I was thinking about marrying her, also that I wanted to take her surfing, and ask to meet her at a nearby cafe at the end of her shift today. Then I want to ask her for a drink at my place and bang her right then. Condoms and cider stocked, freezer ready.


I'd like to add that I'm going to blast this song from a boombox that I hold over my head as I stand outside her window. She will be my girlfriend.


File: 1712967630604.mp4 (452.86 KB, 1152x480, condoms.mp4)


That ain't the DXM anthem

The dog bark at the beginning and the grunts really make it.

This is quality African-American musical ability, true wordsmiths and word-weavers:

Arf! Arf!
Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, don't get it twisted
This rap shit is mine, motherfucker
It's not a fuckin' game, fuck what you heard (grr)
It's what you hearin' (what you hearin')
It's what you hearin' (listen)
It's what you hearin' (listen)
It's what you hearin' (listen)

The girl will need to forgive me later, I actually had to take a few Ket bumps to counter her power. Like a year ago when I was trying to talk to her she PARALYSED me with her power - her beauty and youth and virility. I'm of two minds about using Ket but desperate times ~


I actually mean/meant that she paralysed me every single time I went to try and talk to her. Then we had that little interaction where I asked her if she went to schoolies and she blushed hard right then and there and told me she was 17. SHIT that must've been 2022 as she's in uni now.


I don't know, ask your dad he should know


This is another song I put on my mixtape to blast outside her home!


File: 1712971108514-0.png (2.34 KB, 242x74, Screenshot_1.png)

File: 1712971108514-1.jpg (225.35 KB, 1250x1250, 1490300785635.jpg)


It's 11.15am and the cafes close at 1 or 2pm. WTF am I supposed to do if she finishes after then??? The Arab told me she had a morning shift on Sats, night shift on Suns. REEE

I mean there is nowhere to take her if the cafes close. I don't think I can just ask to drink with her in a park. God damnit!


File: 1712971204795.webp (99.46 KB, 1439x1984, Screenshot_20240412-201915.webp)


lmfao what a self-own


I sleep a lot better after quitting caffeine. Don't feel like I got hit by a truck when I try to get out of bed either.


Well? What happened? Did you do it?


No. He failed us.


Didn't go. I want to try catch her on a weekday morning shift when the cafes are open. Because I think asking her to dinner after a night shift is too much. Also I think she finishes her night shifts around closing at like 7-8pm anyway, I suspect her parents wouldn't want her to be around the area that late at night.


It might be a sign from god you should try to find a girl closer to your age


16yrs old is my minimum. I need to befriend her father so that he'll give me his daughters hand in marriage. We'll be gifted a farm from elon musk after I send him a request and the rest will be in the history books. Btw we'll be going to mars. Smell ya later normie!!


I was too much of a pussy. I will admit. Maybe next time or the time after that time... I'll do it. I'm bound and determined. Still a better story than twilight.


If by god you mean the flying spegetti monster, yes.


I never fail. I never give up. Quitting is for losers and I'm no loser! I'm a winner!


What's with all the glow niggers?


it's foky being le edgelord, he's/b/ brained and beyond saving, textbook satanist



My new spycam just arrived yesterday. Perhaps that's what G-d was waiting for. PEOPLE MUST SEE MY WOLRD

This, except space is fake and gay and life off-Earth would be hellish if it were even possible like the electric space man says it could be


>My new spycam just arrived yesterday. Perhaps that's what G-d was waiting for. PEOPLE MUST SEE MY WOLRD

I look forward to the cringe encounters


By some miracle it actually seems to work, and decently too except it has some yellow tinge and doesn't record audio (but no matter I can do that with my phone).


Good shit nigger, get some approaches uploaded


I'll try, the girl wasn't at the supermarket today




Actually it's not discreet enough lol



It would be entertaining, but it's probably a bad idea anyway.


File: 1713174718128.png (85.11 KB, 361x333, 1478934217359.png)

Just bought another one off ebay


I made an easily taxable sum of money on Venmo selling some old crap last year, but they haven't prepared any tax information for me. Normally this would be based (and still might be) but I feel like I want it on my record for business profit/loss and there's no way I could have put several thousand dollars in my account without the Jews being aware of it in either case. Related: Venmo's transaction history is a joke and can only be viewed one month at a time. What f*cking r*tarded pajeet can't make a table with a date range?

Yeah dude, thanks for giving me the ability to download the .csv spreadsheet file for the 3 transactions I made this month. I'm really looking forward to going down the line like that 12 times, combing this trash website or my phone for each transaction and writing them on a sticky note. Ah hell nah.


I mean, if I could just say I lost "$x,xxx" to contractors (which is true) and made $0 I'd do it, but those thousands of dollars I'd made last summer selling stuff via an easily traceable normgroid service probably needs to be accounted for somewhere even if I ultimately spent much more than I gained.


>but I feel like I want it on my record for business profit/loss and there's no way I could have put several thousand dollars in my account without the Jews being aware of it in either case.
I'm sure it's on record, but you aren't noteworthy enough to audit.


>I currently need to slay the caffeine demon

Paging for an update


>switch a website from a meme tld to a common tld
>jeet bots immediately begin to defecate in the search indexed email inbox ' j. doe singh poo sir Re: Inquery web Higher-traffick development srevices .??'



>found 23g of weed
>I don't smoke weed
>I can't find anyone to sell it to
>my flat stinks of weed and its depressing me


Smoke it


File: 1713297880175.jpeg (58.42 KB, 480x640, hredirect2.jpeg)

I've gone down from two cups of coffee a day to one. Currently it's just 7 teaspoons of instant coffee after I awaken in the morning. I'll drop to 4 in a week or two, then 2, then 1 etc.

Slow, smooth departure


I don't do drugs


Where did you find that pic of a man


Same. Haven't done drugs in 2 days. Well.it was actually Monday and now it's Weds so... however long that is :)


>7 teaspoons

what the fuck? how fucked is your diet if you need 7 fucking teaspoons of coffee in the morning?


Good shit m, drugs are disgusting


That's somewhere around standard energy drink size



imagine needing any kind of energy drink


File: 1713370215636.jpeg (58.42 KB, 480x640, hredirect2.jpeg)

I have pushed my body to Olympian levels beyond your comprehension. Bask in your bog of ignorance, knowing that you have no dreams to aspire for, nor purpose to your existence


shut up retard none of that shit is true


Spooky bird.


Millions of years ago this little freak's ancestors would've hunted us down.


nice cock


File: 1713410577601.mp3 (237.04 KB, Sam 18th Apr.mp3)

LOL that was annoyingly ambiguous. Walked in on the 4th morning in a row and finally saw her there. It was pretty busy.

Wasn't sure if she was avoiding eye contact with me or what. The manager that came up to me is normally very blunt and disagreeable, though polite.


File: 1713415903852.jpg (86.08 KB, 854x480, snapshot.jpg)

Trying to figure out the psychology of the people who regularly watch this wildly popular youtube show. There does not appear to be anything in it for them to invest so heavily in Democratic party politics and watching shows like this. Judging from the comments they don't seem to have any coherent ideology or policy preferences. They're simply on Team Democrats (and Team Israel). They also seem to worship powerful people (at least the political figureheads like Biden, Kamala and Obama, not the highest levels of power behind the curtain like the Rothschilds or CEOs at WEF meetings). But anyway, they largely seem to treat this as a sports team to dedicate themselves to and religiously root for, kind of like how sports fans root for teams/athletes that don't really give a shit about them. Noticed also that more than half of the comments appear to be women (GenX or boomer), you can see for yourself. David Pakman is a very dry, boring and politically-correct grifter, but he does have a very catty and snobby attitude. My theory is that college-educated menopausal women and homosexual males (better known as faggots) feel at home when listening to that soy cattiness but heterosexual males instinctually find it offputting.


Maybe? I don't doubt your appraisal. (oven went off as i read your appraisal). I never watched Pakman either, it's clearly not the arcade game that I previously loved. Probably anything involved with this jewish asshole will be promoted to the moon for alt-"right" bitches.


damn that was awkward, bro I mean this, leave the bitch alone, women talk, they probably all are talking about how weird you are behind your back, she essentially said buy your stuff and get the fuck out


I think it was the 22nd of Mar when I asked the Arab girl about her, so a month ago. And then I can't even remember going to the shops for 3 weeks after that. So if the Arab girl told her I was looking to ask her out then the girl in question really probably would've been wondering wait I was waiting for.

Like I said the manager is pretty blunt so I think she would've told me directly if Sam wasn't interested. But she's a bit of a Karen too so I suspect she might've been jealous, as my girl is a babe.

So ~

> leave the bitch alone

I haven't spoken to her for months, honestly gave up on her after she told me she was vaxxed (I asked) but my interest was renewed recently while I was on DXM and LSA.

Also you sound like you're dangerously close to simping for her. She's a hot 18/19 year old she know she attracts men.

Now that I think of it, maybe the best time to ask her out might've been the one time (I think) I saw her walk to her car when her dad picked her up. Should've approached her (them both, or whoever else she was with) right then - asked her dad if I could take her out.

The story with this girl in particular might end up being tragic. I'm regretful I didn't ask her out earlier.

All that being said, next time I'll be more direct and won't ask for when a particular girl is around, I'll just wait to ambush.


Bro… please just stop…


If it were easy everyone would have a 16yo unvaxxed virgin tradwife

Anyway I just had successive nightmares and sleep paralysis and was either too cold or hot and felt scared that someone/something was in the room with me. It's odd. A fairly good guess it's related to yesterday, I'm paranoid the workers were trying to shield her from me now. I tried writing yesterday but it was hard I had the girl on my mind.


And my brother got up as I was in the bathroom and told me he got woken up by a woman screaming, but it sounds like he had a nightmare too. LOL sounds symbolic for something. I wo der if this was one of those moments like where a mother wakes up because her daughter gets in a car crash half a world away things.


File: 1713469657277.gif (17.69 KB, 220x226, 20611ADE-F74D-453B-9C88-D7C….gif)

Dude wtf me my wife and son had a bad time last night and have been up since 3am
Some astral fuckery is going on for sure


File: 1713469812165.jpg (24.59 KB, 474x266, 1712469602924086.jpg)



I thought I was the only breeder here


I mean I tried doing more writing work, I was butthurt I'd spent too much time getting high for no good reason and playing video games too much recently

Yeah maybe...


File: 1713495430963-0.webp (116.33 KB, 830x600, mirc32.webp)

File: 1713495430963-1.webp (145.16 KB, 960x720, mac-discord-to-irc.webp)

File: 1713495430963-2.webp (157.23 KB, 1024x768, amiga-irc.webp)

File: 1713495430963-3.jpg (45.25 KB, 474x269, yahoo-chat.jpg)

The IT industry is really in a state of decay (like every other industry) when modern browsers are expected to use 2GB of RAM in order to send and receive messages in a chat box (Slack, Discord et al.).
Meanwhile in the late 90s they had the exact same functionality, IRC and Java applet chatrooms, which ran perfectly fine on 32MB RAM PCs, Macintoshes and Amigas.


Demographics in the vid are pretty typical of modern Australia

Also lol @ the guy when questioned about the glass house and how he can look into others properties, he just says "it abides by the code" - as if thats a good argument


>Everyone has an immigrant wife
LOL. They reap what they sow. I'm sure they've made that area a real shithole for younger people. What that guy is doing is the natural conclusion for a "diverse neighborhood". Suburban areas tend to go to total hell in general when they start expanding for "economic development". The boomers think the ideas proposed by their corrupt city council sound good at first, since they would like to have a few local worker slaves to support their old asses, but then traffic and crime go up exponentially and the city starts to approve more and more houses in your neighborhood. It's all down hill from there as your small town triples it's population within a decade, so you may as well cynically take advantage of the situation and rent out multi-level housing to shitskins like that guy is doing.


Looks like my RAM issue has resolved itself with a Firefox update. System uptime is 2 days and RAM usage is sitting at 24% with 32gb. Before I had to restart once a day when it got to around 80-90%


I thought you were gonna say "diversity" leads to people doing weird stuff like that glass house. Due to a loss of community values and/or coherency, homogeneity and so on.


That much is obvious. Additionally, It's probably fitting that goy-cattle be forced to live in glass houses considering how little regard for privacy they usually have. A pod is too luxurious for the sorts of people who never think twice about their phone tracking them or letting companies collect their data.


why do you care about tracking you a pedophile or something?

hey government, track me all you want I don't give a fuck


kitchen sink drainage finally got clogged up with grease in a house i am renting.

i didn't fuck up, and properly disassembled and cleaned it using the sizzly toxic chemical granules instead of making a big nasty mess or leaned on breaking it and having to explain the situation to the owners. the smelly shitwater only exploded in my general direction with a burp noise when i removed the gasket friction fit pvc siphon from the pipe in the wall, the food stuffs must have been all rotting in the warm water and building up pressure in there.


hey retard, scrape your food off into the bin before washing the plates


File: 1713643687524.jpg (139.14 KB, 574x1024, 1710218466049463m.jpg)

Leave the zombie alone. Her corpse is unfit, even for worms


Prolly not that relevant, but I still haven't updated to the Samsung galaxy 6.1 ui thingy for Samsung phones (I guess?) because it messed with the display of some devices and I didn't want to risk it and was waiting for a fix.


you are gay


you are gay


you are gay


braindead prog thinks housing in EU/NA/AU are far cries from each other when compared to niggers in mud hate. 404 brain not found.


you are gay


you are gay





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