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File: 1711667673353.png (590.42 KB, 768x1024, The BioTerror Bible.png)


The Bio Terror Bible Exposing The Coming Bio Terror Pandemic.pdf Download


The document summarizes the claims which alleges that the US government is planning and preparing for a staged bio-terror attack and pandemic that will kill millions.



Barriers to bioweapons is a better book.

Also this is a bit late. Covid already happened.

File: 1710037447937.jpg (64.57 KB, 810x1280, FB_IMG_1710037361916.jpg)


Look, I am not going to make the conclusion that they were unable to understand that fire.... hot 🔥

But...what other conclusion can you make here?

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Why do you think human beings evolved to have eosinophils and basophils in the first place?
I'm not trying to sound smart; plenty of them would have died from parasites. Plenty others would've became hardier over time.
Something like 5% of Europeans are immune to the AIDS virus because of the bubonic plague, for example. And it's well known that European diseases like smallpox and even simple shit like RSV or whatever wiped out a lot of Aboriginal people.


>you can just put them back in nappies and have them live in the desert
Incorrect. The aboriginal species of australian origin survive off petrol. They have to be able to consume it 24/7. If they do not have access to petrol, they all die.


niggers are black


File: 1711607660926.jpeg (106.39 KB, 675x675, Sigma-grindset-patrick-bat….jpeg)


vantablack niggers deserve double-death for being so dark and niggery

File: 1708529579504.png (205.16 KB, 588x652, 2.20.24.png)


It finally happened. David Irving has passed away. Goodnight, sir. Rest well.
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I'll look into it. Having physical copies would encourage me to actually get through all these.


>I missed this thread a month ago
F to a real one


He's still around, he's just really, really sick.


File: 1711177888619.jpeg (7.45 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

sick? you mean he land kickflip??


Hell yeah, homey. Pulling ollies and riding the rails.

File: 1710554927514.webp (16.87 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20240223_184654….webp)


>be America
>let in shitskins
>crime goes up
>more demand for police
>more police now available for when they initiate their police states and security stamp downs


Yeah, that's how that works. The United States "elites" have intentionally be importing immigrants in order to disposses the natives pretty much since it's inception. The English settlers were correct to complain about the Germans, who were right to complain about the Irish, who were right to complain about the Italians, and so on.


america gay

File: 1711013054570.png (255.86 KB, 596x982, w79oki.png)


nato civil war in europe



I don't know, man

File: 1710985654370.jpg (100.89 KB, 1024x772, They Tried To Cheat In 2016….jpg)


DOMINION LEAKS.zip 4.5 GB Download

A collection of thousands of Dominion emails documenting their massive voter fraud schemes during the 2020 Presidential Election. Chinese nationals were also involved with Dominion in subverting the 2020 Presidential Election.


File: 1711179194539.png (195.58 KB, 322x527, 951.png)

File: 1710894898519.jpg (398 KB, 989x1280, Every-Single-Aspect-of-the-….jpg)



27 GTV Flyers pasted into Word and PDF for easy printing when you want to spread the news!!!



File: 1711179174778.png (195.58 KB, 322x527, 951.png)


Dogi had a meltdown on a flight and it had to turn around but she now back in the psych ward


don't fucking care at all, stop posting about this ugly fat stupid inbred whale already you fucking nigger


I've never posted dogi's face. This thread was a JOKE obviously. It hasnt been me posting crude comments about dogi.

File: 1708678734292.jpeg (186.64 KB, 1080x1896, orca-image--1252003222.jpeg)


Should you monitor your children's activity online?
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File: 1708979917669.mp4 (3.2 MB, 490x360, genderweb.mp4)

i don't think this was much of a thing in like 2005
Everything was much less of a thing internet wise but even back in 1995 but they were always around trying to prey on vulnerable children. And the state sponsored media was there to portray their efforts as valiant underground resistance against mainstream culture.

The only two differences now are the people gloating publicly on social media about sending puberty blockers to underage children and grooming others behind the backs of their parents are being paid handsomely for their efforts by NGOs and their numbers increased by an order of magnitude.


not news


Grab a tiger by his tail


File: 1709185293601.jpg (194.05 KB, 1280x848, EB20100707REVIEWS100709986A….jpg)

dogtooth was a pretty good movie with your psychotic comment as a premise



File: 1710868493066.jpg (884.3 KB, 2460x2365, The Face You Make.jpg)



What the fuck is that


File: 1711179217210.png (195.58 KB, 322x527, 951.png)

File: 1710726307338.jpg (80.19 KB, 744x484, JEWISH WORLD GOVERNMENT.jpg)



tf is this?


Ahh yes... I shall most certainly click upon these links and download the contents therein to my hard drive.


i agree with op image, still not gonna download


File: 1711179232461.png (195.58 KB, 322x527, 951.png)

File: 1710429955144.mp4 (1.06 MB, 480x748, ADL TikTok.mp4)


Zionists want TikTok banned because TikTok did not censor anti-Israel or pro-Palestianian posts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter did after October 7.
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i ain't no american, but halting distribution of chink military mindrot spyware SAAS is logical. if you got a nasty tumor going on you don't need AIDS too.

(all foreign closed source, non-FOSS shit that can be ran on people's computers should be seen as malware by default, the EU is mildly more ahead of the US on being mildly aware of that.)


FOSS is malware and serfdom. If I compile my game for Ubuntu 19.04 then it should work on Ubuntu 19.10. But it doesn't because you turdburglers don't ensure libc/crt0 backward-compatibility, GTK backward-compatibiity, OpenGL library location consistency and so on, the program has to be recompiled for every fucking minor release. This is by design in the Linux userspace ecosystem so people are stuck with just the few ultra lame programs available only in the distro's "package manager", another censored feudal SAAS walled-garden no different from the Apple and Google App Stores. Meanwhile I can run Windows 95 games from 1995 on Windows 10 almost always flawlessly. Even MS-DOS, Amiga and TempleOS ensured backward backward compatility. No wonder Linux is stuck at 1% market share after three decades.


The problem is the precedent. Nobody who isn't a fag cares about some ADHD chink hell portal app like TikTok getting banned, but if they start going after foreign-hosted platforms in general for allowing anti-kosher sentiments then that's pretty bad.


that wasn't my point in the post, the point was that the US would halt the ban if tik tok were to be sold, also, im pretty sure catching a government worker and squeezing them for info holds greater result to China's Intel operations than the knowledge of what retarded normoids choose to watch online


File: 1710815890248.png (86.8 KB, 600x640, trojan-horse.png)

This bill, if deemed constitutional (or simply punted away, which is more likely) by the geriatric Supreme Court judges, would allow the executive branch to ban access to foreign websites by "foreign adversaries" such as tiktok.com, douyin.com, yandex.com, gitee.com, RT.com, rutracker.org, presstv.ir and so on. This is hardly different from China's Great Firewall, and you've already got some form of social credit system, for example you Amerilards won't even outlaw basic shit like automakers selling telemetry data (driving behavior) in (((modern cars))) to data brokers and insurance companies without your permission.


This is an entertaining clip of James O'Keefe going on a "date" with a white house cybersecurity official.
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If I was a high-level government faggot I'd be dating cute boys, not old dudes.


About 9 minutes in , the security guard Rasheed Shelby basically admits that he is guarding a Ramada hotel which is being used for human trafficking


File: 1710007292095.webp (1.43 KB, 250x141, 1709483003352.webp)

this is you


No, it's not, and I'm starting to like him just because of how much you don't.

If you're reading this, bald guy with glasses on the couch, do you want to be friends? I'm also bald but i don't wear glasses or sit on a couch.


shut up you little faggot

File: 1710093905004.webp (54.63 KB, 968x1437, Screenshot_20240308_184058….webp)


slow shit site


rude bad poster


your gay


you are a gay faggot nigger

File: 1710027772968.jpg (168.76 KB, 720x823, Pyramid Structure Of Contro….jpg)


BLACK NOBILITY DIRECTORY.zip 47 MB Download .pdf and .docx



A massive collection of names and pictures of European royals and elites, along with descriptions of all of the evildoing activities they are involved in.


fuck off

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