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Would the Elder Scrolls Series of Medieval Fantasy Personal Computer Games Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?
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this tbh


Level scaling in video games will be strictly forbidden in the ethnostate


Good. I can't play Oblivion without installing OOO. It is by far the most mandatory mod.


Is there a retard-proof guide for reconciling multiple mod references that target the same entries, or is it just a tedious process no matter what? Example: mod 1 changes mesh and placement of object, mod 2 changes overall cell layout and placement of object, references are cleaned so that mod 1 mesh is used but the object is placed using mod 2's reference.


It's not "retard-proof", but the short of it is you use wyrebash and LOOT to merge mods and sort your load-order.Don't ask me how, I forgot Sometimes it is just easier to sort the load order or merge stuff in the data folder yourself if you have a good idea of what the problem is. Oblivion really lacks community support these days. The tools for Skyrim are so much better. Fans made a new engine for Daggerfall and Morrowind, Bethesda made a new Engine for Skyrim with SE, but Oblivion gets nothing. Skyblivion(remaking Oblivion in Skyrim) is a dumb effort in my opinion. I really enjoy the skyrim modding scene, but you can't remake a lot of what makes Oblivion distinct in Skyrim, and it's probably less effort (although perhaps more difficult) to just make a new engine for Oblivion like DFU or OMW.

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how many glo-nigglets are on this site?
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File: 1700731364503.jpg 211.82 KB, 807x455, 1697268786380.jpg

15-year-old Joy was home when 10 armed robbers broke in, tying up her siblings, family helpers, a visiting cousin and family, and missionaries renting their downstairs apartment.
On February 7, 1992, Joy was brutally raped and sexually abused by 7 of the men in multiple rooms - her own bed, bathroom and her brother's room. Her friends Irene and Lana were also raped after arriving for a sleepover.
Today, Joy is happily married with children and continues to share her story to give hope to others who have endured tragedy. She has found that keeping her eyes fixed on Christ allows Him to write a beautiful ending to her life's story.


she turned the other cheek heh


The other butt cheek LOL


Just quit using 4chan already.


the hairapist


Would Oriental Assassins with Supernatural Powers Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?


Probably not.


lame tbh


They are not h'White and also a criminal.

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You vill primarily post news, history or politics-related subjects on zis board in a respectable und dignified manner, und you vill be happy!
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please share more anne frank sex


she likes to ruthlssly indulge and stimulate nude male cocks


File: 1696645299326-0.mp4 2.48 MB, 576x1024, 比~比~安mu希~.mp4

File: 1696645299326-1.mp4 3.47 MB, 576x1022, 比比安慕希变速舞.mp4


wut abowt femail cox

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Would "Hells", the Flawed but Fantastic Foray into the Underworld by Studio Madhouse Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?



This movie could have been so great without some of the dumb sh*t, on God tbh famalam.

>I enjoyed it quite a bit regardless tho

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Spike in premature cancer, doctors warn 'getting cancer in your 20s or 30s is now THE NORM'

> Figures from the Florida Cancer Connect Collaborative showed rates for all cancer diagnoses jumped 15 percent among people in their 20s and 30s, three times faster than the national average.

> Breast cancer was the most common…with colon cancer and leukemia among other cancers rising fastest.

> Doctors note that the sharpest rise in cancer rates occurred only after 2020 - and are baffled with what the cause could be, as nothing significant was introduced to health since that time.

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When a woman menstruates an egg is released to keep a fresh one constantly ready for use but when she's pregnant and during early breastfeeding the process is put on hold for roughly 2 years which means up to 24 cycles are saved. There is a limited number of those eggs and when the supply ends it causes menopause.

Older women who try to get pregnant later in life often ruined their bodies with a decade or more of hormonal birth control or abortions so they can't do it even with fresher frozen eggs. Also the major beneficial changes that pregnancy cause to their health(especially mental health through changes in brain chemistry) is an important factor. Women were designed to have children early and often.

Instead of teaching this during 'sex ed' all they do is promote faggotry, modern tranny mental illness and birth control methods. Thankfully parents are starting to clue in and are burning down the schools that do this world wide. Even in repressive police states the authorities are powerless to stop it, it's not just some weirdos on the internet complaining among themselves anymore.


I know a woman in her mid 20s who's been on birth control for 10 years. She said something like "if I found out I couldn't have kids I'd probably kill myself". What are her odds? H-....heh


She's boned.


*is an important factor in increasing fecundity.
She can always rent a surrogate womb. Being around newborns also changes women but in less significant ways.


Pretty sure that's outside most peoples pay grade anon. Surrogate pregnancies don't come cheap. You might be better off going to china and getting a gmo pig chimera test tube baby tbh.

File: 1699386707368.jpg 69.57 KB, 439x589, censorship.JPG



They could *easily* ignore the complaints, which come from an unrelated third party whom they refuse to reveal, and could be literally anyone down to an intern at Cogent with a sockpuppet account on Gmail

The kicker is that Section 230 gives them blanket immunity to anything they host. They are not liable for anything, especially not shit that's hosted on a customer of a customer of a customer's website.

They are deliberately choosing to become involved in content moderation, with the purpose of directed censorship.

Were Kiwifarms a left-wing political site, a "loli/shota" kiddie pron haven, a "furry" hangout with openly traded bestiality videos, or a how-to forum for Jihadi bombmakers, these grasping-at-straws complaints would not have been giving 10 seconds worth of consideration.
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Kiwifarms users regularly stalk and harass random autists. They absolutely create lolcow content, but the lolcows are them.

>a left-wing political site, a "loli/shota" kiddie pron haven, a "furry" hangout with openly traded bestiality videos, or a how-to forum for Jihadi bombmakers

All of these sorts of website are common targets for censorship. You live in a fantasy world, Josh.


>Kiwifarms users regularly stalk and harass random autists. They absolutely create lolcow content, but the lolcows are them.

Sorry to play devil's advocate but this is bullshit. If the website says DO NOT STALK THESE PEOPLE WE ONLY CATALOGUE WHAT THEY DO, WEENING AND STALKING IS ILLEGAL, Kiwifarms is not responsible for someone who happens to use their website does. This is like saying Facebook is liable because people who commit crimes use it.


>do not stalk these people BUT if you do we'll cheer you on from the sidelines and make you internet famous wink wink nudge nudge


*BUT if you do we'll literally call you a derogatory term we've invented and made for this express purpose (ween, a-log, carpetbagger, etc), and publicly shame you on the forum. E.g. they literally changed the username of the guy that sifted through Chris Chan's trash so everyone would know he's doing gross, illegal shit.



Pretty sure dumpster diving is legal in every state, but regardless you've made my point for me.

They made the dude his own page on the wiki even. He's internet famous. That attention spurs on a lot of people.

Even chris chan probably wouldn't be half as fucked up if he didn't have a bunch of cheerleaders and agitators driving him to greater and greater feats of depravity.

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Michelle Heaton opens up on achieving sobriety: 'I should have died years ago...'


File: 1696672239361.jpeg 125.39 KB, 826x1024, N4JEHQepRCCk.jpeg


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File: 1697419384145.png 2.16 MB, 2252x2168, 4f1b5b7c8f33fe50a1ff07fa261….png


Fucked a nog, pretty disgusting


loving niggers is howdy doody cop compliant


respect them


Good thread. Finally a thread without politic.

File: 1698445182876.png 2.29 MB, 1080x1920, p9elmcp8pj121.png


LONDON POLICE REPORT CDS-128387-23-4800-000

If I am assassinated, I will have control over the CIA, MI6, German intelligence and much of the European Union. I will surely reincarnate to the capacity to govern all world intelligence.

By this token, my assassination is not likely.

Soon Hamilton Palace as a living soul will have this body as well. And I will have myself unchained from much incestuous property.

Operation complete.

America is a tune that must be sung together. 50 Blessings.


Thanks, man

File: 1697967534426.jpg 73.52 KB, 960x540, JavMil.jpg


Election Day for Hitler's grandchild
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jesus - kicks money changers out of the temple, killed for it, but not directly by the jews, they used a proxy in order to make it seem like someone else was responsible

hitler - kicks rothschild central bankers out of germany and austria, killed for it, but not directly by the jews, they used proxies in order to make it seem like someone else was responsible





ackshually it was only the legislative election and the presidental election is next month




File: 1696172947633.jpg 92.08 KB, 887x833, 1696107602858930.jpg



There's no way to protect oneself from an aerosol spray chemtrail at 3 AM over a 100 mile area. One of the best suggestions I've seen so far is heavy paranoia and using nicotine to clog up ace2 receptors during vulnerable periods of exposure so that the v*xx can't murder us

We all need to start growing tobacco unironically
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File: 1696399058123.jpg 380.72 KB, 1440x1806, 275666685_5004335276350987_….jpg

Without sounding schizo for a second; if this is possible and easy to do with an mRNA vaccine, what's stopping a rival nation or false flagging nation of just spraying mould spores, or anthrax, or smallpox just all over a population to kill them in biological warfare?




""Natty Tatty"" Road Workers


It's for monetization. More open-minded youth of the future deserve to be paid for spraying those vaccines out from their lungs, and this determines the path of a natural brand ambassador.


File: 1697917367088.webp 72.57 KB, 1177x1609, Screenshot_20231021-144221.webp

To answer your question...
nothing is stopping terrorists from commiting biological warfare. You're welcome.

File: 1696569315636.jpg 25.22 KB, 427x320, i.jpg


>VICE gets popular because it's on top of commenting on the the weird deranged and fringe shit
>13 years later
>VICE invites some trantranfreaks to put together a smear article on kweefarms (who cares)
>people go straight to the source of the weird deranged and fringe shit commentary place just because they can, for the same reasons they used to read VICE

how can VICE even compete

heh i knew the dems were the REAL racist all along etc.
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Vice had some kino documentaries back in the day. Sad they sold out.


Vice was always a pro degeneracy propaganda outlet, George Soros and Rupert Murdoch are co-owners for Vice


>Vice was always a pro degeneracy propaganda outlet
True, but the vice guide to Liberia will always be a classic.
>George Soros and Rupert Murdoch are co-owners for Vice
That was after being bought.




File: 1697666689120.png 5.33 KB, 336x280, kidzart-goaway.png

Seek Christ

File: 1691891117616.jpg 68.6 KB, 467x492, 1691880834494410.jpg


KIKE Record Labels Hit Internet Archive With New $400m+ Copyright Lawsuit

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their eggs hatch inside the water tower. the larvae latch into the flesh that cannot escape.


File: 1692000427671.jpg 79.31 KB, 1024x997, 1667164978780425.jpg

Ur mums puccy is for mah dick LOL


File: 1697170463532.png 429.46 KB, 1000x1231, ralph-kramden-raccoon-lodge….png

a dyslexic wise guy, eh? then yeah look, go easy on 'em right to the moon; we get 'em out this way all the time.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1697192027962.jpeg 122 KB, 431x600, obama 2008 early primaries.jpeg

circulating jew media for free is fairly cuck'd. archive.org should delete all the zogslop and dedicate themselves strictly to the task of preserving the works Wyatt Mann


one of the niggers booked a turkey special.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

File: 1695107702869-0.png 327.94 KB, 800x800, nwf.png

File: 1695107702869-1.png 65.73 KB, 642x1083, ПеКа-фейсы-макросы-why-so-b….png


Anyone here still have the old Northwest front memes that got made back in 2011 on /new/?

Also, is there an archive of old 4chon stuff in general? So much quality content has fallen off the internet.
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File: 1696290178179.jpg 275.96 KB, 666x852, 1448656437491.jpg


File: 1696335487907.png 233.88 KB, 657x616, cd1c66059c4c2ae7d34f29fb357….png




File: 1696377993622.jpg 187.52 KB, 900x627, 1399297931236.jpg

Well, shite news lads.
Chinky device arrived early, but one of the drives is a total nail and the other's so fugged I can't get into it to browse any of the files.
My chon classics may be gone for good, it seems.
Apologies if I got anybody's hopes up smh.


Explain why "it's better than extracting the devil's rusty plaything" means I owe you money.

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