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File: 1712261046428.jpeg 47.74 KB, 700x525, Untitled.jpeg


Send back every single spic to Mexico. Yes, even the ones who "came in legally", and yes, even the "based and trad" ones.


send the earth into the sun at one hundred trillion miles per second


>surrounded by hapa and japanese p*ssy
>gets buck broken by some gay space nigga instead
What the hell did they mean wit dis


I personally skip through the scenes with shinji and asuka, they are the worst fucking parts of NGE, shinji just cries like a beta faggot and asuka is an annoying narc dipshit


File: 1712437845405.jpg 201.58 KB, 515x725, 4ef5fce0d926165a7c2f042c081….jpg

Asuka is perfect, how dare you.


she's fucking shit wtf, she's easily one of the worst aspects of NGE, next to shinji crybaby faggot and that sentient penguin

File: 1712008372002.mp4 3.73 MB, 1280x694, tedtechnology18418614.mp4


Daily reminder that higher technology has ruined your life.
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File: 1712443056353.png 87.95 KB, 1440x140, Screenshot_20240406-173650~….png


File: 1712443087771.webp 10.64 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20240406-173757.webp


File: 1712443118601.webp 9.5 KB, 805x1182, Screenshot_20240406-173819.webp


They renamed it to gemini recently. It's google's competitor to chatgpt.


pretending to be religious basically like ur mum & pa (the NORMIES) but, heh, with a clever twist - like a manic almost deeply philosophical sigma male movie villain monologues and uh..

NON-TECHNOLOGICAL (like no more couch on the wheels suv-s and induction ovens to evenly cook food ok)

is going to show ..them.. you have CONVICTIONS and that u were always DETERMINED & MATURE & HARD & will be moving to a frozen tundra & subsisting on pemmican soon

(not to be judged by another 6000 h logged on the 4th or 5th steam online account at the age 30 & discord going constantly)

File: 1712071304458.mp4 6.09 MB, 576x1024, download.mp4


P diddy


P Diddler heh




File: 1712289596995.webm 1.22 MB, 320x240, 1687088027434081.webm


File: 1712307767397.jpeg 16.43 KB, 213x237, 1657515597221.jpeg

>meaningless random niggerbabble


fake and reddit tier, fuck outta here with this normie faggot garbage

File: 1712147183882.jpeg 194.42 KB, 1280x711, 1FE9FE04-67AD-4BE1-8A17-39….jpeg


Red Heifer Sacrifice Happening Anytime Now


y him fug cow


The cow is supposed to represent Dogisaga's self-insertion fantasy with her long-time video game character crush Cloud Strife who's agreeing with her current trending political cause just to get some pussy.


what a fucking loser goblin lmao lol, imagine being as ugly retarded and pathetic as goblinsaga

I'd neck in a microsecond

File: 1712227612164.webp 80.24 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_2024-02-12_14-4….webp


koitu mada irun(No retard posting allowed )
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futsuujan koitu


File: 1712228756956.jpg 922.38 KB, 1254x1771, 5771a25213daf21e628f9ea4697….jpg

tada miteirudakedesusi


mario harakiri show


kore wa ittai
elden ringu yan


mainichi mainichi

File: 1711727238324.png 97.24 KB, 533x533, bharatiya-pyari.png


https://bharatchan.com/(Take the poo to the loo)
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In an alternative timeline those street signs are in French or Portuguese or Dutch.


Teaching pajeets English is the worst thing Britcucks ever did.


like it's any better that brownoids know a different eurospeak. look at latrine america. complete shithole full of disgusting retard rape baby monkeys.


imagine the smell


Portugal and the Dutch are cool to me. I like naval history and the open sea and pirates and things like that. REEEEEE fuckin' LANDIES lmao go get in your tank landie!!! lmaoooooo
~sails away~

File: 1711223732583.jpg 423.84 KB, 2550x3300, HAL TURNER RADIO SHOW AUDIO….jpg



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File: 1711809588933.jpg 322.6 KB, 634x800, ad4.jpg



niggers aren't human


File: 1711822939246.jpg 62.39 KB, 531x531, f65fd5dd6e4452c89b706c94478….jpg


that's what your dad replied to your mom with when she said she was pregnant with u

File: 1711513232736.png 595.24 KB, 716x626, Yz7Ud5sCciey.png


which one of you is this?


File: 1710514325146.jpg 208.23 KB, 700x1070, The Action Bible- God's Red….jpg


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File: 1711179254912.png 195.58 KB, 322x527, 951.png


you weren't here
not at this event
cluck cluck
- revenge cuck


drink my piss moron


ya don't mind if i do


File: 1711778788757.jpg 109.59 KB, 850x1300, 31415837-laughing-spanish-g….jpg

I was kidding haha faggot!

File: 1711667673353.png 590.42 KB, 768x1024, The BioTerror Bible.png


The Bio Terror Bible Exposing The Coming Bio Terror Pandemic.pdf Download


The document summarizes the claims which alleges that the US government is planning and preparing for a staged bio-terror attack and pandemic that will kill millions.



Barriers to bioweapons is a better book.

Also this is a bit late. Covid already happened.

File: 1710037447937.jpg 64.57 KB, 810x1280, FB_IMG_1710037361916.jpg


Look, I am not going to make the conclusion that they were unable to understand that fire.... hot 🔥

But...what other conclusion can you make here?

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Why do you think human beings evolved to have eosinophils and basophils in the first place?
I'm not trying to sound smart; plenty of them would have died from parasites. Plenty others would've became hardier over time.
Something like 5% of Europeans are immune to the AIDS virus because of the bubonic plague, for example. And it's well known that European diseases like smallpox and even simple shit like RSV or whatever wiped out a lot of Aboriginal people.


>you can just put them back in nappies and have them live in the desert
Incorrect. The aboriginal species of australian origin survive off petrol. They have to be able to consume it 24/7. If they do not have access to petrol, they all die.


niggers are black


File: 1711607660926.jpeg 106.39 KB, 675x675, Sigma-grindset-patrick-bat….jpeg


vantablack niggers deserve double-death for being so dark and niggery

File: 1708529579504.png 205.16 KB, 588x652, 2.20.24.png


It finally happened. David Irving has passed away. Goodnight, sir. Rest well.
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I'll look into it. Having physical copies would encourage me to actually get through all these.


>I missed this thread a month ago
F to a real one


He's still around, he's just really, really sick.


File: 1711177888619.jpeg 7.45 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg

sick? you mean he land kickflip??


Hell yeah, homey. Pulling ollies and riding the rails.

File: 1710554927514.webp 16.87 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20240223_184654….webp


>be America
>let in shitskins
>crime goes up
>more demand for police
>more police now available for when they initiate their police states and security stamp downs


Yeah, that's how that works. The United States "elites" have intentionally be importing immigrants in order to disposses the natives pretty much since it's inception. The English settlers were correct to complain about the Germans, who were right to complain about the Irish, who were right to complain about the Italians, and so on.


america gay

File: 1711013054570.png 255.86 KB, 596x982, w79oki.png


nato civil war in europe



I don't know, man

File: 1710985654370.jpg 100.89 KB, 1024x772, They Tried To Cheat In 2016….jpg


DOMINION LEAKS.zip 4.5 GB Download

A collection of thousands of Dominion emails documenting their massive voter fraud schemes during the 2020 Presidential Election. Chinese nationals were also involved with Dominion in subverting the 2020 Presidential Election.


File: 1711179194539.png 195.58 KB, 322x527, 951.png

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