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>The question about religious affiliation was dropped from 1960 and 1970 census due to the demand of Jewish groups.
>Revelation of the true number of Jews in the U.S would undermine the myth that the Nazis killed six million Jews. The truth is, there are six million more Jews in the U.S than Jewish organizations admit...The Immigration Service reports that there are 8 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Actually, there are at least 14 million.

>go to this website
>click [Series 3: General Correspondence of Roswell D. McClelland: January 1944-July 1945]
>download pdf for Jews in Europe (1), July-August 1944
>find this letter (pic 4, Landreth letter)

The US government official Landreth M. Harrison wrote this letter that confirmed that ‘Ausrottung’ and ‘Entjudung’ do not imply killing, and that to suggest they do would be a mistranslation.

>MR. DODD: Are you very serious in pressing this apparent inability of yours to agree with me about this ward or are you trying to kill time? Don't you know that there are plenty of people in this courtroom who speak German and who agree that that word does mean to "wipe out," to "extirpate?"
>ROSENBERG: It means "to overcome" on one side and then it is to be used not with respect to individuals but rather to juridical entities, to certain historical traditions. On the other side this word has been used with respect to the German people and we have also not believed that in consequence thereof 60 millions of Germans would be shot.
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>An SS member, Paul Waldmann, testifies to their existence. He was one of the participants in the crime perpetrated by the German fascists when 840,000 Russian prisoners of war in Sachsenhausen were annihilated at one time.

>On the 2d day of May 1945, there was captured in Berlin a member of the SS, Paul Ludwig Gottlieb Waldmann.
>He provides more detailed information on the murders in the camp at Sachsenhausen.
>"In this small room there was a slot in the wall, approximately 50 centimeters in length. The prisoner of war stood with the back of his head against the slot and a sniper shot at him from behind the slot. In practice this arrangement did not prove satisfactory, since the sniper often missed the prisoner. After 8 days a new arrangement was made. The prisoner, as before, was placed against the wall; an iron plate was then slowly lowered onto his head. The prisoner was under the impression that he was being measured for height. The iron plate contained a ramrod which shot out suddenly and poleaxed the prisoner with a blow on the back of the head. He dropped dead. The iron plate was operated by a foot lever in a corner of the room.

>be German

>get captured
>confess that 840 000 billion Russians got killed by a brain bashing machine in a concentration camp
>no actual physical evidence is presented
>no real physical evidence has been found

Astounding "confession". It's like he told them what they wanted to hear.


Remember, kids. All confessions are genuine and voluntary. They are never coerced.

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new banner?



it looks like a black corn taco chip.


It looks like the REDACTED images that accompany locked bedo gallery threads lol, very fitting

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Bruh aint nobody clickin that sussy shit

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4chon's take on this exciting new meme?


imagine the smell


literally what


Highly Hitleric and fascistical.
These based Germanic males and their second wives will surely reforge die grosse deutsches reich clothed in vinyl etsy hoodies with pilsner and cringe ealy 2000s school disco chants on their breath.

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These boys are getting busy
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I'm somewhat familiar with them. I think they might just be accepting the issues they're going to face. There will be moles etc, there already have been. I think they're mostly trying to put out a a good face or a strong face for White nationalism/White interests.


I only curated the co-ed Exploratorium.


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I genuinely refuse to believe this is the case. Out of the millions and millions of aquatic species on the planet, not one can find a way? Life itself is often stranger than the post hoc classifications of phylogenetic autists obsessed with classifying things.


suggests, unlikely = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It makes sense. We come from lobe finned fish. But we were still part of the bony fish. So getting to the level of a tetrapod and get on land was easy. We had structures for it. When you go back to the ocean, you generally lose bones. You lose those appendages in order to streamline your design. But once your very bones become vestigial getting back to land is harder. You have flippers and shit like that, which are great at sea but suck as limbs. There's a far bigger hurdle developmentally. And you lose your hind limbs too. So I can see why it'd be extremely unlikely whereas going from marine to land living was a pretty smooth transition.


evolution isn't real retard we were made by aliens

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Operation Silent Night
December 22nd - January 1st

Greetings and Happy Holidays!

Many of us have seen the internet grow from a handful of pages to an advanced communication network that is relied on for day-to-day activities. While the ease of access to the internet has greatly increased, this has also given the most vulnerable access to the same network. Due to this, predators are no longer hiding in a van outside schools or behind a newspaper at a park. They are able to hide behind their computers, with the illusion of security, luring underage children.

It is time we expose these predators and protect the children that will use these networks in the future. We must ensure the safety of children against online predators if we want the technology that we have created to grow and evolve. We must focus on the goal of creating a better future for the next generation.

From December 22nd to January 1st, we will focus on finding, exposing, and reporting online predators.

Predators are found in every corner of the internet; from popular children's games to secret online forums. While the authorities in every country take these crimes very seriously, it is our duty to properly expose them. Many platforms are unmoderated and lurking with predators. There are multiple networks that have been online for years and are a breeding ground for these predators. Due to the curiosity of children, many fall in to the hands of pedophiles.
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PROPHECY-- The Punishment Of My Evil Elites

"The WEF has got to go, My son. It is evil. I will eradicate it from the Earth. Its leaders are evil; they want to destroy the planet. I will eradicate them. I will destroy them all. The evil elite will be destroyed from off the face of the Earth. I will destroy all who want to destroy humanity. They are evil. Expect their elimination. Tell all they will be destroyed. I will depopulate them from off the planet. They have to go. Tell all that they will fail in their attempt to start World War 3; I will destroy them; they have got to go. A blight they are, destroying humanity with evil drugs, vaccines, and all manner of wickedness. Their technology will not go far; I will destroy them. Their AI machines will fail their objectives; all the works of Satan will fail. They give themselves unto the Devil; destroy them I will. Their wealth will fail them in the end, fail to rescue them from the evil calamities coming. The LORD has spoken. Amen and amen. Distribute far and wide."


File: 1703044468548.jpg (37.84 KB, 500x553, 1702160761753199.jpg)

File: 1702444274632.png (890.93 KB, 878x1486, seized.png)


Mob rule by butthurt troon lunatics and 'girl talk' threats have struck again. As always there was no warning, will be no appeal, and no explanation will ever be given.

And again the response of the degenerate groomers who've brought 'thoughtcrime' from 1984 to real life is "Don't like it? Build your own."

In this case, you would have to build your own Internet. Ponder the practicality of that.


File: 1702526813162.webm (1.92 MB, 524x372, you got owned.webm)

you got owned lmao


File: 1702928322316.jpg (84.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

huh HAH

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There isn't even 4k posts on here I guess that means this place has finally died or did the post count get reset recently?

Anyone here know where I can watch anime? I've been watching anime recaps on youtube and fascinated by the stories but would like to watch the original animes.



This board was only made a couple months ago and this site has just a dozen people on it or so, it is what it is


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I unironically think we would solve a lot of society (gamers rise up)'s problems if we stopped giving the giant real estate conglomerates that own these hellish corpo office space outright government bailouts, and the 'silent' bailouts of workers having no choice but to bring their fucking infant into work because they won't take no for an answer.

Absolutely disgusting. Literally any other industry would just die to muh free market at this point but no, real estate companies need their tendies, they are very special bois that we have to prop up with our speshul boi money and taxes every week, they need to keep inflating UwU
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File: 1702652964682.mp4 (3.54 MB, 320x240, videoplayback.mp4)

Backup of video.


>when we bring up the holocaust

Let's see what happens when you apply basic math to the holocaust...

Jews now claim 900,000 jews were gassed AND cremated at Treblinka 2... down from the multi-million claim of the Nuremberg Trial.


Treblinka was open from July 23, 1942, to October 19, 1943.

That's 453 days... that's 10,872 hours.

900,000/453 = 2,000 jews were gassed AND cremated PER DAY if it was magically running 24 hours a day 7 days a week while Germany was fighting for it's life in a 3-front world war.

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File: 1702220438980.jpg (6.12 KB, 223x226, iwakeupthereisanotherpsyop.jpg)


how do you guys deal with demoralization? the psyops just getting worse and worse; and i just keep getting more redpilled

take the covaids hoax for instance. in late 2019, i thought there probably was a virus; it was just being hyped up by the media for political purposes. now in late 2023, not only do i understand the fact that there never was a virus, but viruses don't even exist; germ theory is a jewish reptilian hoax and the entire modern medical system is a fraud designed to kill people and make huge profits. how cope?

sorry for all the semicolons
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He's an actual Jew. Seriously.


Well, I don't think a lot of people burn out of it completely or turn into an enemy, they just need a gentle nudge back to the reality of the situation


The reality of the situation is we're fucked, it's never been more over, and we're unlikely to see any societal improvement in our lifetime.


explains why he looks like a mongrel


Mama, I want to strike a blow at Tel Aviv like the cool guys on 4chon

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