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Would a 20 Year Old Logitech PC Controller Debuting at Not a Penny More Than $24.99 At Retail on Release Day Be Allowed in a Billionaire's Submersible Society?
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Thank you, I was genuinely curious


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Here's a pretty good explanation. You only really need to watch to about 7 minutes to get the gist.



Would watch but his spiv voice is annoying me


Would Mid-priced Sit Down Restaurants Featuring Animatronic Animal Mascots Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?
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Never played it but I always thought the idea of it was pretty clever tbh. Excluding the actual lore which is really dumb, I just mean the gameplay itself heh


It's flash game tier.




Flash games aren't technically impressive but I can honestly say I've enjoyed quite a few of them in my day. Hell, our flash game competitions on /v/ were a lot of fun heh


Most flash games don't become a million dollar franchise though.


Would the Upper Classes Throw Large Social Gatherings to Provide Them With the Opportunity to Network with Other Affluent Inviduals in Order to Advance Their Long-Term Business Interests in a White Nationalist Society?
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Please try not to let it rip so shamelessly like that, we're in the middle of a serious thread over here lol heh


He'd be among the first to go on the DotR.




yes, but anyone with ED would be banned from these gatherings




Would the Thrilling Story of the Origin of Char Aznable the Red Comet Ace Pilot of the Duchy of Zeon Be Told in a Gundanium-Reinforced White Nationalist Society?


Sure heh


Hello? Based Department!?


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Would Loveless Sham Marriages Arranged for Political Convenience or Influence and Power Consolidation Between Families or Organizations Occur within a White Nationalist Society?
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File: 1687912170966.jpg (61.24 KB, 728x546, women-medieval-europe.jpg)

Women have always been like this. The only difference is that they were always being watched by men to make sure they didn't do some stupid woman moment shit. Their fathers, brothers or husbands made sure they didn't indulge their whore tendencies, and if they did, they got their asses beat and possibly killed, depending on the culture.


>my daughter Richard and I


When in doubt, ask yourself: what would your ancestors have done?


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Fug foreign women?


why did the owl h'owl?
because the woodpecker did not use lubricant


>two hours of slut cope
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He made the peepee spaceship thread.


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File: 1687910937589.webm (3.3 MB, 480x948, Girl raised by siingle mu….webm)


File: 1687913228759.mp4 (3.59 MB, 576x1024, not sure if trolling.mp4)


File: 1687913455199.webm (3.63 MB, 640x360, Message to you chud.webm)


Would Internal Power Struggles Between the Ruling Classes Occur in a White Nationalist Society?
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What kind of ideological conflicts do you foresee may emerge in a White Nationalist Society?


Who is whiter than who probably, who has slept with a non white, who owns a non white tech product


Meds vs Germs.


...but h'why tho?!


Dear citizen,
You have said the word [NIGGAR]dly. The Amazon Trust and safety council has deemed the word [NIGGAR]dly to be a class A threat. As such, your heating and electricity has been suspended following the completion of several diversity modules. If you would like to contest this strike, please watch three Juneteenth advertisements. Sorry about that :/
Kind regards,


>Oh no my CIA monitoring devices don't work anymore!


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Do you guys think the control system will ever admit the hoaxdemic was a psyop?


Did you forget your schizo meds OP? Didn't your doctor tell you that when you skip a dose you start having these sort of delusions?


File: 1687715397734.jpg (38.23 KB, 540x540, 1680015604251040.jpg)

File: 1687290838806.jpg (889.94 KB, 1219x5827, Nazi~2.jpg)


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File: 1687380388308.webp (10.01 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230621-15455….webp)


File: 1687381275337.gif (2.55 MB, 478x250, ezgif-4-1c3bff55bd.gif)

>Just imagine the drama going on in that ship right now as the clock ticks down.
The titanic ghosts want NEW company!



That statue thing is absolutely awesome. Imagine hanging it in your outside home gym.



File: 1686676237005-0.webm (309.68 KB, 330x340, ezgif-2-4cbc2b8d4d.webm)


>muh cinnamon girl
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Welcome back


File: 1687171856944.mp4 (1.1 MB, 480x360, giphy.mp4)

Thank you.


Its funny because he literally says "muh" or "mah" depending upon how you want to word it

Or sings it

I think I like Type O partly because Peter seems to barely sing stuff

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If we actualized an anprim / Ted Kaczysnki (RIP) style society, how would architecture change? Is modern architecture built on post-industrial technology?


Uhm...there's already an ecofascist/anarcho-primitivist thread sweaty


RETVRN to building cabins.


Generals are for nerds.

File: 1687235865290.pdf (466.97 KB, 1402.5644.pdf)


can we upload pdfs here?


What are the implications of AI on the entertainment industry, small time content creators and even people with creative hobbies in general?


It still seems like an overblown meme to me. There are two angles that get argued: That" AI is so easy to use that it puts everyone at parity with professionals", or that "AI is a more efficient tool for professional use". The first claim is complete shit. It's not going to make 99.9% of your assets for you, it's not going to animate for you, and it sure as hell is not going to write code for you either. Speaking of writing code, AI isn't going to create a complete program for you. I've been told by people who use it for their job that it's pretty much just a glorified IDE that auto-fills more stuff. It doesn't sound much different from using someone else's library. I suspect that if anyone is getting fired due to AI it's because their boss has an excuse to give fewer people more work, not because productivity has actually increased to a point where it's more efficient, even with fewer bodies on staff. Needless to say, it's worthless for someone with 0 programing experience.


That's true I think. My friend who is a Network Security professional has said as much: it's been a huge help and great tool for him, however you have to "speak the language" well enough to begin with to get any use out of it at all and further you will have to be good enough to check and correct its work.


Smiley is a satanist and he tortures people to death


It's just jealousy driving the "coders will be automated" narrative, plain and simple. The industry has had the most absurd bullrun in all of history during the 2010s. It's law and accounting that I'd be more concerned about as white collar industries, they will be buck broken once those language models stop hallucinating so badly and get trained on all the statues and regulations.

I do think the industry will have a correction due not to AI, but due to everyone retraining in it and the ability of software to be effortlessly duplicated. Much of the bullrun was driven by people going from an average of an hour spent online a day to 8 hours online a day. Tiktok, reddit and instagram have almost perfected their addictive algorithms, I don't think people will really go into the next step with neurallinks or VR headsets.

It's pretty useful at reminding you about shit you already know, or if you're using an unfamiliar language or there's dependencies you don't know about. But you have to be highly specific and accurate with your prompting, and people not in the know won't be able to do that. AI code is dogshit but if you hold its hand it works away at the gruntwork.



File: 1687048699418.png (332.18 KB, 1442x502, pILz24gd0BJF.png)


new feature being Implemented that on reddit allows users to vote to de-mod somebody

Seething transcunts like in pic ensue
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Nah, they're just being greedy kikes


Selling data pays a hell of a lot more than ad revenue.


How do you know lol


It is the business model of every major tech company for a reason. Advertising is only a small part of it and wouldn't be half as lucrative without algorithmic targeting. I'm sure there are plenty of organizations who would like to have access to it too, including governments. They would be losing a lot of money if a significant amount of people were using 3rd party apps, even if they didn't have ads blocked.


Louie BTFOs Reddit mods

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