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Present day political terminology makes no sense and I'm purposing some changes: so-called "leftists" should be called loyalists as they are loyal to the status quo, and in fact are not "liberal" or "socialist" or some such. While so-called "rightists" should be called the "disaffected", because they support the system in principle, but are dissatisfied by who's in power, and are in fact only rarely "dissidents" or "nationalists" or any flavor of that in practice. Any ideas or opinions?
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You are right about nothing


Jews are the real goyim


Additionally, it is essential to establish clear and specific definitions for the game of the "disaffected," ensuring that its rules and regulations are well-defined and transparent, similar to how we carefully handle and nurture a baby in a shower.




the left/right/loyalist/disaffected paradigm is a reptoid jew divide and conquer psyop

File: 1688558523864.jpg 96.06 KB, 501x600, Crucifixion-Gold-Framed-Pri….jpg


This is the highest Christian symbol
What does this signify exactly?

Christ allowed his enemies to capture him
He healed the police that came to arrest, torture and murder him
He told his followers not to fight back

The highest Christian symbol says: let your enemies torture and murder you. Die without children. Die without fighting

It's a death cult for factory farmed animals
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Why worship a semitic demigod that failed to save his own tribe?

Lots of other deities to pick from


I'm not saying you can't. I'm not saying that isn't preferable. What I'm saying is that his failure isn't the whole picture and that being Christian is valid within the right context.


So you're a perennialist or something like that, and not a Christian. This entire conversation could have been avoided. Your perspective is actually a reasonable one and reminds me a bit of Ramakrishna-
>I have practised all religions - Hinduism, Islam, Christianity - and I have also followed the paths of the different Hindu sects. I have found that it is the same God toward whom all are directing their steps, though along different paths. You must try all beliefs and traverse all the different ways once. Wherever I look, I see men quarrelling in the name of religion - Hindus, Mohammedans, Brahmos, Vaishnavas, and the rest. But they never reflect that He who is called Krishna is also called Siva, and bears the name of the Primal Energy, Jesus, and Allah as well - the same Rama with a thousand names. A lake has several Ghats. At one, the Hindus take water in pitchers and call it ' Jal ' ; at another the Mussalmans take water in leather bags and call it ' pani '. At a third the Christians call it ' water '. Can we imagine that it is not ' Jal ' , but only ' pani ' or ' water '? How ridiculous! The substance is One under different names, and everyone is seeking the same substance; only climate, temperament, and name create differences. Let each man follow his own path. If he sincerely and ardently wishes to know God, peace be unto him! He will surely realize Him


I think these sodomites had, for such a long time, been subverted by the constitutional nation itself. Now, it is time for the next, most real, return of the retail fantasy sports bets.


Hey guys thinking about deep shit is gay and boring

File: 1687736278663.jpeg 36.97 KB, 474x729, OIP (3).jpeg


I just read David Icke's latest book about 9/11 called The Trigger. The book is 900 pages long and he had like 5 chapters devoted solely to Jewish genealogy and Israel.

If I understand him correctly, a long time ago there was this group of people called the khazars and there was a khazar empire in the Caucasus mountains. This group of people as well as other ethnicities and cultural groups, for certain historical reasons, came to know themselves as biblical Jews even though they aren't really. And the people walking around today calling themselves Jews are just one ethnicity/cultural group or another and have no actual relationship with historical Jews.

He says there is a deeper control group called sabbatian frankists who created the modern fake jew cult and use it as a sock puppet to misdirect and confuse the rest of humanity, including fake jew cultists themselves.

What's the chon pill on this? I never heard of sabbatian frankism before this book.
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Feels like my guardian glownigger is baiting me by asking this question

Sabbatean-Frankism was basically started by a Jewish Aghori that believed God is reached through sin. So they would worship YHVH in the form of a golden bull called Moloch. They would rape, kill and eat children, etc. Basically everything on Epstein island was textbook Sabbatean-Frankism

Long story short we're dealing with a several thousand year old death cult


Yea he talks about that in the book too. He says they worship sin and debauchery. They invert everything. What's bad is good to them. I'm not a glownigger.


>I'm not a glownigger
Thank G-d
I will now reveal my dark and secret knowledge to you

Moloch is just the tamasic form of Yahweh
Kinda like the yin yang thing
Sabbatean-Frankism is the left hand path form of Judaism
Freemasons are their shabbos goyim
I've never seen it but I've heard that the movie Eyes Wide Shut is all about these guys and they killed the director for making it
The acronym from his last four film titles is JEWS


There was a documentary I watched some years back of some dude who followed Icke around while also showing that Jews were acting like the filthy KIKES they swear they aren't, trying to shut him down. There's a segment where the kike tools try to throw some pies at him and fail horribly. For some reason I can't find the documentary now. If anybody knows what I'm talking about, pls post it.


File: 1688301467517.jpg 371.69 KB, 2400x1350, Fagin-cropped-2400x1350-167….jpg

>For some reason I can't find the documentary now.

Gee you can't find something that makes the kikes look bad? Gee Willie's

File: 1687298431775.png 862.45 KB, 746x932, image0.png

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Would a 20 Year Old Logitech PC Controller Debuting at Not a Penny More Than $24.99 At Retail on Release Day Be Allowed in a Billionaire's Submersible Society?
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Thank you, I was genuinely curious


File: 1687904442359.jpg 31.4 KB, 731x503, 1687719544610.jpg


Here's a pretty good explanation. You only really need to watch to about 7 minutes to get the gist.



Would watch but his spiv voice is annoying me


Would Mid-priced Sit Down Restaurants Featuring Animatronic Animal Mascots Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?
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Never played it but I always thought the idea of it was pretty clever tbh. Excluding the actual lore which is really dumb, I just mean the gameplay itself heh


It's flash game tier.




Flash games aren't technically impressive but I can honestly say I've enjoyed quite a few of them in my day. Hell, our flash game competitions on /v/ were a lot of fun heh


Most flash games don't become a million dollar franchise though.


Would the Upper Classes Throw Large Social Gatherings to Provide Them With the Opportunity to Network with Other Affluent Inviduals in Order to Advance Their Long-Term Business Interests in a White Nationalist Society?
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Please try not to let it rip so shamelessly like that, we're in the middle of a serious thread over here lol heh


He'd be among the first to go on the DotR.




yes, but anyone with ED would be banned from these gatherings




Would Loveless Sham Marriages Arranged for Political Convenience or Influence and Power Consolidation Between Families or Organizations Occur within a White Nationalist Society?
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File: 1687912170966.jpg 61.24 KB, 728x546, women-medieval-europe.jpg

Women have always been like this. The only difference is that they were always being watched by men to make sure they didn't do some stupid woman moment shit. Their fathers, brothers or husbands made sure they didn't indulge their whore tendencies, and if they did, they got their asses beat and possibly killed, depending on the culture.


>my daughter Richard and I


When in doubt, ask yourself: what would your ancestors have done?


File: 1687958291388.jpg 99.56 KB, 640x612, 32296374e8cb7c55c7a9e052f2b….jpg

Fug foreign women?


why did the owl h'owl?
because the woodpecker did not use lubricant


>two hours of slut cope
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He made the peepee spaceship thread.


File: 1687745423956.mp4 624.13 KB, 256x480, Avid Weasley.mp4


File: 1687910937589.webm 3.3 MB, 480x948, Girl raised by siingle mum.webm


File: 1687913228759.mp4 3.59 MB, 576x1024, not sure if trolling.mp4


File: 1687913455199.webm 3.63 MB, 640x360, Message to you chud.webm


Would Internal Power Struggles Between the Ruling Classes Occur in a White Nationalist Society?
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What kind of ideological conflicts do you foresee may emerge in a White Nationalist Society?


Who is whiter than who probably, who has slept with a non white, who owns a non white tech product


Meds vs Germs.


...but h'why tho?!

File: 1687290838806.jpg 889.94 KB, 1219x5827, Nazi~2.jpg


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File: 1687380266100.webp 11.75 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230621-154412.webp


File: 1687380388308.webp 10.01 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230621-154559.webp


File: 1687381275337.gif 2.55 MB, 478x250, ezgif-4-1c3bff55bd.gif

>Just imagine the drama going on in that ship right now as the clock ticks down.
The titanic ghosts want NEW company!



That statue thing is absolutely awesome. Imagine hanging it in your outside home gym.



File: 1686676237005-0.webm 309.68 KB, 330x340, ezgif-2-4cbc2b8d4d.webm


>muh cinnamon girl
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Welcome back


File: 1687171856944.mp4 1.1 MB, 480x360, giphy.mp4

Thank you.


Its funny because he literally says "muh" or "mah" depending upon how you want to word it

Or sings it

I think I like Type O partly because Peter seems to barely sing stuff

File: 1687048699418.png 332.18 KB, 1442x502, pILz24gd0BJF.png


new feature being Implemented that on reddit allows users to vote to de-mod somebody

Seething transcunts like in pic ensue
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Nah, they're just being greedy kikes


Selling data pays a hell of a lot more than ad revenue.


How do you know lol


It is the business model of every major tech company for a reason. Advertising is only a small part of it and wouldn't be half as lucrative without algorithmic targeting. I'm sure there are plenty of organizations who would like to have access to it too, including governments. They would be losing a lot of money if a significant amount of people were using 3rd party apps, even if they didn't have ads blocked.


Louie BTFOs Reddit mods


Synthetic human embryos created in groundbreaking advance

Exclusive: Breakthrough could aid research into genetic disorders but raises serious ethical and legal issues

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circus elephant sailboat


Here we see the retard in his natural habitat, a dead neo nazi inageboard.

Point and laugh at him.


Sounds stupid and I doubt it.


Post proof or eat shit, faggot.


i'm so fresh you can suck my balls, nigger

File: 1684457848178.jpg 223.08 KB, 898x449, feminism is shit.jpg


where did he go on the internet?
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Suck me off at the next station ya dawg


File: 1684735152221.jpeg Spoiler Image, 30.1 KB, 474x709, download (1).jpeg

Ye mens


Legendary Aussie video if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing it


Up it goes


File: 1668284016095.jpg 183.53 KB, 1324x1078, 1668261664375492.jpg


This just in: Fugly KIKE bitch does massive and brazen crypto scam, will likely get away scot free

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File: 1670978813744.png 760.33 KB, 1024x1024, SBF kike demon.png

Bankman-Fraud finally arrested in Caribbean




File: 1671189190429.jpg 14.58 KB, 400x225, sbf arrest.jpg

Samberg Bankmanstein-Fraudowitz facing 115 years in prison for ponzy goyim swindle




File: 1671380709552.png 206.78 KB, 500x283, prisp.PNG

After spending just five days in a Bahamian jail cell, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is backpedaling on his decision to contest extradition to the Jewnited Snakes




File: 1671697368501.jpg 123.03 KB, 890x854, bobo2.jpg

Caroline Ellisonsteinberg Throws SBF Under The Bus: Pleads Guilty To Fraud, Agrees To Cooperate With The DOJ




It always is because they're inbred as fuck

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