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its not affecting me
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learn to spell shloyme


yes, I took a break and licked a nigger erection :PC=======8


you are a big gay


File: 1650917852949.jpg (134.33 KB, 640x620, oie_T6RS4TeU8Zis.jpg)



for you (and your 4 digits)

is his willie as big as his nose?

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2022.4.22 Richard Koshimizu New Coronavirus War 397
https://www.facebook.com/richard.koshimizu.5/videos/1361543317683036/?notif_id=1650592436338557¬if_t = video_processed & ref = notif

Eventually, the "poison vaccine" and the "Ukrainian Hazar War" awaken humanity.
Eighty percent of humankind who first learned about the structure of the world is stunned.
🕯 But 200 days after the third inoculation, life is …




File: 1650918480721.png (326.47 KB, 678x540, 20220425_212723.png)



in winds of historical dialectics and shilling there is that exact special place for disaffected radical action prostitutes
- earlier antifa - east germany, russia
- nazi skinheads (rip) - east germany, russia
- current antifa, blm - american democrats/progressives, eu klausshchwabists, china probably
- earlier western alt right - eastern europe, poland, hungary, russia maybe
- current western alt right - russia, serbia, hungary
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>earlier alt right
i'm thinking around 2012 or so, libertarianesque ramzpaul sort of disaffected republicans having somewhat mythical affection for eastern european countries, reactionarist sentiment starts forming
>earlier antifa
film related. earlier antifa opposing "american imperialism" and doing terrorism. later decades enforcing "american imperialism" in germany and globally. i guess the highest bidder wins.
as the radical left, neonazis also collaborated with stasi and kgb, because ddr tolerated them more than the west.


upbeat trailer version in english targeted at mutt attention span


ideological radicalists regardless of their autism flavor are a resource that power structures expect to be there and attempt to capture


made me think of cleanskin which if i recall is about radicalizing islamists in britain


>power structures
What are you some kind of fucking FAGGOT COMMIE, hehe


>around 2014
>events of political and diplomatic instability in ukraine, things don't exactly go russia way
>meanwhile in american alt politics sphere…
>a jewish funnyman weirdo haha caricature persona of 'brother nataniel' shows up in youtube begins to praise putin and how unconditionally 'trad and based' russia is
>on an unrelated note a disaffected everyday american conservative youtube character 'paul ramsey' or 'ramzpaul' gains popularity and suddenly gets very obsessed with 'hun-garyy', praises victor orban and goes on visits to eastern europe
>self-proclaimed libertarians are open to criticize the west but silent like dead flies when it comes to russian absolutism and culture-race-mixing; anglo "catholic traditionalists" along online following build sentimental fantasy claim how humane monarchies of past were, also never mention people being worth about as much or less than cattle in russian tzardom or anything why about everyone wanted to kill romanovs

im sure those things just unrelated, passing thoughts and "alt-right" isn't largery steered by asiatic glowniggers


how do I accept or come to an understanding of death?

knowing that the most important people of my life will die one day deeply bothers me
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Death is scary so idk heh. I don't like aging either, it's sh*t ffs


the best you can do is to not think about it mate


based wholesome Christposter


bumping this thread from the end of the catalog


File: 1650887478221.jpeg (33.97 KB, 474x375, OIP (6).jpeg)

I remember making that post, why was it deleted? I'll do it again:

I was like you OP, this is one of the many curses of modernity. There is only one cure to this affliction: find and know God.

File: 1650854829582.jpg (91.44 KB, 750x797, 96a88f09251d0c5fdaf6591884….jpg)


How to cope with the fact that employment is basically paying rent to have an occupation of any kind?


you pay for employment wut?


Yes. Socialists are correct in that due to a variety of reasons it's unreasonable to expect that someone has the ability of to start their own business right off the bat, thus they must rent the 'means of production' if they want to work at all. It's not their diagnosis that's incorrect, it's their alleged solution. It harkens back to the ye olde days of internet arguments, but basically I still think a move toward decentralization and sound currency > more centralization and merely 'spreading the wealth' through taxation and subsidy, which I think is pretty much the only disagreement legitimate socialists had with lolbergs back in the day when you get right down to it.


>ye olde

LOL its "þe olde" dumbass, i bet you actually pronounce it like "Yee".


That's really beside the point.


File: 1650869883889.jpg (130.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>fat enters the thread


post men you have gay fantasies about in this thread

women may not post in this thread
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this guy turns me on like crazy

take me now windmill man


oh look its chodesperg


File: 1649185299464.jpg (472.82 KB, 1380x1958, mark make me wanna jark.jpg)


File: 1650864870298.jpg (69.32 KB, 900x750, i want moot in my shit chu….jpg)


File: 1650867532177.gif (2.91 MB, 570x300, matrix.gif)

Only the character, not the actor.

File: 1650721456846.png (605.73 KB, 938x976, tuuuukr.png)


I know i should not do this, but i have to learn all the languages i want to learn at the same time.
Its either that or nothing, because i can't decide which one to focus on.
If i keep getting confused and switching which one to focus on and rage quit ill get nowhere.
So i have to accept that ill be switching between each language frequently when learning.
>all three of my aboriginal tribe languages being revived in NSW

Im just gonna switching back and forth once i learn them anyway.

I took lots of learning time off cuz of very important reasons
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a lot of times those 12 "languages" have ~500 words each and are all basically dialects of one another, the wypipo equivalent is when a swissman claims he speaks "both" swiss german and high german

in Bin-bong you say "swib de shmoo" to mean "give me the fish" but in Bun-bog you say "sweeb deh shmu" they're totally different and should definitely not be standardized into one language

t. anthropologist soycuck


lol ive learnt another language too bucko,

no humans have thousands of words in any language fool


File: 1650859709082.jpg (34.09 KB, 367x512, 1282330888919.jpg)

>no humans have thousands of words in any language fool
Alright. Good luck with your endeavors.


lol can you even imagine the apostrophe fucktard?
it was an obvious negative reply to someone stating that


It's reasonable to expect me to imagine the grammar you didn't use?

File: 1650859926399.webp (2.5 KB, 250x167, 1650859550340.webp)


My husband never existed, he was a made up thing in my head, he was never there, he was never trustworthy and was always going to cheat on me(but i actually always knew he would cheet on me with whores eventually heh)


whores > you


another dogcunt thread


>fatstralia thread


you fat fucking abomination NELcunt psychomeritarn

File: 1650626409263.png (793.66 KB, 901x631, jew test.png)


I just got my new green jewel nose ring in, its awesome and shinny. I have a pink one too.

Btw, i have a septum piercing so i could wear a bone stick in it if i wanted :D
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Im a transman idiot


File: 1650857436440.jpg (66.8 KB, 700x741, Twin-Peaks-The-Man-from-An….jpg)

You're a tiny-crippled-menlett-that-walks-with-a-cane that LARPs as a retarded-woman-child-obsessed-with-tranny's-and-needs-to-be-kept-in-an-autismo-cage-to-excuse-you-being-an-asshole-of-non-excusable-douche-baggery-as-you-try-and-be-a-manipulative-cunt&hypocrite that tries to reverse-speak-troll by telling everyone that you're a tiny-crippled-manlette to continue to larp as a retarded-womanlette so when you accidentally slip up, you can try to reverse-uno-mystery-card your way out of your own bullshit that no-one-buys-kinda-persona.


Im not short, and a cane? what the fuck? woman and child obsessed huh???


File: 1650857842735.jpg (34.87 KB, 400x400, 1650029038331.jpg)

>Not short


Not crippled?


Yeah. Okay. Yep, you're retarded.



File: 1650820081604.jpg (97.26 KB, 1024x576, day of the rope.jpg)


Some of you fuckers seem to have forgotten about the day of the rope! It is coming and it WILL be GLOBAL; do NOT think you will be spared because you live outside the US or EU! You WILL be a target if you meet any one of these criteria:

-you are less than 90% Eurasian
-you are more than 12.5% Semitic
-you have had sexual contact with someone in the former categories
-you are homosexual
-you follow the Judaic religion
-you are politically involved with homosexuals or Judaic religionists

The more criteria you meet the more FUN the mob is going to have with you! Enjoy the time you have left, degenerates!!!!!
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Don't lose hope brother! The Fuhrer shall be reborn and PURGE the filth from this world!!!


Please explain the logistics of your plan to hang billions of people. How are you going to transport all that rope? How long is it going to take for each hanging? What happens if you can't find an appropriate apparatus to hang someone from? Are there plans to plant more trees in order to help prevent this issue from arising?


thankfully I am none of those things. let the games begin!


All these things have been planned and accounted for… however, the leadership of the global Aryan liberation movement has forbidden me to speak of them. There could be JEWS reading this forum!



File: 1650856567855.jpeg (59.89 KB, 474x582, angry jew.jpeg)

-you are less than 90% Eurasian
-you are more than 12.5% Semitic

OY VEY nazi standards amirite?
i can tell you would make all the excuses to not get a DNA test shlomo

File: 1649749395333.png (107.12 KB, 244x340, 1649737375088.png)


>mum is in back yard
>want to make her think the dog pissed on the floor
>ill pour water on the floor
>boil water so its warm
>add yellow food dye
>add salt so it tastes more realistic
>pour on floor
>mum takes the bait and cleans up artificial dog piss


4chon is 18+


also this i guess


The doogs are those who will not be blamed for nothing

File: 1650507711301.jpeg (120.41 KB, 483x1448, C8B44BC8-8751-43BE-A74C-E….jpeg)


Rei or Asuka
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I'm neither 12 years old nor an autistic loser so neither [-]


I forgot about that. In that case, being a hapa makes Asuka better.


this poster has a small penis


>incest joke
I don't think Rei is related to gendo tho
>is the new anime worth watching?
I think they make Shinji way gay or something so I've completely ignored it


>I don't think Rei is related to gendo tho
She's a clone of his wife actually. Imagine you could clone your wife, so you can keep fugging her in her prime.
>I think they make Shinji way gay or something so I've completely ignored it
He was pretty gay in the original tbh

File: 1650658248977.png (128.87 KB, 1406x198, nigger.png)


Once again, Youtube forcing me to see a fucking nigger every time I go to the main page. Have you ever seen a nigger even enjoy nature or ever once give a single solitary shit about animals or the earth? God dammit I hate niggers and jews.
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This, Barrett is BASED and BLACK-PILLED!


barret is basically a 1990s sitcom character with no resemblance to an actual nigger


File: 1650759750033.png (3.27 MB, 1439x2126, Screenshot_20220423-192154.png)



Use freetube instead


We just wanted to be nigger's friend in the 80s and 90s. What went wrong?

File: 1650734814496.jpg (32.5 KB, 436x480, thinking nigger.jpg)


What's the end-game of these spammers? Why are they so desperate to spread random links for CP and rape porn? Is it the feds? I say this, because if they wanted to spread malware or something, you'd think they'd be using content with more broad appeal.
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niggers aren't human so this isn't racist


"Niggers are niggers and niggers are 100% not human!" - Albert Einstein

Those are the scientific facts!

Btw I hate niggers!


albert einstein was a total NEL


What the fuck is this "nel" meme I keep seeing?


That does seem like something Einstein would do.

File: 1650785156390.webp (11.28 KB, 320x320, biyomon.webp)


I JUST DID IT, IT FUCKING WORKS ON THE PS3! Just like my research said!

But the EBgames guy was snorting at me and my support worker saying "no, those are ps4 controllers, only ps3 controllers work on ps3.. btw we dont have ps3 controllers", like;
>Hurr u girls don't know how games work!



Btw im not a gurl im a man


ps4 controllers work with the ps3, but ps3 controllers don't work on ps4 heh.


post bellend



Who the fuck goes to physical game stores anymore?


post bellend

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